1 thought on “Weaning off the Bottle

  1. I hate to say this but didn’t the democrats and Obama also agree to cut food program assistance to single mothers and children?

    So, yeah let’s cut food stamps, we wouldn’t want the poor or the under and unemployed to catch a break by receiving food assistance to feed themselves and their families.

    I swear to God, people, some of the very right wing conspiracy theory that I’ve read about, end up being true, but it is the republican party who seemingly pushing these scary things.

    For example: Remember the cries by the republicans about death panels?, surprise, surprise, it is the republicans who have become the death panelists. Remember all the cries of Obama marching us to socialism? We aren’t marching towards socialism, we are plunging out of control right into fascism, thanks to the republican party and their corporate and financial masters.

    All I can say is this: What would Jesus do?? How these alleged right wing Christians can look themselves in the mirror and go to Church on Sunday without feeling guilt or shame is beyond me.

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