The Watering Hole: June 25 – It’s My Ball

On Thursday, Republicans walked out of budget negations. Eric Cantor basically said that it was his ball and you can’t play if you don’t do it his way. At stake was a government shutdown in August.

One reason for disagreement centered around whether or not the final legislative language would include restructuring the way federal money is dispersed to family planning services. Republicans insisted that the system be amended so that funds would be sent through state governments instead of directly to organizations. Democrats, insisted that the former would result in the denial of routine testing for women’s problems; I.e., pap smears, breast exams, etc.. Added to the mix was Republican refusal to narrow the budget gap by allowing tax increases for the wealthy and the removal of subsidies for business and big oil. Also on the table was a tax holiday for corporations that could transfer profits being kept overseas.

Isn’t it about time for Democrats to grow some balls?

This is our Open Thread. Please feel free to present your thoughts on any topic that comes to mind.

137 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: June 25 – It’s My Ball

  1. The sickening thing to me is that even if they got their way in the negotiations, there was no guarantee that they would not all vote against it anyway. Congressional Republicans have demonstrated many times that they simply do not negotiate in good faith. They watered down the Affordable Care Act and then voted against it anyway. They insisted that the Stimulus Bill have more tax cuts in it, but they voted against it anyway.

    At the core of all of this is a subject not discussed often enough in a Democracy, and that is exactly what the role should be of a government. Conservatives say they believe in “limited government”, but then they support legislation that would put the federal government firmly inside every woman’s womb and inside everybody’s bedroom. They would be telling the truth if by “limited” they meant “really, really, big”. Liberals, OTOH, believe that government should serve and protect as many people as possible from those who would lie to, cheat, steal from, and defraud you. Where we believe government should be used to guarantee equality for all, they believe government should step aside and let the strong overpower the weak.

    We, as a nation, need to start discussing this subject if we are ever going to bring our economy back from the brink of failure, and ensure that individuals have more rights than corporations.

  2. Bowing in New York’s general direction for their decision last night to allow LGBT marriage. I imagine that bibles all over the state probably burst into flame on the moment the decision was made, but oh well. Next up: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, droughts, fires, tornadoes, and probably also increased taxes on the rich — all evidences of god’s rage and stuff.

    Cheers for equality, for equal opportunity for all. Keep it up, keep it going.

  3. Jane and I will be offline most of the day, and possibly much longer. I’m bringing both our computers down to a computer repair shop to have them looked at and, hopefully, sped up. I had a nice chat with the guy yesterday, and I trust him. And he’s local and only a short drive from our house. If he is able to finish everything, we’ll get them back around four o’clock today. If not, we may not be back online until Monday evening.

    • make sure to back up your personal data yourselves if you can Wayne and Jane, even if your local tech should/will do that before restoring your systems. .

      • Thanks, 5th. He just did some cleaning (literal and programmatic) on the computers. They were running really, really slowly. Next week I’ll drop them both off and, for just $85 (plus tax), he’ll install Windows 7 and add Microsoft Office Suite for free. I’ll backup all our pictures on a hard drive before dropping them off. He said if I drop them off Friday afternoon after work, he’ll have them ready by 3 PM Saturday, and we’ll have them fort the long holiday weekend.

  4. Okay, I guess global warming is really bunk. The Twin Cities tied their record for lowest “high” temp on 6/23/11, reaching only 63.

    How could there possibly be global warming with that rock-solid anecdotal evidence?

    (Just trying out how a rightie thinks. It hurts.)

  5. I have a feeling the Corporate Oligarchy behind the scenes has the collective Democratic balls in a vise.

      • They had enough to agree to extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the ruling class, remember? That was the first item on the agenda. It passed.

        We don’t tax the rich, we borrow from them, and have to pay them back, with interest.

  6. Via TP Justice:
    Judge Stays Abortion Law That Defunded Planned Parenthood

    Medicaid patients in Indiana again can visit Planned Parenthood after a federal judge Friday put on hold a law cutting off the health provider’s funding.

    U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt ruled that the defunding law violates federal Medicaid rules and “will exact a devastating financial toll on PPIN and hinder its ability to continue serving patients’ general health needs.”

    Planned Parenthood of Indiana had to shut its doors to about 9,300 Medicaid clients Tuesday and contemplated closing some of its 28 health centers after the state cut off its Medicaid funding May 10.

  7. Scientists exploring the island of Luzon in the Philippines have discovered more than 300 species of land animals, plants and deep-sea creatures that may prove to be entirely new to science.

