87 thoughts on “Music Night — Pinch-hitter edition

  1. This is for BatShit Crazy Shelly – for even spouting that children, during slavery, were better off (with two parents) than children are today (spit and double spit at BatShit).
    She doesn’t know the history of this country. Families were split up and sold…two parents, huh – After the Civil War children were fortunate to locate Any of their family.

    Shelly – I detest that you inhabit this earth let alone this nation – not to mention people actually voted for your representation (rant off — Thank You!)…

    • I don’t know what’s up with this video, Ebb. It just won’t show up, no matter what I do.

      I love this song, but really hate the video, so no real loss. 😉

  2. Christine Lavin is a funny funny lady. This version is a great one on the Bush years (remember them?) and Para Salin.

    • That was on the same album as the other song. The album was Big Science. I recall chilling out to these songs many-a-night with friends in the dorm.

  3. If not for Betty Ford, I still might not have known today that I suffer from depression. Her courage to face her drug and alcohol problems in public helped many people (like me) understand the causes of their illnesses. Thank you, Betty. May you rest in peace.

    • She was also vocal about her experience with breast cancer, and I thank her for that.

      My maternal grandmother (who I never knew, because she died when my mother was 13) was embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone she found lumps in her breasts. She died an early death. My own mother found lumps in her breasts in 1999, and got treatment right away. She was an eight year survivor of breast cancer when she was carried off by another illness in 2008.

      My thanks go out to the great lady Betty Ford, for de-stigmatizing breast cancer. All women have benefited from her time in this world.

  4. I’m waiting for Chaz Bono to ask Ann Coulter on Maher’s show, why she doesn’t finish her gender transition.

  5. SO…dinner, done…dishes, done…tons and tons of laudry washed and put away, almost done…getting ready for work tomorrow, not done…

    And for EBB…you had asked me two questions last week (nope, didn’t forget…just couldn’t seem to get the answers to you…my apologies!).

    First…was I actually old enough to know the stuff that I posted last Friday night. Well, some…out of HS in 74, so stuff like Strawberry Alarm Clock were in grade school…Morrison was probably too heavy and most likely not in my circles but I do remember some BIG conversation amongs the naked boys in the locker room in 7th grade about Morrison! Figure that one out…I think that was about the time that a guy, “Bill”, showed us the hair under in his arm pits…Oooooo! Like the panties in Sixteen Candles!

    Second…Was I off for the 4th holiday (ancient history now!)…worked 1st and 2nd and was off 3rd and 4th..but had to be at work at 5A on the 5th, so stuck my head under the pillows as the neighborhood fools were setting off fireworks till probably midnight.

    Finally…answers. 😉

  6. And here is my dose of weekly weirdness…thought of the first one today…and then something about the second one and then it went on to the third vid.

    I love the plural of Elvis!

  7. For the late night crowd or those with the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy! …for when I need to laugh till I cry…a guy thing I guess. And remember…”Revenge is better than Christmas!”

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