The Watering Hole: Tuesday August 2nd – Where were you?

Listen again. It seems you have forgotten.

He said it wasn’t going to be easy. He said he needed you to help him bring about the change you voted him into office for. Americans where were you these last three years? Nagging about him not handing you the change you have envisioned on a silver platter? Weren’t you Monday morning quarterbacking decisions he had to make, because there was no support at all from you for any other way?  Didn’t you stand at the sideline when the so called Tea Party took over the public discourse and turned your Congress into a blackmailing outfit? You need to take your country back, for you are the majority, but you can’t stay out of the political struggle any minute longer. The Tea Party cannot and will not be contained, because they don’t accept that they are chosen by the people, they think they are answering the call of some higher power. They do not function the way politicians do. They, frankly, don’t care about your country. They don’t care about the human beings who make up you the People. All they care about is power and they know how to wield it. But in Democracy you the People are  the supreme power. No Deity, no President, no Congressman, no Senator. You are the supreme power. So live up to your responsibility already and fight back. The streets are just outside your front door. I refuse to believe it is too late.

Elsewhere: The people of Hama face tanks and machine guns to try and take back their country!

This is our open thread. Come on!

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318 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday August 2nd – Where were you?

  1. Pardon my cynicism, but, “The Watering Hole: Tuesday August 2nd – Where were you?” looks, feels and smells like it was from a high school civics text. Yes, the Constitution gives me the same power as the Marx Brothers or the Koch Brothers. One person, one vote. But in politics, money talks, bullshit walks, especially after the Citizens United ruling. My optimism was sky high listening to candidate Obama spoke like a LEADER, who would lead thousands and thousands of reform minded individuals to fix many things. Instead, Obama continually mollifies the Republicans and never takes a strong stand on ANYTHING…except on the need to compromise, or cave.

    • parx24, so you can do nothing at all, because those evil mean Koch Brothers and others don’t let you and haven’t you said so all along. You want to be led? Why not just go and march for yourself? It is your democracy being destroyed here and you wait for a leader?

      I’ve listened to Keith Olberman this morning (after I wrote this post and almost mellowed the wording and decided against it after the clip) and, though he is sitting there making big bucks and doing nothing as well, he was right. You need to get mad first.

      You need to reestablish what your Democracy is about or you’ll lose it. And, believe me, you don’t want that to happen. Take a look into the history books. Or high school civics.

    • parx24, I totally lost my manners. Of course I welcome you to the Zoo and please forgive my anger. It is not directed at you at all. It stems from a huge sense of frustration. I am living in a country where I am not a citizen and not entitled to vote. My home country won’t let me participate either, I am gone for too long. The decisions over there in the US impact our economy hugely and again there’s nothing I can do. I used to participate very actively in politics and I am a little impatient I can’t do that now.

      • No offense taken! I believe that there are basically two strategies for change. Money certainly works well.
        Being righteous doesn’t.
        Really large groups can counter money. But they have to be really large, and directed.
        I am not being defeatist. Just realistic. One person, or a limited number of people, won’t be effective. You need a large mass.

        • parx24, that’s correct. Reviving the unions would be another way. They used to have clout (even if corruption was a problem there as well). How much money is working towards change is of course obvious when you look at Grover Norquist. Try to get rid of him by elections. Guys like that need to be discredited and even if it is difficult, outfunded. I am especially disappointed in the so called intellectual elites. Sauf Colbert and Stewart and their rally to restore sanity noone comes to my mind who would have been helpful.

    • I understand your frustration, parx, but there’s no need to be rude. And, yes, we all are cynical and frustrated about what the government is doing to us, and the fact that we’re going to hell in a handbasket in the express lane, and the President is doing nothing to stop it.

      Even though we have a huge keyboard army, those on the receiving end of our message are, for the most part, simply ignoring us. We dutifully sign all of the petitions, make the phone calls, send the emails, write the LTEs, blog away until our fingers ache, yet nothing changes. The ‘news’ media is useless, except to perpetuate misinformation along with stupid polling statistics. They do little to focus attention on the big picture of the danger to our country from these batshit insane Teapublicans, whose ignorance and hunger for power and influence is literally threatening and terrorizing the nation.

      I’m not even sure if, at this point, a march on Washington will help turn the tide, but I’m willing to try. What we need is for the few sane Congresscritters, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown, Sheldon Whitehouse, anyone in the Progressive Caucus, to actually take the forefront in organizing the millions of us who want so desperately to save our country. I can only suggest that we do what we can to encourage such honorable patriots as these to lead us in our cause.

  2. good morning all.

    Provocative (in a good way) post EV,
    parx24, I share much of your cynicism,
    I need to gather my thoughts.

  3. From the internets, a reader writes:

    For the first time today, I got an e-mail from my little sister who does not follow politics closely at all. She was a first time voter in 2008. She is exactly the profile of the type of voter Obama will need again in 2012.

    Her e-mail to me had the subject line: “I am done.”

    I opened the e-mail and she had written only one line: “I cannot support a President who seems incapable of standing up to bullies.”

    My sister was not focused on the policy merits of the deal. All she was paying attention to were the atmospherics. For someone like her, not a member of the professional left or even the avid grassroots supporters of the President, to have embraced the meme that this President “caves” is a terrible thing, I think. The White House should be very worried that she has internalized this impression. It will be difficult (if not impossible) to overcome.

    I can’t help but think of the many other young people in their mid to late 20s (like my sister) who have already decided that this President is not up to the task. I talked to my sister on the phone this afternoon and she said something that should more than terrify the White House. She said something to the effect that every time she hears the President on television talking about how “broken” Washington is, all she can think about is how “broken” he is because he is after all, Washington.

    Between the young people who can’t find jobs, the people of color who are living in the depression, and the party activists who feel as though Obama doesn’t “fight” for their principles, it is truly difficult for me to see how Barack Obama is re-elected in 2012. If David Plouffe were living our here in the heartland, all of his hair would be grey. I think that this episode means the death-knell for Obama’s re-election prospects. I am not prone to hyperbole or to exaggeration. But I really do not see how President Obama recovers from this beat-down by the Tea Party. He has never looked weaker to me and Americans have an allergy to weakness in their leaders.

    • I heard a similar remark from a 35 yr old this weekend and my young Facebook friends are expressing a similar message. If people stay home in 2012, we will end up with a tea bagger in the White House. Obama needs to stop talking about compromise and start slinging more attacks at the do nothing Congress.

    • Americans have an allergy to weakness in their leaders.

      Because it mirrors what?

      I am adamant to be obnoxious today. 😉

      • I’m enjoying your “obnoxious” behavior today. My guess is that the media has convinced us that we need a “hero”.

        When it comes to accepting responsibility by voting, Americans tend to stay home and then complain about the results. Sometimes I wonder how these non-voters would react if they lost the right to vote. People suffered and died for the right to vote and these apathetic Americans take this privilege for granted. To me, not voting is unpatriotic.

    • Obama didn’t stand up to the Tea Party so we can’t vote for him.

      The rub is obvious: don’t vote for him and then be prepared to very likely deal with a Tea Party president (and probably a T.P. Congress as well). Remember, there are invariably only two viable candidates on the presidential ballot: one Republican, One Democrat. The process has, since the events of November 1963, become largely a choice between the lesser of two evils, and thus it remains as we speak.

      I’m a bit tired of being faced with that choice myself, and have, for decades, been trying to find a reasonable alternative. No luck on that. I thought, in 2008, that finally we had overcome, that finally we had as a candidate the ideal blend of intellect, and principle, and purpose, and strong will. I was wrong.

      I have long had two basic rules:

      NEVER vote for anyone from Texas.
      NEVER vote for anyone with an (R) beside their name.

      Doesn’t leave me with much, I know, esp. when the ONLY genuinely inspiring candidate since 1960 turned out to be far, far less than what was hoped. I do wonder, too, what it says about the country and its eventual fate when the most inspiring choice of all would be if the words None of the Above appeared as a valid and acceptable choice?

      I guess I’m glad that given my ever more rapidly advancing age, I won’t have to put up with such silly shit for more than a small handful of future election cycles. At the most.

    • Thanks badmodman. That is really interesting. BTW Bibi is under immense pressure from his people right now. They are talking new elections.

  4. The ridiculous, self-inflicted debt ceiling-fest cost the US government $1.7 billion dollars. That’s the amount of additional interest the USG had to pay investors when it went into the market to see Treasury bills on Monday.

    Quoting CNNMoney: “To be precise, the extra cost is $1,721,250,000 more in interest payments than the government would have needed to pay investors just two weeks ago, when they were willing to accept far lower rates before the debt ceiling became a crisis.”

    — Josh Marshall

    • History repeats itself. When there was a similar obstruction under Carter, the treasury took some days to get the money going. It cost billions.

    • Same thing happened (on a smaller scale) here in Minnesota during our recent government shutdown. It cost millions to shut things down in an orderly manner, and cost more millions to bring things back online in an orderly manner. To to mention the lost revenues to businesses (and the resulting tax revenue on those transaction) due to the tens of thousands laid off state workers.

      Of course such political theater from the right-wing isn’t actually about saving us money.

  5. EV, once again you live up to your nickname. There is evidence of this taking it to the streets. In Wisconsin and Ohio and a few other places where recalls and ballot placement of key issues are happening. Whether it will be enough and in time is yet to be seen.

    We have far too many people with too much access to the media who are like a stubborn child. They won’t accept that someone telling them sticking your hand in a fire is a really bad idea so they have to do it. And probably take way too many people down in the process.

    • hooda, I am far away, that’s right. But not entirely clueless 😉 I know of Wisconsin and Ohio, but I feel it is simply not enough. This was a national debate and I wished to have seen more action. Hell, this debt debate did so much damage to your Democracy.