    • Such a charmer –

      [Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson wrote a stinging dissent chiding the majority for “hastily reaching judgment” on a ruling that was “disingenuous, based on disinformation,” “lacking a reasoned, transparent analysis” and laden with “numerous errors of law and fact.”]

      Abrahamson singled out Prosser for criticism, calling his concurrence “long on rhetoric and long on story-telling that appears to have a partisan slant. Like the order, the concurrence reaches unsupported conclusions.” She said the ruling “seems to open the court unnecessarily to the charge that the majority has reached a pre-determined conclusion not based on the facts and the law… .”

      Prosser acknowledged in March that he called Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson a “bitch” and threatened to “destroy” her during a closed-door meeting.

  8. Minnesota posters: would appreciate any info on where to watch raptors around the St. Paul area.

    A birding buddy will be in that area, on a business trip, for two weeks. An avid birder – raptors in particular and peregrine falcons in a more particular fashion.
    Do you have any peregrines nesting on tall city buildings?

    Thanks for any assistance!

  9. New York’s annual gay pride parade is tomorrow. I’m guessing that might be juuuuust a bit more flamboyant and emotional than in years past.

  10. From Kos’s Hate Mail — my synopsis of the first entry; I snipped out the tripe, snagged the “substance”, thought I might have seen or sensed a poem embedded in there, one which lays out the complete Reichwhiner wisdom AND IGNORANCE combined, and in just ten lines. Not quite poetry, true, but for an obvious idiot, not bad:

    Barack Hussein Obama is the biggest
    tax raiser in american history.

    you asshole communists . . .
    you fucking socialist cocksuckers . . .
    you faggots . . .
    you traitorous communist sleaze . . .
    you nazis . . .
    Let your jackbooted FBI thugs beat me up,
    you’ll just defeat yourself when America sees you

    for the fascists you are!!!

    I’m very disappointed in him: he missed any reference to both “Marxists” and their wingnut-perceived functional equivalent, “Islamists.” Oh well, maybe next time.

    • Who will be the first Reichwhiner to say that this is another reason we have to bomb Iran? I guess that past statements would make Bolt-on seem like the best bet but I think I’ll go with Bill Kristol.

    • If we could just put a few thousand more troops into the Middle East I am absolutely certain that we could convince them that it would be in their best interest to band together.

    • hmm, sounds more like Iran’s plan to get their hands on Pakistan’s nukes

      (sorry, don’t mean to sound all Kristolesque)

  11. If that weren’t so tragically impossible it’d be laughable. If those three countries were to band together to fight terrorism, they’d be attacking themselves and each other.

  12. Being something of a comic book geek, I indulged in the new release of the Green Lantern movie. GL has long been a favorite DC character for me and I was curious to see if the movie version was decent. When it comes to comics-to-movies, Marvel has outdone DC in the past few decades.

    I was pleasantly surprised. The focus of the movie was the basic conflict between Will and Fear. And Will prevailed. Overall, the movie had a nice story line, well scripted with a fun romantic interest and opened the door to some fun sequels. Just like a comic should.

    • Of the DC characters, Green Lantern was always my favorite. I believe my son has my set of Neal Adams Green Lantern / Green Arrow comics, which I still considering among the most beautiful comics drawn.

      • Gum, the In Search for America series with Neal Adams as artist (best comic artist ever) and Denny O’Neil writing. I recently cataloged my collection and I have the first issue. Comics with a social conscience. Great art and story as well.

      • “I been readin’ about you…How you work for the Blue Skins…and how on a planet someplace you helped out the orange skins…and you done considerable for the Purple skins. Only there’s skins you never bothered with—the black skins! I want to know…how come?!

        Answer me that, Mr. Green Lantern!?”

        O’Neil’s words are powerful. Add Neal Adams art and you have even more.

  13. And while I’m on the subject of Firefox add-ons (well, I was on a different day), take a look at Disconnect, which will prevent your web browsing from being tracked by the major culprits; digg, facebook, google, twitter and Yahoo!

  14. I must either be very tired or really easy to amuse because I thought the fact that Kos’s jew hating hate mailer complaining about the fact that he was receiving hate mail to be extremely funny.
    Congratulation to New York. Someone asked “What will be the last state to grant equality”? I imagine HouseofRoberts and I are both hoping Mississippi beats out Alabama and Virginia for that honor. I am reminded of the Loving v Virginia case which ended the laws against interracial marriage here. You have to admit that is the most appropriate name for a case of that kind ever.

