Watering Hole – Monday, August 1, 2011 – Philadelphia Freedom

Today is our 30 year wedding anniversary and we will be spending the day in Philadelphia doing the “freedom tour”.

For most of my life, I have lived in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania.  During all these years, I have never seen the Liberty Bell.  With the looming shutdown of our government due to its inability to pay the bills or the closing of government buildings due to the cuts, cuts and more cuts, now could be my last chance to get to Independence square and see some of the artifacts that are part of our nation’s beginning.  It’s anybody’s guess as to what will happen if the US defaults on its debt.  One thing for sure is that government employees would be laid off, seniors would not receive their Social Security checks, veterans would not receive their benefits, and nursing homes could close which would create more job losses.  Basically, more people will be out of work and there will be less money to spend and BUSINESSES WILL SUFFER.  Default is NOT an option.  Our bills must be paid.

This is our open thread.  I won’t be around today as I will be searching for freedom. You will need to Speak Up and do all the chatting.

227 thoughts on “Watering Hole – Monday, August 1, 2011 – Philadelphia Freedom

  1. From TP:

    A bipartisan debt reduction committeeestablished by the proposal is charged with looking for ways to reduce the deficit by either cutting spending or increasing revenue. But Boehner put out statement tonight titled, “Two Step Approach To Hold President Obama Accountable,” saying Republicans intend to bind the commitee with accounting rules to “effectively mak[e] it impossible for Joint Committee to increase taxes.” Obama said in his address that he would push for a “balanced approach” on the committee. Obama has suggested previously that if tax reform doesn’t happen through the committee, he will veto an extension of Bush tax cuts when they come up at the end of 2012.

    So that’s another Obama FAIL

    Pay no attention to tax-murderer Grover Norquist’s recent admission that the expiration of the Bush tax cuts would not constitute a “tax hike”, Rebuplicants will not abandon that nonsensical meme because it’s canonical, it’s another shiv with which to threaten Obama and it has always worked before. The GOP also needs to satisfy the insane Teabagger faction in Congress to keep their numbers up and to avoid any splits on whatever other bullshit legislation they have planned.

    This Republicant Congress has apparently passed just 12 Bills so far in significant part because their primary interest is to ensure a single Obama term—the GOP has been running their Party’s 2012 opposition campaign since they regained control of the House, and that will only continue.
    Of course Boehner wants to rig the planned “bipartisan” committee to maintain the tax cuts as the expectation is that an Obama veto in “late 2012” will simple be reversed by a Republican President immediately in 2013 (tax cuts were just about the very first thing Bush signed).

    Word is this “debt deal” also includes cuts in military spending, and if the super-committee can’t ( read won’t) agree on a deal that Obama won’t veto, then supposedly an automatic reduction of 1,4 Trillion in spending is triggered—BUT of course if nothing else changes ( or rather is changed by the Republicants) a good deal of those spending cuts will be pegged to the departures from Iraq and Afghanistan which were committed-to already, so whilst Obama can claim those as the ending of an expense that the general population will be happy with, the GOPers will count exiting Iraq and Afghanistan as the limit of military=spending cuts, and as the money was borrowed for those stupid adventures the money saved will likely only go to servicing the debt accrued, so no ‘found money’ for domestic spending.

    And of course all this crap just means that the Republicants will continue to hold Obama and the country hostage and continue to ignore the real problem which is the LACK OF JOBS!

  2. From the President’s announcement yesterday:

    Most importantly, it will allow us to avoid default and end the crisis that Washington imposed on the rest of America. It ensures also that we will not face this same kind of crisis again in six months, or eight months, or 12 months. And it will begin to lift the cloud of debt and the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over our economy.

    How different will the crisis be when the Teatraitors threaten to shut down the government if a 2012 budget they like is not adopted before September 30th? That is sixty days away.

    That will make four of these spending fights in less than a year. First we had the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts, in December, then the 2011 budget was finally passed in April. Now we have this debt ceiling increase, and we still haven’t passed next year’s budget. We still have clouds. Lots of clouds.

  3. We are all familiar with Michele Bachmann getting government money from farm subsidies and Marcus getting paid by Medicare/Mediaid. She also used to work for the IRS.

    How about all those foster children? Don’t foster parents get a government check of so much per child? I don’t hear about that so I am wondering. It may not be Federal money, but it would still be from the state, and maybe a pass-thru from the Feds?

    • Yes, foster parents are paid a stipend to cover the child’s expenses, the amount varies by state. In most cases the child is covered by Medicaid as well.

  4. Happy Anniversary Cats! And enjoy the city of Brotherly Love.

    Not to be confused with the buttfucking the teabaggers just laid on the American people.

    We’ve got to frame the 2012 election as the ‘take back our responsible government from the teabagger brats!”

  5. The next step in the Republican plan to destroy constitutional America is already visible on the table. It is to repeat the closing notes of 2010 in 2012 and do whatever’s necessary to force Obama to veto the scheduled expiration of the Bush tax cuts. Remember, if Obama does nothing at all they go poof. The GOP will NOT stand for that eventuality — it gets in the way by slowing or even halting their dream of a fascist state, and therefore cannot and will not be tolerated.

    • …force Obama to veto the scheduled expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

      Well, like I said above, we have to pass a 2012 budget…

      What I have yet to figure out is how we ‘broaden the base’ in tax reform. Thune said that yesterday on Meet the Press, and I’ve heard it before, and realized it was a Frank Luntz-approved, focus group tested phrase, but just what is it? It sounds like making the poorest earners pay more in taxes to me. Why aren’t the wealthy our ‘base’. Let’s broaden the tax liability on them.

      • I heard that phrase “broaden the base” on MTP yesterday. My take was like yours, go after those too poor to pay federal income tax under current law. Good-bye EIC.

  6. So here’s the lesson we learn from this ‘political’ exercise.

    We are now governed by extortion.

    It’s time to quit participating in political parties and join gangs. Since we can get what we want by extorting it from our neighbors, it should go something like this:

    Our Homeowner’s assn pays for our common grounds to be maintained. We pay $40 a month for this service.
    So, we should inform the HOA that they will now maintain all our private lawns as well, still on the $40.00 a month, or we’ll burn down the entire community.

    That’s the Republican lesson of the day.

  7. Marcus and Michele Bachmann had 23 foster children in and out of her household. In Minnesota, according to the linked article below, foster parents receive $30.00 a day per child, which is
    $210.00 a week (7 days), $840.00 a month and if my Minnesota math is correct this means the Bachmann’s if they had a foster child for a whole year, they would have received $10,080.00 a year for that child. As the article notes many foster children stay with foster parents from anywhere to three days to 6 weeks. But still, that’s a lot of extra money from the government for someone who hates government.


    • Hey, IP, that was the money amount I was looking for. My wife got $45 a week child support for each of her two boys. In the summer, all it paid was day care so she could work.

  8. This is simply round one of this fight. The Democrats and Obama got rolled on this deal (round one), but that’s what happens when you’re the adults in the room and the opposing party is run by nihilists. Round two plays out with the commission. Round three is the 2012 elections and the Bush tax cuts that expire on 12/31/2012. And it probably goes a few more rounds, regardless of who wins in 2012.

    The major concession on the right is to put defense on the table. That’s a big bag o’ money to trim.

