The Watering Hole: June 23 – Defense

From evolutionary forbears, the human organism has been protected by mechanisms that prevent invasion from the outside or inside from the immune system. The four most prominent blood borne defense mechanisms are the blood-placental barrier (BPB, the blood-brain barrier (BBB), the blood-testis barrier (BTB) and the blood-retinal barrier (BRB). Each of these mechanisms functions as a shield against a specific threat either from within or without the body. For example the sperm cells in the testis would be killed early in puberty if lymphocytes were allowed to enter the testis or the embryo’s immune system could conflict with that of the mother if the two systems were allowed to come within direct fusion. I intend to dwell on the BBB. The other systems are easily available from Wikipedia.

First let us define the term ‘blood-brain barrier‘:

Noun: blood-brain barrier – a mechanism that creates a barrier between brain tissues and circulating blood; serves to protect the central nervous system; “the brain was protected from the large molecules of the virus by the BBB – anything serving to maintain separation by obstructing vision or access.

All Vertebrates have the BBB in their physiology. Some invertebrates have one as well. The general dividing characteristic seems to rest with animals possessing an immune system for Invertebrates.

The BBB is a separation of circulating blood and the brain extracellular fluid (BECF) in the central nervous system (CNS). It occurs along all capillaries and consists of tight junctions around the capillaries that do not exist in normal circulation. Endothelial cells restrict the diffusion of microscopic objects (e.g. bacteria) and large or hydrophilic molecules into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), while allowing the diffusion of small hydrophobic molecules (O2, hormones, CO2). Cells of the BBB actively transport metabolic products such as glucose across the BBB with specific proteins. This barrier also includes a thick basement membrane and astrocytic endfeet.

The BBB can be broken down by:

Hypertension (high blood pressure): high blood pressure opens the BBB.
Development: the BBB is not fully formed at birth.
Hyperosmolitity: a high concentration of a substance in the blood can open the BBB.
Microwaves: exposure to microwaves can open the BBB.
Radiation: exposure to radiation can open the BBB.
Infection: exposure to infectious agents can open the BBB.
Trauma, Ischemia, Inflammation, Pressure: injury to the brain can open the BBB. Injuries to any extremities is not a problem because the only connection to the central nervous system is via synapses.

Diseases involving the BBB include Meningitis, Epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Neuromyelitis optica, Sleeping sickness, Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), De Vivo disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and Encephalitis{Including HIV and Rabies). Each of these diseases affects a weak spot in the BBB. Typical bacteria and lymphocytes can only cross the BBB only if a weakness develops. MS in particular is an attack on the spinal cord or central nervous system by an individual’s immune system.

This is our Open Thread. Please feel free to present your thoughts on any topic that comes to mind.

322 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: June 23 – Defense

  1. Interesting. I went to hotmail and signed out specifically. I just did a full clearing out of my computer. Cleared all cookies and history. Ran all the quick scans, then I restarted the computer. I go to TP, and my hotmail-generated comments are still there, but I’m not signed in at TP, according to the comment box. It seems the hotmail and yahoo comments stay, even when logged out, but the Facebook comments disappear. I haven’t noticed a comment signed in with AOL.

  2. A question that cannot be answered or will not be answered truthfully is:
    How severely will the genetically modified foods that are being forced on agriculture going to interact with the BBB and the long term health of the organism?

    It’s not nice to fool with mother nature.

    I am certain GMO’s will have a lot of blow back in terms of human health issues.

    • then there’s genetically modified seeds that produce plants that produce seeds that won’t germinate, ensuring the patent owner that farmers cannot set aside a portion of their crops for seed the next season, but must continue to buy from the patent owner. Failure of the patent owner means global famine.

        • Monsanto is an evil corporation and they are actively destroying smaller farmers who won’t buy their tainted seeds.

          • And to think Obama appointed their former CEO as our food czar. This should turn out well for us…..gulp!

          • We, the small underground farmers and seed savers, will not be bullied by Monsanto and their GMO crap any longer!!! Buy Fresh, Buy Local … know your farmer and for heaven sake, don’t be afraid to talk to others (including the farmers!) about where our food sources come from!!!

            Preach it, Spencersmom!!! Peace to you ~

      • BnF is right on. Monsanto are a bunch of evil bastards. They are selling farmers GMO crops and then aggressively changing their countries patent laws to (1) stop them from saving their seeds (2) any field with a GMO plant which has ‘blown in’ from a neighbour’s is a patent infringement.

        They did it in Iraq in 2004 – the birthpace of agriculture.

        Monsanto wants to control what you eat and who pays. Fuck them – do not touch GMO food – ever.

          • And it;s absolutely ridiculous that they can do that. After all, insurance companies are allowed to argue that they can deny claims for damages due to “acts of God.” Well, why can’t farmers raise the same defense when someone else’s wind-borne seeds land in their property? Isn’t that an “act of God”, too? Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of the farmer using a patented seed to make sure he doesn’t spread it where it isn’t wanted?

            If I concoct something poisonous in my backyard and the wind blows the fumes from it into your yard and you get sick, is it my fault for making the poisonous fumes, or your fault for breathing them? If I breed a special new animal and it gets loose and impregnates your animals, is that my fault for not securing my new animal and letting it run free to impregnate your animal, or your fault for not keeping your animals locked away indoors where my free-roaming animal can’t get at them? I just don’t understand how Monsanto can win with this argument?

            Having said all that, I can certainly see them having a case when someone deliberately goes into the GMO crop field and steals the seeds to plant them in their own fields. That is certainly grounds for a lawsuit. But Monsanto would have to prove this is what happened. If wind-borne seeds got blown into someone else’s fields, that just tough darts on Monsanto, not on the poor farmer who was the victim of someone else’s irresponsibility.

            But, as you know, I have no legal training. Just a brain that tries to make sense of shit like this.

    • Excellent points, vinyl … And Walt, thank you yet another provocative post. I think about this stuff waaayyy too much and am grateful to see I am not the only one concerned about these delicate matters.

      When it comes down to it, all is light and sound … frequency … entrainment … of all these particle waves. We humans, and other sentient life forms, are “vibrating” at an analog frequencies; when you look at the technological “advances” with regard to digital frequencies, what is that doing to the BBB on a passive level, just walking outside near a cell phone. Or actively, when we are trying to get our gadgets to work?

      I’m with IP on this one. I think it all part of a sinister plan … 😉

  3. Astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, is retiring from NASA in November 2011. Bill Press is speculating he may run for his wife’s seat. That’ll work!

