The Watering Hole: July 7 – Bathroom Tissue

Cleansing instruments used in lieu of bathroom tissue from the Nara period (710 to 784) in Japan. This illustrates why the Samurai (侍) were so tough.

Image is courtesy of Chris 73 via Wikipedia.

The first written reference to bathroom tissue is from the writings of Yan Zhitui dated to 589 CE in China. This was not recognized as good hygene by visitors tp that country from the Middle East and Europe where washing with water (Using the left hand for the task.) was the vogue. The bidet was to follow. Many materials, yes, including corn cobs, were used to remove the offensive material from ones person.

Mass production of bathroom tissue commenced in the United States during the mid 19th century CE.

Today, we take the product for granted.

For the straight poop on the subject, look here.

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