The Watering Hole: June 28, Jackassery

This is by special request of my younger son, nicknamed “butwi”. Being 13 years old (almost, that is one week to go) and male, he is a fan of “Jackass – The Movie” and is really mourning the loss of his hero Ryan Dunn. He is fully aware that Dunn has made a horrible choice when he decided to drive that car under the influence of alcohol and got himself killed in the process as well as another young man, Zachary Hartwell.

Nevertheless. I admit I really enjoy some of the pranks and courage tests the Jackass crew does (I don’t care for the gross ones, though). And, I admit, I haven’t been all that smart when I was younger. Just more lucky:

I remember being on the road coming home from a carnival ball. Someone else was driving the car. It was winter and the driver I had hitched a ride with was way above the legal alcohol limit. He was speeding and when I nervously asked him if the roads were icy, he opened the door put out his foot, let it slide over the road and said: “Yep, icy.” And sped on.

This could have gone horribly wrong, too.

So, son. Test yourself, test your limits, have fun in life. But, seriously, do your best to use your brains first. I love you.

This is our Open Thread. Why don’t you share your pranks and idiocies from your youth, or anything else that’s on your mind. And beware, there may be brand new threads below this one during the day. You’ll miss them if you don’t go look.

156 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: June 28, Jackassery

  1. I have such mixed feelings about this one. I have had friends who have died at the hands of drunk drivers, as well as friends who have been considered legally “drunk” when they did not in anyway appear impaired to us and we sent them “home”. Loss of life is sad anyway you look at it.

    In this case, while I wasn’t a Jackass fan, I love Bam and know the area where Ryan passed fairly well, as I went to school/have family there. I was sad to hear the news, as if I lost a friend or something (and I didn’t even know the guy!) And I pray for peace for the families and loved ones who are left behind …

    I have to go count a barn full of yarn now … peace to you all this day ~

  2. I know a lot of kids liked the show Jackass, and the guys who were on it. I would hope that this accident will be a powerful lesson to them that there are consequences to actions.

      • This is true, although I am like an elephant when I get palatick – I take myself away quietly somewhere to die. Suspect Karen and I are soul-mates – she just didn’t make it in time. I’d have given her some of my clothes and got her back to her room – just so I could get to meet her the day after to get my stuff back 🙂

      • Back in the day when I lived just off Rush Street a bartender friend lived one floor below me. Late one night he was using his key trying to get into what he thought was hi apartment but was mine. She had her key with her, maybe she was just trying to get ice and forgot her room number because she was drunk and/or has mad cow. Anyhoo, who among us hasn’t done stupid stuff when we were young? If the tabloids had been following e I’d be legendary, in my own mind anyway.

        • I, of course, have never done anything stupid, whether young, middle-aged, or old.

          Now: I have a very fine bridge for sale, a bridge that one or another of you might be interested in purchasing for a very good price ……

  3. Palin’s Premiere!!

    It’s the big roll-out for her wonderfully mistitled documentary, “The Undefeated.” Weigel goes all Sunset Boulevard over it:

    “Should we consider Michele Bachmann’s event from yesterday and place this in the continuum of Palin’s New Hampshire visit on the same day of Mitt Romney’s launch there? Should we look at the polling and notice that Palin’s support is now a fraction of Romney’s support in New Hampshire and Bachmann’s in Iowa? There’s something very Norma Desmond about this.”

    “I am big. It’s the primaries that got small!”

  4. Quote for the Day:

    “Like water, however, trash seeks its own level. Sarah’s appearance alongside her no-talent daughter at a Minnesota shopping mall is the clearest indicator yet that the 2008 Republican candidate for vice president of the United States is finally becoming not the national leader she never could have been, but part of our national landfill,” – Joe McGinniss.

    • You know Batshit could be a lot smarter than all us pointy-heads think – this could all be a very carefully crafted anti-intellectual positioning of herself to appeal to the pond life now occupying the middle and Southern staes of this once proud land….