      • It was a start that surprised a great many people and hopefully grows as the pain spreads from the butchery of our society. The number of people who need to be roused is huge but the R’s are doing a good job of poking them.

  6. The young woman who e-mail “I’m done” with Obama to her sister is EXACTLY what the republicans were trying to do during the debt ceiling crisis. Make government look so dysfunctional, make Obama look bad, although I will be the first to say that Obama has left progressives behind while turning his back on all of Main Street.

    Lots of Americans who voted for Obama are not going to turn out and vote for him in 2012 for the very reason the young woman stated, that Obama can’t or won’t stand up to bully’s. Many other Americans will simply refuse to vote because they are done with this dysfunctional government who only seem interested in serving the wealthy, the corporations and Wall Street.

    Perhaps allowing the republicans to take back the White House and the Senate is exactly what this country needs….or deserves. If it happens, we here all know how bad it will get for the middle class, the working class, the sick, the poor, the disabled, the elderly.

    The tea partiers, no matter how stupid or brain washed will be affected by republican policies too. Eventually these idiots will realize what they have supported and I don’t think they will like it. Sadly, the rest will have to suffer during this grand awakening period.

  7. Many other Americans will simply refuse to vote because they are done with this dysfunctional government who only seem interested in serving the wealthy, the corporations and Wall Street.

    That’s exactly what a stubborn child would do. Those that stay home and don’t vote are responsible for a dysfunctional government.

  8. The case can easily be made that we’re saddled with the Teatards today because not enough clear thinking, rational people (yes, mostly Democrats) voted in the 2010 midterms.

    Let’s not do that again, k?

  9. Why hasn’t the left organized a group similar to what the republicans have with the Tea Party? Where are all of the big progressive voices? Why hasn’t George Soro’s or others with the financial means done anything like this?

    We have allowed the tea party to gain national recognition, thanks to a complying corporate media. Progressives need to follow suit so that our voices can be heard. It’s time to fight fire with fire.

    We have the issues on our side:

    * Higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans
    * Saving Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security
    * Ending the war
    * Creating jobs
    * Fair trade policies

    If we had a similar organization that sprung up perhaps the corporate media (doubtful) would hype our group up like they did for the tea party?

    We need to do something so that by 2016, we have a large group who can become a force in the democratic party much like the tea partiers have become in the republican party. Perhaps this is where we can find the right presidential candidate for a third party in 2016?

  10. Also start pushing the word “Fascism” around which is more honest then the idiots on the right screaming “Socialism”!

      • They are! Corporate fascists and economic terrorists who have no souls, no compassion, no remorse. They have thoroughly brainwashed millions of Americans who cling to bibles and guns.

        These people who support the right haven’t got a clue about the constitution, only when it comes to their guns. What the republicans are trying to do is destroy government so that it can be privatized. Where in the constitution is this mentioned?

        It’s time we stop whining and start fighting back. We need to organize with other blogs across the internet, find out where everybody is located and start having protests or rallies at State Capitals across the country. The media would not be able to ignore us forever, look at the coverage the great people of Wisconsin got in the media. We all must be an army of one.

  11. Our choices in 2012 will be stark and well defined.
    Shrugging our shoulders and emitting a big sigh won’t prevent the Teabaggers and Romney from taking over our government.
    Only concerted action that negates the enormous cash advantage that Citizens United to Fuck up America gives the Kochsters will allow us to take back the House, fortify the Senate and keep a President in the Oval Office who can, with a majority in both houses, GET SHIT DONE.
    Oh, and don’t forget the appointment of more than likely 2 Supreme Court Justices. For Life.

    We can’t let up now.

    • I disagree RUC – there is no choice at all. Obama’s a sock puppet, he’s dancing to whatever tune the corporations are playing. And right now it may as well be the Horst Wessel.

      Obama *had* a majority in both house RUC….

      • He did have the majority, but did they really support him? Changing Washington isn’t just the President’s task, he is not a dictator. The bills are made in Congress. And, obviously, the Tea Party knows how to change Washington – in Congress. I dread to think what a Tea Party President would do. Then you would have a President who is not sticking to the rules, as you did with Bush/Cheney.

      • Terry me old mate…you are forgetting some important facts: .
        In 2007:the Democrats took control of the House. but NOT the Senate.
        The Blue Dogs held the balance of Dem power. .
        In the Senate
        Lieberman sided with the Republicans,
        Kennedy was sidelined with illness.
        Franken was prevented from taking his seat for about a year.
        Harry Reid was useless,.

        In 2008 there was a major turnout for Obama, but clearly not really for the Party as the 2010 elections proved .Those new voters were naive opportunists. who fucked-off after the party. We have .them to ‘thank’ for this bloody mess as much as Obama’s naivety.

        • I understand the analysis – but nominally – a Blue dog is still a Democrat (supposedly) and the majority in the Senate was real – the 60 votes needed to deal with blatant obstrcutionism, no I grant you that. But 51 is a majority and they ahd that. They had the control of the committees and the agenda and did *nothing*.

          “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” – Pete Townshend

        • And I can’t help feeling like Obama, full of ideals and convictions, won that election and went to the White House ready to do the work he promised the American people, and then ‘the real powers that be’ clapped him on the back in congratulations, and then sat him down and told him “Now, here’s how it’s going to be…”

      • When the Senate has the cloture rule in place, the minority can block whatever they want. I agree that Obama is a centrist, and much of his play so far has favored the corporate tier. I still prefer this flavor of corporate stooge to what is happening in WI, except of course for the recall thingy.

        • Only difference between a Republican president and a Democratic one?

          They get to throw a little red meat (well the Democrat throws tofu) to their base: maybe a border fence here, a ‘defence of marriage’ act there or a ‘dont-ask-dont-tell’ repeal or a light-bulb initiative on the other side. The core agenda is now exactly the same:

          Personhood for corporations – ‘too big to prosecute’ continues unabated
          Tax cuts for the rich, spending cuts for the poor, entitlements for the corporations (e.g. the universal make us buy insurnace health plan)
          Phone tapping – yup
          Guantanamo still open – yup
          Still bombing the brown people – yup

          So f***ed we are just so f***ed

          • I still wish we had term limits. SHORT term limits. And I wish we could impeach certain justices, because they have WAY too much power.. They are like kings. I frankly think they have more power than Congress and the president put together.

            • And SCOTUS has a power that they granted to themselves, but not one that was explicitly enumerated in the constitution: judicial review.

  12. Young Turks:

    Harry Reid: “An historic accomplishment”
    Barack Obama: “An historic accomplishment”

    Bone: “There is nothing in this deal that violates our principles”
    McConnell: “If you are Republican, there is nothing in this deal not ti like”

    Barak Obama – worst Democratic president ever. I know some of you have said “Well I’ll still support him because of the alternative”. What alternative? I can’t think of anything a Republican president would do that Obama *hasn’t* done….. sorry. The GOP doesn’t need to run a candidate in 2012, they can already do what ever they want with the current occupant in the White House.

    Over to Young Turks for the post-game

  13. In 2008 Obama’s idealism seemed to excite the 18 year old’s, and older first-time voters who’d had enough of the total Republican government experience.
    In 2010 they stayed home, apparently assuming that their interests real or imagined) had been and would automatically be, taken care-of.

    There is apparently a voting element that seems to insist that every gain by a Party in one branch of government MUST be counteracted by a loss in the other, to satisfy the principle of a “balance of power” to preserve democracy,
    That assumes that there is an equality between the two parties, which simply does not exist. .

    There is also apparently an element that believes that not voting in a given election exercises their voting power by ‘punishing’ a candidate with an election loss.
    That assumes that losing an election-loss is like being fired,,whereas in fact it is simply the temporary denial of a benefit of no great consequence.

    Inaction is simply not the same as action,

  14. The majority of Americans will vote for brute force over intellect any day of the week. Obama was pitted against a dottering old man in 2008. But the Republicans put their effort into House races and the Senate, and it has paid off for them.

    Organizing must take place in small cells. Read The Family – it’s the blue-print. It takes patience to build up enough to take control, and The Family’s been at it for decades – it won’t be taken down overnight.

    EV, things haven’t gotten bad enough for most Americans to take to the streets. We are like the frog in water, and the heat is going up gradually.By the time we realize we’re cooked, it will be too late.

    I believe this debt ceiling debate fiasco has served as a global wake-up call. Global markets know that this will be repeated very, very soon, with the upcoming budget talks. Republicans have been playing chicken – willing, ready, and able to destroy the economy unless they get what they want, and Obama has blinked, repeatedly. Right or wrong, he sees caving preferable to letting the Republicans drive this country off a cliff on his watch. Republicans, on the other hand, see a win-win situation. If they drive the country off a cliff, Obama will get blamed, and they will gain more power. If Obama caves, they get what they want, the President seems weak, and they will gain more power.

    The global market is waking up to this, and will begin slowly shifting away from the dollar – not too fast, lest it trigger its own meltdown in the shift.

    Republicans will gain control of the U.S., but it will be an emplty shell of its former glory..the haves and the have-mores will have transferred most of its wealth off-shore, never to be seen again. Only when enough people are destitute, with no hope of having a chance at a better life, and no hope of improvement through the ballot box, will they rise up, take to the streets and take back their country from the ruling hedgemoney. This is the lesson of history, and the path we are on, once again.


    “It is nothing but grandstanding for members of both parties to vote routinely for legislation they know create deficits and then profess shock and horror that the debt limit must be increased as a consequence.” Bartlett writes that there is “not one iota of evidence” to show the limit acts as a constraint on government debt, concluding that abolition of the limit, while unlikely, is necessary. “The only way to avoid disaster in this sort of game,” Bartlett writes, “is not to play.”

