The Watering Hole: Tuesday June 14th – Basta!

“Basta!” means “Enough!” in Italian. And basta the Italians said yesterday. In four referendi they dealt a huge blow to Italian Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi. They said: “Enough!” To the privatization of their water supply. “Enough!” to the guaranteed profits of same privatization. “Enough!” to the plans to build new nuclear power plants. And, finally: “Enough!” to the tailor made legislation, that was meant to let Berlusconi off the hook in his legal troubles. They even managed to get over the quorum of minimum 50% of voters (57%) even though the government had picked a bank holiday weekend for the vote and tried to discourage the people from voting. You can find two excellent background articles on Berlusconi’s Italy here and here.

Basta Cavaliere! Vattene!

The Italians could do it. The Spanish can do it, the Greek can do it, the Syrians do it at a cruel price, the Libyans do it, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan so many people are now standing up for their rights against their corrupt elites. When will we?

This is our Open Thread. Speak Up!

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    • the breach had not compromised any individual senator’s information.

      Aw shucks. And here I’ve been waiting for years to take a peek at Vitter’s photo album. I’ve never seen a “distinguished” US Senator at a whorehouse before, much less one clad only in a diaper!

  1. More hacking news

    ‘Anonymous’ targets Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke

    Anonymous has set its sights on Ben Bernanke.

    The most well-known hacker group, Anonymous, uploaded a video message to youtube yesterday calling for Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to resign, among other things. It’s embedded below.

    The video begins with Bernanke saying he is 100% confident of his ability to control the income disparity in the U.S. — the largest of any industrialized country in the world — on 60 Minutes.

    Then it says:
    “Democrats have failed us, Republicans have failed us… It is time for us to stand up for ourselves… We must fight back against the organized criminal class… We must launch “operation Empire State rebellion. The operation will commence on June 14th…Operation Empire State Rebellion Engaged.”

    Control, as in maintain, the current income disparity. I’m pretty sure he can do so.

    Time to say Basta! here too.

  2. June 14th. Today’s me sainted mum’s 103rd birthday. Over the years, she always liked to tell about the time when she was five or six, when she noticed flags flying everywhere and asked her mother why that was. “Because it’s your birthday, Margie!” was the answer.

    Makes more sense to me today than any other proposed reason ever has! 😉

  3. Heh…
    Every time I check in here now is like trying to find my way through the woods..
    Nice format, someone has been hard at work…
    Not that I’ve been slacking off, aside from grubbing 3 miles of new trail across a drought stricken mesa, I found out yesterday from a ridgetop that the house closing is tomorrow at 2:00, and all my stuff has to be out by then.
    I’ll check in between loads to my new pad…

  4. When will Americans stand up….? As long as we continue to be distracted with our Ipods, Iphones, Playstations, blogging and as long as we continue to be a divided nation, probably never. However I’m sure at some point people will start to rebel. I imagine the patriots on the right will use violence against politicians and other citizens, but of course this will just allow our government to pass a law like “The Violent Radicalization Of Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act”.

    • Somewhere recently I saw an ad for courses that will earn a degree in Homeland Security.
      “Enroll now online with Goon U.!”

    • You are wise beyond your years, IP. Sadly, I am one of those “driven to distraction”, so much so that today, while I could potentially be making a difference in the world, I will be “on the horn” with Verizon and hopefully resolving my tech issues on the droid side. This, followed by an afternoon smattering of heading to the public library to use a printer for another project (don’t even get me started on this one!) and going to sell bonbons for a few hours and PRESTO!! I should be back to my old spunky self … 😉

      • Thanks for the compliment Lass! Wise? Nah…just see the reality of what is happening in this country and the world just like everyone else here. We are all guilty of being distracted. Life can be a distraction.

        It makes it much harder for the average citizen to become an activist when they are trying to keep a roof over their family’s head. This is where the corporate overlords have us. Who has the time these days?

        I know I should be doing so much more in regard to standing up and speaking out but I don’t. Where to start? So many of my friends aren’t even aware of what is going on, some see it but they have the attitude “What can I do about it?”, others just don’t care as long as they have their games, their music, their cars, a roof over their head and are making money.