  4. Oh darn…here I thought from the title that this article was going to be about our insane defense spending and how Obama appeased the military industrial complex yesterday. 😉

  5. Hey, I’ve been gone for awhile, just wanted to make sure that everyone here knows that Keith’s new show can be seen at the Current TV live stream at

    I’ve also seen Current’s “Vanguard” series a few times and it’s a very good show! Have to laugh at the advertisers on Current, though, especially “Pajama Jeans” which I think are better suited to the ‘bagger crowd!

    • I caught a little bit of his show on Tuesday….I’ve been out of the political loop for almost a month now as I haven’t been following MSNBC or CSPAN as much as I used to….getting burnt out and increasingly angry with the State of our union and our political system.

      Vanguard is a pretty interesting!

  6. What’s this I’ve been hearing that the republiscum are pushing the privatization of social security again? Hmmm…I wonder if it’s because they know we have a push over in the White House? Waiting for Obama and the democrats to give up the store to raising the debt ceiling.

    • The Koch brothers and the right wing think tanks must be working overtime on eliminating social security.

      *Must totally destroy a successful government program that works*

  7. Obama Says US Not Deserting Afghanistan: ‘We Will Continue to Follow You on Twitter’
    Promises Strong Social Networking Ties with Afghan People

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) Announcing a drawdown of American troops, President Barack Obama tonight maintained that the United States was not deserting Afghanistan, promising the Afghan people, “We will continue to follow you on Twitter.”

    Mr. Obama indicated that the United States’ relationship with Afghanistan would soon transition from a military one to a social networking one, with the United States promising to “Like” Afghanistan’s Facebook page and share contact information on LinkedIn.

    In summing up the United States’ ten-year military mission in Afghanistan, Mr. Obama said, “We have done everything we set out to do in Afghanistan, even though we actually did it in Pakistan.”

    Mr. Obama detailed the United States’ exit strategy, saying that troops would soon be leaving Afghanistan “by way of Libya.”

    He said that with troops coming or going to and/or from Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, “by 2012 the United States will be fighting only two wars – two and a half, tops.”

    The President’s speech about Afghanistan ended on this stirring note: “In conclusion, my fellow Americans, I killed Osama bin Laden. Fuckin’ A!”

    • Hi EV! I’m just grateful that we have The Zoo to gather and still chat! I wonder how Faiz feels about having most of the regulars jump ship?

      • Hi Spencer’s Mom! I’m waiting for the end of the week to see if Faiz gets his $20Gs, and as he put it, ‘keeps his show on the road’!

        Faiz seems to have a contempt for commenters as if we are a ‘necessary annoyance’. He is more concerned with web traffic than comments. The change in the site could have increased the traffic even if they kept Disqus. He’s comparing apples to oranges, since the new site was never used with Disqus to compare.

        Sitefund Worldwide rank: #7572 changed 4821 places positively on the worldwide website ranking list compared with 3 months ago. The position of in this list 3 months ago was #12393.

      • Hi spencersmom!

        You should check out yesterday’s Watering Hole. Faiz posted on TP that the quality of posts improved after their latest change.

        • Well, I guess that answers it – he must be happy to see so many regulars gone! I checked and most of today’s posts over there have about 4 – 6 comments. Now that I understand how little value was placed on the community, I won’t give them the benefit of my clicks.

          talkingpointsmemo and kos are where I’ll hang out, but I do admit to the guilty pleasure of the HuffPo read and know one of their featured bloggers personally.

  8. Of the perhaps dozen Borowitz pieces I read when he first appeared at HuffPo, I was only impressed by how prompt he was, but not so much with his actual wit.

    This is the second Borowitz piece you’ve brought to the Zoo, isn’t it frugal? I LIKE IT! (THEM).

    Paras 1 and 3 three are particularly GREAT!


  9. From the irony department: I have a swamp of republicans as customers that I have to navigate through.
    Right down to every single last one of them is this core element: Touch Social Security or Medicare and see how well your next election campaign goes.

    • I thought the teabaggers eliminated the Dept. of Irony on day one?
      You must be working for a privatized, free-market driven more efficient version of the old Department of Irony. .

      • They didn’t eliminate the Dept. of Irony, they just de-funded it. Irony now isn’t as rich as it used to be…

    • “I’m alright Jack, but kepp your hands off my stack.”

      Do you tell them – “Well you voted for these venal fuckwits: gays aren’t marrying, al Qaeda can buy Ak47s from gunshows, Jesus is still kicking Mohammed’s ass all over the desert and they are warming up the coathangers for your pregnant granddaughter – that’s what you wanted right?”

    • That’s great Vinyl, except that by election time Faux will have them all believing it was Obama and the Dems that wanted to end both programs.

  10. That’s rich…

    John Yoo, the former Bush administration official whose view of executive power holds that the president has the power to order a child’s testicles to be crushed and an entire village slaughtered, thinks President Obama is breaking with tradition by overruling his advisers at the Justice and Defense Department and deciding he didn’t need permission from Congress to continue the military’s involvement in Libya.

  11. The perpetrator of 9/11 is dead, and, more to the point, discredited. And the neoconservative dream of a democratic Arab world as the only ultimate solution to the threat of Islamism has come true.

    Because the United States didn’t impose it.

    You don’t need 88,000 troops in January 2012 to hunt Taliban. This is all about Pakistan.

    • Because the United States didn’t impose it.

      In fact actually *opposed* it – Bush, Obama, same old sh*t.

      Exhibit A: Bahrain
      Exhibit B: Saudi Arabia
      Exhibit C: the Occupied territories – especially Gaza

  12. A quick hello, and a much e-mailed joke to share this morning. Enjoy the day.

    A man suffered a serious heart attack while shopping in a store. The store clerks called 911 when they saw him collapse to the floor. The paramedics rushed the man to the nearest hospital where he had emergency open heart bypass surgery. He awakened from the surgery to find himself in the care of nuns at the
    Catholic Hospital he was taken to. A nun was seated next to his bed holding a clip board loaded with several forms, and a pen. She asked him how he was going to pay for his treatment.

    “Do you have health insurance?” she asked.

    He replied in a raspy voice, “No health insurance.”

    The nun asked, “Do you have money in the bank?”

    He replied, “No money in the bank.”

    “Do you have a relative who could help you with the payments?” asked the
    irritated nun.

    “I only have a spinster sister, and she is a nun.”

    The nun became agitated and announced loudly, “Nuns are not spinsters! Nuns are married to God.”

    The patient replied, “Perfect. Send the bill to my brother-in-law.”

