62 thoughts on “Music Night, July 29, 2011

  1. The Cool Hand Luke stuff today reminded me of this next one. John Prine did the best version of ‘Plastic Jesus’ I ever heard but it hasn’t made You Tube. So, I’ll go with this one.

  2. These clowns in Congress are making this clown look positively competent….. oh Sptting Image, where are you now?

  3. This one’s for you John Boner… loves me the Housemartins/Beautiful South…. used to live one street over from them in Hull.

  4. Just played the Amy Winehouse… not heard her much…. such a shame and a waste though, I enjoyed that cut a lot.

    Here’s another of the ’27 club’ she’s joined:

  5. My computer tends to go wonky listening to music posts so I will bring one last song out before I wander. Not about money or politics but a song about people sung by a man I consider the primo balladeer of the 2nd half of the 20th century. No one could sing a song like he could and no one could tell a tale like he could. The title on this one is where I hope we can find ourselves soon.

  6. A couple of pieces of work got done today: The offer to teach a class at SIUC was made official. While the money is nice, this now means that I’m “in house” and can be offered classes by the dept. w/o any major search process or permissions from administration. There are a number of such classes that the dept. MUST offer (we’re graduating Ph.D’s, for crying out loud) but which no one else in the dept. want to teach. Many of these are not only classes I can teach, but materials I actually like. (Ask for a show of hands for who likes to teach Logic, and in pretty much any room you find, mine is the only one that will go up.)

    The other is that I put a “hold” upon a trailer that I’m almost certainly going to buy. This means I’ll be living in my own place (not on my own property, but the owners are making the space for me because we’ve known each other for 30+ years) by the middle of August. Consequently, the folks whose upstairs rooms I’m occupying while I variously house-sit for them will likely still be on speaking terms with me.

    Overall, this has been a good day.

    Not a fan of Vevo, but the video is a trifle amusing:

  7. Time to kick things up a notch. I’m not a huge Metallica fan, but In the final days of my old band “Tantrum”, we learned this song and I have to say it was one of the most powerful songs I ever sang live, as a singer on stage, behind those guitars, the music just energized me like no drug ever has. A beautiful song from a heavy, thrashy band.

    Fade To Black – Metallica

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