        One thing is for certain though, we will never see the wealthy elitists rebel. 😉

        • It starts with sharing what we know with our friends, and encouraging one another when we need to. And some will remain asleep … and some will wake up … and share with their friends … and so on … and so on … **insert 70’s organic shampoo commercial here** 😉

          Truly, we do what we can, when we can and try our best not get overwhelmed with it all …

          And you are welcome … 🙂

        • I decided to start by responding to Letters to the Editor in the local papers. Our local town paper is apparently so desperate for content that they printed my first letter in the next issue after I submitted it. (I’m going to try to re-vamp it slightly and turn it into a post here.)

          I realize that local newspapers don’t always reach a lot of people, but if those people are only reading stupid conservative opinion articles, they’ll never know any difference. So I’m aiming at refuting those stupid conservative opinion articles. You’ve gotta start somewhere!

    • The last time Americans genuinely stood up and shouted NO MAS was in the late sixties, during the American-imposed atrocity often referred to as “The Nam”. The slogan, “Hell no I won’t go” got legs, and within a quite short span of time, general conscription — the Draft — was radically changed and a lottery system based on random birth date ordering was laid over top. Then, a few years later, the Draft was put to sleep that soundest time in favor of an “all volunteer’ Army.

      Today, I would heartily support the reimposition of conscription — universal, this time, not gender specific — for one solid reason: it would open eyes and cause a lot of general screaming. And who know but what maybe, just maybe, the screaming would be applied to across-the-board issues, expressly including virtually the entire Republican political agenda: anti-union, anti working people and middle class, anti woman, anti health care, anti Social Security, anti Constitution, anti education, pro war, pro business, pro rich, pro segregation, and proto-fascism collective agenda.

  5. Yes, today is flag day. And I’ll resume flying the stars and stripes when it is no longer flying as a flag of occupation in the middle east.

  6. I fear the only way to get money out of politics is to only vote for those candidates who agree to accept money only from individuals.
    Good luck finding them.
    I’ve always thought that after I retire, I’d like to run for the state assembly on exactly that platform. No corporate money. period.

    • I read somewhere that the reason why we will never see true campaign reform is because the incumbents of both parties will NEVER go along with it as it would take their advantage away.

  7. Where are the Chicago 7 types when we need them? Where are new leaders like MLK, Howard Zinn, Malcom X? What happened to the war protests? The people of this nation should of hit the streets in masses after the bank and Wall Street executives nearly destroyed our economy and were then bailed out and given slaps on the wrist.

    If we didn’t hit the streets then, when? Our corporate overlords play us all like a violin. They use MSNBC and Fox to keep us from ever uniting together to stand up against them. What is it going to take for we the people to say “enough”? 20% unemployment? Another war or two? Another stolen presidential election? More income disparity? A food shortage or food that becomes to expensive for the average citizen to buy?

    Now if they canceled “Dancing With The Stars” or “American Idol”….then we might have an uprising…. 😉

    • The sheeple will eat what they are fed … we need to change their feed. We need to share the feed we have here at the Zoo with as many as are hungry. Whenever and wherever … change the feed/change the sheeple … change the sheeple/change the world …

      Thank you.

        • Having a rare fleece myself, I can personally attest to having the others (individuals, corporations, and corporations as individuals*) want to do my sheering. Still, the one sheared needs to be fed

          We must feed the sheeple the truth of the Zoo food.

          *I am still under a gag order in this regard, email me if you need further details of my personal involvement with corporate shearing 😉

    • What is it going to take for we the people to say “enough”? 20% unemployment?

      Got that in my neck of the woods – no uprising yet, only railing against liberals.

      Another war or two?
      Nope – those who would rise up like the fact that we go to war.

      Another stolen presidential election?

      Wrong again – those who would rise up first are those who would also steal the election…and boast of their success in getting their candidate elected.

      More income disparity?

      Getting warmer….

      A food shortage or food that becomes to expensive for the average citizen to buy?


      When Johnny Redneck can’t put food on his table…he can, and will, resort to his 2nd Amendment rights.