  9. Morning all. Congrats, Cats, hope you enjoy your visit.

    Just a quick question before I have to head out to the field. We already know the private sector isn’t doing the job thing, supposedly from uncertainty in the economy. Now the public sector is being gutted on spending to save tax dollars and Repube butts. My question is this…Since neither the private nor the public sector is doing anything substantive to get the economy going again, isn’t it a bit too much to ask of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Santa and numerous other imaginary figures to magically get it done?

    • In a few years, expect this or a similar expositional document from the GOP (the summation, the state of the “Union”):

      Of course there’s far more poverty than before; of course the middle class is a historical artifact. But they were all lazy anyway, so there’s no loss. And look at the bright side: 98% of all wealth is in the hands of a mere 2% of our population! We’re almost there!

      And too, remember the other and more significant accomplishments of the Republican Party in recent years. The passage of the No Tax – Balanced Budget amendment has obliterated ALL taxes save for those on the poor and the nearly poor which cumulatively (and for their own protection and their own salvation) pay for weapons research and armament production. Add to that a standing army of 100 million who happily work for nothing other than a daily allowance of food. America is, thanks to these miracles of Republican leadership, feared by the entire rest of the globe.

      And of course we cannot fail to fall on our knees, raise our hands to the heavens, and sob with tears of pure delight that the Christian Nation amendment should be ratified within months, also that gays and lesbians are now all in death camps, that abortion has been totally banned upon penalty of death, that women are no longer allowed to vote, much less show either their face or their icky parts in public, and that the slavery amendment which finally allows those of superior breeding (whites) to protect and safeguard all those of inferior breeding (non-whites) has been ratified.

      And finally, let no one forget that it was WE, the Republican Party, that finally managed to make it a felony punishable by death to either conduct, participate in, or even accept science in any capacity whatsoever, that we, ALL the people of Amurka as a hole [sic] have finally and officially acknowledged that God does everything, and therefore our only choice is to accept — and never try to understand — His ways and His works! And the amendment to ban education awaits ratification by the states.

      And thanks be to God, there is no more ice on either pole, and none on any mountaintop! Heaven gets closer every day!

      ©2050 by the Republican Government of Amurka

  10. Deep Thought of the Day….

    If the plural of “caucus” is “caucuses” why is the plural of “cactus,” cactii?

  11. Ok. The Bush tax cuts were already factored into the economy. The rich have been able to keep more of their money since last December. The private sector is barely holding its own.

    The government committed to funding certain programsat certain levels, pumping a trillion dollars into the economy with borrowed funds. Now the government says it won’t go through with those committments, effectively taking a trillion dollars out of the economy.

    The economic impact of removing a trillion dollars from the economy won’t be made up by the rich creating more jobs – they’ve already done whatever they’re going to do with those tax breaks. Instead, there will be a trillion dollars less to spend at the grocery store, the furniture store, on entertainment, etc. The economy must necessarily shrink to accommodate this reduction of cash flow. Industries that reily on people’s discrretionary spending will take the brunt of it.

    It’s also a fair bet to say Republicans will hold the 2012 budget hostage to another trillion or so in cuts to social programs…anything to through this economy in the tank before the elections, so that we will elect even more Republicans.

    • Josh Barro puts the deal in perspective:

      “The deal includes a lot of spending cuts, but it’s important to understand how backloaded these cuts are. The headline figure is $2.5 trillion in cuts over ten years, but less than 1 percent of those cuts will come in FY 2012. The near-term fiscal changes are so small that they will matter very little for the economy. The long term changes will be subject to revision by future Congresses and will hopefully come when the economy is healthier—and the parts that do go into effect will probably not be that different from whatever fiscal adjustment we were going to have to enact sooner or later.”

    • Is there no constitutional remedy available to counter a domestic partisan attack on the well-being of both the nation itself AND the vast majority of its citizens? I don’t recall ever reading any constitutional provision anywhere that gives Congress the authority to focus all budget, tax, and spending issues and policies in favor of the tiny percentage of the population that defines the political, corporate, and wealthy clique.

    • Is this Romney courting the Tea Party crowd? He makes me laugh out loud.. He is such a suck-up sycophant. He reminds me of a little kid wanting to please whoever he is talking to in any given moment, saying whatever works, looking for a pat on the head. He is just so artificial and superficial.. He makes me think ‘walking talking wax figure’..

  12. At this point, I’m almost hoping the House votes this down, and we all get screwed.
    At least that might portend a 2012 election in which Republicans are routed and the adults take back the government

  13. Excellent, and VERY depressing, post by Paul Krugman this morning in the NY Times:

    A deal to raise the federal debt ceiling is in the works. If it goes through, many commentators will declare that disaster was avoided. But they will be wrong.

    For the deal itself, given the available information, is a disaster, and not just for President Obama and his party. It will damage an already depressed economy; it will probably make America’s long-run deficit problem worse, not better; and most important, by demonstrating that raw extortion works and carries no political cost, it will take America a long way down the road to banana-republic status…

    He continues on to explain why.
    He ends with this:

    In the long run, however, Democrats won’t be the only losers. What Republicans have just gotten away with calls our whole system of government into question. After all, how can American democracy work if whichever party is most prepared to be ruthless, to threaten the nation’s economic security, gets to dictate policy? And the answer is, maybe it can’t.

    • Reading more of the op-eds on NYT:

      “This leaves Americans to contemplate two possibilities more alarming than debt-ceiling brinkmanship. First, that we’re living through yet another failed presidency. And second, that there’s nobody waiting in the wings who’s up to the task either.”

  14. Here’s another clip from an editorial from the NY Times following the deal on the debt ceiling found at Truthdig:

    “For weeks, ever since House Republicans said they would not raise the nation’s debt ceiling without huge spending cuts, Democrats have held out for a few basic principles. There must be new tax revenues in the mix so that the wealthy bear a share of the burden and Medicare cannot be affected.

    Those principles were discarded to get a deal that cuts about $2.5 trillion from the deficit over a decade. The first $900 billion to a trillion will come directly from domestic discretionary programs (about a third of it from the Pentagon) and will include no new revenues. The next $1.5 trillion will be determined by a “supercommittee” of 12 lawmakers that could recommend revenues, but is unlikely to do so since half its members will be Republicans.

    If the committee is deadlocked, or its recommendations are rejected by either house of Congress, then a dreaded guillotine of cuts would come down: $1.2 trillion in across-the-board spending reductions that would begin to go into effect by early 2013.”…

    The editorial can be found here:
    To Escape Chaos, A Terrible Deal

  15. Here’s Ezra Klein’s “The debt-ceiling deal in one flowchart“.

    Here’s the actual chart.

    This is the chart that Senate Republicans are circulating.
    Interesting.. This feels like a trap.

    Here’s a couple points that catch my eye right away:

    The trigger does not allow for increased revenue. The trigger can only result in spending cuts through caps and sequesters, not tax increases.

    If the committee fails, then the total debt limit increase is capped at $2.1 trillion, which raises the prospect of having to raise it again before the election (depending on the health of the economy).

  16. Sorry to be throwing out these links this morning, but they are all good reading with some interesting graphics.
    This one is by another of my favorites to read: Juan Cole of Informed Comment.
    Sound and Fury: Americans Actually Lightly Taxed

    It shows that Americans pay among the very lowest taxes in the developed world. This chart shows tax revenue as a percentage of GDP:

    These charts come from “The Globe And Mail“.

    So, where are the jobs!?

    • And I can tell you something about why Denmark is at the top of the tax list ( my brother lived there for a year).