  13. People sure are touchy.

    I was recently banned from commenting at my local paper for calling Crazy Shelly (Bachmann) “Crazy Shelly”. Now? It looks like my posting privileges at Media Matters have been suspended for the same reason and, possibly, my use of the term “Reichwhiners”. I haven’t actually heard from MMfA so I’m not sure exactly what happened but I suspect that I got flagged by a couple trolls I destroyed on the subjects of global warming and gun control.

    I suppose that some might say I’ve been getting my comeuppance for bitching about trolls but I don’t object to derogatory terms. My problem with trolls is that they make conversation impossible and they lie. I do stay on topic and refrain from directly insulting the trolls on tightly moderated blogs but how can one speak of Crazy Shelly without calling her “crazy”? I’ve stopped using “teabaggers” because they don’t like that word but I use the terms “Reichwhiners” and “GOoPers” to differentiate between the dangerous right-wing creatures and good people who just don’t know enough to leave the Republican party. I guess you good people are going to be stuck with me even more often unless I get banned here.

  14. There have been alarming reports of justices – most notably Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito – attending political events and using their position to fundraise for organizations. These activities would be prohibited if the justices were required to abide by the Judicial Conference Code of Conduct, which currently applies to all other federal judges. On these issues the code is quite clear. Canon 4C states that “a judge should not personally participate in fund-raising activities, solicit funds for any organization, or use or permit the use of the prestige of the judicial office for that purpose.” Additionally, in Canon 5 the code states, “[a] judge must refrain from all political activity.” While we understand that the Supreme Court is unique by its very nature, we do not believe there should be one set of guidelines for Supreme Court justices and stricter standards for all others judges…..

    This is the opening of a letter from Rep. Chris Murphy (D-CT) circulated this morning to his fellow members of Congress.

  15. McConnell noted that his colleagues might not be so quick to denounce the president if he were a Republican. “There is more of a tendency to pull together when the guy in the White House is on your side”

    McConnell is a quisling, a traitor – a put party before country politician.
    (And what’s with the rumors about his sham marriage to Elaine Chou — a la Rock Hudson.)

    • If everyone wore a brownshirt, it’d be so much easier to march in step…

      …links, rechts, links, rechts…

    • Can you imagine spending a romantic evening with Mitch McConnell looking at you across the table?

      I don’t even want to think about sexy time… *shudder*

    • Anyone who bothered to read anything about how the Republicans acted during the Clinton administration knew what would their game-plan would be for the next Democratic President—especially as they boasted during the Bush years about the Democratic Party becoming a ‘permanent minority—yet it is only dawning on Democrats and some political observers NOW, as to what the even more personally and politically belligerent GOP is doing??111

  16. For those not hearing Hartmann a bit ago.

    Biden Debt Talks Hit Impasse, Republicans Walk Out

    U.S. budget talks hit an impasse on Thursday after a both Republicans walked out, throwing doubt on Washington’s ability to reach a deal that would allow America to continue borrowing and avoid a debt default.
    Representative Eric Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the House of Representatives, said participants had identified trillions of dollars in potential spending cuts but were deadlocked over tax increases that Democrats want.
    “Regardless of the progress that has been made, the tax issue must be resolved before discussions can continue,” he said in a statement.

    I think Obama and Biden should let Wall Street force the Republicans back to the negotiations. They can’t get everything they want, and they need to face reality.

  17. Republican lawmakers successfully passed an anti-choice bill requiring the state’s only three abortion clinics to be inspected twice a year, including one unannounced review.
    Under the new licensing standards, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment will create new standards for exits, lighting, bathrooms, and equipment and would have “the power to fine clinics” or “go to court to shut them down.”
    The law specifically targets abortion clinics and left other surgical clinics untouched by the new requirements

    • Is this the jobs bill Boner was promising last October?

      Let’s hire some more Planned Parenthood clinic inspectors….. awesome

    • I saw that, Marie.

      Women in Kansas will now have the much safer and cost-effective option of the coathanger in the back alley treatment.

  18. Quote of the Day:

    “Cantor and Kyl just threw Boehner and McConnell under the bus. This move is an admission that there will be a need for revenues and Cantor and Kyl don’t want to be the ones to make that deal.”

    — That’s the spin from a senior Democratic aide on the abandonment of the debt reduction talks by the last two remaining Republicans.

      • Don’t believe it until you see the Bush tax cut repeal in your pay cheque.

        Guantanamo is still open
        Iraq is still occupied
        Afghanistan will have twice as many troops in in 2012 than in 2008
        Health care is still for profit
        The oil companies still have their welfare
        Citizens United is unchallenged

  19. Just to get formatting, Zooey. Anything I can do to prevent ‘raw’ links that stretch off the page past the right hand margin, I want to do.

    Just for links, is an option. You put in a long link, and it creates a short one that points to the same spot.

    • Oh, and for Chrome users (and probably equivalents for other browsers) you can get extensions/addons that will do URL shortening for you as well. Takes your current URL and runs it through any number of configurable URL shorteners.

  20. Heard this on the Bill Press show today about a 20-year eating study that reveals some new insights into eating, exercise, and weight. The gist of the findings is that the types of food you eat may be as (or more) important than how much you eat for maintaining healthy weight.

  21. Poll: Tea party poses ‘real danger’ to GOP in Florida

    Aligning yourself too closely to the tea party could be a great way to lose an election in Florida, apparently. So says a recent poll by Gainesville, Florida based polling firm War Room Logistics. In the poll, registered Florida voters said 2:1 that the tea party did not represent their views. War Room’s Alex Patton says this could pose “a real danger to Republican candidates”.

    Florida governor Rick Scott has earned voters’ ire with draconian cuts to education as well as his decisions to turn down federal money for high speed rail and to drug test recipients of federal aid.

    Putting the declining popularity of Rick Scott together with seniors averse to Social Security and Medicare changes could take Florida out of play next year.

  22. My nomination for Dirtbag of the Day:
    Eric Cantor

    From NBC’s Luke Russert
    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., has abruptly pulled out of bipartisan budget talks led by Vice President Joe Biden, saying that an impasse over taxes cannot be resolved without direct negotiations between the president and Speaker of the House John Boehner.

    In a statement, Cantor said that Democrats are insisting that tax increases must be part of the debt limit deal but that there is not sufficient support in the GOP-majority House to pass any tax hikes.

    David Koch must have tightened his training collar.

    • The next leg of the tour continues when the time comes. In the meantime, no one should jump to conclusions – certainly not the media with their long track record of getting things wrong or just making things up.”