      • Her problem, for anyone with a viable mind, is that at her root she’s a self-announced Christian theocrat. And that renders her intellect to roughly the level of what might be found in a colony of earthworms.

        The problem, really, is that at least thirty percent of the voting public is also intellectually parcel to a colony of earthworms. A country ruled by that mentality in this day and age will not long survive.

    • Michele Bachmann is awesome at handling the lamestream media’s gotcha moments. She is going to be the next President of the United States!

      Uncertain if this is a sarcastic or serious comment under the YouTube video.

    • Apparently her minions have tried to edit JQA’s Wiki page to call him a “Founding Father”. I guess that the new fad is to rewrite history to turn the made up shit candidates peddle into “the truth”.

  5. EV That sounds like a scary moment in your life. I too recall a few times being a passenger in a car with a drunk driver. I knew better but didn’t know better. I was drunk too, and perhaps under the influence of some weed and remember having ‘nervous’ fun, thinking ‘Oh crap, what would my dad say if he saw this!’ Then the little devil on the other shoulder would apply severe peer pressure ‘don’t be a wussy.’ It wasn’t until I was older that I realized, yes, my dad went through peer pressure and all the other shit I went through. If I had thought of that before hand, I may not have gotten into those cars. Thankfully, we made it through those stupid times.

    I also recall driving while clearly too drunk myself. My head spins thinking about it. How lucky one is to avoid accidents in our youth. I must say I am very happy that nowadays drunk driving brings shame and penalties if caught. My father-in-law sometimes gets mad at me for coming over to their place after work and only having two beer – sorry pops bad example – he has had several impaired over his 82 years, the last one being when he was 74.

    • Dycker, that’s exactly what I mean. my name could be one one of the crosses on the roadside. I’m getting sick if I think one of my boys would be doing what I did.

  6. Speaking of stupid stunts… four kayakers went over the 120 ft Bridal Veil Falls here in the Gorge. That would be these falls. The first three managed to get down with just a smashed nose or two, but the fourth moron flipped over and landed on his back, apparently. It took two deputies and a dozen fire fighters an hour to rescue him and send him off to Portland. In the meantime, those deputies were unavailable for an “assault in progress” nearby.

  7. I was pretty awful in my youth, but I don’t think it was as easy to totally ruin your future with a stupid mistake as it is now. Now if you get caught with pot at school, you’re expelled for a year and face legal consequences, in the early 70’s they just called your mom.

  8. From TP:

    Politico has found a rural town clerk in New York “determined to not sign any same-sex marriage licenses.” “Barbara MacEwen, the town clerk in upstate Volney who is responsible for signing marriage licenses in the town, said she’s morally opposed to same-sex weddings and does not intend to affix her signature to any marriage documents for gay or lesbian couples.” The measure signed into law last week does not exempt public officials from recognizing same-sex unions, however. “I don’t know of anybody like that in my town,” MacEwen added. “I’m sure that there might be, but I haven’t heard about anybody.”

    Well…I suppose you think that’s a perfectly well-reasoned argument, Barbie. 🙄

  9. T-Paw rulz!

    PAWLENTY: By contrast, I called for Assad’s departure on March 29; I call for it again today. We should recall our ambassador from Damascus; and I call for that again today.

    Later, in same speech…

    PAWLENTY: To take advantage of this moment, we should press every diplomatic and economic channel to bring the Assad reign of terror to an end.

    Wait. Wut?

    • I think that the GOP field should take it the the Wipe Out course to figure out who will the nominee – I don’t care who you are, that’s some great TV right there

  10. Is anyone else sick of the “librul media” calling the Reichwhiners’ BS “gaffes”? A gaffe is when one unintentionally says something offensive and/or untrue and then says “oops! I didn’t intend to say that”. A lie defended against all reason is not a gaffe, it’s a lie. Lie is a perfectly reasonable word but our “librul media” is afraid to use it.

    • Sean Insanity just washed Bachman’s ‘balls’ for her on her total idiocy over John Wayne Gacy. I liked her comment about who she thought was John Wayne – that he represented ‘sarcificing for America’.