      Their taxes go towards providing them with housing and health care and education and efficient public transport and good roads and public safety and a clean environment and a stable economy because there is a clear understanding between the people and the government as to what taxes are supposed to be for and who elected officials are supposed to represent. .

    • You can easily see the tech-stock bubble and housing bubble on that lower graph. The Bush tax cuts kicking in only freed up more disposable income to fuel the housing bubble, which is why the rise was more abrupt than the tech bubble. I compare the wealthy investing strategy to a pee wee soccer game. Everybody runs straight at the ball all the time. Whatever the ‘hot’ sector becomes, all the money goes there, until the big investors decide it’s time to get out. The 401Ks are always the last ones to bail, and get hurt the most. Before we had 401Ks, the wealthy had to outsmart each other to win in the stock market. Now, it’s like picking doves off a power line. It’s too easy.

    • Oh yeah, and in the international “quality of life” and “happiness” surveys you;; see a considerable correlation between high taxes and national well being–this correlation is of course dependent not on high taxes per se, but on how and on what and on whom the respective governments USE those taxes.

    • The jobs are in China where a great deal if not most of the consumer goods once produced here now originate. They’re produced at less cost over there, shipped over here and distributed, and priced the same as or a little less than if they were made here. Profits per sale go up nicely. But sales go down. Why? Because fewer and fewer Americans have jobs that pay them enough to shop for much of anything, and since manufacturing is no longer an American mainstay, there’s less and less hope of gaining employment the pays sufficiently to expand the supply of ‘spendable’ capital, i.e. money for non-necessities (along with some necessities, unfortunately).

      At the end of the Second World War, the US debt as related to GDP was at its historical high, a high not reached since. BUT, in 1946, America was a manufacturing GIANT, able to produce highest quality almost anything, able to pay its producers enough money that they could afford to BUY things, both necessities and luxuries, and to pay for them on the spot. The nation prospered, for a time, and with incomes both high and growing (and thanks to enduring wartime tax rates), tax revenue poured in and in rather short order paid the massive debt down to nearly zero.

      Then came greed.

      Today, wages are down and falling; jobs are scarce; production is low and shrinking; taxable incomes of the vast middle are falling, ergo tax revenues are falling as well, and the debt accumulates in the process.

      As the rich get richer. The Republican dream finally realized even as the nation sinks ever deeper into the mire of the third world, even as Democrats do little or nothing other than aid and abet the inevitable destruction of our — and their — country.

      The USA — well on its way to meeting its destiny: Lebensraum for Mexico.

  17. Dave Weigel throws outraged liberals a bone with some Mad Libs:

    I am [outraged/fed up/fixin’ to vomit] at the news of this [sellout/betrayal/Chekovian drama of political adultery]. While I have yet to see all the details of this plan, it may be the worst piece of legislation since [the Kansas/Nebraska compromise/the Enabling Act/the one that renamed a rest stop in New Jersey after Howard Stern]. We all agree that the deficit needs to be reduced, but it should not be done [on the backs of our seniors/in the dead of night/until we reach 4 percent unemployment again]. Instead, we Democrats are being asked to support a [Satan sandwich/Hitler hoagie/bin Laden banh mi], with a [mayonnaise of betrayal/chipotle glaze of mistrust/pesto of austerity]. If this is passed, our president – whom I [supported/strongly supported/had to suck it up and support, even though I liked Hillary Clinton and saw all this crap coming, because if I didn’t the Daily Kos comment section would have made me out to be a racist, and I’m totally not] – risks becoming a new [Jimmy Carter/Grover Cleveland/Emperor Palpatine]. Let’s [go back to the drawing board/head back to the table/find some new sand, draw a line in it, and borrow a can from my friend Bruce that we can kick around]. America can do [better than/slightly better than/not quite as terrible as] this.

    • NICE!

      I especially like the “chipotle glaze of mistrust” and “even though I liked Hillary Clinton and saw all this crap coming, because if I didn’t the Daily Kos comment section would have made me out to be a racist, and I’m totally not” ( there was a lot of outrageous shit thrown at Clinton supporters by newly -minted Obamabots on TP, furing the Dem primaries, as I recall).

      • Hillary was a pretty much known entity; Obama’s portrayal of the next “yes we can” FDR-style and demeanored way-left-of-center we-the-people-oriented ass kicker took over the debates along with the “image” of former national savior Franklin Roosevelt.

        Unfortunately, FDR died. In 1945. How easy that was to forget. Amongst the gullible. Like me, for example.

  18. First paragraph from today’s TP Morning Briefing:

    World markets rose today on news that President Obama and Republicans had reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling, with the Tokyo’s Nikkei and London’s FTSE both up 1.3 percent. U.S. stock futures are pointing to a strong opening as well, with the Dow up 153 points 90 minutes before opening.

    TP’s reporting in general is almost always excellent, the Morning Briefing’s are always necessarily lacking in depth, but the above is boilerplate lazy financial reporting bullshit:

    a) whatever the corporate media decides is the biggest story of the day is always reported as the prime cause of any market movement. HSBC’s stock just went up because they announced an 11.5 billion profit AND are firing 30,000 people. The other upward movers on the FTSE all have fuck-all to do with America’s financial bun-fight.
    b) 1.3 percent movement can also be caused by a couple of brokers breaking for lunch,
    c) A 153 point movement in a 12,000 point index means a key on some some Wall Streeter’s keyboard was momentarily jammed by an errant Dorito.
    These sizes of movements occur every hour of every damned day and can be equally attributable to the hits received by the latest viral cute-cat YouTube video.

    With SPECIAL REGARD to the DOW it is NOW DOWN 131 points as I write this—even though “President Obama and Republicans had reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling” !!!

    What really makes the DOW or any other Index go up and down has nothing to do with the political news of the moment and everything to do with what financial gain coke-addled traders think they can can discern in any given moment so they can continue to afford $3,000 hookers.

    • Nice rant 5th. Agreed.

      Financial reporting is often akin to a Teabagger seeing a snowflake and concluding that there’s no global warming.

    • And as of this moment, the DJI is down 110 points. Perhaps investors realize that the shrinking of the available dollars is going to prolong the recession, and the string of bad news is going to just keep on flowing. And, most economists are predicting a down grade of our debt to AA within a week or two.

    • Does all of that mean that my next door neighbor, a 75 yr. old Aframerican widow from New Jersey who relocated to Colorado a year ago to help her 95 yr old mother enjoy her last year or two will finally have the resources to pay her phone bill down enough to where she can keep her phone, and maintain contact with her family and friends in NJ?

      Or does it just mean that a few millionaires made a few quick bucks without doing a single fucking productive or charitable thing?

  19. It comes down to what will happen when the Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire. What will Obama and the Dems do? You know the GOP is already planning for this, and holding the country hostage once again.You know they are already planning on tanking the economy any way they can to hang around Obama’s neck in this coming election. I hate this stuff.
    This is more like contact sports, and less like actual peoples’ lives..

    • If this debt deal passes (I see it as likely), and if noted experts such as Paul Krugman and Robert Reich are to be believed (and they are); then this is going go dim any hopes of economic recovery for the next couple of years.

      And then the argument for keeping the tax cuts is the weak economy.

      Even though said tax cuts never prevented the collapse, and they haven’t helped fix the economy. So it will be a lie, but a lie that people will accept without scrutiny. Just like they do every time.

    • “It comes down to what will happen when the Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire. What will Obama and the Dems do?”