      That leads me to conclude that the ‘lamestream’ media are of the Repugnant Party!

    • [Dang, seems my reply was lunch for WP]

      “The next leg of the tour continues when the time comes. In the meantime, no one should jump to conclusions – certainly not the media with their long track record of getting things wrong or just making things up.”

      This leads me to conclude the ‘lamestream’ media are of the Repugnant Party bent! What with all the making things up…

    • No one really cares. I don’t recall where I saw it but someone said that, referring to the sudden push behind Crazy Shelly, that Bachmann is now the teabagger heroine that Bible Spice was supposed to be. I think that Palin could announce she’s an official candidate and very few people would give a rip.

      (NOTE: This would not include the True Believers who have edited the Wiki page about Paul Revere and, in a vain attempt to make Palin’s rantings historically accurate, have painted Revere as a bigger traitor than Benedict Arnold. They are claiming that Revere gave the British information about troop movements and armories which I’m pretty sure would have really pissed off the leaders of the Revolution.)

    • WTF? Is Greta her new publicist? Does she have a bunk in the bus? I can’t imagine that someone wouldn’t suggest a looser relationship. Heck! Even if I don’t pay attention to the content I feel tempted to shove ice picks through my eardrums whenever I hear those two voices bantering.

  23. Since I’m trying to show a kinder, gentler, attitude towards TP and have relented enough to give them a few hits; I have to comment on this article.

    It is utterly ridiculous to suggest that allowing gay marriage would cause a “HIV epidemic”. It’s also false to claim that two male dogs won’t share a house. A former roommate had two male dogs (Which was a bit of an issue in many ways but nothing serious until he took off and left me with the responsibility for said dogs for a month, but I digress.) who lived outside except in very cold weather. We built a nice fenced area for them and sealed up an old chicken coop (it was so old there was no smell) which we kept stocked with fresh hay. They cuddled up together every night and, in fact, when we brought them in during the winter they still cuddled up together. Heck! Since neither was fixed and neither was really an alpha? They mounted each other with great enthusiasm. Apparently Mr. Trombley doesn’t know any more about dogs than he knows of human sexuality.

  24. Woo hoo! I’ve been reinstated at my local paper and they even apologized for banning me based on trolls flagging me without reading the “offensive” posts. Media Matters has not yet responded but I’m hopeful that I can sway them too.

      • Yay! I have to really rein myself in rather than pushing the boundaries right away. Apparently there is a group of Reichwhiners who correspond with each other off site and flag “libruls” who piss them off. The post that got me banned didn’t even mention Batscat Bachmann by name. I merely commented about “a certain prominent Minnesota lawmaker who happens to be as nutty as a fruitcake”. Their thin skins just may prove to be their downfall.

  25. And if we allow gay marriage military enlistments by gay people will increase exponentially and next thing you know our entire military will be gay and dying from AIDS. Thank doG the miltary is safe in Fundie hands.

  26. Hi y’all. I wrote a scathing comment on Monsanto this morning, then before I could log in my computer got one of those fake virus scans thing and had to be shut down til husband came home. Hopefully it’s cured, but I’ve totally lost what I wanted to say, so I’m just going with Eric Cantor is a nasty little weasel.
    I got my first ripe tomatoes today…can’t wait for dinner.
    Welcome CreepingJesus, I always enjoyed your comments on TP.

      • I picked up the first strawberries of the year today, locally-grown Hoods. For the next weeks, I’ll be gobbling as many as possible in preparation for the next 11 months of abstinence. Juiciest, most wonderfullest strawberries you’ll ever find, too juicy to ship anywhere out of the area. I refuse to touch those little red rocks shipped from California and Mexico throughout the year. Pfui.

    • One of the great disappointments of my life is that i induced an allergy to raw tomatoes. I went out one morning to ambush a woodchuck that was ravaging the garden and took a pepper shaker with me. Those tomatoes fresh off the vine and chilled by the morning dew were so good that I ate myself sick (and did more damage than the woodchuck). Ever since then, I break out in hives if I eat raw tomatoes. At least I can still tolerate them when cooked but it’s not quite the same.

  27. Ezra Klein from WaPo: “Cantor is putting personal power before country here, and in a very dangerous way. If Boehner actually does manage to cut a decent deal despite Cantor’s effort to throw him under the bus, he may not hold on as leader of his party, but unlike Cantor, he’ll deserve to. For better or worse, this is when we learn whether anyone on the Republican Party’s leadership team is actually prepared to lead.”

    I’d share the tomatoes if I could.

      • No, I never could grow a good cuke. For veggies, squash and beans for home use, tomatoes and peppers to both use and sell. I buy everything else from friends at market.

    • I am feeling farm envy here, OIMF. I came home the other night to find 7 of my tomato plants “weedwacked” by the careless landscaper hired by my landlord. I can barter some Purple Ruffles Basil for some of your tomatoes, if your interested 🙂 All my other veggies are a bit soggy, not sure they are gonna make it this season, I’m afraid … 😦

  28. More Ezra Klein: He’s saying it’s not a revenue problem, it’s not a spending problem, it’s…

    A Congress Problem, Not A Deficit Problem

    On Wednesday, the Congressional Budget Office released its latest long-term budget outlook. As always, the scorekeepers offered up two scenarios: In the first, Congress does nothing, follows the laws currently on the books — which means the tax cuts expire, the Medicare cuts from the 1997 Balanced Budget Act go into effect, and the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented — and the debt stabilizes. In the second, Congress extends most of the tax cuts, ignores the Medicare cuts and repeals various cost controls in the Affordable Care Act. Debt, of course, explodes.

    According to the CBO, the economy could be in primary balance by 2017, if all they did was raise the debt ceiling enough to tide us over. That’s just six years! That would mean that the only deficit we would run is the interest on old debt, and we would no longer be incurring new debt. That’s with the laws and spending rates we have right now. Now how could that tax and spend commie Obama manage that?

  29. Last night I asked; “how will the Reichwhiners attack Obama’s announcement about Afghanistan”? Well? Now we know Lush Rimjob’s take on it.

    Obama announced that he “wants to lose Afghanistan” and that will “make the Democrat party happy”. Then he threw in a bit about Hitler’s generals arguing with him too and some nonsense that leads me to believe that Lushbo is really, REALLY, pissed that we killed Bin Laden.

      • I would think the size of the meals themselves would be sufficient to render the blob both torpid and flaccid.

      • It’d be more interesting if she’d fill his viagra bottle with Oxycontin, then fling the viagra into the river. In relatively short order, both Rush’s head AND the local Florida Manatee population would probably explode.

