Colbert Lauds Romney: ‘Corporations Are People, my friend’

While at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moine yesterday, Mitt Romney was asked about his stance on Social Security in a shoutout question from someone in the crowd.

Mitt Romney told an Iowa crowd on Thursday that the country should not raise taxes to shore up Medicare and Social Security because “corporations are people” too.

His response, as Stephen Colbert points out, showed how he “understands’ the average Joe..”

From The Colbert Report:

Mitt Romney’s historic statement of corporate personhood makes him this generation’s civil rights champion.

“Yes, corporations are people, my friend,” Colbert added. “They’re like members of your family. Your brother, fax machine. Your Uncle Ben. Your Aunt Annie. Your Mama Celeste, your Go Daddy.”

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  1. Can corporations apply for the Catholic Clergy if they are the result of merger(s)? Aren’t Exxon-Mobile a married pair? .How do they then fit into the LGBT community? Are horizontal mergers legal in Delaware? Was the Time/Life-AOL divestiture a mortal sin?

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