The Watering Hole: Wednesday, August 3, 2011: The end of the world averted!

Well, we all get to blame Obama for caving in and agreeing to 98% of Boehner’s demands. Boehner had the guts to destroy the entire world economy if he didn’t get what he wanted, and he succeeded. Obama didn’t want to see the entire globe fall into chaos, so he failed. Huh?

Life goes on, Social Security Checks will go out, the U.S. will keep its coveted AAA rating in the financial markets, for now at least. Seems like Obama achieved his goals, too. Maybe more so than Boehner. Let’s face it, Obama dealt with an enemy that advocated and rejoiced in the notion that it would hurt people. If Obama’s first and most important task is to protect the American People from harm, he succeeded.

But this episode proved, once and for all, that extortion by the rich WORKS! The rich didn’t give up one single tax break. They got 98% of what they wanted. And as long as there is a privleged class, they will continue to extort concessions from the rest of us. That is, until we realize we outnumber them, and that collectively, we have more power than they do.


A return to the “good old days.” That’s what the Teabaggers want. But it’s not the good old days of the 1950’s. Its the good old days of the 1850’s…the days of the Wild West.

In the Wild West, everyone was self-reliant. There was little to no government, and the 2nd Amendment Solution settled most disputes. Slavery was still legal, women couldn’t vote and knew their place, either keeping house or working at the brothels. The downtrodden victims of the industrial revolution, working for a pittance in dangerous conditions with no job protections had been left behind in the Eastern cities.

The gold rush, with gold for the picking, lay in the forefront. Vigilante justice ruled the land. (remember how popular the song “Beer for My Horses” was right after 9/11?)

Yes, the Teaparty wants to return us to the days of the idyllic past, the days of the Wild West, of rugged he-men with their 6-shooters, the days before the arrival of the Sheriffs and Marshals, the days where all the women are pretty, doctors made house calls, and wives and kids did everything the man of the house told them to do. The days when you could shoot someone you didn’t take a liking to… or just to prove you were a faster draw then he.

And, what the heck, doesn’t the new movie, “Cowboys and Aliens” prove that a bunch of rugged he-men with Colt 45’s can take on the most sophisticated technologically advanced enemy and kick their ass? Yeah. The Good Old Days. Too bad the Teabaggers don’t realize the Good Old Days were a creation of “liberal” Hollywood!

This is our open thread. What the heck, it’s Hump Day! After the vote on the Debt Ceiling, this day seems quite appropriately named, don’t you think?

275 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Wednesday, August 3, 2011: The end of the world averted!

  1. I am bitterly disappointed in Obama.
    He has caved in to the Republicans virtually every time there is ANY disagreement.
    He isn’t living up to his campaign rhetoric regarding change.

        • Or are we setting unrealistic expectations for Obama and the way our own system works?

          I’m afraid that if we continue on focusing on all the things we didn’t get; we lost sight of what we did get; we lost sight of how much worse it would have been (and will be if Obama is defeated in 2012, and we lose more on Congress); we hand more states legislatures and governorship to the right (where Wisconsin and Ohio become the norm; not the exception).

          • We simply cannot afford for Obama to lose in 2012 — the SCOTUS, the White House and the Congress will doom the middle class and destroy the poor immediately if not sooner.
            Obama faced a gun to the head of the nation — the teabaggers said, “pull the trigger; so what?” — the Dems said don’t make this horrible deal — the rethugs said, make this deal because we will join the teabaggers if you don’t — what choice did Obama have — drive a harder bargain? With whom?
            He would not risk the nation being shot in the head by the “teabag terrorists” (yes, I will call them terrorists because they held hostages for ransom), so he had to protect the nation — it may cost him re-election, but we must do all we can to see that it doesn’t.

          • Well, I assume that you already know about the drugs, the dozens of twenty- something women, the apostasy, the avarice, and the fact that I can’t color within the lines and have a propensity to run with scissors. That’s the positive stuff.

            Seriously. I’m out on the left with Bernie Sanders.
            I can’t stomach the Republican talking points.
            I live in amazement that politics are being swung towards the conservative side by lots people acting against their own interests, as described by Thomas Frank in What’s the Matter With Kansas.

        • zxbe did not set the bar low. Republican voters set the bar low when they chose McCain and when he made the stupid choice of picking Sarah Palin as his running mate.

          I’m okay with Obama. He is no Franklin D. Roosevelt nor is he a Teddy Roosevelt. Still, I’m okay with Obama. I definitely don’t want to see any one of the Repub bozos that are campaigning for the Repub presidential candidacy as our next president. Whining about Obama won’t help the job market.

          • With so many pundits, rethugs, teanaggers and others second-guessing Obama for attempting to do the only sane thing for the nation, i really don’t like to hear from liberals who jump on that bandwagon — with friends like that, enemies are superfluous.

    • No president is identical to his or her campaign in the run up to the election — none of them. For example, George W. Bush was never as good a ‘president’ as he was a candidate — and he was a shitty candidate.

      Grown ups understand this phenomenon, and we should have been more aware of it. After 8 years of the worst ‘president’ in our history, I think we got a bit over-excited.

      • In 2010, the Repubs ran on jobs, not on destroying our economy and on dismantling Medicare and on controlling women. So I wouldn’t put all my faith in campaign promises. Governing is where the truth lies. Obama guaranteed that I will receive my SS check this month which in turn keeps me and my husband in our home. That’s a good thing.

      • We hoped for the impossible and we weren’t realistic.
        Although we may have anticipated struggles with the rethugs, I don’t think we ever dreamed that the belligerency, racism, and thuggery of the GOP and the teabaggers would have come to this — that they would destroy the nation to make their political hay.
        I know I didn’t think they would be this unreasonable — but then again, the teabaggers didn’t form until 2009 — therein lies the heart of the problem.

        • The blatant racism is what took me by surprise, and it gets worse everyday. Once again, the media fails to report the endless racism and hate directed at this President, and someone is going to get hurt.

        • Again you nailed it. My husband told me back in 2008 that the powerful whites with help from the ignorant crackers would never let a black man run the country. The only way to defeat them is if Obama wins his second term.

          • Damn… we are back to the confederacy, aren’t we. Madison should have let the southern delegates leave the room. They could have remained their own confederacy with their own armies and their own treaties and their own money. It would have saved our nation many lives, a great deal of money and a lot headaches if the south would have decided NOT to become part of the union back in 1787.

  2. Quote of the Day (and it’ll be hard to top, even this early):

    “If we were really domestic terrorists, shoot, President Obama would be wanting to pal around with us, wouldn’t he?” – Sarah Palin, sinking as low as ever, to the occasion.

    Then there’s a glimpse of her upcoming campaign against Romney:

    “I do not have respect for what he has done through this debt ceiling debate. He did this: he waited until it was a done deal that we would increase the debt ceiling, and … then he came out and made a statement that he didn’t like the deal after all,” Palin said, holding up her finger in the air to indicate that Romney had assessed the political climate before making his decision.”

    She’ll eat him for breakfast.

  3. I’m willing to wait and see how this plays out.
    If this superubermega group of 12 is constituted with DemsofSpine (and there are some) then we may fare better than I had hoped. The onus will be on the Republicans to come further this time, as the triggers take more away from their targets than ours.
    It’ll be interesting to see who Reid and Pelosi appoint, and even more telling who Chinless and Boner pick. If Boner appoints one baggista, that’ll be a tip of the hand. If two, he’s desperate for his job. If three, Cantor’s got him cornered.

    • It pretty much matters if you were clued into the idea of the “pinning.”

      I’m guessing this dope has no idea that she’s likely been raped several times. She’s not empowered, she’s a rape enabler.