    • The only way to win, is not to play.

      What if Obama decided not to play? What if he said,

      “Congress, you passed a budget and I signed it into law. Now it is up to you to raise the debt ceiling to pay for it.

      A budget is a promise to the American people to operate this government a certain way, to fund programs at a certain amount. I will not go back on that promise. And I don’t expect Congress to, either. I want a clean bill authorizing the increase of the debt limit to cover the expenditures you already voted for. I will veto anything else.”

      • Indeed. I think any US president may be justified is borrowing the funds to cover what Congress has passed; if Congress didn’t provide revenue for it.

    • Problem is, the debt limit is a useful tool for those whose agenda is to disembowel this Democratic Republic and replace its government with a ruling oligarchic corporatocracy, a privately owned bastion of immense power whose only goal is more power. My own opinion, based on historical fact and historical trends, is that the human species does indeed contain the “pasture bull” genetic codon which drives a relatively small percentage of the population toward power and control no matter the cost. America’s founders idealistically tried to create a nation state not susceptible to the power for the sake of power meme — a fresh and inspiring ideology at the time, but doomed to eventual failure from the get go.

      We just happen to be around as the transition of orderly and compassionate governance gets once again pushed off the cliff, the historical regularity thereof perpetuated yet one more time. Maybe Jack London best summed it up with his law of nature: Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. That about sums up the entire flow of life on this planet, and it appears inviolable.

      I’m not surprised at all that America is on the verge of failure; I’ve been watching it slowly happen since my first cogent memories of “the world.” I am disappointed, of course, that there’s no way of stopping it, esp. not since it’s been on the steepest part of the downslope for nearly fifty years now, in deadly repeat of history yet one more time.

      All predictable.

      “An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.” ~Plutarch – Mestrius Plutarchus (c. 46 AD- 127 AD), Greek historian, biographer, and essayist

      “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. … The punishment for those who are too intelligent to engage in politics is that they shall be governed by idiots. ~ Plato

      “It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion.” ~Aristotle, in Politics, J. Sinclair translation, pg. 226, 1962

      “If we may believe Thucydides, the democratic leaders at Athens, while making liberty the idol of their policy among Athenians, frankly recognized that the confederacy of free cities had become an empire of force. ‘You should remember,’ says Thucydides’ Cleon to the Assembly, ‘that your empire is a despotism exercised over unwilling subjects who are always conspiring against you; they do not obey in return for any kindness which you do to them to your own injury, but only in so far as you are their master; they have no love for you, but they are held down by force.’ The inherent contradiction between the worship of liberty and the despotism of empire co-operated with the individualism of the Greek states to end the Golden Age.” ~Will Durant in The Life of Greece (Simon and Schuster; 1939)

      “To fit in with the change of events, words, too, had to change their usual meanings. What used to be described as a thoughtless act of aggression was now regarded as the courage one would expect to find in a party member; to think of the future and wait was merely another way of saying one was a coward; any idea of moderation was just an attempt to disguise one’s unmanly character; ability to understand a question from all sides meant that one was totally unfitted for action. Fanatical enthusiasm was the mark of a real man, and to plot against an enemy behind his back was perfectly legitimate self-defence . . . and indeed most people are more ready to call villainy cleverness than simple-mindedness honesty. They are proud of the first quality and ashamed of the second.” ~Thucydides, circa 415 BCE, coincident with Athens’ invasion of Sicily — and the commensurate destruction of the Golden Age; (see The Peloponnesian War III, 82, trans. Rex Warner, The Penguin Classics, pp. 209-210)

      And finally,

      “Words had to change their ordinary meaning and to take which was now given them. Reckless audacity came to be considered courage of a loyal ally; prudent hesitation, specious cowardice; moderation was held to be a cloak for unmanliness; ability to see all sides of a question inaptness to act on any. Frantic violence, became the attribute of manliness; cautious plotting, a justifiable means of self-defence.” ~Thucydides

      “Human nature is unchanging across time and space and thus predictable.” ~Thucydides

      • Also very much like what happened to the USSR for much the same reason and in much the same manner.

        • Yep. The only difference, really, is the Russians went from bad to better while we’re going from better to worse. We’ll probably meet them in the middle somewhere, maybe at, say, 6 on the crap scale of 0-10.

          “Human nature is unchanging across time and space and thus predictable.” ~Thucydides

  16. Boner said that this bill got him 98% of what he wanted. It contains nothing about jobs. I guess that’s in the 2% he didn’t get.

    Shows you his priorities.

  17. We’re still more than a year away from the election and it’s unwise to make assumptions at this point. Plenty of arguments to be had. Plenty of lies to be told. And? Plenty of opportunity for the Reichwhiners to double down on the crazy again and again and again and… But, most of all, there’s plenty of opportunity for the “librul media” to frame the debate in favor of the Reichwhiners.

    As I’ve said before; I think that President Obama should have simply frozen the GOoPers out and invoked the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling but I understand why he didn’t. It probably would have resulted in the rest of his term being devoted to fighting impeachment. i think the Reichwhiners would have lost but that’s nowhere near a certainty. He decided to continue to respect the process of government and let the chips fall where they may.

    I find it astounding how successful the “librul media” has been in framing this whole crisis. Aside from the 14th Amendment “nuclear option” what should President Obama have done differently?Was he supposed to brand his political enemies as traitors in the same way as his predecessor?

    We need to all remember that a president is not a ruler or even, in the strictest sense, a leader. As implied in the title he holds; he presides over our government. He doesn’t write bills. He doesn’t cast votes in the House or Senate. His only real and legitimate power is to veto bills that reach his desk and there have been precious few opportunities to do that given the open hostilities that run rampant in the halls of power.

    Frankly, I don’t know what we “lefties” are so mad about. The only thing that we hoped to gain was a rise in the debt limit so that the GOoPers wouldn’t have a new club to use against Obama. That was accomplished. The cuts in the bill, from where I sit, are minor and mostly symbolic. The proposed “super committee” is a disturbing possibility but it’s in the future and could even be fought in court. And, for the first time in a very long time, the Democrats managed to get an agreement that raises the possibility of cutting military spending. And, on a purely selfish note, I and millions of retirees and disabled people and soldiers and vets and government workers are going to receive our checks and health services rather than being faced with the choice of swallowing all our meds or stepping in front of a truck. I don’t feel in the least like I was thrown under a bus. I was saved from that fate.

    The best way that I can explain my view of these negotiations is by analogy.

    The Dems wanted a big bowl of ice cream and the GOoPers said they wanted the whole jar of jelly beans in return. The Dems put the jar of jelly beans on the table but then they took out a handful. The GOoPers threw a tantrum and demanded the remaining handful but the Dems then took another handful. Realizing that the Dems weren’t going to give up the whole jar the GOoPers then acceded that the dems could have the black jelly beans. The Dems then dumped out the jar, sorted the beans by color, and put only the black ones back. Finally realizing that they weren’t going to get the jelly beans they wanted the GOoPers pretty much caved and agreed to take whatever jelly beans the Dems were willing to let go so that they could declare a symbolic victory.

    That’s where we stand. The Dems got a real victory in raising the debt ceiling and the GOoPers got a symbolic victory in some pretty iffy cuts and an agreement to hold a vote on a balanced budget amendment that hasn’t a prayer of passing.

    • Well said. People who are so critical of Obama not fulfilling his campaign promises should remember that the country had not yet plunged into economic chaos, and Congress had not yet been brought to a screeching halt by the GOP. It’s amazing, frankly, that he’s accomplished anything under the circumstances.

      I would link to but it seems to be broken.

      • Gummitch, I wish I still had that chart with all the past recessions that showed the trajectory of where our economy was headed as Obama entered the office.. It was STRAIGHT DOWN and had not even begun to start to turn yet. Once Obama got into office he had to stop that trajectory and momentum in a downward spiral, get it to flatten out before you could bend that curve to heading upwards again. That takes time and bipartisan cooperation in order to get the right things done and put into place. That chart/graphic should have been displayed constantly, with every accusation or argument about whose fault it was, and in the discussions about raising the debt limit. It takes time to get that line to bend and point upwards again, especially as straight down it was headed. THAT was ALL George George W. Bush’s fault. I think they knew exactly what they were doing when he ran this country off a cliff. It was SO VERY bad that the new president coming into office would struggle to get things put back right again, and would be blamed for the fallout of horrendous decisions made my Bush/Cheney, and then the GOP would take the presidency back in 2012. I really do believe that was part of their strategy. And so far, it is working. Obama IS being blamed for all he was NOT responsible for. Every attempt at doing it right has been blocked in order to hang this thing around his neck like a giant anchor.
        I don’t think the GOP minds at all about breaking our country because they have been out to destroy every possible successful social programs put in place by Democratic presidents since they were first put in place.

    • Not sure about the analogy pete, but then I’m still not sure about the ‘actuality’ of what has just gone down, so I can’t and won;t get into that. here and now.

      Everything above your analogy seems sound, a combination of relevant theory and practicality.

      What “we “lefties” are so mad about.” is actually a whole bunch of things, and I;m still trying to figure out what I;m MOST mad about and whether I’m what appears to make me most mad is necessarily what I SHOULD be most mad about!

      • A short explanation of my analogy is that the Dems offered almost everything the GOoPers wanted at the start and then took pieces away until the GOoPers realized the deal would only get worse for them if they held out. Even though they were sharpening the knives of impeachment they must have realized their danger if President Obama had invoked the 14th Amendment. There are still a few left with enough acquaintance with the real world to realize that trying to impeach a president who fulfilled his duty to enforce the Constitution and evade a financial disaster would risk handing the Dems an unprecedented victory.

