Sunday Roast: The GOP owns the US debt downgrade.


The GOP and their teabagger buddies are entirely responsible for the S&P downgrade of the US credit rating, from AAA to AA+.  They took this country hostage over a routine matter of paying bills they ran up, and threatened to crash not only our own economy, but economies worldwide.

Why?  It’s very simple.  It’s because they are chickenshit opportunistic liars.

When the GOP is in power, all is right with the world.  Deficits don’t matter — just ask Dick “Dick” Cheney — and it’s their time to run up the bills on the great big US credit card.  Borrow and spend, that’s the GOP.  But when the GOP is out of power, the deficit becomes the biggest and most important emergency we’ve ever had, and people are too stupid to understand that the Democrats are just cleaning up the aftermath of yet another drunken GOP spending spree.

Hell, give me “tax and spend” Democrats any day.  At least the shit they’re spending money on is paid for.  The borrow and spend GOP happily spends money our grandchildren haven’t even been born to earn, and then gleefully proclaims that the Black Democrat Socialist Commie Nazi Stalinist Muslim President has run up more debt than any president in history.

Bitch, please.

Here’s what the S&P says about who’s responsible for the downgrade:

“[P]eople in the political arena were even talking about a potential default,” said Joydeep Mukherji, senior directior at S&P. “That a country even has such voices, albeit a minority, is something notable,” he added. “This kind of rhetoric is not common amongst AAA sovereigns.”

We all know that the S&P are a bunch of nefarious fuckwits, who enabled Wall Street’s merry joy ride with our national and personal economies, but since we were asking them a specific question about one event, let’s pretend like we should give them the benefit of the doubt.

Now, who are these “people in the political arena” who were “talking about a potential default?”  You know, the people who all of a sudden were just fine with not paying the bills they ran up, and letting the full faith and credit of the United States fall into a fucking sink hole?

Here’s a list:

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), May 18, 2011
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), May 19, 2011
Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), June 24, 2011
Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), May 18, 2011
Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), July 13, 2011
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), June 26, 2011 — Hey, she wants to be president!
Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), June 27, 2011 — He wants to be president, too!  Again!
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), July 13, 2011
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), May 16, 2011
Tim Pawlenty, July 15, 2011 — Another one who wants to be president!
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), July 18, 2011
Nebraska Senate candidate Jon Bruning, July 29, 2011

There are more, but you get the picture.

Oh look, they’re all Republicans/Teabaggers, but now they’d like you to think that those who were literally holding this country hostage — and will happily do so again — were President Obama and the Democrats. If it weren’t so sick and troubling, and if assholes like Mitch McConnell didn’t have their very own television network spewing bullshit to the idiotic non-thinkers in this country (no, I’m not linking to that trash), I’d be laughing my silly ass off.

Contrary to Republican/Teabagger “thinking,” things don’t stop being true just because it no longer suits their narrative or purposes.  We have to stop letting them get away with this shit.

No more being polite, no more taking the high ground, no more “both parties are at fault” fairy tales, and no more assuming that idiot America will look things up for themselves.  None of that.

Our media is worse than useless, they have become a destructive force in this country.  We are on our own, folks.

Repeat after me:  Republicans entirely own the S&P downgrade of the credit rating of the United States.  See above for a list of a few of the culprits.  Repeat often and loudly.  Don’t let anyone get away with saying anyone else had a hand in it — not even the President.

260 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: The GOP owns the US debt downgrade.

