Music Night, June 24, 2011

Feel free to skip the diatribe.

I believe we’ve reached the point where even young people can look back and say, “Music was better then.” Other than not being dead, one of the few advantages of being old has been the opportunity to experience, year after year, musicians who actually play music. I know they are out there today, playing clubs and garages but they are no longer the face of music and no longer omnipresent on the radio. I mean, who even listens to the radio?

This is from 1977. Check out the backup singers.

94 thoughts on “Music Night, June 24, 2011

  1. Going to see Pink Martini tonight. Unfortunately China Forbes is having some surgery so she will not be singing with them. The musicians are fantastic and I’m sure her replacement will be quite capable.

    • House, I feel your pain. Tonight, the droid has decided, on “its”own to shut down early … I may have drive around in the Barbie Jeep and be a wi-fi pirate to hear Music Night ~ Oh, the humanity! 😉

  2. Today is my late father’s birthday. He took me to Europe on a business/pleasure trip in 1970. While in London we went to a pub that had a sign that said “Band Tonight”. That band turned out to be Genesis. Back than, no one was more experimental than Genesis. This was long before Peter Gabriel left and Phil Collins stepped out from behind the drum kit and ruined everything. Dad was a classical music fan but he loved them as much as I.

    I make no apologies for posting such a long song. It’s actually three parts on YouTube but I’ll just post the first. Please listen to the others. It’s the peak of one of the greatest bands in the whole “progressive rock” movement. Please make sure that you go with dodolurker91’s version to maintain continuity and enjoy..

  3. The newest new band I like. Great musicianship spanning three generations. Even if it’s not your style I think you will not be disappointed if you wait for John Paul Jones’ (Yes. That John Paul Jones.) piano solo at the end.

  4. This woman can’t get any sexier. And I once thought she couldn’t put any more soul into her music. Thankfully, I was wrong.

  5. Heard this on 89.3 a couple of times in the last few days. It’s new to me. Imelda May – Mayhem. I thought it was No Doubt when I heard it on the radio (so that gives you a general idea of what it’s like).

  6. Also heard this for the first time in the last few days. Thought it was Blondie (and she did do a cover of it); but it turned out to be Donna Summer. I Feel Love. More techno than disco. Give it a shot.

  7. Okay, also heard this today on 89.3, and it’s new to me, even though it’s from 1968. Serge Gainsbourg. “Ford Mustang” It’s a quirky song, but kind of addicting.

  8. Well? Too many embedded videos for my old computer. I’ll be hanging around the watering hole if anyone wants to chat. If not? I’ll join Zooey in wishing you good people good night. I’ll be listening to some Brahms, Beethoven’s 9th, and The Beatles: Abbey Road because they were some of Dad’s favorites.

    • oh fine…now the title shows up, late to the party.

      Love KO’s show tonight…David Shuster (yay!!!) and Friday with Thurber.

    • Really? No way!

      I can’t believe it…I figured that the Thugs would be able to sabatoge it some way.

      I’m stunned…and, can you just hear the heads of the Haters exploding!

      • This is what I just saw on Democratic Underground, posted at 705P Pacific:

        The amendment for religious exemptions that the Repug were demanding
        passed first. NOW they’re leading up to the Marriage Equality vote.. There was a lot of mis-reporting.

  9. Okay, NOW New York’s Marriage Equality has passed 33 – 29!!!

    I’m so happy for my LGBT friends that another state has joined the chorus of Equal Rights for ALL!

  10. I never should start reading at Wikipedia.

    Morrison died July 3, 1971…he was 27…that will be 40 years ago this weekend. Ugh…I feel old.

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