  4. Oh, and for those of us who need a cheering up…
    Six days left until Republican’ts in WI are shown the trap door.

  5. According to some economists, the debt ceiling deal will cost 1.8 million jobs. Not good. And Boehner said that he got 98% of what he wanted. So job losses were part of what Boehner wanted. Can’t prove otherwise. And to think that Boehner ran on job creation.

  6. Good Day all, Nice post BnF…My take is quite different than others..Think Obama should of used the 14th amm. instead…It very well may have set us up for total losses on our safety net’s, S.S. Medicare and Medicade…

    It’s no secret I voted for Obama but will never again repeat my mistake..His short term has been the worst time of my life and watching the dismanteling of much I worked my entire bleeding heart liberal life to accomplish is devestating.

    I know many will say it’s not his fault, tea baggers, reich wingers and all are the cause but by intent, design, the company he has surrounded himself with or the old guard he kept from busllshitbush bunch or even the constant pretend caving has become unbearable for most of our country..

    The added wars without approval have created a huge sucking sound we may never recover from..

    Know many will repeat the standard, ” look what we would of gotten with mcnuts and pitiful palin”..My comment to that is , they never would of dreamed or even tried much of what he has accomplished with the help of his comrads on the reich…

    Sorry I rarely post but always fly over, my Mac crashes when ever the posts get above 50.Also don’t like to impose my poor spelling for Walt’s dislike or present my left of todays left to those who support Obamas right winged dance…

    Sending you all well wishes, know that I am doing well thanks to my dear Kat…With out her help I would be pushing a cart all over Wash. State and destitute….Peace, Blessings & Joy to you all.

    • I tend to agree with you, Great Lady, although it would have resulted in the massive distraction of impeachment charges brought against the President. I think the attempted impeachment would have failed eventually, but it would have sucked up all of the media attention for months (if not years), and Congress would STILL get nothing done about jobs, infrastructure, etc.

      I’m glad you’re doing so well with your great friend, and that you are well and happy. We miss you around here!

      • The Pubs were and still are looking to impeach Obama. Another impeachment fiasco would be destructive to our already weak economy. We need to look forward. Pick ourselves up, brush off our wounds and move forward.

        Sorry to hear that you won’t be voting for Obama again. That means there will be one more vote for the tea bagger Republican candidate. Americans should be required to vote. Not voting should never be an option. Voting machines have the ability to collect a “non-vote” which is recorded.

        • I should have been clearer in my comment, Cats. My agreement was that the President should have used the 14th Amendment option, even if it was shaky ground and led to possible impeachment proceedings.

          I will be voting for Obama in 2012. There is no question of that.

          • I will be voting but not either side of the same coin, my opinion…It will be Green unless someone like Sanders shows up..I have never missed a vote since JFK, local or national..The difference is I am no longer listed as Dem.. Now Independent…I already know what you will say, ” a vote for other than Dem is a vote for the reich”..My opinion is we , I must start some where to take our country back and dismantel the horrid mess in the D,C, sewer…So I am making my last stand now..Peace to you all.

      • The fourteenth, impeachment, etc. How times have changed. Remember a few short years ago when the Repubs were pushing for maximum executive power and authority? Remember all of Bush’s executive orders? His outright violations of the fourth amendment? Remember how the Repubs constantly bellowed about executive authority wrapped in executive orders, or in signing statement attached to legislation?

        For some odd reason, all that fervor for authoritarian executive power seems to have flown out the window circa January 20, 2009, and now we’ve reached the point that if the president should choose to invoke a constitutional provision that disallows the nation from defaulting on its debt, that’s sudden an impeachable offense.

        Something is terribly wrong here, in this United States, and I have a growing fear that it will lead to our ruin as a nation — soon — unless there is a revolution of some sort, one which has two simple goals: abolish the fascist right (essentially today’s GOP) followed by a return to commons sense and constitutional respect and authority.

        Lots of heads will have to roll in the process. I’ll not mind watching.

        Interesting analysis of executive power:

        The Limits of Presidential Power

        The Limits of Presidential Power: All The President’s Power
        The Daily Reckoning Special Position Paper
        By Thomas E. Wood Jr.

        Vice President Dick Cheney recently told the Washington Post that when the Bush administration entered office, it was determined to reinvigorate the presidency and reverse the steady reduction in executive power and prerogative that had persisted since Watergate. But what reduction could the vice president have had in mind? “The vice president,” noted Sen. John E. Sununu (R-N.H.), “may be the only person I know of that believes the executive has somehow lost power over the last 30 years.”

        Whether or not the vice president was correct in his analysis of the state of the presidency in the year 2000, there can be no question that since then George W. Bush has dramatically expanded the powers of the president – primarily though not exclusively in matters pertaining to the war on terror.

        One of the most notorious examples involved the torture of prisoners, a power the administration claimed in the face of law and international agreements to the contrary. “The assertion in the various legal memoranda that the President can order the torture of prisoners despite statutes and treaties forbidding it was another reach for presidential hegemony,” wrote Anthony Lewis in the New York Review of Books. “The basic premise of the American constitutional system is that those who hold power are subject to the law…Bush’s lawyers seem ready to substitute something like the divine right of kings.” […]

        Read more: The Limits of Presidential Power

        • Now those expanded presidential powers are in the hands of a Black Democrat, and they are terrified.

          As per usual, the repigs can’t think beyond the end of their fucking noses, and never imagined that there might be a Democrat in the WH again. Or maybe they just had this de-legitimization blowout hanging around backstage, and knew they didn’t have to worry about it all that much.

          The FACT that the repigs, and their spoiled infants called teabaggers, are willing to literally destroy everything this country ever was or ever stood for, ought to be enough to never allow them even the smallest amount of power — not even over an ant farm — but they had a plan for that, too: Keep the people stupid and scared.

        • I accidentally left out one line in my comment above:

          Remember when Pelosi took “impeachment off the table”? I was angry at her for that because Bush had more than earned an early dismissal by his actions. And not, simply, because he was black.

    • Nice to read you again, WItchyOne! Hope all’s working out in NH and you’re not too hot! Amber and Jayden send their bestest wishes for you!

    • ..
      (smiling) Oh so good to be reading you again!
      As others have stated – glad you landed softly –
      friends are everything!

  7. In case it was mentioned yesterday..

    MSNBC has extended Rachel Maddow’s contract well beyond the 2012 election, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

  8. It would appear that the market selloff (Dow down 144 points at this moment after -265 yesterday..)continues in the wake of the removal of billions of dollars of federal spending that would have helped the economic recovery.

    Congrats, Boner, it WAS about jobs, except it was about shedding them. It was really about tanking the US economy to make Chinless Mitch’s wet dream come true, wasn’t it?

    • It was really about tanking the US economy to make Chinless Mitch’s wet dream come true, wasn’t it?

      So they can blame it on Obama. American politics is a sight for sore eyes these days. I can hardly believe it. The thing is it is even destructive for the markets, there are hardly any winners left. So now obviously the ultimate shift of funds occurs, from the poor, the middle class, the wealthy, to the uberwealthy 0.01%. The latter are by now spread out all over global economy and just want to squeeze the last red cent out of the US, the Eurozone, before they move on and squeeze the Chinese a bit. Wow, just wow.

      • Of course, the worse the economy, the better the repugs like it.
        The more they will do to see to it that the economy does not recover.
        Anything Obama and the Dems are able to do will not take effect in the next 15 months, so the GOP will claim credit.
        Another reason why Obama MUST be re-elected. He must be given the chance to succeed.

  9. Pat Buchanan is letting his racism and superiority slip out. They picked up on the “Your boy..” comment in this post, but my ears perked up before then when he told Rev. Sharpton “don’t throw me in the briar patch”.. He used the term “your boy” several times. The last one he referred to his “man” (GOP) and your “boy” (Obama).

    I really can’t stand Pat Buchanan and I don’t understand why MSNBC keeps him around.

