Watering Hole: August 29, 2011 – Tomato

For me, this is the best season of the year.  It is tomato season.

Tomatoes are native to the Americas and along with peppers, eggplant, and belladonna, are members of the nightshade family.

This fruit is so very versatile.  You can cook it and make a sauce which is great on pizza or over pasta.  Add tomatoes to soups.  Raw tomatoes make yummy sandwiches and can be added to any salad.

The only good tomato is a fresh tomato grown in season.  The tomatoes that are sold in the supermarkets in the off season have a high “yuk” factor.  Science keeps trying to genetically modify the tomato so that the consumer can enjoy the taste of fresh tomatoes all year round.  So far, they have not succeeded in creating this tomato.  Some of the best varieties are the “heirlooms“.  Tomatoes are relatively easy to grow.  One does not need much space to grow tomatoes as they can be grown in containers.  The only requirements are the warm sun, good, clean soil and water when needed.

Here’s a link to the nutritional information for tomatoes.

So grab a salt shaker and head for the tomato garden.

This is our Open Thread.  What do you think?  Speak Up!

329 thoughts on “Watering Hole: August 29, 2011 – Tomato

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    The aroma of fresh off the vine tomatoes – there are few things better in this world!

    Equal: fresh out of the ground sweet onion – that can be eaten like an apple – fantastic!

  2. Is there anything which beats fresh home grown produce? Not in my world. Yesterday we had grilled wild boar and a warm salad made of grilled eggplant, grilled peppers (multicoloured) pepperoni, onions, courgette, garlic, ground pepper, salt balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

    Now I want it to be yesterday and eat it all over again. Yummy.

    • .
      EV – oh, that’s a meal and a half. I can smell and nearly taste all that goodness.
      How long does it take to grill a wild boar?

      • We used just a piece from the back it took about 40 minutes to grill. I am cooking all the meat that’s left over in the still functioning freezer (we had a very nasty experience when the large one decided to quit and we only found out by the smell) to make space for the new hunting season and wild boar grills are fantastic.

        Ebb you are up very late!

      • When I would venture out as a young hunter, no one took me seriously.
        They thought I was out partying and I would be back after a few hours.
        I went after hogs with a vengance and as a typical inexperinced hunter I took the biggest one I could.
        That’s when the fun just begins.
        The expression “dead weight” means exactly that.
        Naturally, none of this ever happens close to a road or the pickup.
        After I wised up a bit I would just get a weiner pig and leave the big old stinky boars for the trophy hunters.
        I would tease the trophy hunters and ask “how long do you have to boil the tusks before they’re ready?”

        • I hate hunting for trophy. I enjoy good venison or game for cooking. And that’s what I think hunting is for. Getting some food on the table.

    • Michelle Bachmann needs to be kept in context.
      She was speaking in Florida..
      Lecturing to a crowd of old people in Florida about god is like an infomercial audience.
      They will applaud no matter how bad the product.

  3. Garden fresh veggies — what a pity the season is so short! We’ve produced some grand tomatoes this year, some in a pot, some in the ground. Both delicious. There’s also a “family” farmer’s market that shows up twice a week in the parking lot at the Post Office. Very nice people, extremely fine produce grown by them on their own little nearby farm. Last week we ‘lived’ on fresh sweet corn, okra, summer squash, onions, chile peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and cantaloupe. Died and went to heaven might be a better word than “lived”, actually.

    Every time I get a garden fresh eggplant, I make my version of ratatouille, and it’s so damned delicious and deeply flavored that a single serving is a stand alone dinner! (I’ll gladly post the recipe if anyone’s interested.) We also do a couple of vegetarian dinners each week other than the ratatouille, usually including fried okra, sweet corn, and either fresh green beans or lightly sauteed yellow summer squash. You’d never know there was no meat!

    On the one hand, I can’t wait for fall to get us out of these hot summer doldrums; otoh, I may die without the fresh veggies! Life can be SO hard. 😉

      • Ratatouille au Gratín

        This is an interesting and deeply flavored Mediterranean-style vegetable side dish, not quite a classic ratatouille, but close enough.

        Serve 4:
        1 eggplant
        2 large Roma tomatoes, or equivalent for slicing
        1 yellow zucchini squash
        1/3 cup green bell or Anaheim chile pepper, chopped
        1/2 cup chopped sweet onion
        1-2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
        Italian herb mixture (use your favorite or see below)
        1/3 – 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
        1/2 cup bread crumbs
        Olive oil
        salt and pepper

        Italian herb mixture:
        2 parts dried crushed dried basil leaves
        2 parts dried crushed coriander seed
        2 parts dried crushed dried marjoram leaves
        1 part dried ground or rubbed sage
        1 part crushed dried oregano leaves

        Use an 8 inch skillet, iron or non-stick. Rub the bottom and sides with a little olive oil, just enough to coat. Sprinkle lightly with Italian herb mixture. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 400 degrees.