    • Could be worse. Fox could sponsor a show on which state is the most Stupid. This would be ok now that Stupid is chic.

      • Every time I read a headline that says something like “Nine States Sue to Prevent the Implementation of the Patient Protection Act”, I quickly scan the list and hope that my state is not there. I am frequently disappointed, though I want to give a big shout out to Arizona for having occasionally made us look, by comparison, normal.

    • That was very cool. I particularly like the emphasis on shopping online — shades of Amazon! And the safety feature that ensures all the transactions are approved by Dad. The electronic correspondence module is spot on, other than the lack of a keyboard and the use of a stylus. Perhaps the assumption at the time was that typing was still the confined to (female) secretaries.

      • You have to wonder if the makers of such films were unaware of being “stuck” in their own era (despite trying to make a future-looking piece)… or… perhaps it may have been too controversial to tackle societal roles in a piece like this.

        Hard to say, but it sure does stick out like a sore thumb.

  15. The whole problem with a free market economy based on capitalism is that nothing is free. Everything is for sale, everything has a price. The Founding Fathers set things up so America would eventually be for sale.

    We fought it for over 200 years but hey…America is what business says. Been that way for 200+ years. Unless you aren’t a rich business person.

  16. Strange idea. Republicanism is similar to AIDS. The main difference is society hasn’t realized a cure for Republicanism is something the world needs.

  17. Pre-race Report for Indycar Ladies in Racing!

    Mixed news today. Danica is on the front row at Iowa! She missed getting the pole by less than .04 second. Takuma Sato took pole, the first ever for an Asian driver in Indycar. Ana Beatriz is starting 18th.

    Now the not so good news. Simona de Silvestro is not cleared to drive tonight after it was discovered she is suffering from post-concussion syndrome from hitting the wall last week in qualifying at Milwaukee. Turns out that is really why she only did 11 laps, and not the car’s condition. She also had six stitches in her left knee, and is still hindered from her burned hands from Indy. She kept her condition secret hoping she would be better by this race, but she had to admit to the doctors she was skipping her workouts because sudden movements made her dizzy. She will have to satisfy the Indycar series doctors that she is recovered to compete in Toronto in two weeks.

    • Concussions are serious bad news. She could be out for the season, or she could be good to go tomorrow, or her racing days may be over. I hope she takes good care of herself, the head is not to be played with (physically speaking, of course).

  18. Okay, this is hilarious. As a lifelong New Yorker, I know people like this. (Not these particular people, but people like them.) Warning: Not only is it NSFW, but they say “fuck” a lot. 🙂
    My favorite was the “Wacko Jacko” guy.

      • Jane is feeling better. She still has a bit of pain in her lower back, but she’s almost completely over the Lyme Disease. She just can;t sit at her computer for too long or it hurts more.

        As for the way New Yorkers speak, not all of us, but some do. Yes, they’ll drop the “f-bomb” even when talking to a priest. It’s just another word in our vocabulary. The classier ones know when not to use it.

        As for the accents, that’s more New York City than New York State. I was once told I had a “cute little upstate New York accent,” which you may have heard in some of my videos on my blog. But since I grew up about sixty miles north of “The City,” I never considered myself “upstate.” To me, “upstate” was around the Albany area and up. But to anyone in NYC or Long Island, “upstate” is anything north of The Bronx.

        • I’m glad she’s feeling better, Wayne. Maybe the back pain is a separate issue from the Lyme?

          I love accents, except for the nasaly Lindsey Graham type of accent. That grates on my nerves.

          So your “upstate” accent is a bit toned down from those in the video. Being from the west, I always I thought I had zero accent (as in boring), but when I lived in Louisiana for five years, they loved my “California accent.” Weird.

          • I could comfortably speak that way if I wanted to, especially for comic effect (the way Jon Stewart does sometimes, though he’s from New Jersey originally.) I don’t go all Brooklyn and say “Toidy-toid street”, but when I talk excitedly, I start sounding closer to the folks in the video.

  19. Good evening.

    Our barbeque was a big hit. 64 kids and 40 parents who mostly brought their own food including a couple steaks for your humble hosts/organizers. We went through 80 burgers, 76 dogs, around 100 drummies, a few gallons of coleslaw and various donated chips and snacks. We realized at the last minute that no one had thought of paper plates so we had to keep everything “simmering” while one of the parents made a quick trip to the store but, aside from that, everything went without a hitch and we even managed to get everything done at the same time so everyone could eat together (always the biggest trick for a large production without a commercial kitchen). After the final tally; no one was left wanting, we had almost no leftovers, and we ended up with about $40.00 in the pool for the next one.