      • Yep, BnF … It goes back to Maslow’s Safety/Security Needs and when those are threatened, people will either show their resilience and “Stand Up!” or literally, and figuratively, “die”.

  8. I recall a scene from the great movie “The Grapes Of Wrath” where the bulldozer is coming through the fields to demolish a farmers home. The driver of the bulldozer is a former farmer and neighbor of the family whose home he is about to demolish. I remember his response when the farmer asks him “how he could do this to his own?”….and the driver replied “I have to feed my family.”

    There it is….Desperate times will make people do desperate things even against their own friends and neighbors. With the increase in greed and selfishness in this country I imagine the scene above all over the country if we slip into a depression.

  9. Meanwhile…
    All in neatly packaged 100 dollar bills….
    “The money in question was literally air-lifted into Iraq by the George W. Bush administration, which flew it into Baghdad aboard C-130 military cargo planes. Bush White House officials were worried in the immediate aftermath of Saddam’s fall that Iraqis would revolt if salaries weren’t paid and services deteriorated. In total, the Times says $12 billion in cash was flown into Iraq in 21 separate C-130 flights by May 2004.”

    • I saw this posted by a FB friend early this am … I have been shaking my head ever since …

      Meanwhile, I will be trekking to the public library now that it is open and hopefully resolving the my phone sitch … Later gators … 🙂

      • I’ve heard of public libraries, but what is “the my phone sitch”? Sitch is lingo for situation maybe? Still doesn’t make sense.

        Aging has caught up and taken the lead.

        • The is a “Tanya Two Thumb Typo” … “my phone sitch” does in fact refer to the situation with my phone/droid, as you suspected, frugal. Entering library now to use internet computer as my Ipad is unable to perform the functions necessary to resolve the “sitch” … I’ll let ya know how it goes 😉

    • The BBC’s Panorama aired this report in 2008. The calculated that $23 billion was unaccounted-for, using open source material..
      Brtiain’s Channel 4 and the Guardian also made a documentary investigation.
      CBS 60 minutes investigated as well—they talked about $8.8 billion. referencing Bowen’s report.

      To the best of my knowledge, fuck all has been done about it. Lieberman notably didn’t initiate a single investigation into anything Iraq, despite it being his purview.

  10. Added to the files of “While you were staring at Wiener’s wiener…. this shit went down”

    Obama met with the Crown prince of Bahrain . Yes the Bahrain that arrested and tortured Doctors and nurses from a hospital that was treating protestors who were shot by the Bahraini police and Saudi Arabian army…. That Bahrain. Wonder why he felt the need to keep it quiet?

    • I made several trips to Bahrain between 78 and 82 visiting my parents there. (They had lived in Bahrain before sometime in the early fifties, when the international airport terminal was a tent. My mother babysat the future ruler a couple of times and changed his diapers).

      My father was the General Manager of Bahrain Airport Services which operated the whole airport. He had a co-manager who was a cousin of the ruler. The man knew nothing about the business but my father who have to ‘consult’ with him so he could make a show of deliberating whatever action my father planned to take, and then always agree with it.

      Compared to other Arab nations,and especially to its neighbor, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain appeared to be very progressive. There was universal free education. The schoolgirls I;d see all over Manama would wear typical western school uniforms. Some women dressed traditionally in the all black abayas but the most socially mobile dressed in western clothes, drove their own cars, owned their own businesses and had a reasonable presence in the bureaucracy.

      Local ‘Bars’ were strictly juice bars—very refreshing—but foreigners could by alcohol no problem. There were social clubs where the local well to do men would order a pot of tea of exotic varieties—Johnnie Walker and Chivas Regal usually..

      There were night clubs which the young wealthy Bahraini men would frequent to try and pick up the western stewardesses etc.

      At the south of the main Island there was the ‘Royal Beach’ reserved for the ruler, his male family members and female westerners who were allowed to exercise their native custom of topless sunbathing. if they wished.

      I of course had a pretty grand time as my father was well paid and by circumstance and necessity, well-connected (he had 20 years of experience with the ME in general) .

      But I did notice the imported South-East Asian labor teams that were shutlled through the airport—they all looked tired and miserable and in their identical corporate logo-ed jumpsuits they resembled prisoners–which they effectively were of course.

