The Watering Hole: July 16 – Jail

I admit now that I have a criminal record of sorts. I was on my way to Texas A&M from NJ when one of the local gendarmes in a small southern town noted my NJ plates and decided to stop me. He ignored my explanations and decided to jail me for the night until the police offices opened. It seems that he believed that I was one of those northern agitators planning to stir up the blacks in the area.

Back to my account. It was just as well that I was jailed as I was looking for a place to spend the night and I saved at least $10 for lodging and $1 for breakfast. I was given my own cell as I was the only white there at the time. I saw how others lived, three to a cell with a single cot and a place to swat on a concrete divider or pee into a slow moving “stream” intended to carry ones wastes away. I had similar facilities, but was in the first single cell on the line. The next cell up seemed to be intended for a regular or a local and had an actual commode, a comfortable cot and some books and magazines on an end table.

The people in the other cells were harassed all the time and were called degrading names. When breakfast was served in the morning, I got eggs, bacon and grits (a foul southern concoction). The other prisoners got only grits.

After breakfast, I was escorted to the Chief (this guy could have been type cast as a law enforcement officer in the ‘Dukes of Hazard’). He questioned me about why I was in town and once he learned that I was a Texas boy, only transferred to NJ because that was where my Dad found a job worthy of a PhD. I was out of there as soon as he checked with Texas A&M for my student status. I was allowed to use the police showers while he performed that check.

The lesson I learned that day, er night, was that criminals are not born, they are annealed by the system. That lesson was worth more than the $11.

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  1. Good morning Walt.

    Ironic that the car, a symbol of personal ‘freedom’ can land you in jail by virtue of the license plate serving to identify the driver as ‘foreign’, and thus worthy of being denied freedom.
    Of course it’s not the plate itself that is to blame, but the predilection of the police officer.

    Another way to ‘anneal’ criminals is of course to let them get away with their crimes, regardless of the preponderance of evidence—George Bush (broke, 2nd Amendment), Dick Cheney (intimidation treason), the CEOs of every major US bank (fraud).

  2. So I read today that the formal repeal of DADT as a military policy has been delayed for reasons I simply can’t fathom.

    “the Department of Justice filed an emergency motion Thursday saying ending the policy now would pre-empt the orderly process for rolling it back, per a law signed by President Barack Obama in December.”

    Lt. Col. Paul Hackett, a lawyer in the Marine Corps Reserve, said military officials are ready for the change and there is no need for a delay.

    “We’re already taking steps to implement it,” he said. “Politicians do what politicians do for whatever their political need is. It’s an election year, so somebody is obviously taken that into consideration. I suspect that’s what driving this.”

    I’ve always argued that, as Commander in Chief of the US military engaged in (at the time) two wars, President Obama could have ORDERED that the punishments contained in the DADT policy be at least suspended—-those punishments being the crux of the issue as homosexuals were being allowed to serve but if revealed to be homosexual not only were they subject to immediate dismissal, but were deemed “guilty” of an ‘offense’ (over which they have no personal control) and were denied any and every benefit their service normally would accrue.

    Why the hell Obama never issued that order as C-in-C, and or failed to write a presidential directive is one question I’d be very keen to ask of him, given the chance.

    • 5th, I suspect by appealing the decision now it preempts later court challenges that might be brought under a republiscum administration. Just look how the assholes in the house tried to overturn the Bush administrations light bulb standards. And now they’re after EPA water standards, the stupid Kochsuckers that they are!

      • pachy,

        I do appreciate that there’s some maneuvering that is necessary and sensible to ensure that the repeal isn’t just an ad-hoc affair, and in particular although DADT is actually a constitutional issue it would probably be imprudent to have the present SCOTUS deal with it, but as I say the punishment aspect could have been suspended immediately because of the contingencies of war.
        DADT was utterly ridiculous because it purposely avoided using sexuality as a qualification for service, but then used sexuality as a disqualification AFTER THE FACT of service.

  3. A “humbled and very shaken” Rupert Murdoch has apologized to the family of Milly Fowler in a meeting in London.

    The chairman of News Corporation requested the meeting after it emerged that the murdered schoolgirl’s mobile phone was hacked by the News of the World newspaper in 2002.

    Mr Hinton pFormer NOTW and then WSJ Editor0] said he watched the News of the World story unfold “with sorrow”.

    In a statement following the meeting between Mr Murdoch and the Dowlers, the family’s solicitor Mark Lewis said: “We told him that his papers should lead the way in setting the standard of honesty and decency in the field and not what had gone on before.

    “At the end of the day actions speak louder than words.