    • Buchanan has never been shy about his racism. I’m surprised he hasn’t yet called the President a nigger (on camera anyway).

      I think the ONLY show on which Buchanan should be allowed to appear is Al Sharpton’s show. 😀

    • Public scorn, ridicule, and advertiser boycotts played a part in getting Beckyboy off of SaudiFAUX “News”. We need to apply the same kind of pressure to MSNBC regarding Patsy. Even when he’s not being a bigoted pig he’s lying so I fail to see what his employers think he’s offering.

  10. I posted this late last night at the end of yesterday’s daily thread:

    I heard two things today that set me off all over again..

    First, I heard to some Republican referring to this president being “evicted” from the White House. Now, he didn’t say “kicked out of the White House”, he said “evicted”. It hit me really badly. There are connotations with that that are flat demeaning and totally disrespectful, that implies he doesn’t belong there, that he hasn’t paid his bills, that he is a usurper or carpetbagger or something..
    Then I was listening to Randi Rhodes and she was talking about some Republican who when talking of being anywhere near Obama, referenced “tar babies’. That one had me screaming. No pretending any more.

    From Randi Rhodes website:

    A Republican Congressman has used the term “tar baby” in reference to President Obama. Congressman Doug Lamborn of Colorado said of the President “I don’t even want to be associated with him, it’s like touching a tar baby…” Wow. The only way that statement isn’t racist is if it was read phonetically by a person who does not speak English. Using the term “tar baby” is like dog whistle racism, except you replace the dog whistle with a police siren. All I know is, right now, there are probably some rightwing nutbags on Wikipedia, rewriting the entry for “Tar Baby.”

    This is what she was referring to:

    Pure hate.

    • At least Lamborn isn’t my rep here in Colorado. Sadly, though, I’m not in much better shape rep-wise with teabagger Tipton sitting in that chair. Too bad mine wasn’t the ONLY vote counted — Tipton would be elsewhere were that the case.

    • Evicted? Really? And how exactly does this Repub plan on doing the eviction. We want the details.

      The Congressman that made the “tar baby” statement has apologized publicly and with a letter to the president.

      These racists are having a difficult time controlling their words and emotions.

      • .
        The non-apology apology…

        Monday evening, Lamborn’s office sent a news release saying he had “sent a personal letter to President Barack Obama apologizing for using a term some find insensitive.” The release said Lamborn is “confident that the President will accept his heartfelt apology.”

        • Of course the President will accept Lamborn’s lame-assed apology — because Obama’s a decent man who’s not interested in stirring up racial hatred in this country. Unlike fuckwit twats like Lamborn.

  11. These people really do hate this president. I really don’t believe that is too strong a term to use to describe what has been taking place since day one. I think they are blocking him on everything that comes up not because they want him to fail so they can win the White House back, but they are blocking him because they flat out hate him. They hate that he’s black and they aren’t going to do ANYTHING he wants, and they will not let him tell them what to do. I think they behave like Obama is beneath them, hence the comment yesterday about “evicting” the president from the White House.

    • In a way, muse, in a way. I think they use the fact that many people hate him out of sheer racism. The racists are being catered to. Even Hermann Goering once said (loosely translated): “I determine who’s a Jew”. Meaning he couldn’t care less. Anti semitism which was rampant in Europe at the time was a useful tool for some to hide another agenda. They tried to use the Nazi’s popularity to bring down social reforms and democracy, they were convinced they could contain them. In the end they had called upon forces, however, they couldn’t control anymore and we know about the outcome. Sounds familiar? It should.

    • I hated George W. Bush & Cheney with a passion. They harmed this country in ways no other administration had ever done before, and we’re still feeling that pain.

      Having said that, I never wanted GWB personally to fail. I wanted his policies to fail. I wanted him to go to Crawford and leave us alone. But wishing that GWB would fail as president — which he managed to do without any help from people like us — was wishing that this country would fail.

      The teabaggers and repigs no longer have to use racist code words, since they bear no consequences for just coming right out with it. I weep for my country.

  12. Current Thoughts: A Work in Progress:

    Candidate Obama:
    I knew from his record that he wasn’t a progressive, but his campaign crew seemed to have a significant progressive presence in it, and that gave me “hope” for “change.”
    I was immediately annoyed that he publicly conceded the “universal” bargaining chip regarding health care even before the election.
    His biggest problems were
    1) the Senate was not practically controlled by the Democrats thanks to Liebermann and the likes of Chris Dodd and the utterly flaccid Reid
    2) He inherited an unprecedented mess: 2 wars, rapidly tanking employment, an extraordinarily corrupt financial sector, an unprecedented mortgage crisis, medical bankruptcies, a savings crisis (thanks Wall Street), a collapsing auto industry and unprecedented national debt.
    3) a political opposition that was clearly going to harass him even more than it did Clinton
    4) a mass media more biased and more integrated with the Right wing than in Clinton’s time.
    5) He had a critical and essential Health Care Reform Bill to negotiate that was going to be a very risky, tough and drawn out fight.

    President Obama 2009–2010:
    He rapidly dumped the progressive elements of his campaign team for establishment corporatist types which guaranteed he’d irk people like me who didn’t expect him to be progressive but did expect him to be smart enough to reward them (for political benefit) and actually make use of them (for smart policies and smart media messaging, which would also provide political benefits).
    He continually treated the Republicans as people he could persuade with charm and reason—a COLOSSAL error that he might not have made had he not dumped the progressive elements.
    Though he recognized the toxicity of FOX and pushed back against it, he didn’t seem to appreciate the pervasiveness of right-wing group-think and quantitative bias in most of the rest of the MSM.
    He ignored the elevation of the Teabaggers by the MSM which just encouraged the GOP to drag out the HCR process, thus using up precious time and air time that other major issues could have used.
    He ignored Pail Krugman (and Robert Reich’s) economic advice and instead asked those who broke the economy to fix it.
    Obama seemed to spend more time uselessly courting the Republican minority than his own party in the Congress. I doubt there was much he could do with Harry Reid and the Senate but I didn’t see or hear, or hear about, him supporting Pelosi much.

    2010 Election.
    Where did all the 2008 Obama supporters go?
    The newly minted ones presumably thought that only general elections mattered or were interesting.
    Presumably some of the progressive Democratic voters were sufficiently pissed-of to not vote, (Obama’s insouciance about DADT and gays rights must have lost the Dems, by association, a lot of votes amongst straight progressives and of course the gays) and presumably some of the truly independent voters rationalized that having a Dem in the White House required having a Replica majority in the House, to make sure that nothing really bad happened to Democracy (vis-a-vis balance/separation of power).

    In short Obama and the Dems were bound to lose many of the fashionable/opportunistic voters of 2008 no matter what, but Obama appeared to ignore the Democratic public and wasted his time trying to win-over Washington Republicans by being passive and non-threatening, whilst failing to provide the Democrats visible White House support, instruction or direction. Sure he got the HRC done, but he wasted time and misdirected his energy and the power potential of his Office.
    The real and political benefits of the HCR were utterly diluted and overshadowed by the continuing job and housing crises, influence over which Obama had ceded to the bastards who had created the problems. Though Obama had made the connection of HCR and the economy in his speeches, in his actions he actually disconnected them. Obama had a hell of a lot on his plate, but he didn’t use the practical and political resources available to him. He seemed to think that the key to success was to disarm the enemy, not to build up his own forces, and he apparently didn’t think that the Republicans were his sworn intractable enemy at all. Duh!

    Because of these errors the Teabaggers were highly motivated to attack a weak opponent, whilst the progressives, centrist Democrats and liberal independents were demoralized and took their frustrations out on Congress by not showing up for the midterms—every voting ‘bloc’ had a complaint for which they had a reason to mete out election ‘punishment’.

