Sunday Roast: Hey, have you heard the news…?

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In an action that brings this country one step closer to equal rights for all citizens, the New York state Senate passed their marriage equality bill Friday night, 33-29. Celebrations abound!

Oh look…the sun came up this morning, plagues of locusts nowhere to be seen (at least in my neighborhood), and I haven’t been forced to get “gay married.”  Maybe tomorrow…

Congratulations, New York!  We’re proud of you!

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114 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Hey, have you heard the news…?

  1. A week or two ago, RFK Jr. appeared on the Tavis Smiley show. I woke up, this morning (middle of the night, actually), with that thought on my mind for some reason or other. Couldn’t recall seeing the URL posted here, though I may well have missed it. In any case, it’s a poignant and stunning interview/discussion that’s well worth watching. At roughly 25 mins, it seems short, in fact. I heartily recommend it.

    2:30 AM, MDT. Hmmm. Think I’ll try a nap.

  2. I wish I could say I helped get the Marriage Equality Act passed, but my State Senator (Greg Ball, you may have seen his self-promoting appearances on MSNBC and other news programming) voted against it. He tried to paint himself as being “on the fence”, but when I spoke with him personally some weeks before the vote was taken, he told me that he opposed gay marriage. He claimed that he was concerned about religious exceptions not being in the bill. (These were added later in an amendment passed hours before the final vote was taken.) I told him that I agreed that religious groups should not have to participate in same-sex marriages if it violated their religious beliefs. Despite passage of the amendment that granted religious groups the exceptions they wanted, Ball claimed that “it didn’t go far enough.” I can’t, for the life of me, understand that. The amendment specifically says they don’t have to do it if they don’t want to, and they can’t be sued for refusing to participate in , or accommodate on their premises, any same-sex marriage. What more was Ball looking for in the bill? Perhaps I can ask him the next time I see him. He lives less than five miles from my house, and I drive by it on the way to work each morning. Before he was elected to the State Senate, he was my Assemblyman who gained notoriety for standing up in the Assembly chamber and decrying it as “the most dysfunctional state legislature” in the country. Well, no wonder. With right-wingers bargaining in bad faith, it;s a surprise anything gets down in Albany.

    But we got this done, and I am so proud to be a New Yorker. I truly hope that as the third most populous state in the country, New York’s embrace of Marriage Equality will encourage other states to pass similar laws (religious exceptions and all.) Remember the “Full Faith and Credit” clause of the US Constitution. Every state must respect the public acts and records of every other state. That means that if you are married in one state and you move to another, you don’t have to get re-married in order for your new state to recognize your marriage. Same thing goes for driver’s licenses. You don’t have to get a new one just because you moved to another state. (You do when it expires, but you would have had to do that in your old state.) As more and more gay people are allowed to marry, with all the rights and privileges straight couples have, more and more people will see that they are no different just because they are gay. There was a radio commercial I used to hear that said (paraphrased), “You know what’s wrong with same-sex relationships? The same things that are wrong in straight relationships.” (This was in the days when the Marriage Equality Act failed miserably. but we kept trying.)

    I found an interesting video compilation of some of the remarks made in the NYS Assembly before they passed the vote. There are at least three openly gay members speaking in this video, including our state’s first one (Deborah Glick), who was elected 21 years ago.

    • Interesting… one of the big complaints against gays is promiscuity. Even though marriage doesn’t guarantee fidelity, it does lessen promiscuity as it encourages a commitment to one partner.

  3. Addendum: My own Assemblyman Steve Katz was, sadly, a “No” vote.

    I know I am going to have to work hard to get this guy defeated next election, because he also introduced a bill in our Assembly to defund Planned parenthood in NYS. Relax, our Speaker Sheldon Silver will never let such a vote come to the floor, so it will never happen in our state. But just the thought of him dreaming of making it happen disqualifies him in my book.