        • Pete – you are correct. Obama offered the Pubs everything they asked for and more and the Pubs refused his offers. He knew that they would say “no” and that is why he offered them the world. Having to wait until Monday to vote put pressure on Boehner. The Dems that voted for the bill stated that is was a horrible bill but they wanted to save the economy. Just think how bad it would have been if the “cut, cap, and balance” bill would have passed and been signed into law.

    • Pete – Good analogy. I’m not that upset over this agreement. Selfishly, I will receive my SS check this month which means that we won’t default on our mortgage payment. McConnell threatened to have this fight again in 2013. That means that McConnell better be fighting to get re-elected and all the baggers will need to get re-elected. With the dismantling of Medicare vote and the willingness to throw the American people out in the street, it may be difficult for the baggers to get re-elected. Their Democratic opponents have good talking points to throw at the baggers. If the debt ceiling wasn’t raised, millions of more Americans would be out of work.

    • The debt ceiling crisis was manufactured out of nowhere – the issue was used to create a crisis and force a capitulation.

      It was like (to paraphrase Rudepundit) being told have to burn down your house because you have mice. And instead after being forced to buy a cat to get the mice, you say to yourself “That was lucky, I didn’t have to burn my house down – whew that’s a win there”

  18. I think the Senate is voting on the debt ceiling right now.

    Not sure, I’m a bit late getting around this morning.

    • As I’ve said; I have mixed feelings and am not going to actually celebrate but I am going out to write a rubber check for a case of beer secure in the knowledge that said check will be good by tomorrow morning.

      • My next SS check isn’t due till the fourth Wednesday of the month, three weeks from tomorrow, but I had enough residual from the last one to go out yesterday and buy a box of really fine wine.

        • I had some unexpected expenses this month. I signed up for a new phone service and they placed my entire bill on my automatic payment a month earlier than I expected.. Then I discovered that I needed a new phone. Then a few other minor emergencies raised Hell with my cash flow.

            • I’ve been broke before and I’ll be broke again. It’s not really that big a deal. Plus I’ve built up enough good will in the community that I can usually beg a brat and a beer if anyone is out grilling. Feeding the bambinos garners a lot of good karma among my Hispanic neighbors.

  19. Now for IMPORTANT news…

    Newly discovered photos of an allegedly pregnant Sarah Palin three weeks before giving birth to a six pound baby are now up at Immoral Minority. Watch her one-month pregnancy from start to finish! There is not much else to say at this point but go see for yourself.

    More here:

    • Sarah the lying hypocrite exposed once and for all for the total and complete fraud that she is.
      And MSM says>……(chirp)

  20. David Frum posts a “theses for modern Republicans.” Money quote:

    “Republicans have become so gripped by pessimism and panic that they feel they have nothing to lose by rushing into a catastrophe now. But there is a lot to lose, and in these past weeks America nearly lost it. Let’s hope that as America steps back from the brink, Republicans remember that it’s their job to protect the system, not to smash the system in hopes of building something better from the ruins.

    That’s how student radicals think — not conservatives.”

    • “Republicans remember that it’s their job to protect the system, not to smash the system in hopes of building something better from the ruins.”

      Maybe it is just me but I think only a Republican could make that statement with a straight face.

      • FRUM: “Let’s hope that as America steps back from the brink, Republicans remember that it’s their job to protect the system (that allows Republicans to claim they want smaller more efficient government yet invariably enlarge it and make it less efficient, that they want more individual liberties yet persistently reduce them, that they are fiscally responsible yet buy everything on credit and never pay the interest let-alone the bill, that they ‘fight’ for democracy yet always side with dictatorships, that always claim voter fraud without evidence yet defraud voters at every opportunity, that lets them demand personal responsibility of their political and social opposites but never of themselves) not to smash the system in hopes of building something better from the ruins (because it doesn;t GET any better than being able to get rich off fooling all of the people.all of the time by pretending to be sensible and sincere instead of being obviously hysterical and blatantly dishonest just because the system has permitted so much of that so far and so often). se

    • Ebb, that reminds me how back in the 90’s when the family would go up north for a week’s vacation. The lake had a few ospreys and they were fun to watch. What the video missed (and I saw numerous times) was when the osprey was winging for home and a bald eagle would come in and steal the fish.

    • Nice! My husband once had an osprey grab the fish that my husband had hooked. As the fish was fighting to get off the hook, the osprey swooped by and grabbed the fish. Of course, the Osprey won and my husband was lucky to be able to keep his fly rod and most of his line.

  21. …stopping to grumble.

    A few minutes ago, on MSNBC, The Village Idiot (Chuck Todd) and Andrea (My husband was a big deal in the Beltway) Mitchell…

    Could they run down Obama and Dems anymore? Sheesh…all about how he could LOSE so many states in 2012…and run us down, run us down, run us down.

    Makes me FURIOUS!

  22. …off beat…but, on Martha now, Tim McGraw…SANS hat! I’ve never seen what was under those black cowboy hats.

  23. Yes, this whole mess could have been avoided entirely — but he doesn’t say how the repigs are continually fucking over this country.

    I know he can’t say that, but he could touch on the subject.

  24. A pair of eagles nested about 6 miles from my house this year. Now, everyday I hear the sound and see the sight of an eaglet flying over my property. Here’s a video of some eaglets… (not from my place)

    • .
      Cats, that must be a grand sight and sound – to have eaglets in your midst.
      Thanks for sharing this video of others having the same experience with Ma Nature (who seldom disappoints).

  25. Basically, the President is doing his job right now.

    He’s enumerating the things we need to do for the people of this country, knowing it will be a knock-down drag-out fight every inch of the way.

    It’s easy to see he’s quite frustrated…maybe even pissed off.

  26. Oh fuck, Andrea Mitchell has Chuck Todd and Mikey Steele on to talk about the President’s speech.

    I going to take a shower.

    • …they were what I was bitch’n about…they were spewing before he started talking.

      Man…here we go again. Talk down the Dems…Talk down the Dems…over and over and over.

      I wish Currrent TV would dramatically expand their news type programming…I desperately need an alternative to MSNBC.

        • …damn.

          I was SO hoping that RM would go to Current TV.

          SO speaking of MSNBC, Mark Halperin has reinstated at MSNBC.


        • Recently, Keith Olbermann has made noises about trying to poach Maddow away from MSNBC and bring her with him to Current TV. The new deal prevents any such move from happening.

          Keith did her a favor and upped her value.

          Hayes is getting the deal Cenk turned down. I hope the Sunday show isn’t a repeat of the Saturday show, but I bet it is. Otherwise, it competes directly with Meet the Press in its second hour.

        • I don’t subscribe to cable so I can pick and choose which clips I watch but I’m pretty disgusted with MSNBC. I appreciate that they are virtually the only network where one might hear cogent and passionate arguments about the freaks who have seized this country but I find it hard to feel very good about a network that continues to employ Pat Buchanan.

  27. the market’s take on the debt ceiling DJI down 118 points, as an MSNBC article points out

    “The agreement, however, left investors nervous about the likelihood of a double-dip recession since the bill requires a deep pullback in government spending at a time when economic data is pointing to an increasingly sluggish economy.

    The Department of Commerce said U.S. consumers scaled back spending in June. The news made investors jittery since a dour consumer environment makes companies hesitant to hire new workers. According to the report, personal income rose 0.1%, as expected, in June although personal spending slipped 0.2%. Economists had been anticipating an uptick of 0.1%. In May, personal income rose 0.3% and spending remained flat.”

    Way to go baggers.

    • Wow, wow wow, when the rich ones lose money in their investments, because, because, because the Tea Party has reduced spending and there’s no money left they can rob from you all **GASP** that’ll be the end of them. Big oops, maybe the system just turned on itself. OK I’m kidding.

      Seriously, the markets do not like what they see. The Zurich SMI is down more than 4%.

      • This reminds me of a local customer. Twenty years ago they were a major player, built lots of machines and bought lots of material. Today, they are barely holding on yet they demand absolute lowest prices (usually dictated by volume which they no longer buy in), are very slow pay, 90-120 days, expect free express shipping and our company to maintain stock they may or may not buy, etc. The boss was complaining about it to me and I asked him, do they generate enough business and profit to justify dealing with their crap?

        They are now working with the last local supplier in the state who will put up with their arrogance. Too bad. 🙂

        • Man…sounds just like MANY of our customers…wanting everything and all of our employees time, for a huge discount and then they don’t pay (we have to beg and beg and beg) for 6 months.

    • Yeah yesterday morning’s financial headlines were ( to summarize) “markets UP on US Debt Deal ”

      Sample from a comment of mine yesterday:

      First paragraph from today’s TP Morning Briefing:

      World markets rose today on news that President Obama and Republicans had reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling, with the Tokyo’s Nikkei and London’s FTSE both up 1.3 percent. U.S. stock futures are pointing to a strong opening as well, with the Dow up 153 points 90 minutes before opening.

      With SPECIAL REGARD to the DOW it is NOW DOWN 131 points as I write this [9.27 am]—even though “President Obama and Republicans had reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling” !!!

      What really makes the DOW or any other Index go up and down has nothing to do with the political news of the moment and everything to do with what financial gain coke-addled traders think they can can discern in any given moment so they can continue to afford $3,000 hookers.

      Now the debt deal has been fully passed rather than simply approved by one House, “the market’s take on the debt ceiling DJI DOWN 18 points, as an MSNBC article points out”

      Debt deal approved yesterday, market UP ( by marginal amount)!. Same debt deal ratified today? Market DOWN! (by nearly identical marginal amount)

      Professional financial reporting? Utter bullshit on both counts!