    As can be seen in Wisconsin and a variety of other states, that ‘punishment’ of allowing the Teabaggers in has only punished the voters. The good news is they are scrambling to reverse the problems they so foolishly created, with recalls—but will the buyer’s remorse at the local State level translate to a rejection of teabaggery at the national level in 2010? Will the (apparently likely) removal of the Teabagger governors be twisted by 2010 from a rejection of teabaggery into a generalized anti-incumbent meme? Who will be regarded as the incumbents? It’s possible that Obama could lose the White-House to an anti-incumbency sentiment, whilst the Republicans could lose in Congress to that same sentiment. What’s the net result of that scenario?

    • The net result could be massive voter apathy that gets us an instant lame duck president of either party in 2012, elected by a very low percentage of the eligible voters.

      In other words, a fucking disaster.

    • An excellent analysis of the situation, 5th.
      Let’s hope the recall elections in Wisconsin mark the beginning of a tide of revulsion for the teabaggistas, and we take this nation back, one vote at a time.

      • Thanks RUC.
        Yesterday’s discussion had me quite incapacitated as I found myself agreeing and also disagreeing with every rationale and emotional perspective in equal measure—I couldn’t process it all on the fly. I was overwhelmed. An overnight respite from thinking about it all also gave me respite from my emotions too—but had it not been for that discussion I think I would have been trapped in the intellectual and emotional state I was in BEFORE that discussion.

        Thanks to all my fellow zoosters for being smart and impassioned individuals and to the collective that is The Zoo, where real arguments can be had without rancor and where we can disagree without being disagreeable ( ugh!–but apropos).

        2 minute excerpt of the brilliant Argument Clinic


    • No one left to turn out the lights? 5th, this analysis is impressive but depressing. I’m afraid you’re not off the mark.

      • Thanks EV. but I’m not actually arguing that a WH/Congress flip is likely to occur, . it is just that I have yet to formulate substantial arguments about.ummm…not what I think will happen ( prediction is a fools game) but what factors may really be at play rather than coming up with an argument that is selectively substantiated and weighted by my own faith or cynicism, which could very well change.

        The above may well be the preamble to a future formal post in which I;d try to lay out various scenarios and try and substantiate each one, so that with as equal effort as I can apply to each one, a comparison might reveal a horrible or hopeful likely ‘truth about 2012, or indeed a moment of ‘meh’ –the object being to try and avoid an unhealthy roller-coaster of confidence or doubt. In other words, to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On

    • I wish I could find the quote (googling for it brings up so much right-wing hate noise)… but I recall at one point during the campaign Obama was commenting on much of the mess left behind by Bush.

      He said it’s a huge mess and he wasn’t sure why anyone would want to take on such a huge challenge that pretty much had everything going against them.

  13. I personally believe we won’t know how progressive President Obama unless he wins reelection. The cards are stacked against any candidate that doesn’t pander to the moderate voters. Not voting for him and allowing the Republicans to steal another election is silly.

    • Hey! Let FAA people work for nothing for a while, That’ll teach ’em to suck from the public’s teat…. /snark. Can someone tell me why they are not just going home, so air traffic will break down and all those precious Congressmen can walk home ?

      • If members of Congress were the only ones flying, I’m sure there would be a massive walkout. 😉

        Oh look, now Congress is doing passive hostage taking. 🙄

    • How long will the safety workers continue to work without pay? What about the quality of workmanship from an unpaid employee? There should be some concern about flying, especially a few weeks from now when the unpaid workers start taking more “sick days”.

  14. GOP Sanity Watch:

    “It’s just crazy, and I’m tired of dealing with the crazies. It’s just unnecessary to be accusing this guy of things just because of his religious background. I’m happy that he’s willing to serve after all this baloney,” – New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, sticking by his appointment of a Muslim-American to New Jersey’s Superior Court Bench.

  15. Hugs back, Lady EV…Blessings

    Wanted to post a reply to RUCerious and good comments to 5th for an outstanding post as well as others but for some reason my Mac and the site keeps me on my reply to Lady EV.. so, will see if this works..

    RU..Hugs to the little one’s…Wonderful here compared to where I was..Able to shower every day in good water and drinkable as well..The people and buildings are amazing..

    The resort is in ruins and it appears the owners have fled the state or maybe under a new name to hide out under..Only the old vet is still there, everyone else left..6 foot weeds are hiding what once was a lovely place and only a hand full of fishermen show up to wade through to find a dock that is distroyed…Reports from the one neighbor who is watching the property behind for the doctors..

    Had some very hot day’s, all the fans on..Since I was raised in the heat of southern Cal. it did not bother me much.The critters and Kat were miserable so it was cold showers for the Bear out side to get him through..

    Planted small spot gardens all over our huge corner lot..Corns 5 feet high and tomatoes are turning red…Squash is doing fairly well. Our mail order strawberries in planters did great.

    My days are full with walking 2 rescue dogs and Bear, all seperate since one of hers we call the hound from hell.She hates all other critters and most people, taking care of this huge apartment as well as my 3 fur ball cats…Peace and harmony abounds, at my demand..LOL. Blessings to you and yours….Given the problems posting likely will not return until tomorrow..

  16. Only in America

    A New Jersey politician resigns for Weiner-esque reasons.Contrast that with congressman Joe Walsh, who has been sued by his ex-wife for $117,437 in child support, and is still happily in office. The tea party has backed him to the hilt, as has the GOP. The New Jersey pol is even single.

    It is a strange country where someone unmarried sending consensual sexting pictures to another adult is forced to resign, while a man who is alleged to have abandoned his children is secure.

  17. Great to hear from Witch1 again/ She’s so remarkably resilient–in her physical, intellectual and emotional lives. ( I wrtie that assuming she’s signed-off already)

    I case you are still connected Witch1. Great to hear from you! I was talking to Zoeey on the phone the other day but self-absorbed cow that she is it was I who mentioned that I missed you and wondered how you were doing. 😀

    (I kid about Zooey of course)

    Comment problem There;s a barely visible Cancel Reply button to right of the comment box once you’ve made a reply so that may cancel you out of that logical ‘corner’ so you can then navigate to replying to others or post an independent comment,

    There’s also an intermittent issue of the comment box not automatically clearing after a post. Again, use the cancel comment button.

  18. Apparently, his manifesto was a “false flag Sharia” operation. I kid you not:

    Gaffney believes a slew of people are tainted by Sharia, including David Petraeus and Herman Cain. And Gaffney man is one of Michele Bachmann’s key foreign policy influences.

      • Sounds like Gaffney is a ‘neo-Bircher’.
        The Bircher’s declared Eisenhower a secret communist for chissake.
        Sharia is the new communism for these insane bastards. .

        • You’re right, “Sharia is the new communism.” And Peter King, if he starts drinking real heavily, could be the next Joe McCarthy. He’ll have to get a silly little sprig of hair growing out of his up front bald spot, long enough to dangle in his eye, but with help he should be able to manage. After that the rest should come easy for him.

    • Has anyone else noted that virtually all Reich-wing “pundits” tick like clocks? In Daffy Gafney’s case I assume that his neck muscles know that he’s spouting bullshit so they cause his head to shake side to side as a warning that we shouldn’t believe anything he says.

  19. Good post BnF. Its a sad refrain when ‘winning’ means the drunk in the back seat of the car tries to grab the wheel and steer us off the bridge and we have to ask him nicely to stop it….

    I think 1850s is not where we are going – i’m thinking more like 1214.

    • How very sad. The progressives are acting just like the tea baggers. It’s their way or the highway.

      If progressives toss Obama out of the White House, then Mitch McConnell and Rush Limbaugh win. Only a fool would cave to Limbaugh.

          • Exactly. And this is precisely why we have to fight the urge. I’m not saying we have to be a cheerleader for Obama, but let’s cut him some slack. He actually has gotten a lot done despite all the messes he inherited and all the obstacles thrown his way. And yes, he believes this is a collection of Purple States and he approaches every new problem hoping that way.