        Cross-cut the eggplant into uniform slices, each about a quarter to a half-inch thick. Place the eggplant slices on a non-stick tray; lightly salt each slice on the top side, then sprinkle each with a little of the Italian herb mixture. Dribble a few drops of olive oil atop each slice and with your finger, gently spread it and the herbs uniformly across the surface of each slice. Place the tray in the 400 degree oven until the eggplant pieces have softened, about 5-8 minutes. Remove from heat.

        Meanwhile, slice the zucchinis lengthwise into quarter-inch thick pieces, each about 2-3 inches long; slice the tomatoes in similar fashion. Chop the onion and the green pepper, combine with the finely chopped garlic.

        Arrange the eggplant, zucchini, and tomato slices in the skillet, starting with a couple of eggplant slices leaned against the side of the skillet. Next, zucchini slices arranged to cover the eggplant, then tomato slices to cover the zucchini; lightly dust the tomatoes with a bit of salt and pepper. Add another row of eggplant, then zucchini, then tomato, salt, and pepper, and continue that pattern to fill the pan with “leaning” layers. Carefully spread the chopped onion and chopped green pepper over the surface of the layers in the skillet, then dust the entire surface lightly with Italian herb mixture. Sprinkle the parmesan cheese over top, and follow that by sprinkling the bread crumbs — hand mixed with a tablespoon or two of olive oil (crumbs should be ‘oiled’ but not sticky or gooey) uniformly over the top.

        Bake in a 350 degree oven till the bread crumbs are nicely browned, about 40-45 minutes.

        Should serve four comfortably

  4. Batshit explains earthquake and hurricane

    In an interview with the St. Petersburg Times published Monday, Bachmann says the historic earthquake and massive hurricane that rocked the East Coast last week was a message that God is upset with the way politicians in Washington have been doing things.

    She hailed the tea party as being common-sense Americans who understand government shouldn’t spend more than it takes in, know they’re taxed enough already and want government to abide by the Constitution.

    “I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.”

    Lots of money-loving going down in all of that. And here I always thought it was love of money that was the root of all evil, not the means of regaining god’s blessing.

    I must have missed something somewhere. I know god created the world in seven days, but on which day did he create money?

    • Good Morning, House … Good Morning All!

      Yes, I live about 25 min north of Brattleboro ~ and right now I am at work in Putney, which is just north of there. It took me over an hour of detours to get across the River this am ~ Crest is not looking good for commute back home … And B-Boro has had a tough year (fire/murders/flood) …

      Thank you again for your concern ~ it is a mess here!

      • Lass, I hope you can get home. If the water doesn’t cover your route, maybe you’ll just spend a little longer in the car than usual.

        Now if we can get the Schneiders to check in, and Witch1, we’ll have everybody accounted for.

          • That wouldn’t surprise me. They haven’t posted since late Saturday night. Maybe they can borrow someone’s phone and let us know. My old 3g phone got the message through when my power was off in April after the tornadoes. The comments went into the spam bin, but Zooey found them. I was borrowing a Blackberry when I saw that she had seen them, so I knew y’all got the word.

            That sucks being without power. Mine was off four days.

  5. Army Ranger’s widow expelled from Rumsfeld book signing

    “Mrs. Joppa-Hagemann introduced herself by handing a copy of her husband’s funeral program to Rumsfeld, and telling him that her husband had joined the military because he believed the lies told by Rumsfeld during his tenure with the Bush administration.”

    Rumsfeld’s “only response was to callously quip, ‘Oh yeah, I heard about that.’”

    Her husband had been deployed NINE times, and committed suicide at age 25.

    • “Stewart sarcastically suggested Republicans trim the deficit by seizing all assets owned by the bottom half of Americans.”

      WTF would the rich do with thousands of fifteen year old Toyota Corollas?

  6. Cantor and his fellow crackpots are sticking to the “no-FEMA money unless we get to gut other programs we hate” in regard to Irene. I wonder how well that will play, given the lack of poor Black people in Vermont. I suppose they’ll blame it on Bernie.

    It’s also difficult to sustain the Ron Paul gibbering about rewarding poor choices. People shouldn’t have been living in rural Vermont? Eh?

    • Those people in Vermont should have done the responsible thing when they saw a hurricane was headed their way — sell their homes, pack up their stuff, leave the state, and purchase a home where no nature disaster has ever occurred.

  7. Paul Krugman discusses Republicans Against Science and concludes:

    Now, we don’t know who will win next year’s presidential election. But the odds are that one of these years the world’s greatest nation will find itself ruled by a party that is aggressively anti-science, indeed anti-knowledge. And, in a time of severe challenges — environmental, economic, and more — that’s a terrifying prospect.

    Meanwhile, evidence continues to rapidly accumulate and suggest that Krugman’s “terrifying prospect” may well be already in place:

    House GOP revs up a repeal, reduce and rein-in agenda for the fall

    House Republicans are planning votes for almost every week this fall in an effort to repeal environmental and labor requirements on business that they say have hampered job growth.