      • ADDENDUM, having noticed EV’s financials report from Europe.

        IF the market movement n Europe is really attributable to the passing of the debt deal today, that’s NOT what was being reported yesterday—the FTSE, DAX etc went UP yesterday am, supposedly because of the deal, according to the CW of the press.

        The attributed reaction of yesterday may have been be bullshit, that of tday may be real, or vice versa. Either way in comparison ONE supposed reaction is WRONG, as as the choice is binary, the financial reports are clearly just GUESSING. in one or the other case.

        The fact that there has been NO PRACTICAL DIFFERENCE between yesterday’s and today’s CAUSE and yesterdays and yet supposedly a difference between the EFFECT over the two technically identical days (ACTUALLY the markets BARELY MOVED) suggests that today’s reported effect is just as wrong as what was reported yesterday.

      • The markets are probably (and rightly) reacting to the fact that this bill does not help get us out of the economic slump we’re in. All it did was keep us from defaulting (which would have made it MUCH worse). And on top of that it then cuts government spending at a time when government spending is exactly what we need.

      • In more predictable news, traders ran around like headless egglaying animals today, whiplashing like scalded garter snakes.

        Back to you, Jane…

    • I’m hoping that come January, my SS monthly will increase by as much as 0.1% per month! That would be almost ten bucks, enough to buy 2.5 gallons of gas! Yippee! Or maybe screw the gas, I can walk to the wine shop across the street and pick up two bottles of Gewurztraminer every three months!

      Pardon me while I faint at the prospects of booming Republican prosperity!

  28. Is the only way to become a Right Wing female voice to become a shrill, deluded harpy?

  29. Fox is making sure their viewers are all using the same talking points with another one of their viewer push polls.

    What would be your first recommendation to reduce the deficit?

    Junk the current tax system and go to a flat tax. 22.55%

    Require a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. 30.87%

    Require a minimum 5 percent deficit reduction each year. 4.6%

    Get to work shrinking Medicare. 0.85%

    Spend less on war. 2.66%

    Reduce the size of government 35.87%

    Other (post a comment). 2.6%

    Of course, the Tea Partiers are still saying “keep your hands off my Medicare” in the results.

    Surprising to me that with 2 wars, and a large-scale action in Libya; less war doesn’t get much of the vote. War is peace as Orwell said.

    Noticeably absent is anything about raising taxes. The flat tax would likely not actually raise overall government revenue, but would further be a boon for the rich.

    • .

      Reduce the size of government 35.87%

      A rather broad statement…would that not include reducing the size of the military? Isn’t that part of ‘government’?

      I’m sick to death of these reality-dodgers.

      • They misworded the question. It should have been eliminate the federal government. That is the real point of all this. Bring on the regional warlords! (if that isn’t too Chinese or medieval European)

    • Flat tax presupposes a static and or consistent, predictable economy, nor would adopting a flat tax make a consistent, predictable economy possible.



        • Flat tax is strongly discriminatory against the poor, the middle class, and STRONGLY favors the top 2-5 percent. They pay less, the rest pay more. Very Republican/fascist in concept. Unfathomably unfair, i.o.w.

    • I’m shocked to see they left out the option
      “Shoot your parents when they turn 60”

  30. Well, I’ve got a lot to think about today — EV got me started. 🙂

    I’m off until this evening. Keep up the amazing conversation, and I’ll catch up later.

  31. Way back when, then little known Texan writer Michael Lind described the 1994 Congressional election as part of a historical pattern of Southern revolt. In a must-read, Lind updates the piece with an analysis of the Teatards, which strips it of its national breadth to reveal the forces beneath. Money quote:

    “From the earliest years of the American republic, white Southern conservatives when they have lost elections and found themselves in the political minority have sought to extort concession from national majorities by paralyzing or threatening to destroy the United States…

    The debt ceiling crisis is the latest case in which the radical right in the South has held America hostage until its demands are met. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln refused to appease the Southern fanatics. Unfortunately, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress chose not to follow their example and instead gave in. In doing so, they have encouraged the neo-Confederate minority in Congress to find yet another opportunity in the near future to extort concessions from America’s majority by sabotaging America’s government.”

    Lincoln and Obama intersect yet again.

    Be sure and check the tasty, eye-popping pie chart in the article:

    • Must reading for all Americans who want to see this nation prosper. I think I’ll make a couple hundred copies and leave them in strategic places around the office…

    • For damn near all my life I’ve wondered: why the hell did we waste SO many lives and SO much wherewithal trying to prevent the deep south from seceding? What did we hope to gain? Tobacco farms?

      I wish the buggers would go for it again and that this time, no argument. Tejas included, of course. Put the border fence where it’s always belonged — after we help relocate all the decent folks who live there by some sort of cruel default, of course.

      • The only problem would be needing a passport to visit New Orleans. Other than that, pffft. They’d sink like a stone without the urban/liberal regions of the northeast and west. Fuggem.

    • Yup, this country is *still* fighting the “War of Northern Aggression.” That chart is very stark in illustraing a compelling argument.

    • The South is still fighting that civil war. This all started with the Constitutional Convention of 1787. The southern states threatened to walk out if they didn’t get to keep their slavery. Madison should have allowed them leave and continue without them.

  32. There is an interesting map of the US in the Yglesias section at TP that sort of predicts which republics might exist after the de-Americanizing (as compared to the de-Sovietizing) of the US.

  33. I’m far from an unqualified fan of Tweety. He can be as offensive and boorish as most of the FAUXhounds and gets too caught up in being an insider. I really dislike it when he talks over guests who are honestly trying to answer his questions. All that being said; he’s pretty damn good when he smells fresh blood because the idiot he’s talking to has nuthin’. This is one of those cases. I especially liked the part at the very end where he said that it’s good that this dim bulb isn’t in Congress but that too many who “think like him” are.

      • It’s only the second time that I’ve actually gone back and watched Tweety for a second time. I almost feel sorry for his victim in this case. Tweety completely destroyed him and he’s just too damn dull to respond. It’s almost like the poor guy is so immersed in the teabagger world and FOX talking points that he can’t even imagine anyone disagreeing with him much less having a very strong argument against his most fundamental Beliefs. He’s not a “deer in the headlights” he’s a “fly trapped in amber”.

      • I (almost) feel sorry for the guy. I don’t know if he’s evil, stupid, or just naive but he got reamed in classic fashion. I would (almost) feel better if he’s too damn stupid to ever realize just how effectively his “philosophy” was destroyed by Tweety. Such a realization can be hard to live with and I really hate to see even evil, stupid, or naive people commit suicide.

  34. I’ve come to the conclusion that the second biggest mistake we have made as a country was to allow US troops to be committed to police actions without the required declaration of war.

    • Amen. From Korea forward, no declaration of war. But lots of wars, lots of tax dollars redistributed to the M.I.C., all with no end in sight.

      War is cool. Profitable. Then came JFK and his order to pull American advisors out of Vietnam rather than escalate the conflict. How lucky for the M.I.C. that JFK died before his ordered pullout from Vietnam was able to go into effect. Lucky for the M.I.C. that LBJ rescinded that order and prepared for escalation even before JFK was buried. Lucky for LBJ that the CIA was able to dream up a Gulf of Tonkin incident in order to coerce Congress into giving LBJ the power to finance and fight an unnecessary and patently stupid war which served no useful purpose other than to transfer billions of tax dollars to the M.I.C. beneficiaries, probably while at the same time, saving LBJ from a fate similar to his predecessor.

      And the rest is, as they say, “history.”

  35. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

    Below average college student
    “yell-leader” (or “cheer-captain” )
    governor of texas
    ambitions of presidency

    It’s Rick Perry

    • Rudepundit lands a couple of backhanders on Rick Perry and Texas today

      There’s a lake in West Texas which has turned red, which could be a sign that the sky wizard has rejected Pastor Rick’s calls for prayers to end the drought. Or it could be a bacteria bloom….nah – the sky wizard is “just gettin’ out his smite-sword and is ready to take out some assholes because it’s pretty clear he doesn’t care what Texans have to say.”

      Anyhow Rude caused me to decorate my screen, musing on the effectiveness of prayer…..

      • I laffed my ass off when I read that today. April – pray for rain. May get 2 inches tops, June, get one inch. July? not much. Sounds like Rick Perry’s God hates his dumbass.

        • Now that NFL is back on, God’s too busy working with Tim Tebow to spare any time for Rick.

        • Ruc, I had fun with a texan in the Washingtonpost comment section. My moniker there is European_Elitist. Boy did I make him mad at me! Sometimes I love to get into a fight with the a-prayer-will-fix-it-crowd. He said he was so happy tropical storm Don was headed Texas way and how right their governor was to ask them to pray for rain and now rain was coming, because all texans including the governor (excluding occasional moans of “oh my god”) had prayed so hard….etc

    • I just find it hard to believe that such idiots survive being a pilot. Now, in Dubbya’s case, the plane that he ended up flying for his “squadron service” was dubbed “the first automatic warplane”. The pilot’s job was to ram the throttle forward, retract the landing gear, and activate the autopilot until it was time to fire a weapon or reverse the process for landing. And, of course, his records are mysteriously absent so it’s impossible to confirm how many actual flights he survived. Perry just might be even more stupid. For some reason I’m reminded of this story about pilots and faith.