      • I disagree Cats, its not our way or the highway. If you read the links that Rude puts up, you’ll see time and again how Obama has moved to the right everytime the looneys over there move the goalposts further to a agenda Mussolini would recognise. Rude puts it very well, he went in with no illusions, but at least hoped something: Bush tax cut expiry, single payer, Guantanamo, out of Iraq and Afghanistan – just something, just some principle would stick. He waited patiently through each one trusting that Obama knew what he was doing and would fight when he needed to.

        The sad fact of it it that Obama has simply not danced with the girl who brought him to the prom – at all. The Gop has manipulated him time and again to the corporate agenda… he’s a failed president because of that.

        He said he would rather flame out as a one-term president and get something concrete done than be a two-term seat warmer. Well, he’s made it clear his only interest is in being a two-term seat-warmer.

        And no, I don’t have a solution, but to be honest I can’t see why McConnell cares who is in the White House, Obama’s washing his balls already.

        • I was never under the illusion that Obama was a progressive. During the 2008 primary season, there was a Internet tool that showed exactly where each Democratic candidate placed on the Progressive/Moderate/Conservative scale. Obama and Clinton leaned Conservative. I was a Bill Richardson supporter. He was a left leaning Moderate. I am not surprised by Obama’s decisions and I certainly won’t place the whole blame on him. As a matter of fact, I would place most of the blame on Congress. The 112th Congress has done absolutely NOTHING in 8 months. 12 bills without a jobs bill is shit.

          As my husband would say, “Obama was handed shit of stick” when he came into office. Pardon the foul words as I am just repeating what I often hear from my husband.

          • I agree with your husband’s assessment *but* on all the big issues of his platform – he’s either caved or given away the farm or passed a fig leaf measure. The only people who thought he was socialist were Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

            Shit sandwich or not to be handed, he’s played his hand very poorly indeed and his principles from his campaign platform have gone out the window.

      • I’ll be the first to admit that I’m VERY put off by Obama’s near totally predictable conciliation on virtually any issue to the trolls under all the bridges, and IF an exciting progressive candidate would emerge in the 2012 primary season I’d likely go that way. But the option of any one of those wild-eyed Republican nutcase candidates, including those not yet declared, becoming the next POTUS would be NO DIFFERENT in consequence, to my mind, than that having submitting to Hitler in the forties or to Kruschev in the fifties/sixties. The GOP is proof positive that not all evil speaks in a foreign tongue, that the most dangerous of all speaks fluent English (although quite often with a bit of a southern accent).

        All who want to witness the final death of America need do only one little thing: give the GOP a strong majority in both Houses, and the presidency to any one of the aforementioned nutcases in 2012. Then grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show.

  20. Hmmm,
    what caught my eye in that article is how this private communication was made public (apparently a Republican proponent was provided the picture, who then publicized it.

    On a more general note, what the fuck is it with all this private ‘porn’ transmission that gets made public.
    It’s not the sexiness that bothers me—everyone is human and sex is a powerful force—it’s thet they are so apparently clueless about the bivouacs vulnerability of technology and thus their own vulnerability.. It’s professionally and personally so fucking INEPT!

    • I heard something on NPR a few weeks ago about how all this new technology with “smart phones” really becomes an invasion of privacy. There is no protection of privacy in any application. If you don’t want the world to see it, then don’t send it.

    • I was wondering about this yesterday.. Just how did that person get a hold of a personal transmission.. It almost sounds like Rupert Murdoch’s crowds’ modus operandi..
      Illegally hacking and tapping people’s phones and computers sites seems a successful way to shut down politicians when they become too vocal or snoopy. It certainly doesn’t help when those politicians give them so much material to use against them.
      Someone suggested Weiner did that stuff when he was single. He started it then but continued doing it after he was married. I was really mad at him for being so stupid.

  21. Hi y’all. It’s actually raining here so I’m allowed to come in and goof off a bit. I’ve been disappointed by Obama, but I think part of that was the hopeful fervor that surrounded his election, raise your hope that high and you’re pretty much guaranteed disappointment. After years of a gang of liars subverting our government for their sick purposes I just wanted to walk in daylight again, and so far this is not the glorious new day I expected. However, the fault likely lies with my expectations more than the president’s performance. I also had no idea that by electing a black man we were kicking over a racism rock and releasing everything dark and ugly that I naively believed had died. So, after much deliberation, I’ve stuck the Obama 2012 sticker on the truck and will do my best to ensure a turnout that can also elect representatives to work with him. The alternative is unthinkable.
    My husband is contracted to a federal agency. Morale among the federal employees is very low since the debt ceiling deal. Folks are scrambling to leave or retire, especially older more experienced workers.

    • I need to get my Obama 2012 bumper sticker as well.

      Maybe it’s time We the People got together and created that hopey changey thing, rather than rely on one man.

      • .
        Many of us have never let up – letter writing; e-mailing; petition signing; meeting with our Representatives; meeting with other like-minded progressives mulling over what actions to take…
        some of us are weary – very weary at the moment.
        Once the weariness lifts we’ll probably be back at…

        (the Repugnants are cheering about ‘saving’ monies – once the states and local communities figure out there are no more federal funds to assist in many social and/or infrastructure programs…
        may regret the cheering. Teabaggers are evil-hearted)

        • Oh Ebb, they really are evil-hearted spiteful little people. A local bagger wrote to our paper positively rejoicing that next year there won’t be any money for our social services agency to provide free breakfast and lunch in the park for the children of the town. How can someone begrudge a child a bowl of generic cereal. It’s been 85 degrees by breakfast time for most of the last month, nobody was eating in the park unless they absolutely had to.

          • Is that bagger ready to give up their Social Security?

            My grandparents came from Europe and I was taught early on to never refuse to feed people. Sharing food is the right thing to do. This bagger better hope that they never have to beg for food. What if that was Jesus sitting in the park waiting for breakfast?

  22. Obama becomes a failed president if We the People allow him to become a failed president. Frankly, I’m getting sick of listening to all the Progressive whining and I consider myself a Progressive. Wisconsin is a good model for all of us. We should stop complaining and do something like they are doing in Wisconsin.

    • Cat’s I’m not sure you mean by ‘allow’ – the polls told Obama where we were – 72% of the electorate wanted to see revenue increase by raising taxes on the top 5% and closing corporate loopholes. Obama’s response – who cares what you think? He went on TV and said ‘call congress’, and we did. But when the bully boys came to call, he cried ‘Uncle’ before they even started twisting his arm behind his back.

      Obama has failed already, and progressives will hold their nose and vote because untrammeled fascism is the alternative. But the action needed is to get some real dems with some real spine on the ballot and get them on their way. Where are the Alan Graysons, Russ Feingolds, Paul Wellstones? Come on out – we’ll hit the streets for you.

      • Alan Grayson and Russ Feingold both lost their local elections because of the machine that financed the teabaggers and demonize Obama. I don’t believe Obama has failed. If he used the 14th Amendment they would have tried to impeach him and all the low information types would believe he committed sum unpardonable crime and stayed home or voted R. If we insist we get our way entirely we are no better than the teabaggers.

        • “get our way entirely” – we got 2% of our way! 2%!!

          Boner said he got 98% of what he wanted
          McConnell said “if you a Republican – what’s not to like?”

          We’re not even approaching getting 50% of what we want – we are getting jack shit! Everytime. That’s my point.

          OK I posted a nice article about Stoned Wallabies on my first of the day – I think I’m going to read it again because I’m pissed off all over again. Sorry everyone.

        • I agree, Shayne. Obama has made some achievements despite the obstacles. Once again, the terrorist Repubs held Americans hostage and we need to remind people in 2012 that Repubs are hostage taking terrorists. That’s the bumper sticker.