      My father had a gorgeous young South Indian Secretary whom I couldn’t help but instantly desire though I was too respectful of her situation to make any overtures. She clearly explained to me when we went out to a club that the Indians and Indonesians who made up the labor forces were basically ‘niggers’ in the typical Bahraini’s estimation.
      She of course had a tough time, being beautiful, Indian, female, intelligent and westernized. This was amply demonstrated when a large Bahraini stud approached us, ignored me and demanded her attention. I told him he was being rude, he retorted “is she your wife?”, I dais “no” and he then aggressively posited that she was fair game. I told him to back-off but Loella expressed her displeasure too at the same time. I dropped the name of my father’s pretend co-manager and he backed off. Loella might have felt a little more secure in my company than otherwise, but had it come to a punch-up, he had the height, the reach and the mass advantage. I would not have done very well.

      On my last visit it was announced that there would be a causeway built between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. My father said at the time that the physical link would only increase Saudi influence there , that Saudis would begin treating the place as a province rather than the disconnected vacation spot where they could get boozed up and score with western women or molest the Asian women who had no rights there.


      • It’s a whole different world…

        Your dad was right, the causeway made things so much worse. I imagine things are much much worse for those workers.

    • OK my mistake, its a tear gas gun or rubber bullet gun fired at point blank range into the man – possibly lethal at that range.

  11. What in the world is the purpose of this media obsession with Anthony Weiner? I just finished trying to watch MSNBC’s last evening four shows, (Hardball, Lawrence, Rachel, and Ed) and every one of them did segments on Weiner’s Wiener. I mean, really: who f’ing cares? The ONLY tidbit that caught my attention was when Ed showed Rush suggesting that Weiner’s fall from grace was due to the influence of “Liberal women.” Liberal women such as the two he named: Debbie Wassermann Schultz and Nancy Pelosi (who are probably Limbaugh’s only non-viagra up-getters. In your dreams, Limpy, only in your dreams).

    Anyway, this country’s obsession with sex is, without doubt, one of the most patently ridiculous national obsessions in the history of the human species. Enough already.

    Maybe it’s time to subscribe to Naked News — I can’t imagine them wasting a lot of time on any Weiner (sotospeak) non-story.

  12. Oh and on the subjhect of the post – ‘Basta!’

    F**k you ‘Mussolini’, isn’t it time your political career was strung up and dragged naked through the streets? Finito Benito.

  13. Newt Gingrich said this about twenty minutes into the debate last night.

    This campaign can not be only about the presidency. We need to pick up at least twelve seats in the US Senate and thirty or forty more seats in the House, because if you are serious about repealing Obamacare, you have to be serious about building a big enough majority in the legislative branch, that you could actually, in the first ninety days, pass the legislation. It’s very important to understand, it’s not about what one person in America does, it’s about what the American people do, and that requires a Senate majority as well as a presidency.

    See, in order to achieve an agenda in DC, Newt acknowledges it takes control of the Executive and Legislative branches, yet, as was repeated ad infinitum last night, the economy ‘is all Obama’s fault’.

    • What rainwater? 🙂
      I think somebody up there in the Olympic Peninsula has too main rain barrels under their eaves.

    • I’ve seen a few articles about this same thing.

      Maybe, just maybe, if someone or a Mega-Corp. business was going to collect thousands or millions of gallons, I might get upset.

      But if I put out a barrel to collect some water to be used to water plants…and I’m doing something illegal…well, *finger*.

      Wake up America to what’s going on…Of course, the MSM would have to cover this to let Americans in mass know that it’s going on.

      • Oh. That changes things.
        Good. We may be done with her.
        At least in politics, anyways, we’ll still have to endure 4 or 5 years of Palinesque book tours and shrieking speaking engagements.

    • I thought she was running for Presidense…
      If she’s just running for her Congressional seat, I’ll pitch in for a a whoopie cushion.
      Better yet, a handful of thumbtacks…

    • TP: Minnesota state law would, however, allow her to seek re-election if she drops out of the primary race by June 5, 2012, just two months shy of the August Republican National Convention in Florida.