      Dad was working on a project with Gen. Robert Scott who wrote a book about his WW2 exploits called “God is My Copilot”. We met several times and went on a couple fishing trips together though I was still a bit young to drink beer which was cool because that meant I got to drive both the boat and the car home. Anyway…

      The title of his book, and a cornerstone of his personal faith, came on an occasion where he was nearly shot down. One or more 20mm cannon shells hit the armor plate at his back and exploded with enough force to drive a few rivets through his close and skin but only caused superficial wounds.. He said that he came up with the title while the rivets were being removed and he contemplated how easily those cannon shells could have killed him.

      I was a lot younger, and a bit more timid, in those days so I still regret not asking him the obvious question: wouldn’t a better title be “A Half-Inch of Armor Plate Saved My Precious Ass”?

    • Was Rick Perry born with a silver spoon up his ass, and had to learn how to fake a Texas drawl? Was his granddaddy a Nazi collaborator?
      That’d round it right out.

      • Hmmm. He looks and acts stupid enough to have Bush blood and brains. Was GHWB getting some late night action on the ‘other’ side of Houston, do you think?

  36. And, at the risk of further riling the amphibian crowd, the following article found this afternoon on MSNBC money page (you know, the stuff you used to have in your 401k…)

    Debt-ceiling deal could derail recovery

    and the DowFuckingJones is now down TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY points.

    Answer – Duh, WTF did the baggers think would happen when you remove billions in spending that would be multiplied throughout the economy…
    Oh, right. Economics isn’t their strong suit. Blind stupid allegiance to Grover Norfuckingquist is.

    • One of the defining traits of anarchists is anarchy. This is usually linked to an inability to see anything past their nose, gonads or stomach. The problem the Baggaratti have is think they are patriots while pursuing the agenda of disassembling government.. Odd they haven’t noticed that total control of power to the people is an essential communist component.

    • From the archives:

      Dow Jones and NASDAQ
      Answer the burning question:
      “How happy is god?”

  37. From TP:

    “Pelosi’s Appointees To Super Commitee Won’t Cut Entitlement Benefits | “That is a priority for us,” Pelosi said. “But let me say it is more than a priority – it is a value… it’s an ethic for the American people. It is one that all of the members of our caucus share. So that I know that whoever’s at that table will be someone who will fight to protect those benefits,” Pelosi said during today’s press conference. She was responding to a question about whether the three members she appoints to the super committee established by the debt ceiling deal compromise will vote down any proposal that targets entitlement benefits. ”

    • One has to wonder about anyone setting up a committee with far reaching power WITH AN EVEN NUMBER OF MEMBERS!

      • The committee will have six members from each branch and three from each party. Six GOoPers, six Dems, six Senators, and six Representatives. I’m not happy about placing any real authority into the hands of such a small group but I don’t object to the composition. The danger, of course, is that the GOoPers will appoint all teabaggers while the Dems appoint one or more blue dogs. That could give the Reichwhiners an effective majority but I think it’s too early to worry about that too much.

        On the other hand; I wonder if the whole deal can’t be challenged in court if it seems to be going horribly wrong. Our Constitution lays out the powers allocated to the various branches of government in pretty clear terms and I’m thinking that a clever lawyer from either side could make a pretty good case that the “super committee” fails in establishing a Constitutional prerogative.

      • Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was on Bill Press this AM saying that the failure to compromise this time around will result in automatic triggered cuts that the Republicans won’t be able to stomach, mostly to defense, and only cutting back payments to providers of Medicare/Medicaid (which would of course trickle down to fewer service providers…but that’s another discussion)
        Her point is that the Democrats appointed to this committee will have more leverage and will be willing to use it to level the playing field. I’m holding my breath…(turning purple..)

        • I see it just the opposite way. When it hits a serious push comes to shove point the odds on a Republican crossing the aisle are none existent. The odds that a Dem will do so are just about a given.

          • That’s been the story so far, really depends on who Pelosi appoints.
            I get the sense that Nancy would just as soon see the thing stalemate and let the auto cuts happen, and watch the R’s scramble.

            • Six Dems with guts. Nancy might be able to pick them in the House. Harry would be totally clueless in the Senate.

  38. .
    I’m feeling really safe knowing the government is looking out for those (undisclosed) who are spreading Salmonella


    CDC: 1 dead, 76 ill from Salmonella in ground turkey

    Information from the CDC and the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been limited because the investigation is still underway. However, the CDC reports that the Salmonella outbreak apparently started around March in at least 26 states:

    Preliminary investigations determined that the food poisoning can be traced to at least four undisclosed retail locations that sold the tainted meat. Three of those four retailers have been linked to one common, yet also undisclosed, meat provider.

      • So let’s make damned sure we defund those oppressive damned Food Safety gummint inspectors, they just make our lives miserable.

  39. I have this horrible sinking sensation that Harry is going to call a press conference and say the Senators he is sending to the committee are Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu and the most junior Senator he could find.

    If that schmuck does not appoint solid Progressive Senators I will personally head to DC and invite all of them to a nice turkey burger lunch. And I will bring the burger with me. In my pocket. On a Greyhound bus. With lots of stops.

  40. Should Matt Damon be the next entertainer to enter politics? Other than not being able to come up with the word “vocation” he makes a great point.

    • Matt should stay on the periphery where he can speak his mind (as in this video – Hurray Matt for calling out the 10% idiot!)

  41. .

    The Dow plunged more than 260 points Tuesday as investors worried about the weak
    economy following another disappointing economic report.

    • Yeah, the report was something about removing hundreds of billons of dollars in federal spending or some such nonsense like that. One estimate said about 1.8 million, that’s 1,800,000 jobs to be lost as a result of this teabagger extortion.

  42. And now for something completely different…

    Wow! I can’t come up with any snark that matches the batshit so I’ll go with an observation. The authors of the Buybull lived in an area where the little standing water tended to be stagnant in times of drought and/or most any summer. Just like the lake in Texas; stagnant waters turn red due to algae and/or bacterial blooms. The Dead Sea, the Bitter Lakes, the streams, and even the Red Sea turn red at times and have done so since long before the Buybull was written. The authors merely ascribed a supernatural meaning to a common natural event they were unable to comprehend. If red water is a sign of the “End Times” then the End Times have occurred somewhere virtually every year since the first algae and bacteria populated the waters of earth.

    • Reminds me of an old sailor saying…

      Red tide at morning, sailors take warning.
      Red tide at night, beware the water’s blight.

      Ok, I took a little literary license.

    • Scooped ya pete @12:42….

      On your comment though – I attribute the fact that my milk is still cold when I get home in my fridge and that the light comes on when I open the door to my ‘being right with Jesus’ everyday of my life. It’s a f*** of a lot easier going with that than comprehending Maxwell’s general equations for the realtionships between electrical and magnetic fields, ah say, ah say, ah tell you what!!

  43. As an awakened Catholic (sort of like a born again Christian in the opposite direction) does red water in Texas qualify as some sort of stigmata? God bleeds on Tejas?

    What sort of weird religion would consider getting bled on is somehow a good thing?

    • But Ceriously folks, I was always wierded out when I (yes I) was an altar boy in my youth, when the priest would say (in Latin, then) “body of Christ” as he placed each eucharist wafer in the communion recipient’s mouth. I kept seeing the church members as crazed zombies coming up for a bite of godflesh.
      Yes. I was weird, even back then.

      • My mom wanted me to be like that but the local priest knew I wouldn’t be able to keep from making cracks. He somehow knew that if he called a little wafer the Body of Christ I would probably say something about Polly and crackers.

      • Zombies or Vampires for the round after that?

        Jesus that’s some wierd ass cult you got going there.

      • I’ll just bet you were cute in your cassock, kneeling and ringing that bell three times, huh?

        I used to sit in the pews and press really hard on my closed eyes until they turned into little brown squares of geometric patterns behind my eyelids. I would then release the pressure on my eyes and open them really fast and then watch until my field of vision would clear. Oh the games one plays while passing time in church… 😉

        • I used to count the bricks in the wall behind the altar. It was a way for me to keep my mind on something important rather than listen again to the same shit I’d heard hundreds of times already.

          • Ok out with the secret. I’ve shown my face, well part of it, so I may as well tell his. My parents were non practising catholics. I grew up next to a small church. I used to go there every evening (mind, nobody told me to) and prayed the rosary. To me it was a fascinating ritual i was still in kindergarten an first grade

          • I haven’t been to Mass in years, but I the last time I did, I was surprised at the rusty files of my brain that opened up and recited all of the appropriate responses at the appropriate places. Scary thing – the mind is.

            I also remember one time when I put my garter on backwards and had to sit on the little nylon holders for almost the whole service. That was painful… I was glad when pantyhose was invented… 😉

        • I consider myself very, VERY, lucky that I was born to agnostic parents. I was about twelve when i started to notice that my friends’ moms were giving me dirty looks when I told them I didn’t go to church. So? I asked my parents why we didn’t go to church. They said that we didn’t go to church because they had decided, long before I was born, to never lie to their children. That even applied to Santa. I think it was about my third day of school that my parents had a long talk with me about Santa. They pointed out that, even though our family didn’t share in the fairy tale, it wasn’t a good idea to try and tell my classmates that Santa wasn’t real. God came later but the same rules applied.

      • Many religions have utilized cannibalism, whether real or symbolic, in their rituals. I find it about as weird as the oft-quoted desire to spend eternity “kneeling at the feet of Jesus” which sounds like a wish to be a slave whether sexual or otherwise. It’s telling that a lot of folks who express that desire don’t seem to find slavery, sexual or otherwise, to be horrific.

        • “Kneeling at the feet of Jesus”… would require an authoritarian mindset, would it not?

    • Calling Pat Robertson – Rick Perry didn’t pass a gay-marriage bill recently?

      Ah no – I have it – this is San Angelo – the sky wizard is laying down a curse on the military bases nearby now that DADT is on the way out – told you it was easy to figure out!