  23. While Obama did receive money from Wall Street and what seems like other fat cat corporations it’s important to remember that when any individual donates to a campaign they have to report who they work for. Then the totals are listed for all Goldman Sachs employees, all GE employees, etc. And of course every presidential candidate is going to receive money from big corporations with hundreds of thousands of employees. If you believe Obama is answering to his corporate donors that you are believing the right wing propaganda that is flung at us from everywhere.
    A true progressive could never win the nomination and would lose the general election in a landslide. There just aren’t that many people involved enough for a progressive to win. I believe Obama will be able to swing the agenda left if he is reelected it is silly to throw him under the bus because we believe all the crap the right wants us to.

  24. I don’t fault anyone for disagreeing with, or being disappointed with, President Obama. however, we need to remember that the president doesn’t write legislation nor does he have the power to order a vote from his own party, much less the opposition. I’m not really sure that there’s much he could do differently. We also can’t forget the level of obstruction the Dems have faced. As I recall there were over 400 bills passed by Pelosi’s Congress, most without a single Republican, that were then killed by the GOoPers in the Senate. I think that we are also past 150 appointments stuck in limbo as well.

    We all knew it would be a tough road but I’m not sure that anyone counted on the absolute refusal to cooperate in any way or the naked racism. I thought that they would throw a tantrum for a few months, get tired of it, and go back to their job. Boy, was I wrong! The GOoPers have doubled down on the crazy and hatefulness at every turn of the card and there’s no bottom in sight.

    • Exactly pete. Instead on throwing in the towel we need to double down. When I get calls from the Obama campaign I tell them I’m not going to donate this time or volunteer because I’m pissed but I will vote for him. And my donations will go to people like Grayson to get elected again and the Democrat in my district and against any of the morons like the one that called Obama tar baby. But I still believe at TP there were pretend progressive trolls planted to tell us all the bad things Obama had done to disenfranchise us and I believe they spew other propaganda at other sites.

      • I think we also need to steal a page from the christian right and run candidates for every small time local office up for election. We need to be growing the next generation of leaders.

        • Very good. If you believe political science, the Republicans and their financiers are working since the mid seventies to achieve what they have now. It’s going to be a long road to change that back. The one thing I was never disappointed in Obama is, he is a very decent man like Carter was. I so wish they are not going to bring him down. His decency is, of course, a huge weakness in the current political environment.

      • I think there’s a lot of honest, justified, disappointment but it seems to me that President Obama has had very few choices in light of the limited cooperation he’s gotten from his own party. The complete defection by Lieberman may be the most deeply disturbing but there are plenty of others. We also have to look at how the “librul media” treats vocal progressives. Considering that the “librul media” explodes into a full-blow hatchet job whenever the president tries to show his steel; can you imagine what would happen if he vocally support the ideas of Dennis Kucinich? Anyone who gets their “news” from TV is already convinced that he’s not quite one of us. If he tried to talk like a progressive they would force his resignation.

        Personally, I would have liked to see Obama invoke the 14th Amendment and raise the debt ceiling but it would have ended with him spending the rest of the term fighting, perhaps futilely, impeachment. I happen to think that the GOoPers won’t allow anything good to happen anyway so it probably wouldn’t have made much difference but is that really a choice we can force on another?

        He’s chosen the tactic of trying to appear to be a cooperative adult and I’m not sure that’s a bad idea. Wisconsin has shown us what can happen when GOoPers overreach. It may not be satisfying in the short term but there’s a very good chance that they will do the same thing on a national scale. The short term damage caused by allowing the GOoPers to set policy just may be outweighed in the long term.

    • Well said, Pete. I pretty much agree. I was one of those who said oh boy, single payer, out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, no more Gitmo, stimulate the economy out of the Bush recession, raise taxes on the filthy and on the rich (no difference, maybe), liberate the Supreme Court, equality, education, teach the M.I.C. how to pound guns into plowshares (or maybe high speed trains, windmills, etc.), alternate energy soon (and oil company bandits screaming in pain from their broken backs), and a re-emergent prosperity for all based on sense and science, not on “money” (whatever the hell that really is), a cleansed environment, preservation of wild lands, restoration of the biosphere, the restoration of the human soul itself …

      But I forgot. There remains the Republican party, that greatest of all evil which stands absolutely and positively in the way of any level of human progress that might ever be possible, and surely will fight to the death in their effort to dash every last one of the hopes mentioned above.

      Now is not the time to give in, give up, or bend over. Now’s the time to send the monsters packing. Or as some have been heard to say and sing over the years, “On Wisconsin”!

  25. Meanwhile, MSNBC’s paid bigot, Pat ‘sounds better in the original German’ Buchanan sounds off:

    “Mocked by The Wall Street Journal and Sen. John McCain as the little people of the Lord of the Rings books, the Tea Party “Hobbits” are indeed returning to Middle Earth — to nail the coonskin to the wall.

    – Wow, he really said that.

    He also said:

    “Liberals got nothing” and “Democrats surrendered on substance and yielded on policy for “peace in our time.””

    – Achtung!

    OK I’m really done this time.

  26. Oh F- you ALL!!!!

    EVERYONE HERE is being a complete BITCH!

    I was just getting everything sorted out, brilliantly and perfectly, and then YOU ALL just started getting stuck-in with your WON OPINIONS AND PERSPECTIVES AND WHATNOT!

    You aren’t helping ME at all! Why can’t we all agree on what I SAY and attack everyone who disagrees with ME! Why is it that Democrats can’t conform to an acquiescent,unthinking cult of personality/dogna for more than TWO minutes?


  27. Since it seem evident that my Rep, Jay Inslee is running for governor in 2012, I wish that I was retired so I could run for his congressional seat as an Independent.
    I’d have only one message. I don’t want your money, just your vote.
    I’d go door to door with a self published page on how I stand on issues, and give one to folks who wanted it. No campaign, no TV, no ads nothing involving spending money except for printing my fliers.
    OK, maybe a website, but nothing fancy, just a site where people could read my stances and leave a private message.
    Just to make the point that elections shouldn’t be about who spends money, but who bests represents your interests. Would be great if I won, but that’d be secondary.

    • It takes millions of dollars to win a Congressional seat. I know, I’ve worked campaigns. If you can’t beg for money, then it’s a losing cause. It’s the TV ads that consume much of the campaign’s funds.

  28. Something that no one is talking about. These federal budget cuts are going to have a huge impact on state budgets. PA is struggling to get by this year and next year, it will be worse. I’m not sure what will happen in a state like PA that still has the guns and jesus bagger crowd. There is a large senior population in PA that depends on federal money. Arlan Spector made sure that he brought federal money back to PA. Toomey pledged to NOT bring federal money back to PA. I’m wondering how the residents of PA will react when they discover that Toomey is not “bringing home the bacon” and their property taxes begin to rise as new “fees” are created, and state’s sales tax and income tax increases. Will they still vote Republican?

      • That’s not encouraging. Then we must remind the public even if we have to stand on street corners with signs. Looks like I’m going to have to get active with the local Democratic club. As they say at football games, “Make some noise”.

    • In Wisconsin, it is already down to the county level getting state funds. Thanks to Wanker Milwaukee County has a $21 million short fall and Hizzoner da Putz told them to take it out of the collective bargaining rules. Only problem is Wanker already did that.

  29. Just finished reading some baggers comments on Republican Representative Jim Gerlach’s facebook page. The baggers are pissed that he voted for this bill. Several comments referred to “this is not what we voted for in November”. 2012 may prove to be interesting. Be prepared to fight and sting like a scorpion.

  30. The narrative is shaping up. The “establishment” GOP sold the Dems a bill of goods. The teabaggers are blaming Obama for “more spending” and the progressives are ready to rebel. And, all the while, the “librul media” is laying the whole thing on “Obama’s plan” even while calling it a “failure”. We can’t let that narrative stand.