    • If Hitler had listened to his Generals then the Germans would have… umm….blockaded and pounded Britain into a starving shambles not worth the Americans while to help, instead of opening a massive 3rd front by invading Russia, which was the key act that doomed Hitler’s ambitions to failure.

      But I guess what Rushbo really means, is that Obama= Hitler, but I’m pretty sure that’s old news. .

  30. Please bear with me here. Unusual things happening in my world these days thanks to the laws of collateral damage or unforeseen consequences.

    Fresh maters and cukes. Brings back a memory from 1976, my 2nd Med cruise. It was a show-the-flag cruise so every third port or so there were locals on the pier waiting to show us poor sailors what their country was really like. In Oporto, Portugal, 3 of us were shown around the city by a taxi driver whose brother worked at the Brooklyn Shipyard.

    Dinner included a soup that looked like it was made with Easter basket grass and was absolutely delicious, a fruit salad with wine I believe fell in the Macedonia category and itty bitty lamb chops grilled on a hibachi. Afterwards we realized we had probably taxed the family budget maximally so the next day we hit the local market and took a whole shitpot of goodies up as a thank you.

    The tie in is the vegetable served with the chops was a fresh mix of maters (desnotted), cukes, (no seeds), fresh chopped basil and oregano and a vinaigrette dressing. There was also a couple of other things I can’t place but it was a delicious veggie with the lamb.

    • Nope, better to be pleasantly surprised than have your hopes deflated. The time to go crazy happy is when escrow closes.

    • I could never even stand to be home when someone looked at the house I was selling. Here’s hoping the right buyer will find you.

      • For some reason your comment reminded of the comedy “Step Brothers” starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as adult step brothers who live with their parents and are being booted into the real world as their parents are about to sell their home.

        In one scene the realtor walks into the home with a couple of possible buyers and Ferrell, face purple is wrapped in plastic as Reilly cries out about him dying from asbestos poisoning.

        The next scene has a realtor and a couple of possible buyers walking up to the front door, when Ferrell posing as the next door neighbor is dressed as a Nazi and Reilly posing as a neighbor across the street and dressed as a KKK member, wave and greet them….All and all a goofy and stupid movie, but I laughed my ass off when I saw these two scenes. 😉

        • Zooey was smart. She got Zoo Jr. set up in his own place, so he wouldn’t have need to sabotage any offers on her place, to keep a roof over his head.

    • Just two words: Phucking Idiots!

      Yeah let’s get rid of all of the illegal immigrants, not only in Georgia but the whole USA…that’ll teach them. Meanwhile unpicked crops rot in the field because no uppity, white American is going to lower themselves to do the hard job of picking fruit and veggies, especially in the hot sun for $8.00-$11.00 an hour and no benefits.

      • I know where you can find a “lazy librul” who will work that hard for even less money. Why don’t the patriotic teabagger pensioners step up and help those poor farmers?

      • The ever forward thinking Repiggie party – Always with the bravado – the aha! ‘we’ll show you undocumented workers’!

        Deal proposes that farmers try to hire the 2,000 unemployed criminal probationers estimated to live in southwest Georgia.

        Do you suppose Deal ever picked a crop in his life? Unless those 2,000 unemployed probationers ever did farm labor – it would be more of a hindrance to the farmer.

      • …some Jr. ThugNumbNuts was yapping about the “illegals” taking all the Americans jobs, a couple of days ago on Yahoo.

        I did a reply and said, I got some real GOOD OLD FASHIONED jobs for you and your crowd, SLAUGHTERING chickens, cows, hogs, goats, ect. It ended with, Enjoy your minimum wage (or less) and the GORE of the BLOOD BATH.

        …of course, no response.

    • Thank-you for sharing this. I had not heard this story and have saved it for the next time VA starts suggesting similar laws.

    • You probably heard about the Alabama anti-immigrant law too. Sooner or later they’re going to raid those chicken processing plants on Sand Mountain, and then the price of chicken will have to go up.

  31. An interesting story about the release of oil from our reserve. This bit really struck me:

    “Refineries in the U.S. — the world’s biggest oil consumer_ are operating well below their capacity. Refiners are under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for potential manipulation of oil prices. Their trade association suggested that Thursday’s move is motivated to shore up Obama’s political standing.”

      • Yep! Which of course is the equivalent of building millions of more new homes when millions of homes sit empty and abandoned. How about filling up some of these abandoned homes with homeless Vet’s and other homeless people?

      • Drill here, drill now…no wait, leases now, then exploration wells, then capped off wells, wait for the price to go way up…

    • Here’s what’s really interesting about that:
      A few months ago Right wing argued (on the public’s behalf, of course) that Obama should dip into the oil reserve to reduce oil prices/gas prices at the pump—which Obama wasn’t going to do—mean old Obama! ..

      The Left wing argued that doing so would have no appreciable effect because the rate of consumption is so high—using the reserves might drop oil/gas prices for a couple of weeks, the end.

      So why is Obama doing this now? Is it a desperate domestic political move?

      A surprise attack from an unlikely source sent oil prices reeling Thursday.

      The International Energy Agency, the Paris based research arm of 28 industrialised countries, held an emergency press conference to announce that its members would release 60 million barrels onto the market – allocating two million barrels a day for a month. Half of the total will be coming from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

      While this joint strike attack brought prices down about four dollars a barrel, it will be up to those who hold the spare capacity to continue a downward trend in prices.

      This is a clever and no doubt coordinated one-two punch from the IEA and U.S. ally Saudi Arabia – but it may not be a knock out punch against those wanting to keep oil above the century mark.

      This isn’t about ‘buying’ US re-election popularity—it’s still mid 2011! This is about oil market manipulation threatening national economic recoveries ( US AND others).

      Oil rose in New York, recovering from a plunge sparked by an International Energy Agency announcement that its members will release crude from strategic reserves.
      Half of the 60 million barrels of crude from the IEA release will come from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, according to the IEA and the U.S. Energy Department. Republicans joined the oil industry in criticizing the move by the Obama administration as political and said the release wasn’t needed, though more drilling is.

      Republicans HATE it when Obama does what they claim they want and then bitch when he DOES do what they say they want ( see. Libya. get Bin Laden, create jobs cut budget–remember they asked for $X cuts, he gave them more then they said it wasn’t enough?—etc.

      Even when Obama is doing a crappy job, he still does a BETTER job than the GOP demands.