    With everyone from President Obama to his Republican challengers in the 2012 campaign focusing on ways to spur economic growth, House Republicans will roll out plans Monday to fight regulations from the National Labor Relations Board, pollution rules handed down by the Environmental Protection Agency and regulations that affect health plans for small businesses. In addition, the lawmakers plan to urge a 20 percent tax deduction for small businesses.

    “It is essential that the House continue our focus on the jobs crisis,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) wrote in a memo to be sent to GOP lawmakers Monday.

    Deadly pollution is SO much more desirable than raising the revenues it takes to preserve a habitable environment, no?

    The GOP as a hole continuously proves my thesis that the only person more stupid than a really dumb progressive is a “brilliant” Republican.

    • I’m confused. Where was Paul Krugman from January 2001 to January 2007? We already were ruled by a party that is aggressively anti-science, indeed anti-knowledge! That’s why things are as bad as they are!

  8. .
    Speaking of ‘roll call’ – insidiousprophet must be on an extended motorcycle ride – he’s not posted over the weekend nor this morning.

    • The Reichwhiners have to claim that Irene was a minor event. If they admit the truth, that it was a massive storm that affected most of the East coast, then they would have to deal with the comparisons to Katrina and the disparity between the preparations and response.

      • .
        You have spoken oh so wisely there, petelngh!
        Truth is truth – belittle the Black man in the White House no matter what the circumstance.
        Actions (checking the progress of the storm) speak louder than words: GWB strumming on a guitar with GrampyMcCain instead of taking the weather people seriously that something BIG is taking place…

  9. Hey critters!

    Just to let you all know where I be at and stuff.

    Got booted out. 10.30 am Thursday,
    Walked about 6 miles between the various welfare agencies, lugging 40 lbs in my backpack and hauling about 35lbs on a folding cart. All in the rain, but not so terribly bad as it kept me relatively cool from the exertion.
    Welfare useless, charity-thing useless for immediate help. People talk about ‘shelters’ for the homeless but they don’t appear to exist in any practical sense. ‘Housing’ is apparently ‘available’, but it seems easier and quicker to get into a country club!

    Anyway…..Rescued from armageddon-outta-here-cos-my-landlady-says-so by my only friend in NJ, Tom.
    Tom took my brother and me in at his apartment in Palisades Park (next to Fort Lee by the GW Bridge) so we weren’t roughing it during the hurricane.
    Some drama I can’t get into right now but comfortable weekend—warm and dry.

    Tom only has phone-Internet so that’s not so convenient at the moment.

    Now I’ve just commuted back to my ex-apartment from where I am currently writing this.

    Working on packing, clearing-out, discarding rest of stuff, but landlady says I have this-week and next week to get things sorted.
    She also just did a load of laundry for me for free (much needed), and just bought me a turkey-provolone sandwich to keep me going through the day!

    So, as evictions go,this isn’t so bad—others have it FAR worse! Lucky to have such a good friend, and lucky to have a quirky (in a mostly good way) landlady. Such a shame she’s so ‘Teabaggy’, otherwise —cognitive dissonance in action!

    That’s my situation at the moment—still stormy but with patches of sunshine. More clouds on the horizon of course but forecasting still unreliable.

    Today, I’m going to leave my PC up and connected as long as possible ( 5pm-ish), but won’t really have time to chat.
    I might get my system moved out tomorrow PM and then POSSIBLY re-established at my friend Tom’s place by Weds/Thurs, and MAYBE I can find an Internet connection there that I can use—I hope so.

    So that’s my situation.



  10. Christian wants atheist registry

    Pastor Mike compares atheists to “convicted sex offenders , ex-convicts , terrorist cells , hate groups like the KKK , skinheads , radical Islamists , etc..”

    “The Christian National Registry of Atheists” is to inform the public of known atheists so that they can be proselytize to and their businesses can be boycotted.

      • You beat me to it with the patches and rounding us up.

        But in reading the article, they made an interesting observation. That the addresses wouldn’t be listed (which sort of defeats the stated purpose of the site). But the author speculates that the real reason is legal in light of recent “good Christian” attacks on atheists. They sited this article.

        Funny that Pastor Mike doesn’t want to create a list of these known violent “Christian” criminals.

      • .
        We can’t be branded with the Scarlet Letter A – that’s already been taken by the adulterers. Wonder which letter they would choose for we godless heathens.

        • Actually, if the religionistas would simply present a similar amount and variety of verifiable scientific evidence as have the global warming people, then the only atheists would be Republicans.

          • I’ve always wondered why belief in one’s interpretation of god is sacrosanct and holy while beliefs in any other god, or lack thereof, is ridiculous. Odin is mythology, Yahweh is real? And someone who doesn’t believe in the concept of a deity is just plain evil.

