Heavy Flooding Forecast for Harrisburg PA. As in “Three Mile Island” Harrisburg?

Flooding in 1972 from Hurricane "Agnes" (source: United States Coastguard)

Rampaging rivers, rock slides, torrents of rain and mass evacuations. The generation that grew up on tales of eastern Pennsylvania’s Agnes catastrophe of 1972 is getting its own story now, with rain-weary cities and towns along the Susquehanna and Delaware rivers hunkered down in anticipation of record-threatening crests.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee led to what one AccuWeather meteorologist called a “fire hose” of tropical downpours falling on land and water already overcharged by August’s record soaking. (read more)

This scares me quite a bit. I wonder what the Three Mile Island safety measures are for flooding. They are not worried, however. It is not as if the rains will stop any time soon. La Nina conditions are forecast, which will make extreme weather conditions more likely and there is TS Maria out there, which is about to come up on a very similar track as Irene did.

Stay safe and monitor what is going on closely, all you who are close to the area.

5 thoughts on “Heavy Flooding Forecast for Harrisburg PA. As in “Three Mile Island” Harrisburg?

  1. Thank you for your well wishes, EV … I have loved ones who live/work not far from TMI … so far they have not been told to evacuate … I’ll try to keep current with posts in this regard …

    I remember Agnes as a kid, seeing water coming down a waterfall on our farm, my parents yelling at us to “get in the house”; a few days later, my parents were on a cleanup crew sponsored by our church to help out in ravaged Wilkes Barre, PA. I remember the smell of the mud (**awful**) and driving by a cemetery where some tombstones/coffins had shifted out of the ground …

    No wonder I have trouble sleeping lately 😉

  2. Thanks for your post, EV. We live on high ground so if our property floods, then half the county will be way under water. I was looking at some pictures on Facebook yesterday. Many towns along rivers and streams are flooded. The governor of Pennsylvania may have to evacuate the state mansion. The streams are rivers and where possible, the rivers have taken over the land. I must go do some errands today which will take me to lower lands. The river that runs through the city closest to me is suppose to crest this morning.

  3. I wonder how many more extreme climate events need to occur before the righties will see that something is going on? One snowflake at an odd time, and they’re prepared to make a conclusion that climate change is a hoax. Extreme flooding, extreme snow events, extreme heat, extreme cold in many parts of the world (and in this country) and there’s just not enough evidence for them.

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