We Survived Hurricane Irene

Every year, hornets find a tree limb to build their nests and every year, a heavy rain washes away their nest.  This year, the hornets chose a safer location.  They can buzz, “We survived hurricane Irene.”

I didn’t want to get closer to the nest because the tree next to the nest is dead and with wind gusts of 50 mph, I wasn’t taking any chances.  This nest is a real work of art.

4 thoughts on “We Survived Hurricane Irene

  1. As long as the hornets don’t make a nest on my house, then I am okay with them. I can stand under the nest and the hornets just buzz right past me. There is a huge tree next to the nest tree that is very dead and with the 50+ mph wind gusts, I’m too frightened to get near the tree. There are tree branches scattered around my property and I’m not taking any chances. These winds are frightening. We get winds like this in November which sound like a freight train going past my house. That is when all the dead wood falls from the trees. Fortunately, we live upland so we weren’t afraid of flooding. We placed containers in the lawn which have about 10 to 12 inches of rainwater.

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