      John Wayne? The chickenhawk, who stayed at home and scarfed up tough guy movie roles while real men like Jimmy Stewart and Tyrone Power enlisted and got shot at? That kind of sacrifice? John Wayne loved to play people who sacrificed but ran a mile from putting his stones on the line.

    • Didn’t Bachman also say that Captain James Tiberius Kirk came from Iowa too and that she captures his gung-ho, break the rules outsider spirit and is a real leader to look up to?

  11. Unfortunately, neither popcorn nor cold beer are an immediate option for me. I did get the broken tooth removed this morning and it’s a big relief but I’m taking some pretty powerful pain killers so beer isn’t a good idea. I had an interesting exchange with the dentist. He prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic as “a precaution”. Well, I don’t have an infection so I asked him if it wouldn’t make more sense to use general disinfectants like salt, peroxide, and even schnaps. He said; “yes, but most people prefer to just take the antibiotics”.

  12. Can Bachmann survive scrutiny:

    “Republican elites have long had to learn not to snicker out loud at some of the religious views of their Christian Right allies. This is probably why they chose to attack Mike Huckabee in 2008 on the basis of his heterodox economic policy sentiments rather than his theocratic leanings. Perhaps, then, they will find another angle to go after Bachmann, such as her occasionally isolationist-sounding foreign policy views. But the bottom line is that Bachmann’s moment in the sun makes her vulnerable to attacks that are being formulated as we speak, and we’ll know soon enough who takes the lead in cutting her down to size, and whether it actually works.”

    • Even the “librul media” lacks the stones to call her out for her dominionist leanings. She’s also amassing a legion of worshipers who will simply rewrite history, like editing John Quincy Adams’ Wiki page to call him a “Founding Father” even though he was only 9 when the Founders signed the Declaration of Independence, rather than allow the truth to contradict their heroine. These people are actively hostile to reality itself and everyone else with a platform is too scared to be labeled as hostile to Christianity.

        • Ooh quick read of JQA’s wiki file reveals this:

          “He took the oath of office on a book of laws, instead of the more traditional Bible, to preserve the separation of church and state”

          Whoah, what kind of godless commie was this dude? Paging St Michelle – wanna take that adulation of this patently hell-dwelling atheist back?

        • I haven’t looked in a few days but the page about Paul Revere had been edited to the point that he sounds like a bigger traitor than Benedict Arnold. Running around warning the British and giving his captors information about arms and movements of troops would have probably resulted in a hanging. But? At least they made it look, for a time, like Bible Spice was right.

          Speaking of Wikipedia: I have generally found them to be pretty accurate about non-political topics but the creeps are really out there. I was reading an article about the evolution of early mammals and someone had put [citation needed] after every mention of the word “evolution”. It’s still a good source to find links to authoritative works but one really has to be careful and follow those links.

          • Yes but only Wikipedia has a chance at keeping up with who Hugh Hefner’s latest plastic barbie doll is…. whoah they are now at least two g/fs behind… come on!

      • The “librul” media would NEVER call a public figure out on their dominionist ways. I hate to say this but Christian politicians seem to get a free pass in this country when it comes to some of their extremist Christian views.

        How come we never hear the media talk about the influx of the KKK, militia groups and the Aryan brotherhood within the American Christian movement, like the Christian Identity Movement, Christian Reconstructionists, the tea party or Dominionists?

        These groups will most likely be the ones to start killing politicians and citizens if the unemployment situation and the economy gets worse in this country and/or the teapublican party fails to take control of the government after the 2012 elections.

    • BTW. No one needs to “attack” Batscat Shelly. All that they need to do is print and broadcast direct quotes. I have a sinking feeling that many will lack the courage to do so and those who would even consider voting for her are immune to mere facts.

  13. Two falcons shot

    These are not our downtown birds but known to us. Another juvenile falcon (from this Oakland area) is missing (and presumed to have met her demise possibly at the end of a gun).