  31. The baggerati Phase II of the debt “crisis” waits in the shadows. Time to get to work on seeing to it that the Dems retake the House, and with as huge a majority as possible, in 2012.

    Cantor: Dear Young People, We’re Going To Slash Your Medicare

    Republicans’ pledge to never raise taxes is inviolable whereas the government’s pledge to provide retirees with health care will have to be broken at some point, according to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. And we’ll see evidence of this, he hinted, if and when the House of Representatives refuses to pass future deficit reduction legislation if it calls for bringing new tax revenue into the Treasury.

    In a meeting with editors of the Wall Street Journal, Cantor said Americans must “come to grips with the fact that promises have been made that frankly are not going to be kept for many.”

    The Republican plan for dealing with the exploding cost of health care is to phase out Medicare and replace it with a system of subsidized private insurance for elderly Americans, starting when people currently 55 and under reach retirement age. “The rest of us have got ample time to try and plan our lives so that we can adjust to reality here when you look at the numbers,” Cantor said. “Again the math doesn’t lie.”

    Democrats tend to favor Medicare reforms that enhance efficiency, and curtail ineffective health treatments — basically for the government, advised by experts, to ration health care rather than to have private insurance companies do it. Eventually, before health care costs overwhelm the budget, one of these two visions will prevail. The former is a much more radical change than the latter. But the government can buy itself some time if it decides to raise taxes. Cantor says that won’t happen as long as Republicans control the House — even if a powerful new deficit reduction committee reaches a bipartisan agreement that includes some new tax revenue.

    “The House is not going to support an increase in taxes,” he said.

    • Democratic and Moderate Republicans need to be told: A huge majority supports tax increases to increase revenue. If the message is loud enough, the tea party minority will be just that. A minority. Cantor could be backing the wrong horse.

      • It sounds to me like they are lighting all kinds of fires on purpose, with great purpose. Race wars, class wars, and now age wars (young against the old using Medicare and Social Security). Divide and conquer. All groups are fighting against each other with support unraveling as they (the GOP and their Tea Partiers) slip through and dismantle everything (rob the henhouse).

    • Ok, we can do that. As long as they put a freeze on all prices. If raising taxes to cover increased costs is wrong then it is wrong to raise costs and prices.

  32. ..

    Lost Hitchcock film discovered in New Zealand

    Alfred Hitchcock is still surprising his fans.
    Film preservationists say they’ve found the first half of “The White Shadow,” the earliest surviving feature film on which Hitchcock has a credit.
    The first three reels of the six-reel film made in 1923 were discovered by the National Film Preservation Foundation at the New Zealand Film Archive.

  33. Well crap…

    My job will require me to watch Atlas Shrugged tomorrow.

    Oh, make that, watch it three times tomorrow.

    • Your employer is requiring that you watch Atlas Shrugged. I don’t understand unless you work at a movie theater. If that’s the case, just turn your back, bring a good book, wear ear plugs.

      • My employer in this case is 20th Century Fox and since my job entails consultation and quality control of the picture and sound ahead of DVD and Blu-ray release, I most definitely must watch and listen.

        At least it’s on a 60″ plasma and surround sound in a room by myself.

        I wonder if I can tell Fox that what I’m hearing and seeing is bullshit, ya know, in some kind of technical terms.

  34. Most SarahPAC recipients voted for debt limit increase

    So here at The Ticket we were curious who, if any, of the 2011 SarahPAC recipients did vote to raise the debt limit and potentially left themselves open to feel Palin’s wrath in next year’s primaries.

    And there were many.

    Sens. Bob Corker Tennessee and Roger Wicker of Mississippi both voted for the compromise and had already received $5,000 donations from SarahPAC this year. So did Reps. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania, Larry Bucshon of Indiana, Francisco “Quico” Canseco of Texas, Mike Coffman of Colorado (whose check was not designated for his 2012 race, but was instead donated to help retire his 2008 debt), Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Allen West of Florida.

    But three Republicans who received SarahPAC donations voted against raising the debt ceiling: Reps. Ann Marie Buerkle of New York, Vicky Hartzler of Missouri and Martha Roby of Alabama.

    All of the lawmakers listed above– including the two senators–are up for re-election in 2012. And it now appears likely that Palin is unhappy with many of those no-voters.

    Get the popcorn! This will be fun! 😆

    • Yep, he would!

      This continued fear mongering, anti-Muslim rhetoric from the right wing Evangelicals and fundamentalists just proves to me more and more that Christianity in America has been hijacked by Satan’s minions just as the republican party has.

      How to fool and deceive Christians: Take over a political party, proclaim it as God’s party, a party with family values and morals while at the same time infiltrate the Churches with evil minions to deceive the Christians by wrapping wealth, success and capitalism up with the bible in an American Flag, while the political party and Christian leaders are blatantly going against the true teachings of Christ and using fear of Muslims, Socialism and other things to keep the deceived sheep in line.

      It’s all crystal clear to me now. Capitalism, American Christianity and Corporations are intertwined for the sole purpose to divide, conquer and destroy.

      Bow to Mammon, worship capitalism and serve the corporations. Welcome to American Babylon!

      • I’m not sure that it’s quite that black and white. Religious Believers are, for lack of a better term, easily manipulated. When the belief in myth really takes hold it’s like a computer with a corrupted operating system. I’m not talking about the usual vague belief that there’s more to the universe than we can comprehend but those who really Believe in things that a conscious mind rejects automatically.

        Using myself as an example: I was raised in an agnostic family. I started asking about religion and, when I asked why we didn’t go to church, Dad said; “because your Mom and I decided to never lie to our kids”. I was either 12 or 13 when Dad decided I was old enough to study religion and he gave me a Bible and a telescope for Christmas. I read the whole Bible but was convinced it was fiction, and not very well written fiction, within a few pages. I found it no more, or less, profound than Tolkein, Heinlein, Clarke, or Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    • I don’t believe people who drool over photos of children being sexually abused, or people who abuse children sexually for their own great personal pleasure deserve any rights to privacy at all. Or any other rights, for that matter.

      Lock them all up in a terrible place and throw the keys away.

      • No disagreement, but the latest Republican plan to control child porn is to require our ISP’s to monitor and archive all our web activity and turn it over to the government without any warrants or evidence of criminal activity. So much for a hatred of Big Government.

        • I remember when Joe McCarthy went after a black woman in his Senate hearings, accused her of being a traitor because there was a suspicion she had read The Daily Worker and was therefore probably a commie. She denied it. Later it turned out that it was someone else but with same name.

          But there it was, way back when — a Republican Senator going after “traitors” whose only “crime” was to not be pure enough to suit his perception of pure. Big government vs. little people. No matter how much some things change, the more they stay the same.

          If it were up to me, I’d use a really big government to deport all Republicans and right wingers. Then after they’re gone, we can talk serious shrinkage … and still go after child abusers bigtime.

    • Gummitch, I couldn’t read that whole article. Sexual abuse of children is abhorrent. While in college, I worked at a children’s hospital and there were infants, infants under one year of age, admitted for sexual assault by a parent.

  35. .

    We all know how effective those ‘sternly worded letters are’

    Reid Letter To Boehner Urges Swift FAA Fix Despite Congressional Recess

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has fired off a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) offering an urgent compromise on Congress’ latest impasse: the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration.

  36. Bachmann Proposes Slashing Half of Alphabet
    ‘Vowels Are Not Free,’ Says Tea Party Favorite

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – Fresh from the Tea Party’s triumph in the recent debt ceiling fight, Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) set the stage for another budget-cutting battle today, proposing that the Federal government slash half the alphabet over the next four years.

    “The days of living large with a 26-letter alphabet are over,” Rep. Bachmann said. “As anyone who watches ‘Wheel of Fortune’ knows, vowels are not free.”