      She’ll drop out.

    • HooooRuckingFah! She hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell at the presidency, so maybe we’ll be rid of her from public office. At least Queen of Teabaggers isn’t a public office!

  14. I need one of those heads up display thingys with voice activated controls and a satellite dish on my hat so that I can do a running commentary as I go about my humdrum existence.

  15. Quote of the Day:

    “If Rick Santorum had a boring twin brother, he would be Tim Pawlenty,” – RadioFreeBabylon.

    • This is the bozo who was Obama’s ambassador to China.
      Who effusively praised Obama’s health care reform package among other mortal sins for Republichaosians.

    • In the general election, I think Huntsman is someone who could appeal to independents and Blue Dogs.

      But, he’s way too moderate to get through the Republican primary, imo. And I don’t even think he’d be a viable VP choice; as too many of his positions would be almost the opposite of the top of the ticket.

  16. Another Fox viewer poll. (Unscientific – as it should be for Fox.) While I expected the results to be all over the place at this stage, I was a bit surprised by the current front-runner: Herman Cain. Granted, this isn’t who would you like to see as president; but who would you like to see debate Obama.

    Which Republican presidential hopeful or would-be candidate would you most like to see debate President Obama?

    Mitt Romney 10.51% (12,605 votes)
    Gary Johnson 0.56% (670 votes)
    Newt Gingrich 9.03% (10,824 votes)
    Herman Cain 21.03% (25,222 votes)
    Tim Pawlenty 3.15% (3,779 votes)
    Ron Paul 20.11% (24,121 votes)
    Rick Santorum 2.48% (2,975 votes)
    Sarah Palin 10.14% (12,156 votes)
    Mike Huckabee 2.81% (3,372 votes)
    Mitch Daniels 0.53% (631 votes)
    John Huntsman 0.47% (568 votes)
    Michele Bachmann 9.57% (11,479 votes)
    Donald Trump 6.94% (8,318 votes)
    Other (post a comment). 2.68% (3,209 votes)

    Link here

  17. Herman Cain 21.03% (25,222 votes)

    The white, middle aged Fox viewers wanna see two black men duke it out. Cain is Fox’s “great white hope.”

      • He was surprised at how much fun it was to be in space -he really enjoyed it.

        (on a space walk mission) The view seeing horizon to horizon and remembering
        he’s in a vacuum and not to screw up!

  18. I dare to hope, today.

    Batscat Bachmann, doubtless caught by a law she didn’t know about, will not be running for reelection to Congress at least as long as she is still running for president. Even if she drops the presidential campaign and decided on reelection she should say enough outrageous things in front of a national audience to put her current seat out of reach. My fellow Minnesotans and I might finally get a respite from answering the question “what’s wrong with you people” whenever she pops up. I’m very tempted to have a celebratory beer with lunch.

  19. On collecting rainwater:

    We live in Colorado where it’s illegal to collect rainwater. First time I heard that was from the lady in the wine shop across the street who asked me what those barrels were (well, actually, garbage cans) in the flower beds were for, the ones conveniently located under the downspout from the roof gutter setup. I told her we were collecting rainwater to use to water houseplants, help save resources, etc. She said it was illegal, that one of her neighbors had been given a citation by the rain barrel police for doing just that, and that the fine was stiff.

    I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. I said some naughty words (she didn’t care, I buy a lot of wine there); in fact, she laughed. We still have the barrels out there and are collecting water even as I write this, thanks to the brief shower that just passed overhead.

    I was raised in MN where everyone I knew had a cistern. At our house, we used ‘city water’ for drinking only, and it came out of a separate ane well-marked tap. The rest came from the cistern that was underneath the floor of the garage. Nice, soft, rain water and snow melt. No one was arrested for stealing from the government.

    Meanwhile, this country gets more fucked up with every passing day.

    • Next up, the inhalation surcharge. Only applicable to those with incomes under $1,000,000 a year.
      (How dare you breathe their air! The nerve!)