  32. Almost July and still no word on who Obama will appoint as the fifth commissioner on the CFTC. The White House has been silent about this appointment and politicians and pundits from both sides have largely ignored the importance of this appointment in light of rampant oil speculation.

    The outgoing commissioner, a democrat, has sided with the two republican commissioners in opposing more regulation and transparency of oil speculation and other commodities.

    If Obama appoints a commissioner who sides with the two democratic commissioners, we could see a drop in oil, gas and food….Hmmm, I wonder what Obama will do???

  33. Oh my God! What’s that bright orange thing in the sky that is trying to break through the clouds?????

  34. George Packer’s read on Obama’s Afghanistan speech:

    “The troop drawdown this year and next signals not so much that “the tide of war is receding,” but that America will no longer fight a particular kind of war—soldiers on wary foot patrol in dense neighborhoods and villages, junior officers taking off their helmets and sitting down over tea with local elders to talk about roads and jobs, generals and diplomats alternately coaxing and browbeating their counterparts about troop training and corruption. We’ve been fighting this kind of war somewhere or other for almost a decade, and Americans, who prefer our wars big on weaponry, short, and decisive, are tired of it, and so, no doubt, is President Obama, as well as many of his Republican opponents and members of Congress.”

  35. FYI…

    In a sign that Facebook is seriously preparing for what some anticipate will be a $100-billion initial public offering next year, the social networking company said Thursday that it has added Reed Hastings, Netflix’s chairman and chief executive officer, to its board of directors.

  36. Poor TP. They are counting on the pass thru hits by FB and Twitter folk to generate interest in their site. While they may get hits, they won’t get comments. Nor will the FB or Twitter crowd even notice TP’s sponsors.

    Faiz? You should have asked for $10. At least you might have funded a decent goodbye party.

  37. I just noticed something on TP. They don’t count comments in the Post stats. They count commenters. If one person makes 47 comments it is counted as 1 in the Post stats.

    • My bad, TP only counts posts, not replies. If you aren’t in the left hand column, you don’t count. Ain’t that sweet?

  38. On an entirely different note: Firefox users may be interested in an extension called Back to Top. You can drop an icon for go to top and another for go to bottom on a toolbar; very helpful for super-long threads.

  39. I think I am seeing the idea on TP. If you check the numbers on FB and Twitter for any given post, they can be substantial. Which means the young and trendy are checking in, nudge nudge, wink wink, to find out what is happening. TP is now focusing on the trendy. The old farts just want to yak. If TP has minimal comments, they need minimal attention. Just post things (which is up since the change) and don’t worry about what anyone has to say about it.

    Welcome to MSM, TP.

    • If you think about it, TP appealing to younger people isn’t all bad. Combine that with Keith’s new Countdown on a youth-oriented cable channel, and it just may be a way to reach those younger voters.

      I don’t have a problem with the increased content, but as I said above, we don’t know if the changes wouldn’t have increased web traffic while keeping Disqus. It is the comments section that has annoyed so many, in so many ways.

      I keep thinking of people who applied for jobs, and the prospective employer found embarrassing pictures of the applicant on Facebook. What if someone’s employer finds their political views on Facebook, and decides to discharge them or annoy them into quitting, because the employer considers them undesirable?

      • I have no problem with TP wanting to reach out to the younger crowd. They should and need to. But not at the expense of the older crowd who helped build them to the point where they could.

        The young crowd is important but sort of fickle. The older crowd isn’t so easily distracted.

    • I said it once…(twice) and I’ll say it again…Phuck TP! They are dead to me. I just hope everyone doesn’t abandoned “The Zoo” and head back to TP 3.0….I’d be bummed….or am I making too much over the new and improved TP?

  40. Beautiful on the inside – that’s a striking photo of “The astrocytes type 1 surrounding capillaries in the brain.”

    • I am so glad you said that, Ebb. I echo your sentiments, in that the vessels, as depicted above, are beautiful. Really makes one appreciate the wonders of the human body and nature, in general.

  41. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…all done with shopping now I can sit back and enjoy a heaping bowl of herb.

    And to you kids, just say “no”….I’m no role model, I tried to say no to drugs but they just won’t listen.

    • I caught a Cletis Stump post or two over at TP. But I agree. Thing is both Cletis and MIO have solid blogs of their own. Hard telling about Bizarro.

      • Bizarro’s blog (at least the one he pointed me to) is NOT of the socio-political commentary sort.
        But from his TP comments I thought he was a sharp cookie.

  42. The Cantor-Kyl walkout was the big breaking story of the day. Keith just led off with it. TP never did a sentence on it that I could find. Once in a while they blow breaking news so badly they won’t even run a late story, and admit they got scooped.

    • Scooping has had a change of definition in the past 30 years. Back when news organizations were interested in news scooping meant digging out some facts that would make the presentation by some other news organization to look like the silly crap they were.

      Today when a news organization scoops another one it is more like pooper scooping meaning they are picking up the same crap the other network has already spread,

      News is no longer factual content. It is information broadcast to gather advertising dollars. This happens when people are entertained by said information. Hence, infotainment.

    • Well… if they miss something, should they then play catch-up copycat? They can address Cantor’s move later with more context if they like.
      Who f’rinstance is picking up on their Clarence Thomas reporting? Not Crooks and Liars, last I looked. That’s some pretty serious investigation/reporting.
      Cantor is just being a dick–totally an optional story.

      I don’t think you are being fair in this instance.

  43. Glenn Beck To Visit Auschwitz

    Glenn Beck said Thursday that he will be visiting the former Nazi death camp Auschwitz in a visit to Poland, and he’ll broadcast a special from a town outside of the camp because this will help him “figure out,” he says, “how did this happen?”

    Uhhh, because of people like you, dumb fuck.

    Read. A. Book.

  44. Back in the 70’s news networks were all about making their competitors look like idiots if they put something out that wasn’t true. It was serious competition. Today, it is about whining when the other network gloms the public interest.

  45. I’m not entirely sure Cantor walking out is all that big of a story. It makes for great drama in the MSM headlines, but it seems to me that it was bound to happen at some point during these talks.

    The real gist of the story is, from the GOP point of view, is that “those mean Democrats won’t compromise with us; and by “compromise” we mean give up everything they want in favor of what we demand, or else we’ll destroy the US and world economy.”

    It’s political posturing of the most typical Republican nature.

    At least that’s my take on it.

    • Quite.

      Cantor waved a supposed GOP alternative to the HCR bill in front of the press which was immediately proven to be a page of irrelevant bullet points about GOP ‘principles’ or some other stupid shit.