    It should be noted that the area where the injured birds were found is an ‘up scale’ area. (thus this statement):

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would fire a weapon in a neighborhood, not to mention with intent to kill an animal like a peregrine falcon,” Stewart said. “That it happened twice is beyond belief. Someone must have information.

    • It’s a nice neighborhood, but not far from areas where gunfire is all too common. Additionally, indications are that the falcons were shot with a pellet gun and lots of boys in the suburbs have those.

      • Turns out it was a shotgun.
        The investigations are ‘looking’ at ‘pigeon fanciers’.
        No matter who shot them – there’s really no reason.
        It’s heartbreaking to know the birds have to suffer at the hands of someone who has no care about cohabitants.

        • Shotguns are loud! Unfortunately, you could probably shoot a few rounds and not get too many complaints from the neighbors. It’s just too common to hear gunfire. I hate it, I live there, and I walk Rocky there every day.

  14. Everybody hates Shelly! Tom Petty sent Batscat Bachmann a cease and desist letter after she used his “American Girl” without permission. It seems like those cease and desist letters are a right of passage for Reich-wing politicians. Considering their “I’ve got mine, fuck you” attitude one would think they would be all for protecting the intellectual property rights of artists but, they just can’t seem to grasp the concept. I was also amused by the posts that claimed this was a “hit piece” about Crazy Shelly. Heck! I thought it was pretty kind to Bachmann and the author didn’t even mention Bible Spice being denied the right to use “Barracuda” by Heart.

      • Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do it on purpose so that they can say (insert commie artist) hates them for being such a great American. What they do isn’t really learning. They parse, or fabricate, facts that confirm their prejudices but the cause and effect universe escapes their understanding.

    • Hey Batshit, I bet Ted Nugent will let you play ‘Cat Scratch Fever’……

      … go on you know you want to Shelly, you church girls are all repressed like that.

  15. From the “take it with a big dose of salt” file:

    Crazy Shelly’s former chief of staff has endorsed T-Paw and was none too kind in describing Shelly’s abilities. Of course, he also said he agrees with her 99% of the time and asserts that Reagan was our greatest president. As Hank Hill might say; “that boy ain’t right”. But? He’s also a guy that the teabaggers might listen to.

    • That’s just…crazy. I mean, the man is all screwed up in his thinking, but T-Paw is ready and Bachmann is not.

      It just makes my head spin.

      • I know what you mean. It’s downright disturbing that this guy has a platform but, to keep Shelly out of the Oval Office, we may find ourselves allied in a strange way. It makes me feel like soaking my brain in bleach.

          • I’m not so sure. Bachmann doesn’t have the reputation for petty vindictiveness that Bible Spice does but she’s none too kind to those who leave her. I think that once they are gone from the fold they are gone for good.

            • It’s going to be a very long election season. I’m feeling rather exhausted about the whole thing already.

      • I also noticed that he avoided any mention of Bachmann’s ethical issues, like donations from convicted felon Frank Vennes, or T-Paw’s $6 billion debt or reversals on issues like the environment. My guess is that Mr. Carey simply refuses to recognize inconvenient truths.

    • I think the fact that 18 months before the election – its basically all the media talks about. This country is *soo* fucked up – in a perpetual state of a vapid, shallow beauty contest between mediocrities, crooks and narcisists

  16. This was precious – instead of fessing up to knowing absolutely nothing about our country’s history CrazyShelly throws this out about JQA:

    He was a very young boy, but he was with his father, serving essentially as his father’s secretary.

    • Her worshipers have been trying to edit JQA’s Wiki page to call him a “Founding Father”. I haven’t checked to see if it’s the same crew who changed Paul Revere’s page to make it sound like Bible Spice wasn’t wrong. They had him made out to be an arch traitor who warned the British and gave them information about the location of militia troops and weapons. At least in the JQA case they simply tried to make him into a “Founding Father” even though he was only 9 when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

        • oops forgot this little gem on the hate-filled ‘angel’:

          Anita Bryant
          AKA Anita Jane Bryant

          Born: 25-Mar-1940
          Birthplace: Barnsdall, OK

          Gender: Female
          Religion: Baptist
          Race or Ethnicity: White
          Sexual orientation: Straight
          Occupation: Activist, Singer

          Nationality: United States
          Executive summary: Anti-homosexuality activist

    • I find her more reminiscent of Rexella Van Impe. If you aren’t familiar with her; her job is to say something like “Jesus be praised” or “Halleluiah” after her hubby, Jack, tells the audience that a third of the people on earth are going to die just in the first wave of the Rapture.

