85 thoughts on “Music Night, June 17, 2011

  1. This is the iconic Smiths song though, Marr’s guitar is unbelievable – one of the songs you hear and go “Whoah who is that?!”

  2. And this one goes out to former Representative Anthony Weiner….. keep your end up old bean….. I hear Larry Flynt is interested in employing you…

  3. State Sen. Chris Harris (R) interrupted a Spanish speaking man to tell him he should be speaking in English. F— you Senator – racists to the damn core.

  4. Something weird, lengthy and an original that was remixed and shortened from a 12 minute jam session in the fall of 2009. Lots of herb during this one. Funny story, as we were jamming one of the guitarists, the baked one, came up to me as he was playing and said “my hands are cold”, let me remind you this was in late October I believe and there was no heat in the garage at this point, so I..also being baked, looked at him and replied…”What? Do you need a pair of mittens..?” We both cracked up laughing and stopped the jam briefly… :)….Sorry….


  5. Next week is the Summer Solstice. Around about this time of year, one song would take us off into summer. You’d hear it on the radio again and again and the summer would take shape around it almost.

    1980: Martha and the Muffins and Echo Beach

  6. In 1985, the summer was all about Katrina and the Waves was *the* song. I think the band regretted it a bit as they became typecast by it. I saw them live in 1987 and everyone kept them dogging them to play this, but they had an awesome blues repertiore that I really enjoyed discovering.

  7. The perfect nexus of the song of summer from 1986, Friday afternoon and I am shutting up shop here in a minute to join the office ‘Beer Friday’ – my office bud has just kicked the music off!

    Surf’s up! Might be back in a few hours with a few more ‘songs of summers past’ – take it away Ebb!

    Here’s the Housemartins:

  8. Okay TCM was running old bad sci-fi movies this past week. I happened to catch Village of the Giants, which I had never seen before. Tommy Kirk, Beau Bridges, Toni Basil, Ronny Howard, et al. Some rebel teens get turned into giants, and take over a town. You know how easy it is for that to happen.

    Anyway, I can’t recommend the movie (unless you like bad sci-fi), but the soundtrack by Jack Nitzche is pretty cool. Here’s the main theme (“The Last Race”). And a bonus, it’s got slo-mo dancing giants. lol

  9. Heading for the bus now – will be playing the songs on the bus as they get posted.

    Summer of 1982, you simply could not escape this song. ‘Poxy Midnight Bummers’ as the schoolboys warped minds said, were mostly a one-hit wonder, but it’s such an dancable earworm….

  10. Summer of 1979, this was one of those songs that you can remember where you where when you heard it – it was so new. Me? Summer in North Wales….. back of the old car….

    • I was not far from North Wales when I heard this one for the first time; family car ride, Dad liked the song/Mom not so much … channel was changed to KC and the Sunshine Band (or the “Shoeshine Boys” as, Mom errantly referred to them) … Yep, it was like that …

  11. And please, if anyone hears from Scooby … have him call me 😉

    What the hell…is this like, “Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!”

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