    “He was humbled, shaken and sincere. This was something that had hit him on a personal level. He apologised many times and held his head in his hands.”

    Mr Murdoch has written an apology for the paper’s “serious wrongdoing”, which will appear in national newspaper adverts on Saturday.

    The advert will state: “We are deeply sorry for the hurt suffered by the individuals affected.

    “We regret not acting faster to sort things out.”


    Murdoch;s illegal phone-hacking and bribery has been going on FOR YEARS.
    He defended Brooks.
    He promoted Hinton to the WSJ.
    He hasn’t said shit about his son’s involvement, which is deep.
    His US NewsCorp business has steadfastly ignored the criminal acts of their boss’ UK business for as long as possible and is now trying minimize its significance and misdirect its audiences by ignoring the actual criminality involved.

    Bribing police, hacking phones, stealing medical records and interfering with kidnap,murder case for the sake of of information to sensationalize to make a few more dollars when NOTW was already the largest English language newspaper ( by readership) in the world weren’t all “mistakes” or “unforeseeable consequences” of other actions—they were all premeditated criminal acts upon which NOTW and News International depended as part of their business model.

    Note how the rest of the press keeps writing “phone-hacking” without including the word “illegal”, and not how the bribery is barely mentioned at all. Whilst concentrating on Milly Fowler usefully concentrates attention in one respect,it is also the most sensational aspect of a larger criminal operation which is thus being downplayed as a result. The rest of the media are actually playing the same sensationalist game as Murdoch has built his corrupt empire on.


    • I have always been taught that when you are the Captain, everything that does or does not happen under your watch is your responsibilty.
      No apologies.
      Own up to your actions.

      Awww shit what the hell am I thinking?
      Clowns like this operate with the same impunity that shielded the banksters from the Wall Street meltdown.
      The only step that has been left out so far is to blame the victims.

  4. Good morning, men! Busy day ahead, so I’ll catch up with your brilliant comments later this afternoon.

    Moving day!!!

    I’m sure I’ll lose my sense of humor about the whole thing fairly quickly. 😉

    • Good luck with the move, Zooey! And keep your cell phone charger with you at all times…

  5. Okay, I’m disconnecting the interweb wires and tubes (twitching), but I’ll check in when I get to my dad’s house.


    • Whoopi said absolutely nothing that was untrue about the Crazy Lady from MN.

      The begging for money is sad.

      That anyone would buy the ‘Hollywood elite’ is even more sad:

      I see “The View” airs live in New York City – therefore it’s a bit far from Hollywood/

    • I do realize you’ll be traveling in the opposite direction –
      the sentiment is the same: You’re terrific!

      • The Mary Tyler Moore statue, in a photo I shot last February.

        The statue wasn’t the focal point of the shot, it just happened to get in it. The trumpeter and the reflections in the store window were the reason for the shot. 🙂

    • I posted this one Feb 21,2009. SInce it;s short, I can post the whole thing in this comment:

      Truth Is All Around (The Michelle Bachmann Song 2)
      Original words and music “Love is All Around” by Paul Williams
      Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider

      Who can turn her brain off with her smile?
      Who can start an interview, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?
      Well it’s you girl, but you don’t know it
      With each show and every stupid comment you show it
      Truth is all around, you need to taste it
      You can have a fact, why don’t you take it?
      You’re gonna fake it after all
      You’re gonna fake it after all

    • As opposed to your, now, older hellion?/ =;>

      I thought there was a ‘track clearing’ crew that checked every inch before trains were allowed to move?

      Indications are that a washout occurred as a result of heavy rains in the area and likely caused the derailment.

      • Yeah…older hellion now Eb. 😉

        We’ve had torrential rains over the past two days with more coming. Three of my neighbors across the street all have two feet of water in their basements.

        • That’s not a good start to the weekend. It’s unfortunate that rain can’t be diverted, somehow, down TX/NM way.

          • Yep! We should contain all of the water we get in the spring and build water pipelines, containment tanks and a huge fleet of tanker trucks with pumps to mobilize to areas where there is expected flooding. Suck the water up and transport it to drought stricken areas instead of allowing it to just flow into the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the Gulf.

    • Fridley? Really? My nephew lives in Fridley, moved there about ten years ago. I thought he was the only one (plus wife and kids, of course) who still hung out there. Me, I was in Fridley once. In the early 80’s. Had lunch at a Red Lobster near the 694 (I think it was still in Fridley). Small world (something like that).

  6. I love the comment by the Burlington Northern official saying “small amounts” of Diesel fuel leaked into Rice Creek…sure….! Sadly this creek, which first enters small Locke Lake, but then flows into the Mississippi River which is 10 minutes away from the collapse.