    • I heard today that energy prices will go up again later in summer. There’s a bad situation coming when you add up inflation here (forget the official numbers, anyone in real life knows the difference), the inflation and problems in China, a major slowdown in Japan and the EU is a basket-case with one country after another in debt trouble. Oh and then, revolution breaking out over the ME.

    • There’s a couple of very mangy and smelly ones that hang out behind the garbage truck at the work station sweetie, come quick if you want to tie bows around their putrid little necks and put them in a basket.

    • Damn…I think I’ll join up with E-Harmony pronto and hook up with this looney tune, all it would take is a bottle of Jack, ear plugs, “two” condoms, and a kitten…and a pillow to smother her with afterwards…

      Sorry gals, I don’t want to come across as a misogynist, but I couldn’t resist the last part. 😉 Seriously I’m read to shove a red hot iron rod through my left ear and out my right ear…the voice….yikes!

      I wonder what the odds are that:

      1-She has breast implants
      2-And a tattoo of a cat somewhere on her body

  20. Quote of the Day II:

    “If you talk to any single reporter at any media organization that we’re aware of, I don’t think that anyone thinks [Sarah Palin] can be president or should be president,” – Jim VanDeHei, Politico.

  21. Allen West Violates Federal Law During Weekend Diving Trip

    “During his diving session Sunday, Lt. Col. West was photographed holding an American flag underwater, on top of an artificial reef — which would be a violation of the United States Code.

    Let us flip to Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8, Subsection B of the United States Code:

    (b) The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water, or merchandise.

      • Indeed.

        They’re running an anti-stimulus, anti-Obama hatchet piece as the main story on the website.

        And also front-page worthy for Fox is they claim someone has determined that billions of dollars did NOT go missing in Iraq.

        So you can see their busy with their anti-Obama, building-Bush-legacy agenda.

  22. Compared with what I’m seeing of the Republican contingent waiting in the wings, I’m starting to think we may well have ‘misoverestimated’ both the abject stupidity and genuine overall crapiness of Bush 43. Had he been on that stage with that crowd of zipperheads last night, he’d have seemed genuinely Nukular by comparison.

    • Oh please please please make it be true. To see Darth and the Chimp standing in the dock, answering for their crimes against humanity, and then the short drop in the hood….Oh justice, whereart thou?

  23. “Fredrik “FreddeGredde” Larsson and his seven clones perform an epic cover of Queen’s “Killer Queen.”

  24. Thom Hartmann mentioned something that I was not aware of. Apparently, during Bush’s first campaign, the official GOP web site updated the elephant logo and inverted the stars. They look an awful lot like “Satanic pentagrams” to me. I’m not convinced that it was a conscious attempt to praise Satan but I’m thinking it might make a good tool with which one might scare the poop out of superstitious fundies. Considering that Batscat Bachmann tried to prevent Minnesota schools from even studying different mythologies I would think she would have a severe reaction should anyone manage to point it out to her.

    I just can’t bring myself to post the link but one can see for oneself at I don’t know, off hand, of a source for the old one.

    • Gays are people too! Yes!

      In a written ruling on Tuesday, the Judge Ware said Walker’s same-sex relationship was no reason to throw out his decision.

      Shortly after Walker retired, he discussed his homosexuality in the press for the first time, saying he is in a 10-year relationship with a physician.

      How often is a Caucasian judge asked to be recused hearing a case involving whites?

    • I thought that I was hearing distant thunder but it might be Reichwhiners’ heads exploding.

      Seriously though, there are some indications that most of us are growing up and abandoning the prejudices of our ignorant youth as individuals and as a society. I don’t much like what I see when I look back at my past homophobia. My feelings have evolved with the mellowing sometimes associated with getting older and just more exposure to diverse people. Of course, the hateful and angry people among us tend to be louder but the vast moderate majority seems to just get tired of the screeching.

      • pete…I have to chuckle at your remark about getting “more exposure to diverse people”.

        I grew up outside of Portland, OR…not exactly your hotbed of racial/cultural/lifestyle diversity…it was just danged white. But as time went on, after college, working in the area in restaurant/bar…and then getting hired as a Flight Attendant, I’ve discovered a lot of diversity. Actually now, after flying for about 27 years, too MUCH diversity (and I only work domestic) 😎

        I think that part of the problem these days (a part but most certainly not all), people are in their little closed in circle and don’t have a grasp of the great, big, wide world, on which we live, for not really such a long period of time. Despite access to travel and cable and news, etc…they close themselves off.