    A quick word about NYS politics. There are three people who matter in the passage of any bill: The Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly, and the Senate Majority Leader. If those three people, no matter who they are at the time, do not agree that something should get a vote, it will not get a vote. Period. For that reason, I sincerely and publicly applaud Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R) for even allowing the marriage Equality Act to come to a vote knowing fully well that it might actually pass. (He could have stopped it.) He voted against it, but he urged his fellow Republicans to vote their consciences. You won’t see that kind of political leadership in Congressional Republicans today. Generally speaking, New York State’s Republicans have usually been the moderate kind (from the Governor to the State Legislature to the Members of Congress.) There are some extremists (like Greg Ball and Steve Katz; aren’t I lucky to be “represented” by them?), but they usually win elections by misleading people about where they really stand on the issues. I am going to try to become more active (usually through LTEs) in our local politics to help get rid of jerks like them. I can’t run for office myself. (Too many skeletons.)

  4. Quick note to EV: the European Grand Prix is tape delayed for me today, so I won’t know how it turns out until almost 8pm your time, so if Webber does something spectacular, try to hold your enthusiasm until I get to watch it. 😀

  5. Good morning!
    I don’t understand the perceived need for a “religious exemption” in the gay marriage bill. As far as I know, no church or religious leader is required to marry any couple who asks now. They can refuse because you don’t attend their church, don’t seem committed, or just because they don’t feel led by God to do so.

    • I was kind of wondering the same myself.

      Even in the hetero world, does a Rabbi have to marry a Baptist? A Baptist has to marry a Muslim (wouldn’t that be fun to see).

      But what this does prove (to me anyway) is that the secular world is fine. It’s just the religious nuts that require special handling. And that speaks volumes.

    • Look at it this way. If the ‘religious exemption’ was all that was needed to pass marriage equality in most states, we wouldn’t have much of a problem, would we? It’s not like the law gave up anything that didn’t already exist. However, the Reich wingers believe that equality gives LGBT people ‘special rights’ that supercedes others’ rights, somehow, so they need reassurance.

    • The religious exception laws are written to protect the religious group from lawsuits because of a refusal to allow a gay couple to either be married in their facilities, or participate in “family day” activities, or even rent our their facilities. True, such things would normally (by us) be considered as “non-equal treatment”, but they wanted to make sure no couple could sue them (the religious group) for not breaking with their religious beliefs.

      I wouldn’t mind such “dedication” to religious principles if they were equally applied to all the other laws in Leviticus. But it seems like they want to concentrate on gay people only, and ignore the farmers who plant two different crops in one field, or the people who work on the Sabbath, or the women who wear dresses made from two different cloths, all of which are capital offenses, too (according to their religious beliefs.)

        • Is that one a capital offense? Or is it simply frowned upon?

          I’m unsure where I read it (possibly in Jonathan Haidt’s “Why People Vote Republican”), but it was said that ancient Jewish Law proscribed things that were divided into “That Which Disgusts Me” and “That Which Disgusts Me Less”. So they didn’t insist on the death penalty for everything, but I think they used banishment as a penalty.

  6. Several years ago my hyper-Republican cousin ranted on about gay marriage, what a terrible thing it was, the standard malarkey. I told him I supported it because it was an equality before the law issue. He, of course, then used the BillO comeback and asked me if I was also in favor of someone officially marrying, say, a horse or a cow. I said that so long as they could get the animal to legibly sign the proper document during the license application process, sure, no problem. He gave me a goofy look and shook his head. Finally I said, “What difference can it possibly make to you who someone else chooses to marry? Homosexuality is obviously an inborn trait, very possibly a chromosomal mandate, so …” Then came the expected ‘yeah but’ which I interrupted by adding, “If the intent of the law was to mandate same sex marriage for everyone, I’d fight it tooth and nail. It doesn’t, so what’s the problem?” He hasn’t mentioned the matter since, though not, I’m sure, because I changed his mind. Some /minds’ just aren’t available for changing.

  7. I just watched (online) local news from Clearwater, Fl. In one story residents were told there was no help available to combat coyotes that are killing pets in their area and another story where a woman was told to remove her artificial grass by the Neighborhood Association because it did not meet the standard of being “live”.

    Florida republiscums certainly have the wrong priorities, just like republiscums in other states.