            • “The concept” of deity/deities is real. Billions of people have one and will proudly bore you to tears talking about it. The problem is that “the concept” of the Spaghetti Monster and/or men from Mars is equally real. What’s not real are the men from Mars, the Spaghetti Monster, and any of perhaps tens of thousands of deities, all of whom exist as only in conceptual form.

              I tried that argument on a religious acquaintance a number of years back. Didn’t get very far with it. Truth is like that sometimes: hard if not impossible to accept.

    • The last time that I checked atheists comprised something like 2% of the prison population. I also can’t seem to think of a single case where an avowed atheist has injured, much less killed, someone for their Beliefs. Indeed, there is much evidence that atheists tend to be more empathic because we are not motivated by the entitlement and bigotry so prevalent among the religious.

    • And Crazy Shelly thinks the big dog is pissed because of over spending in DC Especially when said over spending is on the poor, the needy, the less fortunate. I wonder how she will feel when her fat ass gets stuck in the eye of that needle.

  11. There appears to be a cycle that humanity is trapped in. The basic idea that my (pick a belief) is the best and I therefore have not only the right but the duty to make sure everyone believes it and I am rationally justified to do whatever it takes to make this happen and as quickly as possible. Western society is particularly vulnerable to and involved in this. Proof of this is we have even made up places where you get to suffer for eternity for not believing. How warped is that?

    • ‘Most disappointing’ is a good way of putting it. I wasn’t ‘disappointed’ in Bush, I was actually surprised that he wasn’t worse than he turned out to be. Reagan? Likewise. I was somewhat disappointed by Carter, while Clinton actually turned out to be a moderately pleasant surprise, at least in some areas. LBJ was a predictable disappointment, but he did do a handful of good things. I was never disappointed in JFK, would have voted for him in a heartbeat in 1964; HW Bush? he was, like his son, a predictable asshole. Not disappointing, just off-pissing for the most part.

      But Obama — there was SO much hope in January 2009, and today, months short of three years later, SO MUCH disappointment. And that bank shit is just another footnote to the saga.

      So in 2012, we appear to have three alternatives awaiting us: elect Republicans and in so doing virtually guarantee the final demise of the country, or elect massive numbers of Democrats, enough to bury the GOP philosophy in political quicksand, and ‘hope’ thereby to save it. Or move somewhere, to another country where idiocy doesn’t rule, assuming there is such a place.

      • Just what I’ve been thinking. Elect a disappointment and watch our country slowly die or elect a Republican and have a swift end.

        Both will end in the same place, revolt. One will just bring it on sooner. Might be better, before folks are driven to the level of a French Revolution style.

  12. Quote of the Day:

    “My brain is like a chicken pot pie. His is like a refrigerator that is all very organized — pickles here, salad there,” – Rick Perry on his consultant Karl Rove in 1994, when Rove helped him become agriculture commissioner.

    • Marie Callender should sue his ass. Millions of people will now return their chicken pot pies to the retailer they purchased them from, so as not to wind up with nice hair, but a hair brain.

  13. .

    Santorum: The Gay Community Is On A ‘Jihad’ Against Me

    “So the gay community said, ‘He’s comparing gay sex to incest and polygamy, how dare he do this,’ and they have gone out on a, I would argue, jihad against Rick Santorum since then,” Santorum said at a campaign event in Spartanburg, S.C., on Friday, The Hill reports.

    News for the pRick: the gays aren’t alone. The straights are aligning with them to bring you down with your own words.

    • Got closetness there Neumann? Secretly wishing for a little butt action?

      “Years later he clarified the remark, explaining he would not want God’s job.”

      Yeah, being all knowing might be a bit irksome, knowing about all the good same sex stuff that goes on all the time….

  14. The last time Christianity had a lock on power with politics was the Dark Ages. Apt. Since then it has been a free-for-all with sects forming like amoeba in a petri dish. The world is on the brink of something as powerful as the Dark Ages/Black Death thing. An explosion of information that the Godists can’t contain.

      • I’d prefer that they just get on with drinking their kool aid (Jim Jones branded of course) and leaving the rest of us out of it. What kind of narcissist wants to take everyone with him when he jumps under a bus?

  15. Two AZ men arrested for starting the Wallow Fire

    Authorities for months have blamed Arizona’s largest known wildfire on an unattended campfire that got out of hand.

    On Wednesday, they put names to the campers they say are responsible, charging two cousins from southern Arizona with sparking the Wallow Fire.

    Caleb Joshua Malboeuf, 26, of Benson, and David Wayne Malboeuf, 24, of Tucson, were charged with five low-level federal offenses related to the campfire they started in late May and are alleged to have not extinguished properly.

    The blaze charred more than 538,000 acres in eastern Arizona, destroying 32 homes, four businesses and more than 30 barns, sheds and other buildings during the six weeks that it burned out of control in the Apache National Forest.

    The blaze cost more than $79 million to suppress, according to court records, and took a heavy toll on the mountain hamlet of Greer, where 21 homes were lost. As it moved through the forest, the fire nearly destroyed the communities of Alpine, Nutrioso and Eagar along the way.