        Hows abouts we try to just get along for a few years together.

        Oh ya…probably too simplistic for the small and narrow minded.

          • My grow’n up was in Oregon City.

            There was one particular gal that I went to school with from kindergarten through 12th grade.

            I NEVER really ever thought much about her…just that she was “Debbie”.

            It was when my blabbermouth sister asked me, in mid college, what I thought of being in school with a black. I still to this day, remember feeling really stunned, because I never thought of her as black…just as “Debbie”.

            I’ve always thought of myself as being pretty dense when it comes to race and lifestyle. What I can’t stand, is A FOOL…you can be any color, religion, lifestyle you want…but a FOOL is a FOOL no matter any of the before mentioned.

            Trash is trash. Period.

            Oh ya…and if anyone hasn’t figured it out…ya, I’m gay…along with being an American…back to working at my previous employer after 5 years off…paying taxes…taking care of Mom (90, who lives with us)…doing the books for our businesses as well…walking the dog…helping my neighbors…blah, blah, blah.

            Just living.

            • Soapbox, my ex lives in Oregon City. Looks like a nice place, except for that part. 😉

              I remember riding the bus to school in first grade with a little girl who’s name I’ve long forgotten. We were fascinated by our different skin colors, so one day we decided to lick each other’s arms, since we were SO sure she would taste like chocolate and I would taste like vanilla. Man, were we disappointed! Then we went to play on the monkey bars.

  25. I all over today. C&L put up a graph that got me thinking; why aren’t the richest people in this country kissing Obama’s ass for making them a butt-load of money after the Bush collapse? I’ll grant that he doesn’t tear his hair out when someone mentions changing tax rates but he sure hasn’t succeeded in making sweeping changes to the tax code. Investors, financiers, and corporations are doing quite well. I hate to think that bigotry and xenophobia is all that’s behind their hate of the President but it seems to be the logical conclusion. Nothing else fits the available facts.

    • Heh! Proving once more that birds aren’t stupid and cats are often overrated as predators. Although, I’ve had enough experience with gulls that I wouldn’t challenge one I didn’t outweigh by a large margin.

    • Obviously the bowl was too heavy at first, but once the load was lighter, taking the bowl was the polite thing to do.
      Since the cat doesn’t object to the gull taking the food, based on my experience, the gull was doing the cat a favor by emptying the bowl, which means fresher food would soon be offered.

    • As I’ve pointed out before; the Reichwhiners in our courts are probably more dangerous than the ones in office. To put it mildly; when the final arbiters of justice are political creatures we have a very, very, big problem.

      • Absolutely.
        A carefully laid plan during the Bush era was to remove judges from all higher courts if they were suspected that they might not vote the rethuglican way.
        In addition, Bush appointed many judges across the country who would be sure to return the favor.
        Forget about impartiality on the bench. It has ceased to exist.
        I never realized that WI politics is as corrupt — but it appears they are.

        • During the 2008 campaign Scott Walker was taped trying to set up a caging scheme. A local radio host had on a Wisconsin political reporter and, even though I had no idea who Scott Walker was, what he said stuck with me. I’ll have to paraphrase…

          “If there’s a political scandal in Wisconsin? Scott Walker is in the middle of it.”

          It looks like the good voters of Wisconsin have given the reins of power to the worst among them and the stacked courts aren’t going to protect them. Let’s hope that recalls are sufficient because the next step would probably make the Reichwing lies about “riots” true. I’m a big believer in letting elections play out but that just might not be an option for much longer. But? Enough doom and gloom…

          I’m still very pleased that Batscat Bachmann can’t legally run for Prez and Congress at the same time. I wish her just enough success on the campaign trail to prevent her return to Congress. A small victory but, for Minnesotans, a significant one.

    • I just saw that news item! What a disgusting turn of events in total defiance of the people of the state.
      The recall of the GOP candidates is scheduled for August 9th -but that won’t affect the rethugs who inhabit the SC of WI.