  8. Marriages are happy occasions, ergo they have always been gay. But would it be an oxymoron to have a gay divorce?

    The next big battle will be over polygamy. Eventually, it too will be legalized, for much the same reasons. The fears about legalizing pedophilia and beastiality are unfounded, as they do not involve consenting adults. But once you accept the truth that it is possible to love more than one person at the same time, you realize that laws against polygamy have no rational basis.

    • Not only are they irrational, but Christians who are horrified by polygyny should spend some time with the OT. No digging required, just find the parts about King David and his harem of wives and concubines. He made Joseph Smith look like a piker.

      I have no problem at all with various forms of polygamy, but only among actual adults. The trading and rape of children, along with the abandonment of competing male children is an abomination.

      Even “adult” can be suspect in closed societies, where the women have been raised to submission all their lives. Then again, we manage to do that in our “open” society, so perhaps the point is moot.

  9. “Citizens United” against Solar power — that would seem to be the corporate ‘citizens’ named Big Oil and Big Coal working with Congressional Republicans and Baggers who will do anything to keep those corp. contribs coming. Halting alternative energy options is apparently becoming ever higher on the save-the-carbon-industry’s list of priorities.

    WASHINGTON – Congress is threatening to turn off power to the solar-energy industry, sending companies scrambling to save federal programs that have helped finance the creation of a massive solar plant in Gila Bend and other projects throughout the nation.

    A conservative House bent on slashing federal spending and philosophically opposed to subsidizing solar power and clean energy is trying to reduce or eliminate federal programs that offer grants and loans to the solar industry.

    And the potential for a national clean-energy standard, advocated by President Barack Obama, that could boost the use of solar power also is fading in a Congress that takes a dim view of government mandates about what kind of energy Americans should use.

    On the endangered list is a U.S. Treasury grant program, set to expire in December, that solar companies say has kept them alive through the economic downturn.


    Read more:

    • Those who haven’t barfed yet today might want to log onto the site and read the comments. My only hope is that AZ indeed does, as its politics suggest, define Amurka’s ignorance baseline. I mean, if the rest of the country is as dumb (or, heaven forbid, dumber), follow Dante’s advice and “abandon hope all ye who enter here”!

      Here’s an example … comment plus rebuttal:

      Jun-26 @ 1:20 AM

      oil receive trillions of dollars per year in subsidies when land use and damages caused are accounted for.

      Jun-26 @ 4:13 AM

      Really Jojo? What subsidies are they receiving? Please inform me because the answer is NONE. The oil companies pay more taxes than most companies do. Do some research before spewing your left-wing rhetoric.

      On the other hand the built-to-fail solar industry has been propped up by government subsidies (that’s money from hard-working tax-payers like me and presumably you) since it’s inception. Without subsidies the industry wouldn’t exist. Why? Because the return on investment flat SUCKS. After all of these years they haven’t been able to innovate because Uncle Sam has been happy to support their over-priced products. They haven’t been forced to innovate like other industries have. They haven’t been forced to lower their costs and improve their products.

      I say let them fail! Either make a product that people are willing to pay for or go out of business.

      Makes me wonder how much of our hard-earned tax money the gubmint spends as a subsidy to just keep the sun lit. And for no good reason. Neither.

      • I read a few, and many were talking about how we can’t afford it, and how horrible our debt has become…

        We were running surpluses when Bush took office and cut taxes. We’d be almost debt-free by now had he not cut taxes, and started an unnecessary war.

    • The really “funny” part is that these are the same people who want to “drill, baby, drill” to reduce our dependence on imported oil. The oil companies have plenty of leases and will drill new wells, or bring capped wells into production, when they can make the most profit from said wells. The poor things don’t seem to realize that or the simple fact that the two things that will do the most to reduce our consumption of foreign oil are investments in green energy and mass transit.

  10. thanks for that New Yorker link, Cats.

    The disingenuity of the Pentagon and State Department apparatchiks is as impressive as ever ”
    ” We take abuses very seriously, look it says so in employee manuals and mission statements that we only ever read out aloud to reporters who point out abuses to us so if its on a power-point slide/press release then obviously we are doing everything humanly possible to prevent such abuses by which we mean a human produced a PDF that says abuses are bad, so….buh-bye!”