      In my lowly opinion,


  20. An Institute for Supply Management report today suggested that U.S. manufacturing — the strength of the economy for much the year — has very nearly stopped growing.
    The report suggested that “the disappointing performance of the economy in the first half of the year was not just temporary,” economic analysts at Capital Research noted.

    And now’s the perfect time to remove a couple hundred billion from the economy…Wait! Was that my inner Teabagger babbling>?

  21. Think of all the lives, all the money, the time that could have been saved had we simply knuckled under to that last great fascist movement, Hitler’s Germany. Damn FDR. Where was the lie-down-in-front-of-the-train Democratic Party solution when we really needed it?

    No, he had to fight it off. Biggest debt in all of history was the result when, shit, all we’d have had to do was surrender.

    Finally. Obama figured it all out, looks like.

  22. Oh. I missed something in the previous article.
    re: the market plunge after the exuberance wore off…

    The decline accelerated after the Congressional Budget Office said the tax plan agreed Sunday would save $2.1 billion over 10 years. The promoters had said it would save $2.4 trillion.

    • It almost sounds like this plan/crisis really was manufactured, and that this ‘solution’ is just a way of saving face so they could raise the debt ceiling like they were going to do anyway, and back away from it. This ‘solution’ is like a drop in the bucket. Like spitting into the wind. It doesn’t really pay down anything. It just takes away a lot of necessary things to an awful lot of people and guts the middle class a little bit more. It doesn’t take care of the needed revenue by closing tax loopholes the let the richest of this country off scott free. The actual effect to the deficit isn’t much and the damage to the rest of the country and the economy will be great.
      Pure theater.

  23. I know everyone is really discouraged by the possible outcome of this debt ceiling fiasco — I know I am — but please remember that whoever is elected president in 2012 will very likely appoint at least two Supreme Court justices.

    I prefer that that President be a Democrat. No one will primary President Obama, so unless he decides not to run for his second term (unlikely), we absolutely must turn out in force to vote for him in 2012. There is no other option.

    We the People cannot take another Republican presidency at this time, nor can we survive an even more conservative/activist SCOTUS.

    We’re disappointed, I know that, but we must keep our focus on what’s best for US and our country, not on our disappointment and hurt feelings.

    We don’t have to be cheerleaders for the President, but we must not cut off our nose to spite our face. We have to work hard to keep Obama in office for US, not for him.

    • If we are very lucky, very angry and very determined and if things don’t turn to total crap in the next 18 months and if the average voter gets hurt enough to over ride CU money and Republican voter caging, we might get a sufficient number of decent Dems and Indies elected to make a dynamic Congress, riding a wave of bury the greedsters and give America another chance.

      Or maybe Jeff Goldblum will find a way to infect the Republican machine with a virus so Randy Quaid can fly an F16 up their ass.

      Or maybe frogs will sprout wings and no longer bump their butts when they hop.

    • I never cared much for Clinton, but I voted for him in 1996 because I firmly was convinced that he would have one, maybe two, SCOTUS appointments during his second four year term. Alas, the bottom feeders on the court waited till Bush had been appointed as president before the issue finally popped up, and Bush didn’t disappoint at all, appointed two fairly vivid fascists, as predicted.

      Still, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Obama as by far the lesser of two evils.

      How much further can we as a nation sink when the above becomes the ONLY reason to vote at all in a presidential election?

    • I too, agree that to abdicate to the Teabaggers will certainly doom this once great nation to a third world corporate labor pool with very little hope for our children’s future.
      Screw that.
      I’m going to go all in to elect Democrats into every office I can vote for. Only with control of both houses of Congress and the Executive Branch can this madness be thwarted.

  24. Mitt Romney:
    “As president, my plan would have produced a budget that was cut, capped and balanced – not one that opens the door to higher taxes and puts defense cuts on the table,”

    Other than the fact that it was very very likely, at least in part, that the M.I.C. and American warmonger profiteers in general were central amongst those who helped arrange the opening salvos in the American coup d’etat (i.e. the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK in the sixties), why would Mitt not want to see massive “defense” spending cuts today?

    Does he think the Black Hole will come after him if he disappoints them?

  25. So, if one of the triggers across the board cuts is military spending, does that automatically cut soldiers pay/benefits/medical care as opposed to cutting funding the military industrial complex (wars, guns, bombs, planes, contractors, executives etc..)? What makes that any different to what they are doing to the rest of the country.. 😦

    • Soldiers are expendable, benefit recipients are going to die anyway. But bombs, munitions, ships, aircraft, tanks, and missiles — along with all other agents of death — remain forever uncuttable to those with shriveled souls.

      Remember, there’s a lot more money in death and in destruction than there is in assuring the health and well-being of ordinary people.

      Ask Mitt. I’m sure he can explain.

      • “We cannot afford to look weak to our enemies (and friends)”.

        It’s long past time to completely restructure our military so that it is no longer on a Cold War footing. And the whole privatization thing has to stop completely.

        • “We cannot afford to look weak to our enemies (and friends)”.

          I’m sure everyone thinks we are big and strong because we have spent ourselves to the brink of destruction over the past 10 years to save Iraq (which is in almost the exact same place it was when we invaded, sans Saddam and a lot of blown up infrastructure) and chase down the Taliban in Afghanistan.

          A decade, a couple trillion and no real changes over there. I’m thinking weak might be an improvement over incompetent.

        • I second that. If we had to be self sufficient, it’d take 8 troops for every combat soldier in the field. And would cost 1/2 of what it does now.
          That will discourage adventurism and wars of choice in the future, as you ship a million troops to deploy 100,000.

      • Maybe soldiers can volunteer for Mitt’s election campaign for their service to their country like Mitt’s sons?

  26. I wonder how long it will take the rest of the world to realize that the massive consumption machine that was the US is being steadily and systematically dismantled? And it is being done by a handful of maniacs willing to hold the rest of the world hostage in the process?

    The skeery terrerists only have to make an occasional half-assed effort every year or so to keep fueling the engine of destruction the US has built to fight them. And laugh their asses off as they watch the Republiban adopt their tactics more and more. The American Defense effort is, as usual, several thousand miles off target and hopelessly mired in archaic tactics directed at the wrong target.

    • Back in the mid to late sixties, I worked for a couple of years at Martin Marietta outside of Denver, in the Aerospace Biology section. We did non-classified work on spacecraft sterilization and on life detection systems, all in connection with the huge Mars lander project then known as Voyager (which was later downsized to Viking). In the same building, two floors down in the corner of the building was an apparently sizeable space with but one door. The door was made of steel, and had at least two locks — a key lock and a number-pad five or six entry code thingee. No one had any idea what went on in there.

      At that point in time, Martin-Denver was the producer/manufacturer of two major rocket systems: the Titan II ICBM, and the Titan III space launch vehicle. The T-III was, for all practical purposes, a T-II main liquid fueled booster but with two solid fuel strap-ons. It was not classified. Still, thanks to the T-II, there were plenty of classified ops underway at the facility. The locked space mentioned above was apparently one of them.

      Until one day, sometime in 1967, when suddenly the space was vacated. Friday it was there, Monday it was gone. The door with all its locks was ajar. Two of us decided to take a quick peek. The room was huge, but completely empty. There were no windows, only one door, and four walls. Only one vestige of the former occupying project remained: a floor-to-ceiling (ten foot ceiling) detailed map of the USSR. On it were overlapping concentric circles that ultimately covered virtually every square inch of the map. The concentric circle centers were, each and all, atop a city. Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, and so on etc. across the entire span of the map. And the concentric circles that spread outward from the focal points eventually all overlapped.