      • One of the phoniest couples on the earth – certainly deserve/made for each other.
        Her fake ‘concern’ voice drives one nuts.
        One minute watching/listening is 55 seconds too long!

        • I tune in for a couple minutes every year or so. It doesn’t take any longer than that to remind me just how hateful they are. I’m not sure if it’s still the case but I was always amused that the last commercial aired immediately before their show was for a gay chat line.

  17. pete, this is quite entertaining: this man is so upset w/Van Impe

    I was so shocked by one reasoning Jack used to defend Roman Catholism,I realized I could no longer trust a man that was able to make such a huge error in judgment.

    • I’ve always loved a good fundy fight. Leave it to the RR crowd to condemn van Impe for, arguably, the most reasonable things he’s ever said. I really think the Raptards, as I affectionately call them, Believe that Jesus will kill them and send them to Hell if they don’t hate all “others” enough. Many Christian sects have been called a “death cult” but they may be the most deserving of that title. It must be awful to be terrified of EVERYTHING.

    • Don’t mean to sound judgmental but Jack Van Impe, in my honest opinion, is insane. He is one of those fiery end timers who has also jumped on the right wing conspiracy bandwagon to sell more DVD’s to their faithful followers.

      Jack and his faithful sidekick, wife, Broomhilda Rexella are quite the pair. Jack fills his program with insane rants about Muslims, socialism, Obama, the anti-Christ, liberals, gays, lesbians, the end of this Earth age, linking his speculation to bible verses he spits out from the old and new testaments, holding his bible high, his eyes wild as his wife Rexella, looks on adoringly at Jack, cooing her familiar “Oh Jack” as he tells about the tribulation and the hell on Earth those of us not caught up in the rapture will face, but not Jack, Rexella and all of their viewers.

      The segment breaks to Jack’s other faithful sidekick, Chuck, to narrate the newest “end of the world” DVD, his baritone voice.

      I still believe in my heart that people like Hagee, Robertson, Graham and many of the other leaders of the right wing Christian movement are all false prophets.

      • Calling the Van Impes “insane” is not judgmental. It’s the only conclusion that any sane observer can reach. The way that they maniacally grin while talking of suffering should put them both in a locked psych ward. It’s hard to pick out the most insane from that crowd but I wouldn’t feel foolish to put my money on them.

  18. We’ve got a big ole thunderstorm rolling through here soon. So I’ll probably be gone in a bit.

    Well, not literally gone, but absent. 😀

  19. Big Business + Multinational Corporations + Wall Street + Banks + US Chamber Of Commerce Influence and/or own:

    * Government officials
    * Both political parties
    * Judges/Judicial system
    * Arbitrators
    * Regulators
    * Multi-Media outlets
    * Political outcomes
    * The message/Only what they want us to know or hear
    * The Military
    * Foreign & Domestic policy
    * The laws
    * Our rights
    * Our freedom

  20. I was wondering why the Reichwhiners were going after NASA scientist, James Hansen. Well? Here’s the shoe that dropped. The key thing to take away from this very good, though brief, article is that climate change is accelerating and a bit of info that I had read before but bears repeating.

    “…every month since early 1985 has been warmer than the 20th century average for the month.”

  21. Women’s World Cup

    North Korea blames loss to U.S. on players getting struck by lightning

    After the match, North Korea manager Kwang Min Kim shocked the congregated press by revealing that his side isn’t just the youngest team, but it is also the only team in the tournament that’s been struck by lightning.