  11. My daughter was going to go to the gay pride parade in Chicago to support her myriad of gay friends but those boys chickened out as they were afraid their parents would find out. How sad. I live in a totally Republican area and even I find it shocking how many of the high school boys are admittedly gay. There may be as many homosexual females but since they are probably not as interested in musical theater Taylor doesn’t know many of them. And to get to my point, much as the Republicans have alienated blacks and Hispanics they are now in the process of alienating the next generation of those that you would expect to become young Republicans. I suspect between the bible thumpers and the teabaggers flocks of these wealthy youngsters will be arguing with their parents over their allegiance to a party that treats them as pariahs. And I can’t wait.

    • Shayne, the gay boys chickened out? They must not be out to their parents.

      I’m always amazed that any child has to “come out” to their parents. How can parents not know who their children are, after raising them for the child’s entire life? Denial is a powerful force.

      • Some of them have come out but most only recently. And their parents claim to be accepting but I think some of them are in denial or don’t really understand what that means. It’s very interesting being. It seems like the families who have all boys have more trouble relating. Families with daughters already feel like their girls are vulnerable but it seems for the first time some of these mothers of boys are just understanding that.

      • My niece and her husband had two sons. The oldest, now thirty, knew he was gay about the time his hormones kicked in, maybe before. He just got his masters in international trade from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix.

        His younger brother was ‘normal’, a HS football star, a big game hunter, a well-armed gun advocate who went to gun-smithing school in a local community college after his HS graduation. He also found religion at about the same time and became a zealot of sorts which lasted until late December 2008 when he shot and killed his boss (a Catholic — not a “Christian”) and then, later the same day having been wounded in a firefight with a local Sheriff’s deputy, aimed his 9mm Glock at his head and ended it all.

        The hard-to-learn lesson: it wasn’t the gay son who practically destroyed the family.

        • There are so many worse things than being homosexual. My niece who had always been an exceptional student ended up a heroine addict while my sister was paying for her college without assistance from the father. It’s been 8 years and the girl is still mentally unstable and seems borderline schizophrenic. Often time that causes the self medicating that is addiction. I’m sure my sister would be happier if her kid was a happily married lesbian.

      • One of the bravest people I’ve ever known was a young man who came out in high school, a few years after I’d graduated. He wasn’t just “out”, he was OUT, no question at all that he was gay. He even planned on becoming a hairdresser. This was in Modesto, about 1970-72, at the same high school I attended, which was packed to the rafters with shit-kickers.

        He told me that he rarely got picked on, perhaps because he was unmockable. “Faggot!” “Well, yeah., and so?”

  12. By the way, all you liberal elites with your gay agenda and what-not…..who wants to see a bunch of women kicking a lot of balls?

    It’s the Women’s World Cup! .

    The women’s World Cup kicks off on Sunday in Germany with the host nation facing Canada in the late kick-off and Nigeria taking on France in the afternoon. The tournament certainly seems to have the captured the imagination here – Germany’s opening game is a 73,000 sell out, Google’s doodle (here in Germany at least) celebrates the start of the Frauen-Weltmeisterschaft, while today’s papers give the tournament plenty of prominence

    The expectation is that no one will stop Germany from making it three in a row, but Canada and France will both stretch Silvia Neid’s side in Group A. The USA and Brazil are expected to win Groups C and D, while England should battle Japan for top spot in Group B

    —The Guardian/

    • It’ll be a good standard of play too. Though the Germans are the world’s best and on home turf, they are a beatable team.

    • Indeed. And given that he’s all-knowing, he knew how they’d turn out and he created them anyway. Either he’s not all-knowing or he’s sadistic. Either way, not a god I care to worship (under penalty of eternal damnation).

  13. Here’s something Michele Bachmann supports—try not to vomit with disgust. .

    Rennie Gibbs is accused of murder, but the crime she is alleged to have committed does not sound like an ordinary killing. Yet she faces life in prison in Mississippi over the death of her unborn child.