  1. Don’t hold back, Zooey. Tell us what you really think… 😉

    You are, of course, absolutely right that the Republican party is completely responsible for this downgrade. It was their votes that increased spending to the levels they claim to abhor. They were the ones who did away with Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO). They were the ones who did away with the Gephardt Rule (which said that if a bill passed that would exceed our debt ceiling, the debt ceiling would automatically increase to accommodate the additional spending without a separate vote.) They were the ones who agreed to fund Bush’s unnecessary wars without paying for them with new taxes (making ours the first country in the history of civilization to not raise taxes during a time of war). They were the ones who voted to increase Medicare spending without paying for it. And then, when they were finally no longer in control of both Houses of Congress and the White House, they were the ones who started bitching and moaning about how much money we were spending while refusing to allow the unnecessary Bush tax cuts to expire. (Tax cuts which did none of the things Republicans promised would happen.) I cannot understand how anyone with an IQ in the three-digit range could think that Republicans are the ones who should be running this country. Running it into the ground, maybe. BTW, let’s not ignore Speaker of the House John Boehner’s lies in all this. Lies about “job-crushing tax hikes” as an excuse to not allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. And speaking of which, I really didn’t notice my weekly paycheck going up that much when Bush cut my taxes by a pittance and the rich people’s by more than I make in a year, so I say let them expire. I won’t notice the difference.

    And the media, the so-called “liberally-biased” media, must also share in the blame for this. They’ve been too cowardly to call out the Republicans on their lies and hypocrisy. This is what gets me: They allow Republicans to come on their programs and spout lie after lie unchallenged. Because they’re afraid that if they call them the liars they are, they won’t come on their programs in the future. To do what? Tell even more lies? Quite frankly, if the only network that Mitch McConnell would be willing to go on was Fox News Channel, so what? Remember, folks, that FNC’s highest rated program is Bill O’Reilly, and he pulls in about three million viewers a night – less than 1% of the US population! The mainstream Sunday talk shows (ABC, CBS, NBC) pull in way more than that, so if Republicans refuse to appear on those programs because they keep getting called out on their lies, who gets hurt by that? All they have to do is name the Republicans they asked to appear on the program and say they refused to do so. Go ahead and say why, too. (“Sen McCain refused to appear on our program because, according to his office, we called him a liar. This was after he lied to us.”) The MSM is more concerned about access to these politicians than they are about telling the American people (and the world, who also watch these programs) the truth. They forget that these politicians in Washington are responsible to the people of this country and really can’t hide from us forever. They need the media exposure to keep their phony-baloney careers going.

  2. Since Michele Bachmann is on every show this morning, I won’t be following my usual viewing sequence of starting with This Week, then Meet the Press, and Face the Nation. I’ll be watching wherever she’s not on.

    Wayne, it’s not so much an access problem that news programs face, if they don’t coddle the Republicans, it’s the loss of advertising revenue from the oligarchs if the reporting isn’t to their liking.

  3. Wow, Zooey, great post, this one’s a definite keeper! I love the line at the top of the Wiki page:

    “The neutrality of this article is disputed. Please see the discussion on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved. (August 2011)”

    As long as there are conservatives who refuse to live in the real world, the neutrality of any article that puts them in a bad light will be ‘disputed.’

  4. Ex-Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty ends White House bid

    Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is dropping out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

    Pawlenty told supporters on a conference call Sunday morning that he would announce on ABC’s “This Week” that he was ending his campaign after a disappointing finish in the Iowa straw poll on Saturday.

    Well, as we say in racing, scratch one leader!

  5. Ohhh. George Will just told a whopper of a lie! (I know, you’re not surprised!)

    “When Rick Perry’s plane took off from Charleston yesterday, heading for New Hampshire, and on to Iowa today, he flew out of Charleston airport over a huge Boeing plant creating 2000 jobs directly and thousands more indirectly, that the Obama Administration, through the National Labor Relations Board wants to close.”

    Now as I recall, the NLRB case for preventing the South Carolina Boeing plant from opening is the displacement of jobs from Washington. So, how are new jobs being created? I’m going to watch Politifact for this one!

  6. In Harvard MBA speak it is called “cost externalizing”

    Meaning: Someone else gets stuck with the tab after the pigs have gorged themselves.

    That would be us.

  7. Actually, the mess we’re in is both party’s fault.

    NAFTA, as well as the deregulation of the financial industry occurred under Clinton. That set the stage for a mass exodus of American Jobs and for the unbridled rip-off of the country by the banks.