      Then weeks later when Obama held that televised “round table”, Cantor elaborately thumped the bill down on the table and bitched about how big and long (smirk) it was and when he brought up just one lie about it’s content and Obama asked for the reference, he couldn;t find it in the pages because it was of course just pure bullshit invention on his part.

      Cantor embarked on a “listening tour” and then when a REPUBLICAN voter actually sensibly questioned him on some obviously idiotic GOP policy proposal, Cantor decided not to listen and punted,

      Cantor is the emptiest suit I’ve ever seen.

      • Indeed.

        The unfortunate part is the Democrats are there, in good faith, to try and work out a deal. The Republicans are not there in good faith. Never have been. They want to continue to hurt the economy, because that hurts Obama. Their stated goal is to hurt Obama.

  46. Ooooo….

    One of Keith’s Worst of the day, is going to be one of the idiots in Georgia involved with the farm labor problems…hehe.

      • Let’s see…never mind the video recording………

        Trained military shoots at buildings, BIG buildings, with a 9mm pistol, expecting to accomplish what exactly? .Maybe he hoped for an armed response so he could die a martyr? Without accomplishing anything but his own death?

        He’s mentally unbalanced obviously, and no more of a terrorist (with a political agenda) than any other disturbed person, like say the Columbine kids (and clearly not as deadly dangerous as they were, unless he was working up the determination to actually take some lives—which still demonstrates that he’s a lower-level of mentally disturbed.

        • Of course, but I fear that we may become jaded as to the potential of someone who really has the ability to accomplish his/her goals.

          The underpants bomber, the Time Square bomber, shoe bomber, etc. It’s becoming a big joke to a lot of us. Not a good sign.

  47. TP has gotten too big for their britches. They are aiming at becoming a news blog. No feedback, just post news and people (FB and Twitter crowd) will pop in for a bite of news and move on. Comments on their news? Meh. The young crowd won’t. They read, not talk.

    The people who used to come to TP (50-65 group) and supply comments and interaction? Well, you see, things change and everything moves on and you old farts are. well, farts. Maybe you built us to the point where we can embrace social networking but…too bad for you.

  48. TP no longer cares if there is a single comment on any item they post. Frankly, I am surprised the option is even there. Faiz is now young and hip. FB and Twitter counts. They don’t want feedback, they want hits.

    It is like a newspaper. They don’t care what anyone says about the paper as long as they sell copies.

  49. Ok, from the start. One, my sense of humor is severely weakened. Not because of anything outside of me, just is. Two, I wasn’t aware I had to keep up on a daily basis in order to make comments. Three, I am dealing with 30 year old demons I had thought comfortably buried and I am finding they aren’t. I have a real tendency right now to get totally riled by simple and silly things, which, in itself, makes things worse.

    • Neither am I a demon, nor am I thirty years old! 😉

      Hooda, you’re one of my favorites. Do what you will, when you want but don’t ever change, brother!

      • IP, back in 1983, I buried a shit ton of stuff so that I could be a father and husband. Thought it was gone for good. The modern miracles of medical science and their chemical concoctions have shown that idea to be a lie. The past few weeks have been like meeting my evil twin, face to face.

        Pain in the ass but damn, what a rush.

        • I hear ya man. Lots of demons in my past too, I went through and am still going through what I can only describe as depression. Life, the world, the country, death of friends and loved ones…Laughter, music, my nephews and nieces, some friends and some family are the only thing keeping me from sinking into the abyss. And I say this with the utmost respect and understanding for you and your situation.

          • IP, part of the reason I am dealing with this is I asked my doc what he could do to help me quit smoking. He prescribed a drug that can help that and also treats depression. I thought that wouldn’t be a bad thing because it was entirely possible I was dealing with that as well.

            A few weeks later I’m dealing with holy shit and high blood pressure. And while it is pissing me off royally, it is a change and sort of worth dealing with.

  50. I feel bad/guilty because I don’t visit Cletis, Motivated and Kay In Maine’s blogs very much….I guess I’m not that into going to 4-5 different blogs to repeat my same warped take on things…besides big brother may read them and think I’m a terrorist or something… 😉

  51. Sorry…that last comment was delayed an hour…I just got off the phone with one of my olg guitarist friends, who sadly also happens to be one of the dumbest republicans I’ve ever known….In the end, after our lengthy discussion on politics, Christianity, the anti-Christ, you know all that good stuff…he basically has his mind made up…Republicans are Godly and good and the Democrats are Godless and evil. *sigh*


      • Heh!…I kind of said that to him. 🙂

        I said “So Ken, I’m gonna go out on a limb here but I sense that no matter what we’ve discussed, no matter what I’ve said, factual or not, in your mind republicans are good and democrats are evil, correct?”

        We both laughed but he agreed with my statement…

      • Yes Zooey it’s very frustrating. It’s like talking to my very republican sister. Afterwords It feels like I just banged my head against the wall…

        • I get the “I believe in the traditional family” bullshit.

          Srsly, there is no such thing. It just lives in the fantasies of delusional conservative christians.

          • When I hear a conservative talk about “traditional families,” I hear 1950s Ozzie and Harriet-type life, which was hardly common. I also remember Rep Dan Burton’s story about how his father used to beat his family all the time. Once when he had to get up in the middle of the night to pee, and his father stood over him watching, then beat him because he couldn’t pee. His mother went out wearing a pants suit, and his father ripped it off her in the front yard. When asked if his neighbors knew what was going on, he said, “They had to.” THAT’S your “traditional families” to which the GOP wants to return this country.

            What they refuse to comprehend, because it’s not that difficult, is that we have progressed beyond that kind of mentality, and they just don’t like it. They don’t like anything that smacks of “progressivism”, especially when it diminishes their authority over their own families. They hate the fact that a father can’t beat his family when he wants to, that he can’t treat his wife and daughters like property, that he can’t act like a King to puff up his own fragile ego.

            If you want to be conservative and live alone, then I’ll support your right to do so. But if you plan on sharing a life with even a single other human being, then I expect you to treat that person like a human being, and not some kind of “royal subject.”

            I truly believe Conservatism is a mental illness.

            • I truly believe Conservatism is a mental illness.
              You are correct sir!

              Cletis’s wife has an interesting take on conservatism. She said it’s genetic or something. That conservatives lack a certain something, a certain gene that makes them incapable of compassion, right and wrong, etc, etc.

  52. Hooda, when Think Progress started getting mentioned on MSNBC, I knew things were going to change, I knew they were going to get too big for their britches. I’ve seen it happen before.