      If God’s Air Force simply tarred an feathered a couple of ‘alternatives’, lake would clear up by the next sabbath day. Somebody propose it at Friday Prayers this week eh?

  44. Help me out here, folks… I am not seeing how this debt deal is that bad a deal.
    Maybe I’m just stupid. Is it a perception thing for low information voters?

    All this thing does is make it all the more important to elect Democrats to the House and Senate in 2012. Does the impression that Obama caved make it harder to vote for Democrats in 2012? Most of these reductions take place after the next election, and if there is a Democratic House and Senate, then it can be fixed (like it always has to be after a Republican House Control in the past 30 years). And with the Bush tax cuts expiring at the end of 2012, The Dems should just let that expire and then make their own targeted tax cuts for the middle class in the next Congress.

    Maybe someone here can explain it to me, but I’m just not getting it.

    • LL, it isn’t a really bad deal. It just leaves the door open for lots of bad things between now and the election. Put it this way, if Boner is happy with it, the worst is yet to come.

      • Frankly, I am not too worried about that… Cripes, the man has only passed 12 bills in the House since January. Didn’t they just go on vacation? Republicans don’t see the need to pass bills that helps the middle class or small business or the poor…. so I’m not sure what other kind of damage they can inflict that would make it through the Senate…

          • Yeah, we never really expected them to put together a jobs bill, did we? Republicans? Caring about the general welfare of (common) Americans?

        • Which is something of the problem. The R’s are starting to sweat and get desperate. A rat in the middle of the room will scuttle for a corner. A rat in a corner is dangerous.

          The real danger is the media coverage and public opinion. This ceiling crap has hurt the President. Not because he wasn’t working hard but because the Right Spin machine is in overtime. Come Xmas, it will be more of the same.

      • if Boner is happy with it, the worst is yet to come.

        Actually that should probably read, ‘if a Boner is happy with its Baloney, then the Wurst is yet to come.’ No? 🙂

    • LL, you have a point. The thing that is getting at me is, however, the blackmail part. A relatively small group of congress representatives obstruct every single attempt at meaningful policy making. They are shifting public discourse.

      • Perhaps when they block the federal gas tax from being continued in September, and by December their infrastructure projects come to a screeching halt in their districts, and the unemployed baggista come screeching after them, there will be egg laying fowl finding a home.

      • Public discourse is a fickle thing, isn’t it? I do know quite a few people who think that the Republicans were just acting like babies… And I live in Conservative Phoenix.

        I spoke with my dad yesterday and we agreed that during the last Depression 100 years ago, that at one point the millionaires were patriotic enough to step up and to try to save the country. JP Morgan apparently led the charge…locked a bunch of titans in a room and committed to rebuild America.

        I’m not sure that any of our current rich people are that patriotic, but we could sure need use someone like that again… Think Donald Trump is up to the job? Heh.

        • You’ll have to count on other people this time around I think. This last recession, bankers we’re jumping out of windows out of shame. This time they asked for parachutes, prefereably golden ones, and walked out of the one main entrance into the one next door, to start the same tricks again.

          There are dcent people around among the wealthy as well. So maybe, after all, you are right. But not the Donald.

          • The Donald was( and is) a joke. I can’t see him doing anything that isn’t self-serving for his ego.

          • Actually. EV try finding ONE ACTUAL example of a millionaire jumping out of a window out of shame or fear or both, in 1929. What you certainly will find,is a lot of apocryphal ‘reporting’ and imaginative hyperbole—the press back then wasn’t any less sensationalist than it is now.

    • With neither Obama of the Democratics in congress showing any kind of spine, wit or intelligence to battle on behalf of their constituents, who is going to bother. Obama caved, Boner and McConnell are boasting to any TV camera they can find, Obama and Reid meekly hail the ‘historic accomplishment’.

      Why would the next congress be any different to this one – the Bush Tax cuts were extended, why won’t the same game play out all over again next year?

      Your assumption is that (1) the Democrats grow a spine next year when they haven’t had one in at least a decade (2) The Republicans stop playing their winning strategy of framing the debate their way, taking the country hostage and negotiating ‘compromise’ after ‘compromise’.

      Just my opinion, but I’m not alone.

      • I value your opinion, my friend, just hoping that a Patty Murray, Al Franken or Tom Harkin find their way onto the panel. Then weakkneed Harry won’t be in the way…
        Gotta run for home now. Adieu!

      • Look, Nancy Pelosi got 300 bills passed in the House her first term and 250 passed in her second term… compare that with the anemic 12 that the Repubs have gotten through.

        The problem as I see it is the Senate… not being able to get things past the 60 vote requirement for cloture is a real time waster to getting things passed.

        And I think there are a lot of Democrats ( and one Independent from Vermont) that have a lot of spine. I think the Republicans and baggerati are damaging themselves by NOT being able to compromise.

        But that’s just my opinion. But like I said, maybe I’m stupid.

        • Perhaps your glass is half-full LL.

          The Democrats have caved on every single substantive progressive issue, every single one. DADT is a fig leaf, sorry, its not substantive to the corporate string pullers.

          Perhaps the Teabaggers will drink deeply of the heady draughts of power and choke on it. Or perhaps there will be another ‘night of the long knives’ and their work done, the blackshirts will deal with the Teabaggers in their brown shirts.

          • Heh heh… Whenever someone brings up the glass half- full or half empty analogy, I always like to tell them that it is neither…

            It’s just a half a glass, neither full nor empty, just half. 🙂

            As for the Democrats… yes, true progressives have been hard to find, but it’s been that way since the corporatists have gotten into the mix. And in my opinion, there aren’t near enough progressives in Congress to fight for those issues.

            The Progressive budget bill was well-crafted and balanced, but it sadly went nowhere. But I will always choose Democrats over Republicans and if we have to get someplace by half measures rather than full measures, then as much as it stinks, I’m still willing to do that.

    • I think the “worst” part is that the opposition is split between teabaggers and real progressives. The whole thing is disturbing and unsettling and doesn’t adequately address any major concerns. Here’s how I choose to look at it.

      I’m relieved that the U.S. government won’t default and my SS payment is covered. The GOoPers got some symbolic concessions but didn’t really gain any more power. I would have preferred that President Obama had played hardball, by simply invoking the 14th Amendment to increase the ceiling, but I understand why he didn’t. It neither included tax hikes nor forbade them but it does tie social spending cuts to military cuts. Obama and the Dems didn’t break the bank or give away the farm. I’m thinking that the deal, as a whole, is a push.

      • I think that if it really came to the full faith and credit of the United States, then Obama would have invoked the 14th amendment. Obama didn’t cave on SSI, s — which has nothing to do with the deficit anyway and is fully funded for at least 25 years. Medicare, medicaid or pell grants weren’t touched either.

        So maybe, as you say, it was a push.

        • Cenk does *not* think it was ‘a push’, by the way. He called the Obama cave-in back in May BTW. He’s calling next year’s cave in *today*

          • I think i know what the ‘change you can believe in’ was.

            That Barack Obama would change into a Republican.

            I can believe in that change alright.

          • I like Cenk.. But sometimes he is just as strident as the other side of the aisle. Maybe I have just been to this rodeo a few more times and see more of it as political theater now than I used to.

            • Strident is good when you are *right* (as in correct). being strident and an ignorant liar (say Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity or …. the list is long) is not good.

              Comparing Cenk to the ‘other side’ is a false equivalence, IMO.

            • I don’t mean that in a bad way. All I mean is that he states his opinions sometimes very loudly and very aggressively. His message may be correct sometimes, but it rubs me the wrong way in his delivery, is all I am saying. I have the same reaction to Ed Schultz.

              The other side isn’t correct. They are just loud and aggressive.

              Maybe it’s the Pollyanna (or the wimpy liberal) in me, but I prefer information conveyed not so bombastically. But that’s just me.

  45. It comes from my Taoist side but the harder man tries to enforce his desires on the world, the more frustrated man will become. The louder the Right exclaims, the less the world listens. The more adamant they become in their beliefs, the faster the world will show them to be fools.

    The world really doesn’t have an ego but it does have the basic plan. The world’s plan has always trumped man’s ego.

  46. We are presently in a sort of anti Renaissance. The first was a blossoming of intellect and ideas after centuries of suppression. Today, we have just the opposite. Intellect and ideas are being suppressed to maintain a status quo. The Renaissance blossomed after the Black Death which broke the hold of monarchy and church. Today, we see the claim that we need that hold.

    Humanity works in cycles because it still has not discovered how to synch with the planet. The present idea of retro is man’s idea. The planet is going to keep going forward and mankind will suffer because it has taught itself to be too stupid to do anything less.

    • That’s more like it. We’ve had enough doom and gloom. Humanity does indeed work in cycles. Nothing is new and nothing is permanent. Depending on one’s outlook, and which way the pendulum is swinging, that can be either encouraging or discouraging.

      For example:
      I think it’s become clear that the power-elite aren’t going to let grand things happen while a black Democrat is in the White House. But? I really don’t think that President Obama has sold us out either. I’m far less worried about an imminent collapse than I was 48 hours ago.

      • Depends on how you define collapse. Collapse of the ego driven American position is inevitable. Unless we are willing to somehow conquer the world. Or able. America was built on Americans cooperating with Americans. We are now at the point where we need to learn how to cooperate with everyone else.

    • We’re entering the Age of Unreason. The Founding Fathers were part of an astonishing period when a broad education and profound thinking was considered laudable and desirable. Now? Probably the craziest aspect of the Baggers is that their profoundly anti-intellectual movement persists in laying claim to those very people, as if the likes of Jefferson and Madison wouldn’t have reeled away in disgust at the sight of them.