      Is this a thanks to Waukesha county?

    • The fires in AZ and NM have flushed at least two of these hooligans out of the bushes that I know of. They are safe behind bars now, getting their three squares, and no longer letting their campfires get out of hand…

    • pete, please tell me that was tongue in cheek.

      And by the way: the dinosaurs didn’t all die…
      We’ve got a pod of them in Lake Champlain, Vermont, and the Canadians have them in Lake Okanagan, BC. There was a pod of them in Loch Ness, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all dead by now, because that lake is so disgustingly polluted.

  26. I hate to tell this…but I’ve been watching So You Think You Can Dance…since season 1. Ya, I know…

    New this season is voting from their website…thought, ok…just went to look.


    “Only fans with a registered Facebook account in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will be able to cast their vote(s) online.”

    …it’s like The Blob.

    • I really have to make the time to scan all my good photos and venture into this whole on line photo sharing thing. I think my favorites are a time lapse of a cicada emerging from it’s pupal stage. Dad held a mirror to give me natural sunlight for the closeup lenses and they go from the pupa showing a mere slit to the wings unfurled and dried. The very last one caught the first flap of wings before it took off.

      On a related note: I’m afraid that the goose pictures are nothing special. I got a good one of Daddy Goose hissing at me but the goslings were so fuzzy that they came out blurry. Between the age of my eyes and the lack of sharp edges on the already fuzzy goslings I didn’t even get one that’s focused.

      Speaking of thunder. My kitty, Tigger, used to be an outdoor cat and developed a fear of rain and thunder. The poor thing hides under the toilet tank, or on a shelf in my broom closet, at the first distant rumble or once she notices that it’s raining. She did venture out while I was cooking dinner but she was shaking like a leaf and soon retreated.

      • Poor Tigger! My Honeybump feels much the same about thunder.

        If I’m moving around, she hugs my feet so much she almost trips me, and if I’m not moving around, she’s right under me.

        The whole thing is really quite stupid in that she will volunteer to rip the throat out of a 150 lb rottweiler, but even the most distant thunder has her cowering.

    • OMG, that just bring tears to my eyes, Wayne.

      My clients, whom already feel ridiculed and different, left the city owned facility crying and embarrassed for trying to participate in ‘normal’ activities that everyday ‘normal’ people do,” she added.


        • My son found an “Extreme Teen Bible” next to the dumpster when he took the trash out for me the other night. He brought it up for me to look at. We quickly agreed that it should have landed IN the dumpster instead. And that’s where it is now.

          I have an evangelical/fundie church/school on the next block, which is on the SPLC watch list, and I can’t stand what they’re doing to those innocent children in there. 👿

  27. “…two gay men with developmental and intellectual disabilities were kicked out of a public pool.”

    They kicked out Larry Craig and Mark Foley?

  28. My brain works in strange ways sometimes…ok, many times.

    After dinner, I have no clue what made me think of Sparkle Farkle…she’s not in this vid but…the first skit is “Gotcha”!…just for Crazy Sarah.

    • I’ve never been able to decide whether it was the regular cast, the cameos, or both that made Laugh In work. I still don’t know why Arte Johnson and Henry Gibson didn’t have more stellar careers. The merest glimpse of either of them cracks me up to this day.

      • It was all good, pete.

        My parents never should have allowed me to stay up late to watch this show — it was the beginning of my thinking as a liberal. 🙂

  29. Just back to bid a, Good Even-ing!

    …had to give up the machine for a software upgrade, do dishes, let the dog out and get Mom pills, eye drops and goodies. Bed time!

  30. Some idiot from Focus on the Family (redundant, I know), says that Anthony Wiener should convert to Christianity if he wants to be cured.

    “Dear Congressman Weiner: There is no effective ‘treatment’ for sin. Only atonement, found only in Jesus Christ.”

    Another idiotic right-wing false premise. That’s like saying, “The only way to hit home runs is to play baseball.” It’s only a “sin” if your religion defines it as a “sin”. If it doesn’t, then you’re playing a different game altogether.

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