    Gibbs became pregnant aged 15, but lost the baby in December 2006 in a stillbirth when she was 36 weeks into the pregnancy. When prosecutors discovered that she had a cocaine habit – though there is no evidence that drug abuse had anything to do with the baby’s death – they charged her with the “depraved-heart murder” of her child, which carries a mandatory life sentence.

    Bei Bei Shuai, 34, has spent the past three months in a prison cell in Indianapolis charged with murdering her baby. On 23 December she tried to commit suicide by taking rat poison after her boyfriend abandoned her.

    Shuai was rushed to hospital and survived, but she was 33 weeks pregnant and her baby, to whom she gave birth a week after the suicide attempt and whom she called Angel, died after four days. In March Shuai was charged with murder and attempted foeticide and she has been in custody since without the offer of bail.

    Amanda Kimbrough is one of the women who have been ensnared as a result of the law being applied in a wholly different way. During her pregnancy her foetus was diagnosed with possible Down’s syndrome and doctors suggested she consider a termination, which Kimbrough declined as she is not in favour of abortion.

    The baby was delivered by caesarean section prematurely in April 2008 and died 19 minutes after birth.

    Six months later Kimbrough was arrested at home and charged with “chemical endangerment” of her unborn child on the grounds that she had taken drugs during the pregnancy – a claim she has denied.

    “That shocked me, it really did,” Kimbrough said. “I had lost a child, that was enough.”

    • Wow we are one totally backwards country. In England and I don’t know what other countries if a mother harms her child within one year of giving birth it is assumed she is suffering from post partum depression and charges are assessed accordingly. And psychiatrist say that a lot of the symptoms of post partum depression/psychosis begin even before the baby is delivered. But here we’re going to assume that anything a woman does during a pregnancy is for the intended purpose of destroying a fetus and that should be a crime.

    • I’ve been saying for some time now that once you define life as beginning at conception, you will see women who have miscarriages charged wih involuntary manslaughter.

      These incidents bear me out.

    • Unwarranted and vindictive hatred has found a new home here in America. I have an idea for the title of an upcoming historical text: The Rise and Fall of the Fourth Reich.

      Catchy, no?

      • Hasn’t that bit of history already been written about?…Oh wait, never mind. History repeating itself. The names and places may change but the vindictive hatred is still the same

    • On the street where I had lived for about 30 years there were 14 instances of miscarriages. One woman had 4 (mass murderer?). A miscarriage is a horrid emotional experience and now the government wants to step in and convict her of homicide? What about the male who could have forced the miscarriage through defective sperm because of drug or alcohol use?

  14. Frugal, thank you for posting the Smiley/RFK Jr interview. I saw it two weeks ago and loved it! I wanted to post it here but it wasn’t online yet. Very interesting interview where RFK Jr, speaks power to truth about mountain top mining removal, the death of investigative journalism, the corporate take over of local, State and Federal government, the death of the Fairness Doctrine among other issues, This is a must see interview by all!

    • Couldn’t agree more, IP. My favorite lines were when he was talking about the death of Democracy. He said (approximately), “When the government takes over business, that’s Communism. When business takes over the government, that’s Fascism.”

      I figured it was his way of noting that current trends in America are, indeed, fascistic, and that they have far more to do with Citizens United than with our ‘Marxist-fascist-commie-Nazi-Muslim president.’

      Few of the nation’s ignoranti will get it, but he surely did say it well.

      Overall, that was one of the best 24 minutes of TV I can ever remember. I’ve long admired RFK Jr., and having now seen the Tavis interview I can say, with assurance, that today I admire him more than ever. Imagine it: a principled man in this world. Hard to believe after following the emergence of the GOP presidential field. Talk about contrast! It’s like the difference between a once pristine WV Appalachian mountain complete with streams and forests, and the 500 Appalachian mountains (and their attendant streams and rivers) that have been destroyed in pursuit of nothing other than greed and power.

      I hope everyone who can spare 24 minutes watches the interview.