    Support for Bush’s wars, off-book and with borrowed funds, was bipartisan. So, too, was support for Bush’s tax cuts. No talk of filibuster – no holding the country hostage over mushrooming debt. At best, it can be described that the Democratic Party is acting like the submissive wife/victim of spousal abuse.

    Because they repeatedly acquiesce to Republican demands, they, too, are to blame.

    Besides, Boehner only got 98% of what he wanted. If only he got 100% of what he wanted, all would be Right in the world.

  8. Great post Zooey (how did you DO that? –per our convo last night, I was expecting you to post a photo of a flower and be done with it! :D) !

    And great follow-up Wayne!

  9. More downgrades!

    From The Borowitz Report:

    S & P Downgrades Iowa’s IQ
    Straw Poll ‘Alarms’ Ratings Agency

    AMES, IOWA (The Borowitz Report) – Calling the results of today’s Iowa straw poll “alarming,” Standard and Poor’s took the unprecedented action of downgrading Iowa’s IQ.

    While the effects of such an extraordinary measure are hard to predict, experts say the IQ downgrade could result in Iowans having difficulty completing sentences or operating a television remote.

  10. Awesome stuff reported in National Review on-line,
    To [Iowa Congresscritter Steve] King, it’s crucial that the straw poll, which demands a lot of retail politicking from the candidates, remain an important benchmark in the campaign season.

    “If we ever lose the Iowa straw poll, which is essential to set up the caucuses, then we’ll never again see a president who came from the grassroots and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, by force of their campaign and personality and ideas,” Instead, all of our presidents thereafter would be those who were elected because they had the money to hire the best team to create a media image for them, rather than be a real person.”


    • It’s not as though King had a vested interest in the pretense that Iowa has a monopoly on bootstraps.

      The reality is that the real value of the straw poll is to encourage financial contributions which will then be used to pay for pr flacks whose role is to create a media image for the politician.

  11. Real America…

    Real America…a place where only white people exist. Where women are submissive out of respect for their man. A place where Mammon is God, capitalism and tax cuts are worshiped and corporations are people who we must serve.

    Real America…where everyone pulls themselves up by their own bootstraps, where gays and lesbians are to be demonized, where legal and illegal immigrants of a skin color other than white, are to blame for all of our country’s problems.

    Real America…where a Christian banner waves high in the sky. Where privatizing the profits and socializing the loses is the norm. Where greed is good and social programs are evil. I got mine….so phuck you!

    • Pulling oneself up by their own bootstraps… now that’s a lie if I ever heard one. After the Louisiana purchase, settlers were given FREE land to settle west of the Mississippi. Our government paid the military to protect these settlers while they stole land from the indigenous people. Farms are subsidized to produce certain food products. This is NOT pulling one up by their own bootstraps. Michele Bachmann knows this. She have been living off the government teat for all of her adult life.

  12. Dawdling over breakfast at IHOP in Albuquerque, watching the poor single parent dads out with their progeny, trying to compete with the cell phones for some attention.

    • It really aggravates me when I am at a restaurant with friends and they pull out their cell phones and feel the need to get all involved with activities on their cell phones, text message and calls. If they had an occupation where they were “on-call”, that would be different. That is very rarely the case.

      IHOP must be the favorite place for single parent dads to take their children on Sunday mornings.

    • That is such a sad sight, and the dads probably think they can’t tell the kids to put away the phones because that will make them the bad guy. Although the kids might secretly be grateful for the limits.

  13. Face the Nation moment
    Norah O’Donnell has moved from NBC to CBS and was hosting the show today. (Poor Chris Matthews.)

    O’Donnell: ‘How do you draw a contrast then, against the governor of Texas, when nearly half of the jobs that have been created in America, were created in Texas?’

