Noam Chomsky: ‘As long they get the backing of dictators, it doesn’t matter to western governments what Arab populations think’

I found this from The Guardian:

The 19th century … 2001 … today. Noam Chomsky sees hegemonic powers showing extreme contempt for democracy — and acting in ways they know will increase terrorism.

What is their interest (Western powers)? Not the stated interest, but the REAL interest. Is it spreading democracy? Or is it all about taking control of the natural resources.. Where will it end?

The Watering Hole: Wednesday, August 31, 2011: May the Fours be With You!


From the Archives:

Open thread

I’m off to work! You kids all play nice.

And, don’t forget, tomorrow TPZoo should have a new URL ( and then we’ll officially be in business!

Then, with little fanfare:

A whole new domain!

Welcome to!

It was sheer hell but I think I have everything pretty much back to normal here at the new URL. We may have lost a few minor things in the transfer, but I think that all in all, the site is fairly intact.

Many thanks to Gregg for getting this site off the ground, as well as to other Zoosters who were there at the beginning of this humble corner of the internets.

And many thanks to those who visit, and those who comment. This site was created for you, and us. We wanted a place where we could go and talk about events and news, without threads devolving into troll droppings and troll bashing. And that is what we made here.

To be sure, we’ve had our challenges over the past four years. Life happens. Health, work, and family impact us all. Four years ago, this writer had no idea whether this blog would last four months, much less four years. But here we are, four years and nearly 2 million hits later, still going strong.

So, to my fellow critters, Sliante! Here’s to four more beers!

Four More Beers!

And…for more years!

May the “fours” be with you all!

This is our daily open thread — Happy Hump Day.

And why is this man still walking around free??

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