      • Another interesting point he touched on and was trying to draw similarities was when he spoke of the Nazi party and how in 1921 they only had a 1% approval rating among the German people and how it all changed once they started hooking up with corporations like Messerschmidt, chemical companies and the media.

        So you have a party that whores itself out to corporate/military interests and their money and then take control of the media to push their corporate/militaristic/fascist agenda…hmmm this strategy sounds awfully familiar to me. 😉

          • It all is frighteningly familiar, isn’t it. All of a sudden. And to think it was 1962 when I first read Wm. Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the THIRD Reich. (emphasis added)

            I was also encouraged by his description of the Solar generating facility he mentioned, currently under construction in the Mojave Desert. Then, hours later, I ran across the article I excerpted above, from, the one that explains how Congress wants to cut funding for solar development because, as the article says, “Congress that takes a dim view of government mandates about what kind of energy Americans should use.” Which is bullshit, of course. Congress is owned in I’m sure large part by the carbon fuel industry, and the implicit threat that campaign funding will be pulled ‘unless you vote and act as we tell you to vote and act’ explains the whole shebang.

            And it’s only going to get worse.

            • Not until the subsidizes are cut off, to oil companies, will there be any substantive movement toward alternative energies (solar, wind, etc.).

              There needs to be a ‘magnate’ industry to bring the coal miners up from the bowels of the earth. Educate them in the alternative energies.

              Earning a living in the dirty mines doesn’t allow them to see the destruction to surroundings and eventually the depletion of coal and their livelihood. If they’re not seeing the current destruction (fracking; mountain top removal, etc) it will be too late for the earth.
              Then the wondering ‘what happened’ to the mountain, rivers, food sources…

  15. “Well, I think that would be insulting to say something like that because I’m a serious person,” Bachmann replied.

    Seriously deranged that’s for certain.

    • I would hope that every woman, whether a plaintiff a defendant or attorney, who this jerk has ruled against is preparing an appeal and/or petition to have his decisions vacated. If it were only a single reported instance I would be more inclined to give him the benefit of a doubt but I find it hard to imagine two judges making up such similar stories about separate incidents. Assuming that this new allegation is true; I really hope this creep ends up with a stiff prison sentence. Intimidating, much less assaulting, a judge is a deadly serious offense.

  16. Please see Senator Bernie Sanders’ petition to President Obama asking for “shared sacrifice.” I intend to add that way more than 50% should fall on the wealthy and on corporations, since they sacrificed way less all these years than we have.

    I signed it with this message added:

    I would add, President Obama, that since the wealthy, the banks on Wall Street, and the large corporations haven’t really sacrificed very much at all during this crisis, that they bear an even greater share of the burden. We in the middle class have already sacrificed. What have they sacrificed? Have they had to give up anything? We gave Wall Street billions of dollars and they gave it all to themselves. We’ve had enough of the wealthy and greedy asking for more and more.

    Tell the Republicans to stick it where the sun don’t shine, and call them out publicly on their support for those who do not need any help and their rejection of those of us who do need it.

    Mr. President, it’s time to stop acting like the Republicans give a damn about average Americans, or that their ideas have any worth. They do not. If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you know that they will not negotiate in good faith. You could give them 99% of everything they want, and they’ll still block you over that last 1%. Please show us whose side you’re really on.

    Thank you.


    • The problem, as I see it, with the Quiverfull Movement is that it is not a proper practicing of religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Females have no choice in the matter, so to claim they are “freely” practicing their religious beliefs is, at the very least, disingenuous. At the most it’s a goddamned lie.

      And since the women are NOT allowed to practice the Religion of their choice, their First Amendment rights are being violated by their husbands. I’m an atheist and I’ll support the women who want to escape this lifestyle.

      • What would a woman in that group do with Constitutional protections? She’s too busy obeying her man and pushing out babies, like some stupid book says she ought to be doing.

        Her church will decide what rights she needs and when.

    • It’s almost enough to make one think social Darwinism is a good idea. All too often it seems like those who appear to make the least desirable parents do little but breed.