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: ‘There are dramatic contrasts with the Governor of Texas, not the least of which is it’s extremely difficult for him to deserve credit for that job creation when you have rising gas prices that created oil jobs that he had nothing to do with, when you had military spending as a result of two wars that created military jobs that he had nothing to do with, when you had the Recovery Act championed by President Obama, that created jobs in Texas that he had nothing to do with, so it is way overblown to suggest that the job creation in Texas is squarely on the shoulders of his policies.’

    • Actually, the vast number of jobs created in Texas are minimum wage or lower. Texas’ workforce is number #1 in the country — at having the highest percentage of minimum wage jobs (almost 10%), along with Mississippi.

      And the job creation in Texas isn’t due to anything Goodhair has done.

  14. Spent some time early this morning catching up on yesterday’s watering hole, was flabbergasted to run across the thread there concerning Hooda’s revelation.

    For all the Critters and Zoosters who don’t know, my first name is Perry. Short for Peregrine. And no, I am not even vaguely related to the dufe in Tejas who is using my name for his last name.

    How awful to share the name ‘Perry’ with that fartbrain from Tejas! And believe me, I KNOW! My great-great-grandfather’s name was Per Nilsson (of Hjarsis Sweden). His firstborn son was Nils Persson, my great grandfather. My grandfather, second born, was named Anders Nilsson who, upon settling in the US in the 1890’s, anglicized his name to Andrew Nelson. For some reason known only to them, my folks apparently reached into the lineage and I became the anglicized Per, i.e. Perry.

    And now I, like Hooda, have to curtail the outrage over the fact that some low IQ furballed fartbag wingnut from Tejas slams and humiliates our given moniker all over the front page of virtually every rag and screen out there multiple times every day.

    Never been so goddamned insulted in all my life!

  15. Must cut the lawn before the temperature makes it too painful to do so. Meanwhile, I have a question:

    How much revenue would the government get if the tax free status of religion was revoked?

    • Well, as badmoodman notes, ‘churches could incorporate and exploit the usual loopholes, BUT in theory, the answer would be A LOT.

      BTW remember Dubya’s ‘Faith Intiative’ or whatever it was called? That put over $5 billion into religious organizations.

      Some do great work–I have been the recipient of Catholic charity myself, provided without proselytizing by those who sincerely practice what they believe to be Christian compassion but which is actually just ordinary compassion).

      But church charities aren’t even subject to the same regulations as secular charities, They are private organizations given public money.

      • I do remember Bush’s blessing the religious organizations with other peoples hard earned cash.

        I understand that not all charities, religious or not, are subject to greed and bad management. What is really sad is that no society can work on charity alone. This is why social programs run by governments are the only way to ensure people have food on the table and a roof over their heads.

        Religious organizations have far too many benefits that end up not benefiting the people that need it.

  16. How much revenue would the government get if the tax free status of religion was revoked?

    Nothing. Churches would incorporate and dodge taxes as if they were GE.

  17. Fareed is lecturing liberals on GPS – “grow up, liberals.” Fuck you, Fareed! Now he’s saying that Larry Sommers and Tim Geithner have long careers in “public service.” Bullshit, they’ve never had anything to do with “public service”!

  18. Tonguing For Votes

    <——– Well, it's a novel approach, I suppose, especially when you are such a woman-killer as Marcus Bachmann. Or maybe it's his outfits that drive women crazy. The unidentified Iowa woman (random? mother? a stalker? or just voter?) in a lip-lock with the wannabe First Gentleman, does seem to have his head in a death-hold.

  19. Jesus fucking christ!! Some moron just went screaming by here with the wheel off one side of his boat trailer.

    If that bastard sets fire to this valley, I will personally hunt him down.

    • No shit!!! A few years ago there was video of the same thing happening somewhere in the dry western hills. A family was driving along and saw a bunch of small fires on the side of the road. They started filming and then caught up to a trailer being towed with a missing wheel. They caused countless small fires. The family finally were able to pass the guy and stop him. He had no clue what was happening. How clueless do you have to be to not feel a change in handling! Unbelievable.