    If the Tea Party proposal becomes law, the United States will have to make do with only thirteen letters by as early as 2015, Rep. Bachmann said.

    The push to slash letters from the alphabet already has broad support among the Tea Party faithful, who find the overabundance of letters an annoyance when it comes to composing protest signs.

    Rep. Bachmann said that there would be tremendous cost savings with a thirteen-letter alphabet, or “afbat,” as she called it.

    “With fewer letters, we would have fewer books, fewer schools, and lower taxes,” she said. “Although we will have no taxes at all once we eliminate the letter X.”

    Critics of the plan argue that it goes too far, since cutting the letter X would eliminate not only taxes but also the entire state of Texas.

    But for his part, Texas Governor Rick Perry seemed unfazed by that possibility: “I would be proud to be Governor of the great state of Teas.”

    Elsewhere, at the White House Vice President Joe Biden offered an apology for his remark about the Tea Party: “Did I say terrorists? I meant axe-murderers.”

  37. .

    Ya just knew it had to be some MegaKillerAgra (corporation as citizen [spit]):

    (Please note that this tainted meat started its ride in March)

    USDA Announces Recall Of 36M Pounds Of Ground Turkey

    Cargill said Wednesday that it is recalling fresh and frozen ground turkey products produced at the company’s Springdale, Ark., plant from Feb. 20 through Aug. 2 due to possible contamination from the strain of salmonella linked to the illnesses.

    • Gee… I wonder which party believes the industry can police themselves and always tries to cut the FDA funding.

    • All the more reason to buy local. Purchase a large turkey or two from a local farm at Thanksgiving. Bake the turkey(s). Take off what you want to eat within a few days. De-bone the rest of the meat and make small meals, add a bit of gravy to these meals and then freeze. You can have turkey dinners all year long. Make soup broth with the carcass and freeze the broth in individual containers. A good freezer is a must if you choose to purchase local produce and meat when in season. Yes, meat has a season. Fall for pigs and roasting chickens, late fall for turkeys, deep winter for beef, and roasting chickens in late spring. At least that is how it is raised and sold in PA.

    • Oh my… I just discovered that I bought Vanity Fair napkins about a year ago. They have been stored for “party purposes”. When they are gone, there will be no more VF purchases. Thanks for the link.

      I will still need to gasoline for my car which I need to use to get to anywhere from my house.

      • Oh my… I just discovered that I bought Vanity Fair napkins about a year ago. They have been stored for “party purposes”.

        LOL…you do that too!?

        • Of the typical store products I can safely say that I;ve only ever bought one of their brands, intermittently, which I used in the normal fashion which just happens to stink of poetic justice.
          But for years now I’ve been buying a ;green’ brand;;for my ablutions.

          Of course I have used Georgia Pacific Plywood in my cabinetmaking days, but not exclusively, and we used a lot more fiberboard/HD particleboard than plywood. We also switched to water-based paints and glues at the first opportunity—needed new spray equipment but it was totally worth it, for health and for business. . Nut I’m still not as green as I;d like to be

  38. I just read this comment at Huffington Post having to do with the Austerity Measures taking place right now:

    Here is the full text of article published in the United States Bankers’ Magazine in 1892. It was recently re-publish­ed in the New Era and in the Social Crediter:
    “We must go forward cautiously and consolidat­e each acquired position, because already the inferior social stratum of society is giving unceasing signs of agitation.
    “Therefore­, prudence dictates to us a line of conduct that seems to give in to the will of the people, until the execution of our plans be well-enoug­h establishe­d for us to be able to declare our intentions without having to fear any organized resistance­.
    “Our confidence men shall have to closely watch the Farmers Alliance and the Knights of Work, and take steps immediatel­y, either to control both associatio­ns in accordance with our interests, or to break them.
    “Our men will have to attend the Convention that will be held in Omaha on the 4th of July, and be in charge of all activities­. Otherwise, this Convention could muster such an antagonism to our plans that we would have to resort to force to overcome it.
    Now, at the present time, using violence would be premature. We are not yet ready to confront such an assault. Money must first of all seek maximum protection in schemes and in legislatio­n.
    “Let us make use of the courts. Let us go forward as fast as possible at perceiving debts, at foreclosin­g (depriving of recourse to justice when a certain time limit has been transgress­ed) on debentures and mortgages.
    “When, through the law’s interventi­on, the common people shall have lost their homes, they will be more easy to control and more easy to govern, and they shall not be able to resist the strong hand of the Government acting in accordance with the orders of the central power of imperial wealth, under the control of the leaders of finance.
    “Our top leaders are perfectly aware of the truth. They are presently working at establishi­ng an imperialis­m of the capital to rule the world. But while they are implementi­ng this plan, they must keep the people busy with political antagonism­s.
    “We’ll therefore speed up the question of reform in the custom rates by the political organizati­on called the Democratic Party; and we’ll put the spotlight on the question of protection and of the reciprocit­y by the Republican Party.
    “By dividing the electorate this way, we’ll be able to have them spend their energies at struggling amongst themselves on questions that, for us, have no importance whatsoever­, and on which we only touch upon as instructor­s of the common flock.
    “It is thus that, through discreet acts, we can maintain what was so generously projected and executed with such a remarkable success.”

    What do you all think.. ? Like I said earlier. Divide and conquer.

  39. Let me get this straight.

    Climatologists have spent about 30 years telling us that we are going to see all kinds of severe weather including record heat waves. Now we’re seeing all kinds of severe weather, including record heat waves, that’s exceeding all but the most dire predictions. So? The idiots among us assume that the weather is caused by a vengeful God.

    Even if they are right and Americans just don’t hate gays, Muslims, minorities, Muslims, communists, Muslim and Muslims enough; wouldn’t it still be easier to pump less shit into the atmosphere than it would be to force Americans to hate people they don’t already hate enough to satisfy a vengeful God who is, apparently, too fucking lazy to do anything about said gays, Muslims, minorities, Muslims, communists, Muslims and Muslims?

    • Oh and that one’s going to leave a mark too – LOL. I’m paraphrasing that one next Jesus-freak wants to try and shout the odds at me.

  40. Okay I may sound like a broken record and a tin foil hat collector but…

    I was watching Count Down tonight and Keith had Senator Wyden on the show talking about the Patriot Acts and how Wyden and Udall were trying to get a peek at just how many innocent Americans are caught up in the surveillance for bad guys. They are actually may go as far as try and let the Patriot Acts expire next time, if the records are not released by the alphabet agencies.

    So the cynical nut job in me immediate thought, sure they will learn of millions of innocent, unknowing Americans who are caught up in this government surveillance net, people will be enraged, the Patriot Acts will be allowed to expire and in it’s place they will bring back HR1955: The Violent Radicalization Of Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

    Keith showed a clip of Wyden talking about the vagueness of the Patriot Act language, saying these words may be interpreted one way in public, but behind closed doors the government can interpret them any way they want to.

    Scary…and HR1955 is even scary….I bring it up a lot but I hope they never bring HR1955 or anything similar because it won’t be good, it won’t be good at all.

    • .
      Why are you surprised at this?

      Reach across the aisle.

      He needed to up the gift giving to the Repugnant TeaBaggers!

      Doesn’t matter what it’s labeled it ain’t good for the country…

    • Friends don’t let friends do TP. I’m still on the “one step” program….. TP doesn’t piss me off anymore – Obama and Reid are really winding me up. Might have to get my US citizenship, because the stuff I want to do right now I’d get deported for.

  41. .
    SpongeBob SquarePants Makes An Enemy

    Fox Blasts Nickelodeon For “Pushing A Global Warming Agenda”

    Fox News repeatedly criticized a SpongeBob SquarePants book and video about manmade global warming because “they did not tell kids that that is actually a disputed fact.” In reality, it is not controversial among the mainstream scientific community that humans are changing the climate.

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