  7. Funny story that has to do with the collapsed train trestle.

    One Saturday afternoon, me and a few friends went down to the trestle (sat under the very section that collapsed) to smoke some herb. On the way down to the trestle along the creek we saw a fort made out of tree branches, probably used by a hobo..ed

    Anyway as we were sitting there passing the pipe and bullshitting, one of my buddies “Mel” was digging his hand in the sand and tossing sand into the creek when suddenly he had a human turd in his hand, he yells “Oh phuck…hobo shit!” and flicks the turd into the creek as we are all laughing our asses off.

    He then goes down to the creek to wash his hand and comes back up the little hill and asks me to pass the pipe and I said “Hell no, you aren’t touching my pipe after holding hobo shit in your hand…”

    This will most likely be the one and only time you will ever here hobo and shit linked together in a sentence. 😉

    • You sound very excited – (pardon my city folk ignorance) does that mean she’s readying to give birth?

      • It does indeed. I hope she gets right to it, we’re supposed to leave for the beach in the morning. This is Lily’s first litter, it’s amazing to me that she has the instinct to pile up hay.

  8. I like to browse the Wasilla Diva’s FB page every so often. Spotted there today, from Glenn Tice of Mississippi:

    “What an amazing difference in the brilliance of the 3rd U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson and the stunning incompetency of the 43rd U.S. President, Barack Obama.”

    I wish I could tell him who #43 really was.

    • Here’s the thing: since the original #43 didn’t really exist, that makes Obama #43. He’s the nigra ferriner, see, the one who wasn’t even born in Amurka but was still responsible for all terrist attacks including 911 and the underwear guy, also for two, mebbe three wars, and for twelve billion of Amurka’s debt which he tried to give away to ummm …. terrists and …. umm …. anti-Amurkan envarnmentalist commie facist-marksists.

      Ask Dubya Bush — he can explain it better’n me plus spill the details about that traitor blond wench Valrie something and how she tortured people like Obama told her to do cause of his choots puh.

  9. Another miserable day to be outside here on the frozen tundra. Only 85 degrees but 72% humidity with a heat index of 101. It looks like most people are going to be sensible and skip the barbeque but a few of us are going to fire up the grills anyway. Hopefully everyone will show up, chow down, and head back for the air conditioning so we don’t have to steam for too long.

    • You’re a good man pete. The smell of the grilling will no doubt bring people out, even in the heat.

      • Only 10 of us were willing to stick out the heat. Blech! Now I think I’m going to take two or three showers and rehydrate with beer.

  10. First pig born alive and suckling…
    Welcome to live farrowing blogging.

      • Hurray! At this rate it’s looking as if you’ll make it to the beach in the morning.

        Lily is a special pig – I can ‘read’ it in your ‘farrowing blogging’ ~!~

      • Oh oh, Lily’s standing up. I hope she doesn’t lay on these enchanting creatures.

    • Pig 3! Lily is allowing husband to be in the pen and keep piglets clear of her when necessary. She loves him so much, she probably thinks he’s the dad.

      • I’ve never lived on a farm but I have spent enough time on them to get a feel for the various animals. Pigs are my favorites. In my experience they reveal their true natures more consistently than the others. Sure, one gets the occasional “attitude” but it’s always appeared to me that the ones you can’t turn your back on make it clear from the start. Quite unlike a goat, a horse, or especially one particular Shetland pony that I engaged in battle a few times. That damned pony was mean and sneaky.

  11. I just came in from a company outing. Boy, do they know how to party! 15 hours of pure fun.

    I hit the jackpot with that job, really. But now I have to go crash and mind my sore head. Tell you all more another day.

  12. Long delay. I hope I don’t have to shove my hand up a pig. I’ve done it with a cow, but not a pig. Back soon.

  13. Oh fuc…cryin’ out loud! This is why I despise the local “librul media”. I’ll limit my venom to a single point. Crazy Shelly didn’t sign an “anti-abortion pledge”. She signed a mission statement that condemns everyone but married white Protestants. It is racist, misogynistic, and openly hostile to Muslims, single parents, and anyone who chooses to live their life differently than the sick freaks who wrote it. And the “librul media” is, apparently, more terrified of criticizing her than her male, GOP, opponents.

  14. I like this Jake Lew, the Director of the United States Office of Management and Budget. I’ve seen him on This Week and Meet the Press so far. He’s calm and rational, and gives simple direct answers. He needs to be the economic guy for the White House from now on. Geithner stammers, and acts shifty when he is on TV.

  15. Zxbe, we woke up the Westies, there’s a new daily up, courtesy of BnF.

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