      • “How clueless do you have to be to not feel a change in handling!”

        My thought, too – a couple of months ago my tire went flat in the driveway, I didn’t see it when I was getting into my car, but I sure felt it within less than 100 feet.

        • I had a similar experience except my tire was going flat as I was driving. I had no doubt something was wrong as soon as I hit 50 miles an hour.

      • I happened to be on a fire assignment in Oklahoma when a farmer towing a trailer loaded with hay bales caught on fire from the wheels rubbing against the bales.
        It had been towed to a 4-way intersection by the time we got there with the engine, with which we gleefully attacked, hosed, and generally destroyed the load.

    • Some moron just went screaming by here with the wheel off one side of his boat trailer.

      It was performance art, metaphorically, of the GOP.

  20. A favorite quote for your zooness. “Also, I can’t listen to the news without a beverage—the dark tales of how Republican rapacity mated with Democratic desuetude, monitored by a press with moral Alzheimer’s, has imperiled the republic.” Jim Harrison 1991

  21. Once was a bat from Minnesota,
    of corn phat could not get her quota.
    She won a straw poll by swallowing it whole,
    her gimmick gave rise to this limerick.

  22. .
    I always dreamt intelligent women would be running for the highest office in the land -not the baton-twirling (sorry Zooey); high-stepping, empty-headed ding-dongs.

    CrazyAssShelly still insists:

    “Submissive” doesn’t mean subservient…

    O’Donnell asked Bachmann if she would use a different word in retrospect.

    “You know, I guess it depends on what word people are used to, but respect is really what it means,” Bachmann replied.

  23. My stomach is better but I still feel ill. The local “librul media” sources are trying to outdo each other heaping praise on Batscat Bachmann because, in their warped little brains, they think that having a Minnesotan leading the field makes them more relevant. Anyone who knows anything about this country and that awful woman can see that she’s the antithesis of what an American leader should strive to be.

    I suppose that there is a bright side. The more they stroke her ego, and despite her constant whining about said media “attacking” her because she’s a conservative Christian and they hate America, the longer she’ll stay in the race and each day makes it more unlikely that she will retain her seat in the House. But? Anyone who reads a Minnesota newspaper will still be convinced that we are all fucking nuts because they absolutely refuse to simply acknowledge the fact that she’s loony as a toon and, should she be elected, would probably be the single greatest disaster to ever befall this country..

    I’m also a bit pissed that T-Paw has dropped out of the race. With him gone there’s now a very good chance that Batscat Shelly will win the Minnesota GOP primary while, had he stayed, they would have split the homer votes and finished 2nd and 3rd in their home state.

    • The GOP nominee will be Romney, Perry or Shellie, no matter what the Wasilla Diva does.

      This sure isn’t your Father’s GOP.

  24. Time to go fold the laundry and wander down the road.
    Later all!
    I saw a good bumper sticker today:
    Non-Judgement Day is Coming

        • Yes, another reason that it’s a keeper!

          Speaking of the WSJ, I had run across this, I think at TP, at the time of the Norway shooting:

          “The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, rushed up an editorial Friday, blaming “jidhadists” for the attacks and exclaiming, “Norway is targeted for being true to Western norms”:

          “…in jihadist eyes, [Norway] will always remain guilty of being what it is: a liberal nation committed to freedom of speech and conscience, equality between the sexes, representative democracy, and every other freedom that defines the West. For being true to those ideals, Norwegians have now been asked to pay a terrible price.” [Emphasis and italics mine]

          “As more information came out about the attacks and the attacker, the WSJ rewrote the online version of the editorial, albeit by removing any trace of the above paragraph. Instead, it mentioned that it had falsely attributed the attacks to jihadists and called the attacker an al Qaeda “copycat.””

  25. I’ve been busy, and am still busy…but just caught up on the thread—such fun! Vocab lessens from newoldman, brilliant limericks and pith from tarts (or tart remarks from the pithy?)