  53. Poll currently open:

    Should unions punish New Jersey Democrats who are siding with Governor Chris Christie?

    • YES!

      I heard Ed talking about this on his radio program the other day while I was on break, I couldn’t phucking believe it.

  54. It’s probably not my place to say, but if TP is now reaching a previously untapped facebook audience with their point of view, I say “more power to them”. While I loved the fast paced exchanges and the loose sense of community that prevailed there a while back, I’m not sure that providing a place where that could flourish is best strategy for now. If we agree when they point out the evil that lurks in corporatocracy that’s a fun discussion for us, but also a given. If something that is spread on facebook enlightens someone who was previously unaware, that’s probably (I hope) way more important than entertaining and informing me.

    • I’m coming to that conclusion as well. Outstanding.

      TP needs to get the word out; the Zoo can be a place for discussion.

      Not that it’s not painful…

    • Excellent comment with valid and good points, however while I will agree with you that TP has and does do a good job at pointing out the evil that lurks in corporatocracy and that they may reach more people who are unaware, they also play their role as an obedient progressive tool for the democrats.

      I guess what I mean is that I would sure like them to be harder on the democrats from time to time. Both parties are corrupt, just pointing at the other party all the time isn’t exactly helping our cause when those in our own party are doing some of the same things, are spineless, etc, etc.

      In the end, it’s all a game to these people and if you want a piece of the action you just go a long for the ride and don’t rock the boat….I’ve never been or ever will be one of those who just goes along with everything and afraid to rock the boat. Now I know a few democratic loyalists from the TP days, before 3.0 who would give me hell for saying that but I just call it how I see it.

      If we don’t push hard for what we believe in and push the democratic party hard and hold them accountable for when they stray from the things they’ve fought so hard for in the past…then, what’s the point?

      • I”m not sure that we need blogs like TP to be harder on democrats, being reasonably self-aware we are the only party capable of being hard on ourselves.

    • I don’t think it’s out of place to say.

      I tend to agree. I certainly understand that emotions and passions run high for the community that was there (which has lead to the community that is here). But I don’t think TP’s mission or goal was ever to just be an online community for a specific set of commenters. I think their primary task has always been as a source of progressive information.

      Commenting systems, in my opinion, are a source of entertainment for the visitors. I don’t think they do much beyond that, at least in terms of fulfilling the goal and mission of a site like TP.

    • So basically these people are pushing for a “one world” religion, based on “their” Christian beliefs…You know, the very thing, that so many of their supporters fear will happen…but hey it’s their brand of Christianity so it couldn’t be misleading or evil….could it?

  55. Zooey on June 23, 2011 at 7:34 pm said:

    I excel at being a former girlfriend. 😉
    LMAO! Now that is fricking hilarious! You can be my former girlfriend any time you want Zooey! 😉 But I hear ya. I excel in the former boyfriend department.

      • I’m a doctor, a lawyer, a CFO at a rural hospital, an owner of a small business that rakes in a million a year, I sell airplane parts on the side, I’m an expert at chess, I’m a Veteran, I sell vintage Zildjian cymbals online … 😉

        Sorry….I was channeling the troll(s) from TP 3.0BC….

        And now another trip down memory lane…..


        Okay…..I’ve done my part for the night. 😉

  56. IP: You are correct sir!

    Cletis’s wife has an interesting take on conservatism. She said it’s genetic or something. That conservatives lack a certain something, a certain gene that makes them incapable of compassion, right and wrong, etc, etc.

    There was an article published earlier this year that suggested there are biological factors to liberalism and conservatism. Here’s the link.

      • LOL! I was just going to say I must be experiencing a case of oldsheimers or something else, because I seem to be forgetting words when typing my comment.

        • I seriously hope this comment doesn’t offend anyone!!!! I shouldn’t make fun of a disease that so many of our elderly are stricken with.

          My apologies!

  57. On a more serious note. I began a new job five weeks ago. New people, learning new computer/inventory systems….acting normal, keeping a check on my sick and usually warped sense of humor….

    So today I was going to recharge the electric forklift, but first I had to add distilled water to all of the cells of the batteries (8). Part of the procedure, for safety precautions, is too wear latex gloves, so I put them on, and as I get them on, a co-worker, who’ve I’ve talked with a few times, and seems pretty cool, walks into the warehouse, so I snap the latex glove, while wriggling my fingers and I said to him “Time for your exam…”

    Was this wrong and a case of too much too soon? 😮

    • hehehehehe…

      Personally, I find that hilarious.

      OH…man, I work with some real bores but thank goodness there are some real weirdos like me. The best to do is stay as FAR away from those that work from the corporate office city. THOSE people can be frack’n nutso (the company is HQ’d in “the South”)

      Politics and religion are way off the discussion topics with those from the south.

      • This is kind of cool yet an unbelievable personal story:

        The job I just started 5 weeks ago, I wanted it bad, it was close (10 minutes away from home), small (17 employees)….So I redesigned my resume in hopes to change my luck. I also decided to lie on it. I decided to say that I quit my previous, former job, instead of saying I was terminated.

        I felt in the past, during an interview when I’ve acknowledge my prior termination, no matter how I explain what happened, they are going to take it as a negative, at least that’s how it seemed after 6 interviews.

        Anyway, I get called for a second interview with one of the owners/VP/CFO….I get the job and start the next day. He then asks me about my former employer and why I left after 15 years and mentioned that since the one former employer, the one I was terminated from, he said it was weird because he called them to verify that I worked there but because they have new owners, they couldn’t give him any information on me because the files were off site.

        I’m like is he going to be able to get them in a week? Two weeks? While I’m working for him? I kind of freaked on the way home, than this darn thing called guilt started creeping up inside, I was inflicted. I decided to call him an hour later and give him my confession….So I did…And by God he was impressed by my honesty. I was stunned! I wouldn’t of hired me, not after being blatantly lied to, with so many workers out there. Unreal huh?

  58. Can someone answer this for me? When we comment over on TP or any other website that has the Facebook comments section, does the website have access to our personal information or do they see what we’ve set our FB pages for non-friends to see? Just curious.

    • By ‘the website’ do you mean does TP get past your security at Facebook? I doubt it. That would really be a breach by Facebook of their commitment to privacy.

      For me, they wouldn’t get any more info than they had on the older systems. My screenname, and valid email is all I have on file at Facebook, or at Hotmail either. I’ve got that Facebook profile locked down as tight as they allow. Of course, I never used Facebook before TP made it an issue, and my attempt to use it to comment didn’t succeed so I ended up with the Hotmail account, which works better anyway.

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