    Horror of horrors, it was NOT started by illegal Mexicans as John McCain suggested in June, but instead by a couple of white dumb shits.

    The Malboeufs arrived in the Bear Wallow Wilderness with their two dogs on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, setting up camp near a creek that night where they cooked dinner over a campfire. The fire was in a ring, according to court documents, and the campers let it go out on its own that night. They lit it again the following morning to make breakfast.

    The cousins told investigators that they remained in camp for several hours and, assuming the fire was out, embarked on a hike while leaving their blue heeler dogs and camping equipment behind.

    “They stated that they believed their campfire was out because David threw a candy wrapper in the fire just prior to their departure, and it did not melt,” court documents said.

    Their punishment will likely be less than severe:

    The charges relate to federal offenses of starting a wildfire on federal land, leaving a campfire unattended and failing to extinguish or remove flammable material from the area near the campfire. Each of the five offenses carries with it a penalty of up to six months in prison, a $5,000 fine or both, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

    I’m not normally a mean and vicious person, but boy how I’d like for me and a baseball bat to have about ten minutes alone in a locked room with those idiots.

  16. It is sort of ironic that the Republicans have a couple of candidates who could not only give the President a run for his money but also might actually be, at least, no worse. One is a total dark horse and the other isn’t even in the news.

    Instead, they are running Dominionists, hasbeens, wannabes that appeal to a small part of the public in ways that are not beneficial to the general public.

    • The Republican candidates are to me, ineffably surreal. They’re disoriented, unreal, and most of the top tier is so hallucinogenic that one could easily believe they’ve been smoking something. For a long time. I wouldn’t trust a one of them to pump out my septic tank, and they want to “lead” the country and the western world?

      If this setup had been written as science fiction, no one would buy it because it’s too far beyond the pale. WAY too far out of reach.

      Makes me think the species has hit its intellectual breaking point barrier and that now evolution is going backwards. No wonder so many teabaggers look and act like monkeys.

  17. What is it about a country that spends more than most of the rest of the civilized world on the military and defense, has been fighting two wars for about a decade and neither country has substantially changed, has a substantial military presence with a teeny country after some 50 years and still brags about being the big dog?

    A country where people are still wetting their pants and letting their government bury their 200+ years of civil rights over an incident that happened 10 years ago. Said incident being the only one in it’s 230 year history?

    Big, tough Amurkans. 300,000,000 of us against a couple thousand people hiding in the desert. That we haven’t really found in ten years. That have been whacking at Europe for 30+ years. The only really tough Americans are the ones in harms way that we ignore.

    • Yeah, well just wait till an Iranian submarine gets into the Great Lakes and destroys Green Bay with its missiles! And all because we’ve got a cowardly black dude Muslim commie in the White House who’s scared of his own shadow, so scared he had to lie about killing bin Laden, so cowardly he won’t nuke Iran! Even!

      /not snark, unfortunately. 😯

      • Just shows to go ya that the Iranian subs won’t fit through the Soo locks. They’ll take out the Bears an everyone knows that’s easy. I mean, Chicago put that guy up in DC who really hasn’t a clue. And Brett, well, name a team and a couple million.

  18. Heh! Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin. Fortunately the money quote is near the start when Ms. Kelly asks if it matters if a candidate is “dumb”. Then Anchor Baby has to chime in and claim that, because the accusations come from the “librul media”, there can’t possibly be any truth to them. I will grant them one point. I think that Batscat Bachmann is more insane and dishonest than stupid. I would say that Bible Spice is the “dumber” of the two. I’m still not familiar enough with Mr. Perry to make a determination but he’s charting near the top in all three categories.


  19. Speaking of stupidity. Eric Bolling doesn’t think that global warming is occurring. Too stupid to read a thermometer and too stubborn to listen to those who are smart enough.

  20. Changing the subject abruptly: some days can be ok even at this late date. This morning I picked up a half-dozen just-picked Poblano chiles to go with last Friday’s half-dozen just-picked Anaheim chiles. Just finished roasting them over my little butane camp stove, and in the process sensed the presence of heaven. Friday next I’ll double my stores, and on the first day of fall will celebrate by making a potful of Chile Verde Chili!

    Meanwhile, a chile relleno or two could well wind up on the dinner menu!

        • You are an excellent story teller with a link to the media. I’d rate you with Clavell. You write what should sell. And you write what should be read.

          • That’s very kind of you to say, thank you.

            Clavell’s long been a favorite, actually. I first ran across him when I read Shogun shortly after it hit the shelves, then when I learned his first book was King Rat (I had seen the movie several times) I made a trip to the local bookstore and picked up King Rat, Tai-pan, and Noble House. He never let me down; I now have those four on DVD: two movies, two miniseries, all extremely well done. King Rat and Noble House are still on yon shelf; I loaned out the other two several years ago and never saw them again.

            Anyway, there is a definite shortage of Clavells, Micheners, Wouks, and dozens of other compelling authors these days. But there is no shortage of shit on the shelves. How sad that is.

