The Watering Hole: Tuesday, September 13 – Republican Election Machine

The Debate is over. Nothing new, except for Ron Paul being even more callous than I thought possible. Isn’t he a doctor by profession? Wasn’t there a thing called the hypocratic oath? (ht: peteIngh)

This is our Open Thread. Give us your take on yesterday’s, today’s or tomorrow’s news.

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179 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday, September 13 – Republican Election Machine

  1. If I understand Ron Paul correctly, he wouldn’t treat a patient that couldn’t afford to pay what he charges an insurance company or didn’t have health insurance. My doctor gives a “cash discount”, applies to payment by check, too, to his patients that don’t have health insurance.

  2. Oh boy…

    “Levi Johnston writes in his upcoming book that his ex-girlfriend Bristol Palin was so angry about her mother’s pregnancy with son Trig that she wanted to get pregnant, too.

    Johnston says when Bristol found out her mother, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was expecting a baby she responded she should be having a baby, not her mother. He says she told him in March 2008, “let’s get pregnant.”

    His book, “Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs,” comes out Sept. 20. The Associated Press bought a copy on Monday.”

  3. OK — so last night when Ron Paul was talking about never turning people away for people who didn’t have health insurance, he said the church took care of him and the guy’s neighbors did… Someone else is still taking care of him…His little bit of community…

    What is so different about that than everyone being in the same insurance pool and having the Government pay the doctor? Aren’t we a community of the United States?

    • When “the church” does it, it’s charity. When the government does it, it’s a sure sign of an impending Communist-Fascist-Marxist-Socialist-Islamic-Nazi-Liberal-Sharia takeover, at which point we’re all doomed.

      Next thing you know they’ll want to allow abortion and worse, put a halt to executions too. Goddamned atheists.

        • .
          Do you recall a troll, “darryyll”, from TP? He too was a ‘religious’ person bent on herding everyone into the faith = being saved by the blood of jeezus.

          (I thought, at one point, he was a parody – others say not).

            • .
              At one point he blamed a progressive for urinating in his birdbath – Zooey fessed up.

              If I recall – he may live in Outstanding’s state of VA and going to run for some political office.

              The best of all: God had told Darryyll Huckabee was going to be President in ’08!

  4. Since late 2002 when it became obvious that war with Iraq was on the front burner (and for no reason at all) I’ve stated numerous times both out loud and in print that the most dangerous American enemy of our time is far more the threat to our survival as a nation than was the entire Axis in the 1940s AND the post-WWII Communist world, combined.

    It’s called the Republican Party.

  5. The crowd’s reaction to Ron Paul’s answer last night really upset me too. You know, he only addressed that ‘person who ends up injured, in a coma for 6 months in a hospital, with no insurance. What do you do?’. Their idea is that that person made a choice and should figure it out himself. Everyone on their own. They should stand up, take charge of their own lives and figure it out. Gee, what a solution. But what they didn’t address is.. What about all the people in this country who are mentally retarded, physically disabled, emotionally disturbed or mentally ill, etc.. What do we do abut them when they dismantle the social safety net? They can’t just stand up and take charge of their own lives. Are they on their own too? Do they go the way of Nazi Germany and their solution? I am sure they consider them a drag on society too..
    I just couldn’t get over how selfish and self-centered the crowd seemed to me. That was a “ME” crowd. And that bunch of nuts on the stage were totally pandering to them.

    • I lasted 5 mins. One of those people has a better than 50-50 chance of being the SPOTUS….. when that Gibbon of the future writes his history, he will say that the US actually went one better than Caligula and actually (s)elected the horse this time willingly.

      Sorry horses, its nothing personal, just an allegory you understand.

        • That’s one of Batscat’s favorite tricks. She invents a chance encounter; in the airport, in the hall, on the way to church, etc. and then makes the generalization that said person’s experience is somehow indicative of society, “The American People”, as a whole. She never actually seems to come up with a name, a biography, or any corroborating sources though. Personally, if I ever met the woman face to face, I would say that Jesus told me that “you (Crazy Shelly) are a dangerous lunatic who needs acute psychiatric care”. I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t show up on SaudiFAUX “News” that night to announce that “the American people” want her to get the help she so desperately needs. In order to get her to spread our words on FOX we would have to figure out a way to talk to her inside her own head.

  6. If ever this was true, it was on stage last night:

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”
    – Sinclair Lewis

  7. I missed the debate last night, heck I was so tired I fell asleep without finding out who got kicked out of Hell’s Kitchen, and I’m glad. I missed seeing a bunch of my fellow citizens cheering the idea that someone without health insurance should be allowed to die. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of those cheering have Pro-Life stickers on their cars. I’m trying really hard not to absolutely HATE them.