    Sorry I missed the party, back later ( hopefully not too much later).

  26. That picture of Bachmann is the funniest thing I’ve seen today. I thank all of my witty friends for sharing it and encourage you to share it with everyone you know.

  27. “You thought I looked like a droopy-eyed whackjob! Wah!” ~ Zooey

    no…I thought you looked like a doe-eyed sausage-savoring seductress.

  28. To swallow a large corndog whole,
    One’s lips must be round like a bowl,
    The tongue keeps its place
    And makes way the space,
    As the corndog slides into a hole.

  29. Speaking of limericks —

    They’re always fun. Here’s one of mine dated 1998; inspiration obvious.

    There once was a chick named Lewinski
    Who slipped a cigar in her pinkski,
    It belonged to the prez,
    Who quick stained her drez–
    Right after she tugged on his Clintski!

  30. I’m watching 60 Minutes, and they are profiling the BBC show, Top Gear. One of their ‘challenges’ was to drive across Alabama in a vehicle they each purchased for under $1000, without getting shot or arrested. Bonus points would be awarded if they could get one of the others shot or arrested, They painted things on the side of each other’s cars such as: Man Love Rules; Hillary For President; NASCAR sucks; I’m Bi; and Country Western is Rubbish!

    They had to abandon the cars at a gas station and run for their lives to the camera truck! 😀

    • .
      That is humorous!
      The friendly confines of Alabama.
      (the word ‘rubbish’ should have clued the Alabamans that these were ‘foreigners’)/

      • It’s elk hunting season in New Mexico.
        I could get some entertainment, and probably some aerobic exercise, with a Wolves Rule! bumper sticker.

          • Are you out of your cotton-pickin’ mind? I keep as low a profile as I can! 😀

            I’ll be a strong liberal influence when I’m living somewhere safe to be one!

            Hell. Just driving a Porsche is risk enough!

            • Oh geez. I guess you’re a liberal in Alabama, like I’m a liberal in Idaho — pretty damn quiet about it. 😀

            • The Top Gear boys were truly flirting with danger on that one.
              True story.
              Long cross country drive in late hot summer.
              I can’t remember if it was Louisiana, Alabama or Mississippi.
              However, one of my short cuts had taken me into some smaller towns and I needed gas.
              I filled up and went inside of what was a small eatery/gas station.
              I was in cargo shorts and tee shirt with flip flops.
              Every human being, man woman and child was wearing camo.
              It was one of the most “Deliverance” moments I have ever had in my life.

            • Heh, babies wear camo gear around here, too. The baby girls are dressed in pink camo.

              Some of these ole’ boys even have their trucks painted camo, so they can hide their rig in the woods while they’re huntin’.

          • I weary of the fight here in my corner of the Southwest.
            The other day I met a fellow log cabin builder, a much younger man who was moaning the loss of his high paying job in the oil and gas drilling industry “because the current president had laid them all off”.
            No clue that the industry was shut down for safety, violation of lease and overdrilling issues.
            As we stood in front of the cabin he was constructing, I said “Yeah, but look what you can do now!”
            His eyes got a little softer as he said, “Yeah……”

  31. Oh gawd, we’re not supposed to even discuss politics on the job.
    We do, however, get it thrown at us constantly by “the public”.
    Lots of baiting comments, I’ve learned to listen carefully and have long pauses before responding.
    Drives them nuts.
    I’ll sometimes ask them to repeat their questions or comments, and I lean, turn my ear closer.
    When I pull out my pen and notepad, they leave.

  32. The focus range of my glasses (new progressive [what else] lenses) is not aligning with the foucus range of my headlamp, so I’m going to turn everything off.
    Night all!

  33. bdmm, nice gravatar – (as House calls him) Pervy morphing into Georgie-boy or is it the other way round?
    Matters not – it’s a great gravatar and caption of “Been there done that”

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