    Now the bad news. I was munching popcorn while getting the grills going and cracked a fuckin’ tooth. The only thing that kept the agony at bay was the “special punch” one of the parents brought for the cooks. I’m not sure just how much booze was in it but I think it would make a pretty good paint remover/brush cleaner. Now that it’s wearing off I don’t know if beer and naproxin will be strong enough so I might be making a visit to urgent care in search of a pain killer that will get me through until I can find a dentist. Despite the fellowship and good cheer I’m feeling pretty stupid and miserable so I’m going to lie down with an ice pack and see if I can get through the pain.

    • Nice work on the neighborhood picnic, pete!

      I’m so sorry about the tooth. I know that hurts like a sumbitch. You might be able to get some clove oil for the pain, barring heavy-duty pain-killers.


      • As they often say in Congress, “I’d like to associate myself with the Gentlelady’s remarks.”

        Glad the cookout went well, but I, too, am sorry to hear about your tooth. Lucky for me, whenever I’ve had a broken tooth, it was dead already, so I had no pain. It was just difficult to eat. Sorry I can;t suggest anything for the pain, but I do hope you feel better soon.

        • That’s just the sort of thing that will make a difference in this country.

          Not emergency dental work, but communities coming together to help the kids (or whoever needs help). The people need to work together, because lord knows the government is hopelessly broken.

          pete, unless they can pull the remainder of the tooth, you’re probably in for a root canal & crown. Personally, I’d rather have the root canal & crown, but I’m not dentist-phobic. Go for the gold, cuz porcelain sucks. I have two gold crowns and one porcelain (which is cracked), and I’ve never had a single problem with the gold.

        • Broken teeth. When I was a kid, I had a broken tooth ( a front one, courtesy of a hockey stick). I was home from school with some crud, not looking forward to seeing the dentist. Not much was on tv back in those days, but one channel was broadcasting an Oral Roberts thingee (I thought “Oral” might mean something). I watched it for awhile and he was healing people who had any number of maladies. All you had to do was pray to god and believe, etc. Oral. Tooth. Dentist. I thought if a prayer would work I should try it. I did, nothing happened.

          Does god ever fix teeth? I should ask Batshit. She’ll know.

          • God sends you the money to get your teeth fixed — it’s called “savings.” 😉

            I know, because my two gold crown root canals were done while I had no dental insurance. That put a dent in the savings account!

  20. Zooey, are you sure you aren’t a spokesperson for Goldline? 😉

    PS: I hope you are over our traumatic breakup. 😉

  21. Pete, congratulations on your successful barbeque! Sorry to hear about your tooth. Tooth pain and back pain are the worst!

  22. Habib’s ice cream truck just drove by playing….OMFG….Christmas songs. It’s bad enough to hear “Silent Night” in early November, but in June. I should have a talk with Habib.

  23. I can safely say with honesty that I’ve never sat in my underwear all day long surfing the web, drinking Red Bull and eating Cheetos.

    You have to be on drugs to do that? Oh.

  24. It sucks being depressed and than trying to help your 22 yr old nephew get through a tough time, worrying about him and I worry about him a lot, makes me more depressed. ;(

  25. “I’m glad it’s not a huge change. I really hate it when WP makes big changes without giving us any notice — like always.”


    • I’ve never attacked a fellow human being but Prosser is on the very short list of people who would not escape a trip with me in an elevator unscathed. I sincerely hope that his victim presses charges and the case is heard by a woman judge and several female jurors. I’m pretty sure that assaulting a judge is a felony so he could serve some “hard time”.

      I also wonder how the female county clerk who secured his electoral victory with the “lost then found” ballots is feeling about her role in this travesty. I know that wingnuts usually lack a conscience but, deep down, it must be chafing her.

  26. Thanks, gang. I’ll live.

    My kitty knows I’m hurting so she’s being a pest and trying to crawl inside my shirt. She thinks she’s helping. Between the beer, the naproxin, the Oragel, and the ice pack it’s a dull throb rather than the intense, JUST FUCKING KILL ME!!!, agony it was before. I had a shot of peppermint schnaps left and that helped too. Since the liquor store is open for another hour and a half I think I’ll restock. If that doesn’t knock me out? I guess it’s time to take a bus to the emergency room.

    As a distraction I’m watching a gawdawful horror movie, called Night Feeders, on Hulu. The one guy has cocked his shotgun 7 times and has yet to fire a shot. I do love my gawdawful movies.

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