      We, of course, had no idea whatsoever what it meant, what it was for, what purpose, etc. So, of course, we turned out the lights, left the room, and left the door ajar as we had found it. The next morning the door was again locked. A few days after that, it was again ajar. We peeked. No map.

      Life in the M.I.C. What evah could they have been up to?

      Your tax dollars at work.

  27. So (this is mostly for Ebb), I saw a strange raptor this morning. I did get a quick (but bad) picture of it before he flew off. (I’ll post it somewhere later, when I get home.)

    I couldn’t readily identify it, but it had what looked like red (or reddish brown) eyes. Very cool looking.

      • Well, as far as photography goes, I’ll warn you; it’s not very good. I was trying to get in a better vantage point; and get things set up better for a clearer shot when he flew off. Pretty sure I startled him. 😦

      • Here you go.

        Having a chance to finally study it a bit more, I think it’s either a Cooper’s or a Sharp-Shinned Hawk.

        Would love some input on the ID of it.

        • .
          [did you get look at its tail markings?]

          Grand shot – it sat long enough for a great photo!
          hmm, Sharpie, I think. Or maybe Coop’s ;>

          This from Cornell All About Birds – side by side photos/comparison:

          Tricky Bird IDs: Sharp-shinned Hawk and Cooper’s Hawk

  28. I wrtoe this last May

    Even if employment situation has hit rock bottom and can only improve from this point on the historical data suggests it will be another two years before the job losses of the official recession are recovered—in other words it will be 2012 before the US can return to the underwhelming employment levels of 2008.

    And this; :

    Even if the monthly average new-job rate suddenly doubled and stabilized at 300,000 per month for the rest of the year the net gain would be 1.2 million jobs or about one-fifth of the jobs lost during 2008 (3.6 million) and 2009 (3.8 million).

    Well the monthly new job rate HASN’T averaged 300,000 a month since May 2010, or even 150,000 a month (the approximate rate needed to absorb school/college graduates into the workforce to simply maintain a given level of employment), it’s been more like 80,000 a month.

    The stimulus package was too small to begin with (as Paul Krugman and Robert Reich pointed out from day one), the mitigation efforts regarding the collapse of the critical housing market have been non-existent, the financial-sector bailout money has been handed over without any terms for reform, ‘Iraq-istan’ continues to be a drain, mega-corporations continue to offshore vast profits even as they continue to be subsidized, banks STILL aren’t lending money (because they don’t need to as the US government just gave them their income they’d otherwise have had to work-for, and suffered no losses from their own ‘mistakes’) and the GOP in charge of congress is being held hostage and is holding the nation hostage by a financial dogma that can’t even satisfy the terms of its own fantastical economic equations, in either the short or the long terms.

    Had either political side done NOTHING, then the US would be still in bad shape, but the Democrats ( and Obama especially) have not only done very little, they have allowed the GOP to do ever more than they were able when Republicans were in total control, because the Republicans pushed the US to a tipping point from which there appears to me to be no evident return.

    • One mustn’t forget that 800,000 government jobs at the state, federal, and local level have been eliminated by GOoPers. Figure about another 300,000 lost because those people aren’t spending money. Then figure in the number of people who have not been hired for things like rail projects that have also been halted by GOoPers. A little quick rounding and figure that’s about 1,250,000 lost jobs directly attributable to the same people who seized control claiming it was “all about jobs”.

      The maddening thing is that those who dare to bring it up are kept off the air. Bernie Sanders has said it, Al Franken has said it, Nancy Pelosi has said it, Chuck Schumer has said it… Unless one listens to Thom Hartmann or watches Cspan2 at 4:00 in the morning the only place one will hear their speeches is on YouTube.

  29. Well worth reading it all. From a TPM Reader.

    “Let me get this straight. The President kept revenues on the table, did not touch the sunset provisions in the Bush tax cuts, ensured that military cuts keep the GOP honest, protected Medicare by adding in only provider cuts in the trigger, made the reduction apparently enough to stave off a debt downgrade, got the debt ceiling raised, wounded Boehner by demonstrating to the world that he is controlled by the Tea Party caucus, took out the requirement that a BBA be passed and sent to the states and got the extension through 2012? What exactly is wrong with this deal?”

    • • The fact that there are cuts? If people don’t like that, why in God’s name didn’t they turn out to vote and bring back our Congressional majority? Once these nut jobs were in there, it was inevitable that this crap was going to happen. Whether or not it is advisable to cut spending, what exactly was going to stop this from happening? My experience is that the primary factor in all negotiations are the facts on the ground. The complaints center on a ridiculous notion that if the President had only said “no” harder, that these guys would have caved in. This isn’t negotiating over who gets the side of the bed near the A/C. This is a complex matter involving 3,000 members and staffers. Negotiations in these situations don’t work like this. That’s why I’m irked by the constant parade of people comparing the negotiations to movies and card games. These comparisons obscure more than they reveal.

    The GOP came out of this looking unreasonable–I’ve been getting E-mail messages from friends saying they are back with the Democrats because the Tea Party is “destroying this country.” Nate Silver tweeted last week that local conservative talk radio in Kansas was filled with callers attacking the Tea Party! The Wall Street Journal ran two editorials which called the GOP delusional and “childish.” The vaunted GOP message discipline broke down–I read stories all over the “inside baseball” papers here in DC where GOP House members went on the record after the Friday vote wondering out loud if the party had been damaged! I don’t know if you noticed, but John Boehner spent last week negotiating with himself. No new proposals came out from the Dem side, but he produced two proposals, one of which he had to pull after he didn’t have votes. A congressional Dem staffer told me his dad, an urban Catholic who voted for Nixon over Kennedy and has always voted Republican suddenly thinks the GOP is out to lunch and supports the President.

    Hey, we all hate the pain, but this is an ongoing process. They are going to try this again with a government shutdown. When that happens, I’m pretty sure that the country will be resoundingly against a repeat of these types of hijinks.

    On a better note, we know that Boehner has the votes if Mitt Romney “sticks his neck out” opposing the deal. — Josh Marshall

    • ..
      (granted you may see this as trivial/minor in the entire scheme – it can impact a great many).

      People who don’t rely on MediCare for health won’t see how detrimental this can/will be:

      …protected Medicare by adding in only provider cuts in the trigger,

      Many of those providers will choose not to see MediCare patients – then what happens?

  30. This is in response to Zooey’s comment above about re-electing Obama for us, not for him…

    I think that most people are disappointed because they thought that they were getting one thing and then it turns out they were getting something else…. sort of like ordering a pearl for $5 from the internet and then realizing that a $5 pearl is really just a plastic bead covered in pearl. And then complaining about it because the coating is peeling and it wasn’t what you thought it was. But then again, what did you expect for $5?

    Obama was very clear that he wasn’t a progressive… he was always a centrist, and ran as one. After the dismal Presidential performance of George W, Bush, a lot of people heard what they wanted to hear out of Obama’s mouth. But I do think that he is just a bit naive that the Republicans are acting in good faith and for the good of the country. Nothing could be further from the truth and that is where I am the most disappointed in Obama…. I think he thinks that this political gamesmanship that he is playing will be a winner for him, but he is a Democrat who is acting like a Republican and when faced with the choice between the two, people will choose the real Republican every time. And This country won’t survive another Republican President right now.