    • God is punishing them for their crazy leader much like God punished Minnesota for crazy Shelly Bachmann this past April.

  22. Almost July and still not a peep from the Obama administration, politicians or the corporate media about who Obama will appoint to the CFTC.

    We opened up our emergency oil reserves, gas has gone done .11 cents over the past three weeks. See we don’t need to more regulations and transparency of oil speculation and other commodities. Hence all of the silence and secrecy.

    • I sort of hope that the opening of the reserve was a big F…You! to the speculators, caught with their pants down in a short position.

      • IF Obama appoints a commissioner who sides with the two republican CFTC commissioners and not a commissioner who supports more regulation and transparency on oil speculation and other commodities, I will have a hard time voting for him next November.

        For months now I’ve been pinning my decision on this lone appointment. It would be the tell tale sign for me about Obama and who he stands with.

        It was a huge disappointment on how he caved immediately on single payer and then learning of the backdoor deals with the insurance companies and big pharma.

        Financial regulatory reform was weak from the get go and a fraud with Chris Dodd in charge. It should have been tougher, Obama should have demanded this.

        Caving on eliminating the Bush tax cuts. Sorry, both parties played us all with their good cop, bad cop routine, with the evil republicans holding unemployment benefits hostage..”Oh what shall we democrats do?”

        We need a leader. Someone who has the balls to play hardball with big business and Wall Street, with our foreign trade, I’m afraid Obama isn’t the right man or woman for the job (No that wasn’t a plug for Hillary).

        I have to admit when the republicans and the trolls attacked Obama and gave us all a hard time for adding Emmanual, Geithner, Summers, Donilan, Daley, Immelt, Taylor…they were right.

        Obama needs to start doing the right thing. If he fails this time on the CFTC appointment, it could very well be the last straw for him, in my eyes.

        • I think I commented yesterday about ‘is anything really different between 2001-2009 and 2010-2011?’

          Do nothing spineless democrats, bought and paid for or just gutless or both, coupled with brazen shameless hypocrites on the other side…. and yes Obama is one…. is DADT the only thing he’s managed to do to stem the tide of barbarity sweeping the country? Yup, that’s about it.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised if Cantor and Boner have demanded that Obama not appoint Warren or they’ll walk ou of the budget talks again….

    • You’d be surprised at how many people I’ve been told via family and friends were actually offended by this video. To them I say…”Wahhhhhh!”

      Some people not only have to wake up but to also grow up.

      This may piss some people off but let me first say that I respect our soldiers and our Veterans, for their sacrifices, for their bravery, for their service, but I know damn well they didn’t fight and die for the American Flag, they fought and died for their country, for their families, for their friends, for their loved ones, for the American way, for a college education, not for the American flag, not for the government, not for corporate interests (not knowingly) not for the republican party, not for the democratic party.

      My father and three of my Uncles fought in WWII, one of my other Uncles was a pilot in Korea and Vietnam, my oldest brother fought in Vietnam, never had I ever heard them say that they fought for the American Flag. Sure they felt emotional when the American Flag hung over the battlefield of a newly won battle, it made them feel proud, homesick, etc, etc, but…again I never, ever heard any of them say they fought for the American Flag. Why are we into so much nationalism and symbolism in this country?

      • It wasn’t recorded but a late friend of mine, who had no use for fundies, made up a new pledge. It went something like…

        I pledge allegiance
        To the God
        Of God’s states of God
        And to the Gods..

        You get the idea.

  23. Oh! The outrage!! How dare the government tell us what to do!!!

    That’s the response of SaudiFAUX “News” to new ads about food safety. The real kicker is that the ads were privately produced and don’t use public finding.

    I also liked how she had to throw in the “ban” on incandescent light bulbs. I guess that saving energy is as maddening as saving lives to these freaks.

    • And nothing screams socialism like evil Michele suggesting that we feed our children better and encourage them to exercise.