  17. Thank goodness my female cat, Synnie, was brave enough to confront a critter that entered my house. The kitchen door and the front door were both open and instead of a screen door, I have curtain screens. I heard a critter munching on the dry cat food and I assumed it was one of the cats. Then I heard Synnie growling and I heard some strange hissing sound. When I looked over at the cat food, there was a big raccoon. It wandered into the house and Synnie was confronting it. What a brave girl. Good thing the cats are up-to-date with their rabies shots. The raccoon scares the bejeebus out of me.

    • Just one raccoon? We’ve had raccoons come in the kitchen to eat from the crunchy dish. We’ve had possums, too. (A baby one once got himself trapped inside the house for two days until I was able to shoo him out with a hockey-stick type maneuver.) We’ve even had skunks in our kitchen eating food. The bigger ones just run away when we approach, but one young one used to stamp his feet and chirp at us. It was so cute. We called him :”Stampy.” Just don’t make threatening moves and he won’t throw his scent at you with his tail (which is how they spray you.)

      • WAS,
        When a skunk stomps its hind legs, it is trying to warn of an impending “perfume” application. You were fortunate in that the youngster was a babe from the woods.

        • He was stamping his front paws at us. I just laughed at his face. He was soooo cute! I only came close to getting sprayed once, and that was because I surprised an older skunk who didn’t hear me come up from behind him. But I closed the door in time to avoid getting the spray on me.

      • The first time I ever saw a live skunk, was just a few years ago. It was the most bizarre sight!

        I was driving home at about dusk and saw this oddly shaped thing slowly crossing the road ahead of me. When I got closer, I realized it was a skunk — that was crossing the road on its front paws only. It was walking on its hands, with its tail high in the air. Weird!!

        • Zooey,
          Up in NY, we had a mother skunk who would walk her brood by the window outside the kids entertainment room every day all winter at dusk.. Our backyard was woods to within 12 feet of the house,. Mowing was a snap.

    • I think the most maddening (no pun intended) thing is that they probably expend more energy remaining ignorant than the rest of us expend learning. It takes a lot of effort to isolate oneself from objective reality but they manage it. That’s why I generally think that they are stupid and/or insane rather than merely ignorant. Ignorance is easy to cure but religious programming is, all too often, chronic and terminal.

      Alas, it also goes hand in hand with right-wing ideology and authoritarianism. Once they get a damn-fool idea in their heads? Jesus Himself could return and tell them how wrong they are and they would, most likely, nail Him to a fresh cross.

    • Is that a trick question? 😉

      From what I’ve read, there are a lot of similarities between parts of the Old Testament and Sharia Law in regard to violence and punishments for crime.

      Is still believe some of this Sharia Law hype and Muslim fears are being manufactured and stoked behind the scenes by the Vatican (Islam’s mortal enemy) and perhaps by the banking cartel only because Sharia Law forbids the use of usury. And the religious right/republicans are only too happy to assist them.

  18. Heh. I put in an application Friday at a company that started an ad in the newspaper today. That never happens.

  19. So I spent 3 hours at one of my old friends and former guitarist in my old band, who as I may have mentioned once before also happens to be one of the dumbest republicans I have ever met.

    He is computer illiterate, but apparently knows how to watch porn on his computer. Yes, that’s right. I was adding anti-virus to his computer and scanned it and…bingo, porn site after porn site went through the scanning process….I asked him….Damn Ken, as a Christian should you be watching pornography (I know…I’m such an ass) later I actually had him watch the Tavis Smiley/Robert Kennedy Jr interview….he was a bit intrigued but as a republican he isn’t into facts that don’t fit the republican script.

    Anyway….as I said he is one of the dumbest republicans I’ve ever met….He had no idea that we had two Roosevelt’s as presidents, so I had to go through a little history about each of them and how each of them did some very great things for this country that benefited we the people….He didn’t know about Theodore Roosevelt….*shaking head*

    • He didn’t know about Theodore Roosevelt…

      ohhh, Palin will finish giving that lecture next year.
      (I’m stunned this fellow wasn’t aware of both Roosevelt’s)

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