      • I have often wondered if the Reichwhiners demonization of the word “liberal” has more to do with a “liberal education” or “liberal politics”. My parents were conservative secularists who valued a liberal education. Perhaps that’s why I spend so much time in a state of confusion?

  47. Anyone wants to make any sort of comparative study of political development in the past two hundred years, compare the US, Canada and Australia. All came into being at roughly the same time. All had British roots as the primary template for building.

    One totally broke from England.

    • That’s right, it is nearest to being totally broke too, apart from England herself, which is broke.

      • We aren’t broke. That’s spin from the righties and the teapartiers. We are one of the richest nations on earth. It’s just that that wealth right now is concentrated in very few hands and they are sitting on that wealth.

        I have a feeling that it is going to change soon. Just look at all of the pushes for peace and overthrows of dictatorships in other parts of the world.

        We are still teenagers as a country. As we mature, we will grow likewise into a more socialistic society.

        • My feeling, LL, is we are broke. We are morally broke. Since monetary wealth is a transitory thing that flows as humans desire based on tangible things that have little worth, we can claim to be rich but it has no real meaning.

          Man has never built a society based on anything but rare items defining wealth.
          Man has never built a society that has survived past another gathering more of those rare items.

          And man has never built a society that has survived because they have all been based and transitory wealth.

          • I don’t know, Hooda… there are other societies that have figured it out. Maybe not “world leaders” like the United States, but places like Sweden and Spain have figured it out and take care of their own. And even with all of our growing pains, it’s still a pretty good place to live.

            I think that the United States has to get over it’s desire for Empire… like all the other countries that have tried it, they have ended up the lesser for it.

            But we are still the only country who was created to be governed by the people and not by a King or a Dictator. We still are a country that people want to come to. I have every faith that we will get there.

            People want peace and harmony. At some point, we all have to realize that there are others whose only motive is to profit from discord and chaos.

    • One thing is for sure…. we cannot withstand another round of disaster capitalism… I think that in that case, it will be that much harder to fix what is broken.

  48. I need to get some shut-eye. Tomorrow’s already here. Thank you all very much for talking to me and sharing your thoughts. See you all tomorrow!

  49. Reid is f’g useless – even as a doorstop…the mf’er

    Reid Could Accept GOP Terms On FAA Shutdown

    With the debt-ceiling crisis now averted (for now), Congress still hasn’t settled a lesser, but still quite important, problem: A partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, which has furloughed thousands of employees and hit the pause button on construction projects.

    But fear not, Democrats could be on the verge of resolving the situation in a similar manner as they did the debt ceiling: By accepting Republican conditions.

    • Why do I feel like I am in book 3 or 4 of Harry Potter? The end of the 2nd book of LOTR? The middle of the 2nd Star Wars movie?

    • NPR reported that the tax that should be collected by airlines for the FAA (appox $1B since the shutdown) is being pocketed *by* the airlines instead.

      Republican wet-dream accomplished – smaller government, pesky government worker-freeloaders kicked out on the streets = more tax money in the pockets of corporations…..

  50. I need to take a break from solving all the world’s problems. I’m going to enjoy a bratwurst and then sip a beer while petting my cat and staring at the aquarium. My “Scooter Blennies” are acting amorous and they put on quite a show. Here’s a link to a picture of a male in his full glory. Mine has a smaller fin but his colors are better and he’s a lot fatter.,r:12,s:0

  51. Fascism, American style. Served with lots of $$$$$$, the American flag and a large portion of corporatism.

    Serfing U-S-A!

  52. .

    If a Married Lesbian Couple Saves 40 Teens from the Norway Massacre and No One Writes About it, Did it Really Happen?

    What you probably have not heard about is the married lesbian couple who rescued 40 teenagers during and after the bloody event. Several blogs and gay and lesbian publications are now picking up the story, but the heavy hitters who usually kill for hero stories like this, have remained silent.

    • That is very heroic of these two woman. I hope they get the recognition they deserve. (Unless they don’t want any, and that’s ok too.)

    • Now there’s a story that just might push a few FAUXhounds over the edge. They’ve been busy trying to make the case that fewer people would have died if Norwegian kids were allowed to pack heat. One of the creeps on “The Five” even proclaimed; “studies show that these incidents end once the second gun comes out” even though I can’t seem to find a single incidence of an armed civilian stopping a mass shooting.

      Can you imagine any right-wing media personality trying to get out the words; “an unarmed, married, lesbian couple took action and saved lives while disregarding their own safety”? I would love to see Bill0 or inSeannity try because I think their lying tongues would leap out of their foul mouths and strangle them.

  53. .

    Bork is looking peaked – not to mention old!

    Robert Bork & Other Conservative Lawyers Join Romney Campaign

    On Tuesday, Romney announced his “Justice Advisory Committee” which, according to the campaign “will advise on the Constitution, judicial matters, law enforcement, homeland security, and regulatory issues.” The group will even “provide legal counsel to the campaign” when it’s “appropriate and permitted.”

  54. Quote of the Day:

    “It’s never, ever personal,” – Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

    • True. Ol’ Mitch would hate any ni99er, woman (other than Bible Spice or Crazy Shelly although it hasn’t actually been put to the test), fag, or any other “librul” in the White House and/or halls of power. Nothing personal about it at all.

    • Hell it isn’t. If I had the chance to give that shithead a black eye and a ruptured Balzac, I’d go for it because to me, what he does and tries to do IS personal!

    • Harry Reid used almost the identical words in an interview on NPR. He was essentially being asked, “Doesn’t the behavior of these Republican fuckwads piss you off?”. Oh, no, not Harry. Fuck. Where’s LBJ when you really need him?

  55. From TPM:

    Steve King: Covering Birth Control Will Make Us ‘A Dying Civilization’

    Rep. Steve King (R-IA) thinks it’s “Orwellian” that the federal government would require health insurance providers to cover birth control, and that if left unchecked the policy could allow the U.S. to become “a dying civilization.”

    On Monday the Obama Administration announced that insurers will soon be required to cover birth control, among other services, with no co-pays. All of the services were described by the Obama Administration as “preventive health services,” based on recommendations from the independent, nonprofit Institute of Medicine.

    King objected to this policy on the House floor on Monday night, saying that it is simply government overreach and part of Obama’s plan for socialized medicine: “We have people that are single, we have people that are past reproductive age, we have priests that are celibate. All of them, paying insurance premiums that cover contraceptives so that somebody else doesn’t have to pay the full fare of that?”

    King particularly took offense to the “preventative” part of the language: “And they’ve called it preventative medicine. Preventative medicine. Well if you applied that preventative medicine universally what you end up with is, you’ve prevented a generation. Preventing babies from being born is not medicine.”

    “That’s not constructive to our culture and our civilization,” King said. “If we let our birth rate get down below the replacement rate we’re a dying civilization.”

    He later added: “Now none of us would have health to care about if they prevented us, would they Mr. Speaker? That is just it is bizarre, it’s Orwellian.”

    Hey, no worries. We’ve already got 12 millions from south of the border waiting to become Americans. To keep our numbers up all we have to do is tear down that wall. Problem solved.

    Comprende, Senor King?

  56. Have I ever mentioned that I’m easily amused and get a kick out of participating in natural events?

    My “Scooter Blennies” have blessed me with nine, hopefully, fertilized eggs. Scooters have never been reared in captivity but my last pair, who died when my light timer crapped out while in the hospital, gave me several opportunities to try.

    After a lot of experimentation I came up with a homemade apparatus to hold the eggs while allowing a constant flow of water over said eggs. It would be best to leave them in the main tank but my other fish eat them. Anyway, after three years, I have my first opportunity to renew my experiments. My old record was to keep eggs with visible embryos for two weeks and now I have an opportunity to beat my record. Who knows? I’m a clever guy and I might try something that other people, with better equipment, might have missed.

  57. As I was channel surfing, I found a channel called Ovation was about to air Bob Roberts.

    I trust that most (if not all of you) have seen Bob Roberts. If not, you must see it!

    I hadn’t seen it in years, but in just watching a few minutes, it was eerie to see how much the current right-wing is exactly like this parody of right-wing extremism.

  58. I heard two things today that set me off all over again..

    First, I heard to some Republican referring to this president being “evicted” from the White House. Now, he didn’t say “kicked out of the White House”, he said “evicted”. It hit me really badly. There are connotations with that that are flat demeaning and totally disrespectful, that implies he doesn’t belong there, that he hasn’t paid his bills, that he is a usurper or carpetbagger or something..
    Then I was listening to Randi Rhodes and she was talking about some Republican who when talking of being anywhere near Obama, referenced “tar babies’. That one had me screaming. No pretending any more.

    From Randi Rhodes website:

    A Republican Congressman has used the term “tar baby” in reference to President Obama. Congressman Doug Lamborn of Colorado said of the President “I don’t even want to be associated with him, it’s like touching a tar baby…” Wow. The only way that statement isn’t racist is if it was read phonetically by a person who does not speak English. Using the term “tar baby” is like dog whistle racism, except you replace the dog whistle with a police siren. All I know is, right now, there are probably some rightwing nutbags on Wikipedia, rewriting the entry for “Tar Baby.”

    This is what she was referring to:

    Pure hate.

    • .
      Ta-da ~ the non-apology apology…

      Monday evening, Lamborn’s office sent a news release saying he had “sent a personal letter to President Barack Obama apologizing for using a term some find insensitive.” The release said Lamborn is “confident that the President will accept his heartfelt apology.”

      • “Some find insensitive..”!? Can anyone imagine a situation in public where you might use that term and not intend it to be a racial slur? Or an insensitive insult?

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