    • I have a hint. Make your relleno the same way you like it but add a bit of diced shrimp/crab meat and diced mushrooms. One will want to saute’ the shrimp/crab meat and mushrooms with garlic and maybe a little fresh dill weed. Then one will want to drain the stuffing but the broth can be added back into your sauce.

      • Tomorrow’s menu now defined (if the local market has some decent raw shrimp). Shrimp, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese in a freshly roasted Poblano. Yes, that just could work!

        Not the way they make rellenos at Taco Johns, though. 😀

  21. This past weekend I indulged in a passive past time. I read some books. I read quickly so I read several. One of the things I noticed was that a few of the ‘best seller’ types were feeding the Islamophobia of America. Tom Clancy is the worst. I used to love his novels but in the past decade he has slipped into the America is great and justified and Islam is evil range. The number of authors who support the idea of extracurricular activities by the US is frightening.

    We have an entire industry selling books that tell America their government is ineffectual and only the true believers can save us from inundation by the evil Muslims.

    • Books. There is so much shit being published today that it’s extremely tricky to slip an honest effort into the works and get it anywhere near the market maelstrom. Hard to compete with such noteworthy authors (I use the word loosely, very loosely) as Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, et al.

      Hmmm. Wow, did I just name a literary clique or what! 😯

      • I can only imagine having the capability to actually write a book. (Same as singing!!)

        The only sources I use for finding good books is The New York Times, The New Yorker and Jon Stewart. I’m not much of a fiction reader but NYT, TNY and JS seem to find some good non-fiction.

  22. My mother just put peas and carrots on vanilla ice cream and claims it is splendid.
    My jury is still out on that one.

  23. In my spam bin:

    “United Parcel Service nitification #305”

    What’s a “nitification?” Is it where they remove lice, or perhaps implant lice?

    While I don’t condone the spammers, there’s a point at which I wonder about the idiots they ensnare.

  24. Death toll for Irene is now up to 38. Batscat Bachmann still hasn’t apologized for “joking” about the hurricane and her rabid worshipers think that everyone who thinks her “joke” was in poor taste just hates America, Jesus, and conservative women.

    • 38 people? What? Is that 6 months in Afghanistan and Iraq? A few billion in damage? Shit, we did that in either Iraq or Iraq on a daily basis. A billion in damage from a hurricane? Wussies. We blow up more of Afghanistan on a daily basis than that.

    • When Gawd kills Amurkans it is his will. When Amurkans die from anything else we have to spend lots of time and money to determine if the terrorists were to blame.

  25. Hello all!

    I have been out of town, but I just wanted to express my hope that all East Coast Zoosters are doing fine and have weathered Irene with little to no damage.

  26. Back in the old days, I had a nickname. It was Chirp. My belch could be heard some two blocks away at the tennis courts. Weird things we remember about our youth.

  27. There are many here who can make comments that will stimulate the why. Most, frankly. And there are many here (almost all) who recognize the worth and appreciate the contributions of all Zoosters and Critters. And I know of no one who could appeal to this crew who would not find a group of people who would do whatever they could to help. Since the demise of TP, the essensence of the Zoo has become very important.

    The Zoo takes care of it’s own. Whether it is Critter or Zooster, the Zoo is. Since TP has gone politic, it is even more important that the Zoo is what it is. Pardon me if I say, we work together. The Zoo bond is more than anything else the Net comes up with.

    • It has, indeed, become a very special place. There’s a great comfort in arriving at a consensus even if the consensus is that “we’re screwed”. Personally, I’m not quite ready to give up hope most days. But? When I do feel hopeless I can usually borrow a bit from someone here.

      • pete. that is the heart of the Zoo. You don’t have to take or accept anything and you may not get answer that works but you will get a handful of people who care and will try with you.

  28. I will take it one step further. My daughter was in an accident back in March. I drove out an brought her and her friends back to Wi. No one seriously hurt but my daughter. The insurance company is working very hard to get her to sign off on her injury. I am telling her to be careful until she knows her injury is covered. That’s my job as a dad.

    My job as a Zooster is to tell my friends what is going on. And listen when they have something to say.

      • True. I did wish them to go to a place that doesn’t exist.

        But, seriously, how can those people try to spin this as anything other than horrible and heartbreaking?

        • As I’ve noted before. The Reichwhiners have to paint the hurricane as “hype” or a non-event because to admit how awful it was would entail admitting how much better the government response has been compared to Katrina. Even the worst of them has just enough consistency to realize that they can’t claim government doesn’t work while it’s working exactly how it’s supposed to and doing, by all reports, a damn good job. So? They’ll simply claim that the hurricane wasn’t that big a deal and that ANY government response is overkill.

          • Indeed Pete. In fact, Fox’s “You Decide” poll right now asks that very question. Did the government overreact?