    I will vote for whatever Democrat there is running in 2012. But unless and until this job market comes back for the American People, I am not sure that he will win re-election because no tax increase on the wealthy has certainly solidified that there won’t be any additional job creation in the near future. Why would there be if the rich can just continue to sit on their money?

  31. And the rich have found a new way to get even richer. Lottery tickets. Turns out, there’s a way, with a modest bet of some $500,000 to be guaranteed a payoff of at least that much (and often more) in certain lottery games.

    Read rest here. (Warning it’s a FoxNews link, so it may not be true, but it’s about rich people getting richer, so it probably is true.)

  32. Cats—
    I just read that this is your 30th Wedding anniversary! Congratulations!
    It is our 24th wedding anniversary and my birthday too! Nice to share our anniversary with someone as cool as you!

    • Raul Grijalva, Congressman from Arizona, Co-Chair, Progressive Caucus: bowing in your general direction. I lived in AZ for over forty years, but never in Grijalva’s district. I.O.W., I’ve never been able to vote for him no matter how much I’d have enjoyed the moment. If only he’d have run for the Senate — his intellect is roughly double that of Kyl and McCain COMBINED — and how sad he’s not allowed to, by himself, sit in both of AZ’s Senate seats. The state, nation, and world would all be better off.

      Keep it up, Mr. Grijalva. Find the means to STOP this nonsense!

  33. Fox is working itself up into a lather, with this headline on the website:

    Deal’s Big Secret: Tax Hikes Possible

    If you go into the link, it carries the headline:

    Tax Hikes ‘Impossible’ Under Debt Deal? Think Again …

    It then goes from saying it’s possible, to saying it’s “paving the way.”

    Monday: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney speaks during his daily news briefing at the White House.

    The debt-ceiling deal moving toward a vote in Congress could easily pave the way for tax increases despite Republican claims that tax hikes are “impossible” under a deal struck with the White House to reduce spending in exchange for a debt-limit increase.

    Circle the wagons!

    Truth be told, tax increases are always possible. Congress can implement a new tax, or repeal a previous law that enacted a cut, pretty much any time it wants. (Assuming of course, both chambers pass it, and the president signs it, or they pass it with a veto-proof majority.)

    So this, of course, it much ado about nothing; but Fox is doing it’s part to create fear.

  34. Steve Benen cannot believe Republicans take Grover Norquist seriously:

    Grovernomics: I think the biggest thing holding back economic growth now is the concern that next week you wake up and the EPA or some other department of government has decided not just what kind of light bulbs you have, but how big your car can be.


  35. ..

    They expressed all their frustrations,” Biden told reporters after the meeting. “I feel confident that this will pass.

    Biden can suck his big toe. O.k. I’ll say it – go f yourself Joe!

    From that TPM Biden Meets With Furious House Democrats

    I like the way this Rep puts it:

    The bill, according to Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN)

    pits our conscience versus our President…. It’s like a Trojan Horse, with Scylla and Charybdis inside.

  36. I’ve been doing some reading about this bill. It might not be as bad as we think it is…. Having been gone for the weekend, I am playing catch up, but the more I read about this… (and not the media’s take, I don’t feel so bad.

    • My biggest issue is that President Obama and the Dems still seem to expect the GOoPers to bargain in good faith. Thom Hartmann has been playing a clip of President Obama, last December, saying that he “takes Boner at his word” and that he expected the debt ceiling would not turn into a hostage negotiation. Even if the GOoPers don’t vote it down just because Obama agreed to it in principle I don’t believe they will stick by any agreement. Cut defense spending? I don’t believe it for a second.

  37. Is there any chance that Pam Geller will be interviewed by the FBI about her ties to the right-wing Christian terrorist in Norway? Is there any chance that, after dealing with the immediate grief of having their children gunned down by one of Pam Geller’s biggest fans, the parents of those slain in Norway will sue Ms. Geller? If nothing else; we have to start calling out “news” sources that give these freaks a platform. SudiFAUX “News” and CNN are hopeless cases but we might have a chance with MSNBC and the broadcast networks. PBS did the right thing and banned Melanie Morgan and Laura Ingraham. I would be very grateful if you good people would take a few minutes to contact the stations who host these freaks. Getting Pat Buchanan fired from MSNBC would be a good start.

    Here’s the latest on Pam Geller:
    In a post defending herself yesterday, Geller — who has called Obama “President Jihad” and claimed that Arab language classes are a plot to subvert the United States — reached a new low. Geller justifies Breivik’s attack on the Norwegian Labour Party summer youth camp because she says the camp is part of an anti-Israel “indoctrination training center.” She says the victims would have grown up to become “future leaders of the party responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims who refuse to assimilate, who commit major violence against Norwegian natives including violent gang rapes, with impunity, and who live on the dole.”


  38. Did you guys hear about this trigger in the “deal?” If this commission can’t come to agreement, then it imposes a 50% defense spending reduction and a 50% domestic spending reduction and medicare and SSI wouldn’t be touched at all.

    If the right progressives are on the committee, and if there are a few tea-partiers, doesn’t that guarantee that there won’t be agreement?

    Can someone explain to me that this isn’t a good thing?

    And when do the Bush tax cuts expire again? end of 2012? Is that right?

    • Again. We can no longer expect the GOoPers to bargain in good faith. They will find a way to just hold the country hostage on some other issue in order to get their way.

      • Exactly…. if they cannot bargain in good faith, then the trigger kicks in and it will be the people who support the GOP who will suffer the most. This almost guarantees that they have to bargain in good faith. Doesn’t it?

        I think I need to read a little more before I pass judgment.

    • I suspect the trigger deal is there so when agreement can’t be reached the R’s and their Baggeratti buggerers will be able to stand up and scream about how the socialists are taking over. Buncha savage brutes.

    • That’s what I’m wondering, LL.

      This sounds like the trigger that the repigs dread — the teabaggers’ heads would explode over it.

      The Bush tax cuts expire after the 2012 election, thank goodness. Obama should do absolutely nothing to prevent that happening.

  39. On a more pleasant note, 8 days until the WISCONSIN recall elections kick those effing teabagging bastards to the curb, then down the drain into the sewer, where rats can chew their tongues out.

  40. Here’s part of the lawsuit leveled against Rachel Maddow by Batscat Shelly’s favorite punk preacher. I’ll give them a pass on the spelling because the premise is so insane.

    15. Defendants Maddow, MSNBC and NBC’s published statements have widely proliferated in the media and have caused significant harm to Plaintiffs, particularly during this highly charged political season leading up to the presidential elections in 2012. By harming Plaintiffs, Maddow, MSNBC and NBC sought to significantly harm the “big political prize” which they loathe, Christian conservative presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, who they sought to link to Plaintiffs. Congresswoman Michelle Backmann is regularly and maliciously disparaged, defamed and held in a false light on many other NBC and MSNBC cable shows, including but not limited to the broadcasts of television hosts Chris Mathews, Ed Schultz, and Lawrence O’Donnell. In sum, by destroying Plaintiffs, Defendants Maddow, MSNBC and NBC sought to destroy Bachmann, a Christian conservative presidential candidate who they despise and hate for her religious and political beliefs.


    • Congresswoman Michelle Backmann is regularly and maliciously disparaged …

      Yep. And she’s earned the right. It can happen. See: Al Capone for another good example of earned disparagement. I’m sure I can come up with more, if I think about it for a bit.

    • ..
      (I’m not watching)

      08.01.2011 — 06:27 PM
      LEND A HAND?

