The Watering Hole: July 28 – Compassion

Gadsden flag

What makes Republicans compassionate? Is it a war on an innocent country as an act of family revenge and one-up-man-ship. Or perhaps a tax on the poor while enriching the rich. Is it overriding the will of the majority through a threat of filibuster?

It is now that and less – less for all of us, rich and poor now that those who failed Driver’s Ed have a hand on the steering wheel of government!

Republicans have embraced what they thought was a rattlesnake and found a python. The result is not fortuitous.

At present, the nation is headed for a calamity that will affect every American.

The less fortunate among us face potential disasters.

I cite the case of the woman who cleans our floors every three weeks. We only hire her because both my wife and I have a problem on getting up from our hands and knees. Her mother has Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home. The fees there are paid from Social Security and Medicare.

Both of those funds have been absorbed into the general funds of the United States Treasury. They are not counted as part of the national debt, but any expenditure from these obligations will increase the debt because the money has, in fact, been spent on other things. This is the ‘money pit’ of all money pits.

This means that should we reach a stage of default and those obligations of the United States to these people will not be met unless those in charge decide to meet them.

Now, it may not be obvious to you, but nursing homes are not charitable organizations. This woman’s mother could well be thrust out into the heat (This is Florida.) Is this compassionate? I think not.

What do you think?