Hail, Hail, America

Lyrics by Insidiousprophet and posted with permission.

Hail, hail America,
Land of such greed,
Owned by corporations,
The bankers and Wall Street….

Unemployment in the millions,
Our jobs shipped overseas,
Wage war on the middle class,
The homeless fill the streets….

Represent the lobbyists,
Bailing out the banks,
Throw money at the war machine,
To wage war instead of peace….

Hail, hail America,
Land of the deceived,
Send our troops to foreign lands,
To die for corporate greed….

Tax cuts for the wealthy,
Austerity for the rest,
Pushed to the brink of poverty,
They cry out in protest….

Citizens united,
Death to democracy,
The black robes have decided,
The fascists smile with glee….

Hail, hail America….
Hail, hail America….
Hail, hail America….
Hail, hail America….


Watering Hole – July 4, 2011 – Independence Day

I have been contemplating several ideas for today’s “Open Thread”.  My thoughts started with the re-writing of the history of our nation.  Should I focus on Sarah Palin’s poor knowledge of the birth of our nation when she claimed that Paul Revere rode a horse, while ringing bells and firing a musket and telling the British that they couldn’t take our guns from us?  Or is Michele Bachmann’s revisionist history more interesting when she insisted that nine year old John Quincy Adam was a “Founding Father” and that Lexington and Concord were located in New Hampshire?  Instead,  I decided to focus on our national anthem.

Why does the United States have a boring war song as its national anthem?  First of all, most people can’t reach all the notes when singing the song.  Secondly, the melody is depressing.  And thirdly, it is uninspiring and unexciting and it doesn’t evoke patriotism or the love of one’s nation.  Here are some other choices. Just look at the excitement and joy in the crowd.

My personal favorite is Stars and Stripes Forever.  Here’s a link to the lyrics.  And a link to information about John Phillip Sousa.  I have a little personal connection to the “March King”.

This is our Open Thread.  Do you have a favorite patriotic song or other ideas?  Here is a chance to Speak Up!  And if you have the time, be sure to scroll down the page or the side bar and look for other new and exciting posts.  One more thing… the teabaggers and the Republicans do NOT own the flag.  It is our flag, too.  So they can go…