      Boehner tells Pelosi and Dems: Hey, don’t leave me hanging on this debt deal thing.
      — Josh Marshall

      Hey, A Little Help Here?
      Boehner To Dems: Don’t Leave Me Hanging On Debt Deal

    • Zooey, I can’t stomach it, I listened into it a little on c-span radio, but some tea party type was speaking and I decided to shut him down. Besides, today is national holiday in Switzerland and I was at a barbecue with friends and want to forget about all that drama for a few hours. Until tomorrow, when I will write the watering hole and I can tell you I am mondo pissed. so either I will post just somehing nincompoop or a truly aggressive rant.

        • Anything but a clean lift is unheard of, uncalled for and political extortion. The R’s know their shit is weak so they are making like nice little hostage takers. Osama would be so proud of them. And the old Ayatollah as well, sniff.

  41. 5:38 PM | TOP NEWS | #
    House To Vote On Debt Limit Bill Sometime After 6:30 PM ET
    The House will vote on the debt limit bill sometime between 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET, Reuters reports.

  42. I know the vote is about to take place… not sure how it’s going to go.

    But I’m really starting to feel that Obama would have a clear hand on this to just go ahead and issue new bonds. Congress authorized the appropriations without increasing revenues to offset it. The only alternative is to borrow the money as the executive doesn’t have the power to levy taxes. If Congress didn’t want the executive to do this, then they shouldn’t have authorized the expenditures in the first place.

  43. .

    Gabby Giffords cast her vote (uncertain what it was) she was on the floor.

    House has passed: 267 – 161

    Will go to the Senate on Tuesday morning.

  44. R’s are so danged predictable. They tried to shut the government down in the 90’s and the Speaker was given an invitation to the world. (Pay attention, Orangeboy). The impeached the President over lying about a hummer. All because they couldn’t get their way.

    And they are at it again.

  45. Hooda: “Anything but a clean lift is unheard of, uncalled for and political extortion.”
    That’s what gripes me so. I think the prez should have refused to sign anything but a clean bill, and called it what it was, extortion by traitors. Would that have been the best thing for the country? I don’t know, I want the best for my country, but I also want folk to stand for what’s right and damn the consequences. As it is, there’s many a slip between the commission and actual law. I’ve had an Obama 2012 bumpersticker on my kitchen counter for about two months now. i reckon I’d best go ahead and stick it on the truck. The alternative is unthinkable.

    • Sort of odd that the two players in this sort of budget battle are the President and the Speaker. Just who the hell is the minority leader? And why is the President involved in what the House does?

      This isn’t about anything but political theater for the 2012 elections. Time for the Executive to tell the Legislative, do your job. Give me a bill and I’ll either sign it or fold about 32 times and tell you exactly where it might fit.

        • The interesting part is Congress has already spent the money. Or allotted it to be spent. The House controls the purse strings. The President, as the Executive, is in charge of seeing that the laws of Congress are implemented.

          The President can’t, unilaterally, decide to spend more than Congress has allotted. He does have a responsibility to insure that said allotments are paid for. Congress can’t second guess their spending without sending it to the President for approval.

          Boner should use white makeup and a kimono if he is going to play kabuki.

  46. A group of protestors was detained outside the house Chamber. I think their chant should be plastered over every paper, billboard, and news set in the country. It won’t happen but I might look into a custom t-shirt and/or bumper sticker.

    “Boehner Boehner get a clue, it’s about the revenue.”

  47. I am back from my freedom tour. We spent a long time in the Constitution Center looking at exhibits and READING THE CONSTITUTION. A copy of the Declaration of Independence is displayed on various weather protected posters near Liberty Bell Center. After reading the Constitution and reading the Declaration of Independence, it became obvious that the baggers have difficulty distinguishing between the two.

    I’ll post some pictures at a later date.

    We experienced a great deal of “We the People” today.

    • Did it include awesome Philly cheese steaks and Bloody Marys? I ask because the last time I was in Philly I made a point of finding both. Pretty easy.

    • Herman Cain recently blew it big time when he ‘quoted’ the Constitution, but actually quoted the DoI instead, a common mistake by that largely uninformed and uneducated segment of society. Of course, it’s not hard to understand. Both documents are, after all, written longhand and in script. Hard to read, you know, and they do look a lot alike. To a teabagger at least.

      • The Constitution (and the Bill of Rights) is inconveniently concise and thorough. When the Bagots quote from that document, you’ll notice it’s invariably a fragment of the section in question.

        Also, Thomas Jefferson not only wrote both documents all by hisself, but all the Founding Fathers agreed with everything he ever wrote, hence it is unnecessary even to pretend to read their letters and essays.

        • Baggaratti read? I highly doubt it. They parrot talking points without realizing what the words they speak actually mean or where they came from.

        • Thomas Jefferson was not present during the Constitutional Convention. He was serving in Paris during. John Adams wasn’t present either as he was serving in England. The baggers are stupid.

          Perhaps we should start at “we the people” campaign.

      • It’s been obvious for years that the teabaggers neither read nor comprehend the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Buybull.

        Since I haven’t posted the link in awhile; here’s a great source for any argument over whether the United States was established as a “Christian nation”. I’m especially appreciative of this line.

        Nowhere in the Constitution is religion mentioned, except in exclusionary terms.


      • The Declaration has all that passionate liberty language the T-folk love without ever really contemplating the origin or meaning. The Constitution is about the business of governance and baggers don’t do that. They are anarchists.

        • Anyone who claims to have read the Declaration of Independence and can still equate the corporate takeover of America today simply is a liar or illiterate. Or both.

          • Anyone that visited the Freedom trail in Philadephia and/or Boston (Sarah Palin) and still doesn’t understand our democracy or know the difference between the Constitution and Declaration of Independence should keep their pie holes shut.

  48. …wow.

    Just watched KO’s “Special Comment”. It was everything that I want to hear…and what I want to hear out of the mindless robots at ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, NPR and PBS.

    I’ll watch for a link to it.

    Thank GAWD we have KO back on air.

  49. I hate to say it but their are one two reasons Obama won’t be primaried out. First is the Dems are wussies. The second is the few Dems who might challenge him (most wussies) won’t. Weiner shot his wad, Feingold has the nuts of a fruitfly, and Grayson, well, he still might and could. Sad fact is the Dems do not have anyone with the chods to challenge Obama.

  50. I am seriously tempted to send an email to the President saying come 2012 I will vote Democrat. Not because I believe it is the correct thing to do but because even the weakest Democrat is marginally better than any Republican. Your actions over the past couple years are a perfect example.

    But if the Dems suddenly, for some odd reason bordering on a miracle put another candidate up in the primaries, they would have to be a mentally retarded idiot before I would not consider them to replace you on the ticket.

    In other words, sir, I am not, in any way shape or form, happy with your performance. You haven’t done bad but you haven’t done good either. America doesn’t need a placeholder in the White House these days. We need a leader. Which you ain’t.

  51. Stupid trolls are stupid so, sometimes, one just has to laugh. They are all over the local paper saying that the debt ceiling bill is a victory for the teabaggers. Most, if not all, of the baggers voted against the bill but it passed. Here in the cause and effect universe inhabited by sane people that would be called a “loss”.

  52. 80-90% of Newtie’s Twitter followers are fake. 😆

    Newt employs a variety of agencies whose sole purpose is to procure Twitter followers for people who are shallow/insecure/unpopular enough to pay for them. As you might guess, Newt is most decidedly one of the people to which these agencies cater.