            I’m heartened that even Fox Viewers aren’t buying into the talking point. (Well 34% are, but they’re the ones who are waiting for the Rapture anyway.) But a majority hints that the reaction was justified.

            Hurricane Irene’s assault on the Eastern Seaboard left millions without power and at least two dozen dead. The New York and New Jersey region’s entire mass transit system and three major airports were shut down. Yet the storm never became the nightmare public officials had warned about. Did the government overreact to Irene?

            Did public officials overreact to Irene?

            I’m not sure. It’s hard to anticipate what a hurricane will do. 17.62% (9,136 votes)

            No. We don’t know how many lives were saved by forcing people to stay home. 46.13% (23,912 votes)

            Yes. Public officials always hype the weather to scare people. 34.63% (17,954 votes)

            Other (post a comment). 1.61% (837 votes)

            But even still, the fact that Fox even put up such a ridiculous poll just speaks volumes. And they say atheists are the one with no moral compass? Right.

            • They have talking points to deliver and reinforce, zxbe.

              I guess the good thing that the East coast has such a high population that even Fux nuts might actually live there or know someone who lives there, so it makes a difference.

    • Not much difference between this outrage and the medical experiments at places such as Dachau and Auschwitz. Time frames not all that far apart either. Overall, rather sickening I’d say.

      • From the article cited:

        The list of such illegal experiments is quite long (government radiation experiments, Navy experiments with chemical agents on sailors, the Edgewood Arsenal experiments with LSD and other drugs (with the help literally of ex-Nazi scientists), the MKULTRA experiments …

        My first job out of college in 1965 was in a BCW research facility. On the shelf in one of the locked labs was a jar of EA-1729 which I later learned was LSD. One of the major government facilities with whom the company contracted was Edgewood Arsenal; another was the CIA.

        In re MKULTRA, there is rumor and apparently evidence that the main reason Sirhan Sirhan has never been able to recall his participation in the RFK assassination is because MKULTRA got hold of him and set the whole thing up well in advance. Sirhan was a patsy, as was Lee Harvey Oswald some four-and-a-half years prior. Two separate setups, likely by the same Black Hole.

  29. In other horrible news, I watched a house burn down tonight. Okay it’s not that horrible.

    It’s a house that was condemned to be demolished so the fire department used burned it as a training exercise. It was actually very interesting. Here’s one (out of the several hundred) shots I took. (Still working through them.)


    It was actually interesting to see the experienced fire fighters working with crews of 2-3 trainees each to show them how to do things. The trainees were mostly on the duty of keeping the fire from spreading to the trees and adjacent structures.

  30. Speaking of Batscat Bachmann: Now she wants to drill in the Everglades. I really wish that someone had taken her on a helicopter tour of the last Gulf spill and pushed her out the door for a little swim. As I keep saying: We are the third leading oil producing nation. We don’t have a production problem, we have a consumption problem.

    Is it not odd that the Reichwhiners will bitch all day that we don’t produce enough oil but can’t be forced to admit that the government needs more revenue? Logically, those two ideas just don’t seem to compliment each other. Wait a minute…

    If we raised revenue the only “victims” would be the very well paid and the corporations they work for. If we cut oil consumption the only “victims” would be the very well paid and the corporations they work for. I guess it does make sense.


    • ANWR, the Everglades, who cares? Fuck a bunch of wildlife and habitat.

      This is one of the problems of dealing with idiots but particularly with radical fundamentalist idiots–they can fuck with the planet all they want because their God told them they could and, besides, they’re zooming up to Heaven any day now.

      • .

        …besides, they’re zooming up to Heaven any day now.

        If that could be arranged in a timely manner – we who will remain on earth would be grateful!

      • As James Watt put it, “When the last tree is felled, Jesus Christ will return.” Or words to that effect. As my Repug cousin put it (when I detailed a dozen reasons why ANWR should never be drilled or even touched, “It’s there, we need it, we have to get it. As for the animals, they’ll recover.”

        I wish ‘dumb’ was more terminal than just the occasional Darwin Award winner.

        • That is some fucked up thinking. I remember when Watt said that, and wondered just how much trouble we were in. As it turns out, not nearly as much trouble as we’re in now.

        • “When the last tree is felled, Jesus Christ will return.”
          If not for his whole turn the other cheek mentality JC would return and beat Watt upside the head with a rock for failing to appreciate the amazing intricate world that his father entrusted us with.

    • The United States reached Hubbert’s Peak in 1973 -apart from a burst when Prudhoe Bay came on from Alaska, the US oil production has been dropping monotonously since 1980s.

      The US a consumption problem *and* a production problem. Its a very serious production problem. And guess what – there isn’t that much left that’s easy to get, ANWR or no ANWR.

  31. Interesting review of Cheney’s ‘book’ by Bart Gellman who wrote the series of articles on Cheney “Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency“.