      • Well see, there is a sinister plot behind those screams of socialism. In crazy Shelly’s mind, most of those who are poor, men, women and children are flawed, pagans, drug addicts, single mothers, non-Christian, undesirables, deserve what they get, so why should one dime of crazy Shelly’s hard earned, tax payer paid salary have to go to help to feed, cloth or provide shelter for these unworthy, Godless sinners and drags on society.?

        As my ignorant republican friend asked “Where in the bible does it say the government should help the poor, the old, the sick and the unemployed?, the bible says we as individuals should give to charity, not the government”

        He had a point if you want to get all technical but than I responded “You do know who our government is don’t you?, we the people are the government, so if we are in fact our government as it is suppose to be according to the constitution, should we the people, have our government care for and help those who are less fortunate then the rest of us, or our sick, disabled, the elderly? Isn’t that what Jesus would want?”

        He was speechless…. 😉

      • I’ve told this story before so I’ll go with the short version.

        The local Cub foods had CFLs on sale for a buck a piece so I stocked up. The cashier gave me a stern look and asked If I knew they “were dangerous”. I asked her if Shelly Bachmann told her that and she said “yes”. So? I pointed at the 8′ tubes over her head and asked if she knew that they had hundreds of times as much mercury and that we had been dealing with them for decades. She blinked a couple times and said, “but these ones are dangerous”.

  24. Oh-Oh…I’m in that haze where I forget to type certain words, making my comment read like a cave schooled neanderthal. Moga-Googa-Boogie-Goo!

    *Adjusts Saber tooth skin loin cloth* 🙂

  25. I vacillate on the death penalty. I would not vote for or against a candidate based on the single issue because I think there are cases to be made for both sides.

    If we are to keep executing people for heinous crimes I think this guy, who assassinated three police officers, is a prime candidate. However, I think that Glenn Beck should be paying a price as well. Virtually every earlier report cited Beck as an influence on this freak. How many others are out there stewing in the fear and rage spread by people like Beckyboy?

          • Me too. I do wish, however, that they had responded to my queries. I’m still not sure if my temporary “banning” was due to malicious flagging, pushing the insulting names for Reichwhiners, or just a glitch. Since I noticed that I couldn’t post on Friday evening and my privileges were restored the following Monday I’m inclined to think it was either a glitch or malicious flagging. I had pretty much destroyed a troll on the subject of global warming but wasn’t really abusive aside from saying that “anyone who can’t read a thermometer is too effing stupid to have a place in this debate”.

    • Free speech should come with a sense of responsibility and accountability.

      What Fox is allowed to get away with is close to treason in my opinion. If Fox was a liberal cable news channel, that constantly lied and attacked the republicans 24/7, the republicans would fight to get them off of the airwaves, through the usual lies, hype, fear and Breitbart type attacks.

      • I think that “sedition” may be a better word than “treason” but the point is well made. Of course, even when someone points out that Beck, for instance, tells his viewers to amass arms to use against the lawful government of our country? The “librul media” buries it.

    • I like heat. I’m not terribly fond of it when I’m trying to get to sleep but now that I have the big, comfy, couch from Hell I can turn up the AC, close off the rest of the apartment, and just sleep in the living room.

    • His last paragraph:

      In short, nothing is going to happen to Clarence Thomas. No one is going to truly challenge his conduct, and he will sit on the Supreme Court until he feels like leaving.

      (heavy sigh)

  26. OK…. back in the day my brother, best friend and I did some pretty crazy stuff. Granted, we made sure to be sober on our seemingly more dangerous stunts…but that was a given. One that springs to mind is that leap from the top of a moving 1968 international travelall into a snow filled ditch. Bear in mind, we’re in North Texas about 35 miles south of Fort Worth so we didn’t ever see much snow, but this was an exception so we had to do something memorable. Noticing the snow filled ditches someone got the big idea to have a contest to see who had the nerve to be the last oen jumping from the roof at increasing rates of speed. The “winner” made it to 30 mph,… and he wasn’t me. Sheez…I still shudder at the thought of what could have happened jumping repeatedly into a snowy ditch, with no idea what kinds of sticks, bottles, rocks, etc…lay underneath the surface

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