    About 80 percent of those accounts are inactive or are dummy accounts created by various “follow agencies,” another 10 percent are real people who are part of a network of folks who follow others back and are paying for followers themselves (Newt’s profile just happens to be a part of these networks because he uses them, although he doesn’t follow back), and the remaining 10 percent may, in fact, be real, sentient people who happen to like Newt Gingrich. If you simply scroll through his list of followers you’ll see that most of them have odd usernames and no profile photos, which has to do with the fact that they were mass generated. Pathetic, isn’t it?

    Never piss off your former staffers. Heh.

  53. For purely selfish reasons I have to say that my feelings are mixed. I think that President Obama should have halted the negotiations weeks ago and just invoked the 14th Amendment to raise the debt limit. I would have enjoyed the spectacle of the GOoPers trying to impeach him for “exercising his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and avert a financial disaster”.

    On the other hand; I’m going to sleep a bit better tonight, despite misgivings about the Senate, because I’m now about 90% sure that I will get my SS payment and will be covered when I go to the doctor next week.

    A local radio host summed up my feelings pretty well when he said “President Obama respects the process to a fault”. I also think that part of his reluctance to take stronger positions is because of the rabid hate already expressed for him. He has to give credence to the threats of “2nd Amendment remedies” more than, arguably, any other president. Especially since he has two young daughters I think we won’t see him rant and rave and force an agenda.

    • Unfortunately, our President runs the very real risk of being viewed as an “angry black man.”

      That would be terrifying to many more Americans than we’d like to think.

      • Indeed. There have also been a few people who have floated the idea that people with minor children shouldn’t seek high office because of the possibility of coercion. Considering his enemies I can’t really fault President Obama for walking a tightrope. It would be gratifying if he kicked ass and took names but I also think it would be unwise. For that matter, considering the Bushbots still entrenched in every corner of the government, how much can he trust the Secret Service? There’s not a doubt in my mind that, should he prove too unruly, the shadowy figures could and would be able to get to him. It’s a terrible idea and I don’t like going there but it’s a possibility that can’t be disregarded.

  54. Please forgive me, I don’t want to sound like an ass or that I lack compassion or I’m heartless BUT…was showing Gabby Giffords making her appearance on the House floor after voting on the debt ceiling bill suppose to erase the cowardliness and betrayal of Obama and the democrats, was she used as a prop to distract us from the charade going on in DC????

    Believe me, I’m so happy that Gabby has recovered as well as she has. I understand the emotion and applause she received but it really seemed like her appearance was all staged as an attempt to try and distract from three ring circus of our dysfunctional government that more and more each day represent we the people less and less.

    President Obama said all of the phone calls he asked us to make really made a difference? A difference? What? Did most of those phone calls beg their congressperson to save the wealthy from paying higher taxes? Did most of these phone calls beg their congressperson to cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security so that we wouldn’t go into default?

    • I understand your suspicion IP, but I doubt a good person who came that close to death would allow herself to be used in that fashion. An experience like that has a way of showing someone what is really important.

      • Maybe she wasn’t aware that she may have been being used in that fashion. Again this is not directed at her…..

    • .
      IP, I don’t think it was meant as a diversionary tactic. That her recovery has progressed well enough (physical and mental strength) to attend and vote.

      I’m scratching my head about Obama’s stating the phone calls made a difference…given the outcome of this Congressional theatrics.

  55. Tweety pissed me off today. In the final minutes of the debt ceiling vote in the House, Tweety yapped about how exciting it is to watch such a crucial vote take place in real time, the votes at the time were something like 164 yeas for the republicans, 24 nays for republicans nays, 92 yeas for the democrats and 92 nays for the democrats AND Tweety is trying to say how stunned he was that a majority in both parties supported the bill.

    Now I may be stupid and not well educated like Chris Matthews and he may know more about politics then I could ever imagine, but 92 yeas by the democrats equals a majority of democrats supported the bill?

    The way I saw it was that a large majority of republicans supported the bill, there was a split among the democrats, but Tweety has to make sure that it sounded like the democrats supported this horse crap bill as much as the republicans did.

    Can you tell I’m cranky?

  56. And now, amidst the world-shattering events, SaudiFAUX “News” is worried about? Creeping Shariah!

    The funny part is that they make such a good case against allowing religion to suborn our laws. Unfortunately, it only applies to the scary Muslim “laws”. The Ten Commandments and the Buybull are different for some reason.


    • “Shariah means “the way to the watering hole.” ”
      Oh heck, I knew it, that Shariah has come creeping into the Zoo.

  57. I belong to a photo club that has a monthly theme, and we each submit photos for the theme. July’s theme was “Broken.” There were the standards photos of broken glass, pottery, machines, trees, etc.

    One lady submitted a photo of the American flag.

    • .
      That is innovative! What type of reception did it receive?


      Did you see my response (at 6.22p) to your (very fine) photo?

      • I did ebb. Thanks for the compliment and the link. 🙂

        We do peer voting on the photos, and the voting just opened yesterday. I’m curious to see how that broken USA photo does.

    • I will continue to support him (because the alternative is unthinkable..), but I can’t help feeling like he is more a referee than a leader. I just wish he would take a stand and fight for it. That is who I thought he was from his speeches leading up to his election. He had the passion and (I thought) conviction then.

      I’ve listened to a lot of political speeches, and I know people giving them are saying saying whatever it takes to get elected, but I really believed he was different. I think a lot of people did. He is incredibly intelligent, and I believe him to be a good man. I am just not sure on the leadership piece. I hate saying that.

  58. Someone I know posted this quote today somewhere else..

    Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offered one of the best quotes I’ve heard in all this drama about the debt ceiling:
    “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told Becky Quick. “You just pass a law that says, that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.”

  59. The teabaggers and FAUXhounds are laughing at us. Some empty piece of fluff named Dee Dee on inSeannity said that Obama’s “unamerican” and has displaced Carter as the “worst president ever” while the rest of the freaks are gloating even though their beloved teabaggers didn’t get anything binding.

    What, exactly, is President Obama supposed to do differently? He doesn’t write bills and, unlike his predecessor, he respects the process. He can still veto bills that get to his desk but between the Senate obstructionists during Pelosi’s turn as Speaker and the insane, do nothing, freaks who have seized control of the House there have been precious few bills that have reached his desk.

    In fact, in a weird way, the baggers have a point. The bill passed by the House today does almost nothing aside from raising the debt limit. It does call for deeper cuts in the future but the Dems managed to tie defense to “entitlements” (I hate that word because it’s inaccurate but I’ll use it because it’s the word all the idiots are using.). As long as the GOoPers control the House they won’t let defense spending get cut and, because the two are now tied together under this bill, they won’t cut “entitlements” either. Given the current climate I would say that there’s still a small chance that we will see tax increases before any draconian cuts go through. Keep in mind; the bill calls for reducing deficit but it doesn’t say that it has to be all cuts in perpetuity. It seems to me that Obama and the Dems got the raise in the debt ceiling while giving away mostly symbolic cuts. The balanced budget amendment is a non-starter and the “super committee”, while dangerous, is an unknown and could be challenged in court. I just don’t see the doom and gloom.

    The second that President Obama even approaches a strong position the “librul media”, not to mention SaudiFAUX “News” and hate radio, launch a full scale attack. About a quarter of the electorate, that’s over represented at the polls, already thinks he’s a Kenyan Muslim communist. If ha had taken the bold step of just invoking the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling there would be a real chance of a successful impeachment.

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