Love That Socialism

This will be brief.

Last week, my mother-in-law broke her hip.  She had to spend some time in the hospital and after three days, she would be moved to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation.  When presenting the list of facilities, the case manager asked this question, “Does she have regular government Medicare?”  The answer was, “Yes”.  We were then informed that all the facilities accepted Medicare and that only a few accepted Medicare Advantage (private insurance) and even then, there needed to be a pre-approval by the insurer before the patient can enter the treatment facility.

Medicare Advantage was created for the benefit of the insurance companies.  Sarah Palin was confused when she said that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would create death panels.  These death panels have been in place since 1997 with the creation of Medicare Advantage.

If my mother-in-law wasn’t enrolled in the socialist program known as Medicare, she would not be getting the care that she needs to “get back on her feet” again.

Score 1 for socialism and 0 for privatization.

13 thoughts on “Love That Socialism

  1. Funny how the lying liars on the right continually get away with calling the GM bailout or the health care reform bill as giant steps towards socialism and the stupid Americans on the right fall for this bullshit hook, line and sinker, because they are…ignorant.

    If Obama had failed to bailout GM, hundreds of thousands of workers around the country with jobs connected to the auto industry would be unemployed, which would have made our economy worse.

    It would have been irresponsible for any sitting president to just allow the largest manufacturing plant in the country, GM, close it’s doors. Not only because of all the jobs that would be lost, but also for national security reasons, if another world war were to break out, the loss of GM plants could hurt.

    • The successful auto bail out plan must be denounced by the repugs — they cannot have anything positive emerge from this administration — they must destroy Obama!

  2. I hope your mother-in-law heals quickly Cats. Medicare did right by my mom as well, Medicare Advantage was a giveaway to insurance companies and suitable for only the healthiest of seniors.

  3. My parents had MEDICARE ADVANTAGE here in So. Cal with Kaiser Permanente. BTW they paid no premium to Kaiser; just their Medicare deductions from their Social Security checks.All they did was sign on to Kaiser as their exclusive provider, when I forced them to move here from CT (btw where they had a “private insurer” back there and then had to pay $350/month for the “medigap”. That was 4 years ago.

    Kaiser is socialized medicine, wherether the right wing assholes like it or not.

  4. Cats,
    I have been telling people this for years in the Chicago area — I used to work in the medical field and people were entirely misunderstanding the “advantage” plans. They THOUGHT they still had “regular” Medicare, because they didn’t have to surrender their Medicare card! But they had the new “additional” cards too.
    It was so hard to have to sit them down and explain what they unwittingly signed up for — a few people were fully aware, and were content to keep the advantage plans, but most were very unhappy that they had made a poor choice — they just didn’t understand. In this area it was an insurance company gold mine; for the patient it limited their accessibility.
    I just heard of a couple who this year signed up for “advantage” and learned the hard way that they got less than they thought.

    However, my family in CA have medicare “advantage” and are satisfied.

  5. Advantage was great with Kaiser. They (my mother and father) got plenty. I have absolutely no issues with Kaiser Medicare Advantage.

    • Is it possible that Kaiser Permanente in CA is so large, with so broad a base, that it is “socialized” — I know my family in CA has had Permanente for decades with few complaints.
      Just as I know that in this area, advantage has been disastrous for many.

  6. The underlying problem, one that isn’t discussed nearly enough by the corporate-owned-and-operated media, is that we have a for-profit health care system in this country. The right wing corporatists claim that without a profit motive, companies would not be “innovative” and manufacture new products. They falsely believe that everybody is like them: that we are all driven by a motive to make as much money for ourselves as possible. They do not believe in doing something for the greater good; they believe in a “me first” approach to life, and think that everyone thinks that way. This kind of thinking permeates the conservtives among us, and it’s why we still have a for-profit health care system. As far as they are concerned, if you can’t make a boatload of money doing something, it isn’t worth doing at all.

  7. KAISER is very big here in CA and they are in other parts of the country. They are very prevention oriented and patient centric. AND they are NON PROFIT.
    They do right by me. OMG and they are ‘socialized medicine”. 🙂

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