    Seriously worth a read. No surprises that Cheney is trying to rewrite history.
    The part that jumped out at me was this:

    “At issue was a closely held secret: that Cheney had devised, and Bush approved, an NSA operation to monitor the phone calls and emails of U.S. citizens without a warrant, part of which later became known as the Terrorist Surveillance Program. After more than two years of going along with “the vice president’s special program,” the Justice Department concluded that parts of it were illegal. Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey later told Congress, and authoritative sources confirmed privately last week, that Ashcroft decided on March 4, 2004 to stop certifying the surveillance as lawful unless the White House scaled it back. That same afternoon, Ashcroft fell ill with a nearly lethal case of pancreatitis.

    Is it possibly to slip Ashcroft something to take him out or put him out of commission that would mimic pancreatitis? Why is it that when someone was about to spill the beans or get in the way, they either committed suicide, were in a plane crash, or suddenly became deathly ill..

    Then there was this:

    “Sen. Arlen Specter said to Gonzales: “He had already given up his authority as attorney general.” Gonzales replied, “And he could always reclaim it. There are no rules about [EM] ” Specter cut him off: “While he was in the hospital under sedation?”)”

    Both Cheney and Bush wrote in the memoirs that they had spoken to Ashcroft on the phone from his hospital bed, and that he was in agreement about signing their document, and that he knew Gonzales and Card were on their way. Ashcroft’s wife says different. She was there, staying by his bedside.

    “Comey and four other officials with contemporary knowledge told me in interviews that Janet Ashcroft, the attorney general’s wife, refused two attempts that evening by the White House operator to patch a call to her husband. Doctors said he was far too sick to speak. According to contemporary notes from Ashcroft’s FBI security detail, quoted in an inspectors general report of 2009, she refused to put her husband on the phone even when Bush joined Card on the line. “Mrs. Ashcroft took the call from Card and the President and was informed that Gonzales and Card were coming to the hospital to see Ashcroft regarding a matter involving national security.” Bush implied in his memoir that he did reach Ashcroft, but said he told him only that “I was sending Andy and Al to talk to him about an urgent matter.””

    This is so mafia-esque it isn’t funny. Cheney implies that Ashcroft changed his mind after they spoke to him on the phone and before Gonzales and Card arrived. I remember from testimony by Comey that Ashcroft’s wife was frantic and called Comey and Mueller(?) to race down there before Bush’s thugs could get there and force a drugged out Ashcroft to sign off on their illegal program of secret domestic surveillance.

    The man (Cheney) has no heart, no conscience, no morals, no remorse, and no sense of right and wrong. He is completely arrogant and condescending. There is a special place in hell for this man (if the devil can put up with the heat..).

    • re: “trainees fighting the fire while others pose for a picture”
      I’ve seen too much of this in the past 4 months, so much so that I told my soup (the fire management officer) today that unless I and the rest of the trail crew can be totally disassociated from the fire program next season, I won’t return.
      He did that funny fish face with the lips opening and closing with nothing coming out… priceless.

  32. I can’t believe I missed discussion of tomatoes (eat them now before it’s too late), peppers (I grow them and am still trying to get the locals to buy them), Guatemala (a country that I owe a large debt to), and the hurricane (VA’s Pat Robertson U educated R governor says it was not hype, tours Eric’s district without Eric), but it’s been a strange day. I’m glad to see 5th landed on his feet for now.

    • .
      There is a positive direction for VA – the Gov. calling it as it is!
      I’ll wager Scary Eric sees nothing wrong with not commiserating with his constituents.

    • oimf- the discussion on tomatoes was brief, and in my opinion disrespectful in its brevity. Howmsoever Ms Zooey says she will have a post up this Sunday to rectify and expand on all things food. That is if she sobers up long enough. I’m sure you’ll have the right words to convey the importance of growing your own foodstuff; the orgasmic pleasures of eating straight from the source, and all things red, yellow, green, and the nuances of the vegetable palette. Seriously as one who has not eaten a mammal for 43 years I’d love the conversation.

  33. .
    House, I’m laughing! Until you mentioned it yesterday, hadn’t heard of the “California Whopper”
    – in today’s junk mail: coupons for BK “Guacamole, te presentamos a la parilla (guacamole meets the grill)

    “Guacamole-Queso Suizo – Tocino” (guacamole, Swiss cheese, bacon).

    (My area has a large Latino population)

  34. I ate a woodpecker once, feeling bad about hitting it with the truck. I flayed it, stuffed its little hide with cedar bark and hung it out to dry.
    The raw bird looked like a micro turkey, was crimson red, and when roasted the meat turned, well, done.

  35. I’d best say goodnight. My father-in-law died today in Norfolk and I assume we’ll have to go as soon as they get all the power back on. Interesting thing, about 12 inches of rain in that area and it still didn’t put out the fire in the Dismal Swamp.

  36. I’m going to call it a night as well, the gnats that were swarming the screen have now morphed into moths and some really big things with long wings. That and they are now pooping on the screen as well.
    Fantastic lightning show tonight over the mountains to the south towards Las Cruces, and just enough rain to bring the bugs out.
    ‘night all…

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