  8. Perry scares the crap out of me. The circumstances are almost perfect for the GOP to get false confidence from the midterms, pick its most radical candidate, and come crashing down to earth next November. Remember Obama’s core skill: getting his opponents to destroy themselves.

    • It would appear that Perry the Shallow was exposed for all who cared to see.
      WIth the acknowledgement that many, many don’t care to see.

  9. I found the scariest thing last night WAS the audience. They left me stunned. Secondly, the fact that everyone on that stage was pandering to them.
    Truly, is this where our country is headed?
    Nazi Germany didn’t happen overnight. It was subtle, and over time. TtT, I liked your quote. Dead on.
    This line from the link I added gave me chills..

    They had no intention of cooperating with the democratic government, knowing it was to their advantage to let things get worse in Germany, thus increasing the appeal of Hitler to an ever more miserable people.

    • Whenever irrational hatreds and fear are in charge of a political movement, nothing but danger lies ahead. I see no evidence that America today is any less screwy than was Germany circa 1932-33, True, the platform is a different construct for us than it was for them, but irrationality is irrationality no matter the source.

      And no matter what, the merger of corporate and state power, no matter the circumstance, ALWAYS is fueled by an agenda that is NOT interested in the individual, in the people, the masses. Power and wealth, wealth and power — the agenda is the same, the focus is narrow, and the end result is predictable.

    • Once a country permits torture of another human and dresses it up as lawful and necessary I would imagine it would be even easier to dehumanize and justify the abuse of that country’s own citizens.

      • If history repeats, they come for the liberals first… at least we won’t have to suffer long. I hope my family gets reparations somewhere down the line.

    • Muse, that’s it. they thrive on misery. But there was another facet there. The democratic and liberal Germans despised the Nazis, but didn’t take that ‘postcard painter’ any serious. To their own downfall. My grandfather didn’t survive it. It was a mixture of arrogance and disbelief, which made it impossible for Democrats to imagine a person like Hitler could ever be Chancellor. So the little people felt abandoned by them as well. They just weren’t taken seriously by the intellectual elites, not their concerns, nor their need for reassurance and security in a tumultuous world. This trap is out there for American intellectuals and it is wide open. A real democratic leader makes compromises, “rolls over” and tries to find a solution for the majority. If Americans don’t see this, they will get to know the other side. Unrestrained.

  10. EV, if you still around I was wondering if you have been to Berlin. We are headed there Sept. 25 for a much need holiday. Have the museums all lined up, perhaps we will attend a Bundesliga game and we hope to get to see the philharmonic play. Looking forward to the beer and the food .

    • Dycker, to my shame I have never been in Berlin.I grew up in Bavaria during he cold war. It was customary to send the kids to Berlin in the final year of highschool. To show the youths the wall and the consequences of communism. Our class was a wee bit rowdy, so no teacher would take us 🙂 i missed my chance then. I will go eventually though. Berlin has turned into the must see place and is at the top of my travel destination list. Have fun here! On Sept 30th Hertha is playing at home against Cologe. As Cologne is my club ( loooong story ) i hope you’ll see a good match! On he weekend when you arrive Hertha plays in Bremen.

      • Thanks EV. I’ll let you know how it goes. I don’t think I’ll cheer against the home team, just in case!!! We have been to Nuremberg several times and around Heidelberg a couple of times but never to Munich. Maybe next time.

  11. .

    Abuse Victims: Prosecute Pope Benedict XVI

    (CNN) — Victims of abuse by Catholic priests asked the International Criminal Court to charge Pope Benedict XVI and other top Vatican officials with crimes against humanity, a victims’ group announced Tuesday.

  12. Having had a chance to catch up on the commentaries and such from last night’s floor show I really do think America is just one election away from a takeover very similar to 1930’s Germany. If I was a governing politician in any other country I would be sweating little blue beads considering the power of the US military. Beware the Rise of the Half Reich.

    • Hooda, I am mortally afraid. Really this is why I am so insisting on helping your President to get reelected. Four years later maybe the historical moment for fascism in America will have passed and we’re safely in calmer waters.

      • EV, once fascism raises its ugly head and controls the mightiest military machine the world has ever known, it will take all the resources of the rest of the planet to smack it down. The only slightly positive part is the US is about where George Foreman was when he started selling grills. We are about at tap city.

          • I try real hard to ignore that one and hope the people who put the final key in have more heart than to do it. The President may be able to cut the order loose but is still the grunt in the silo or sub who makes the bird fly.

            When I was in the Navy both of the skippers I served under knew I would never let a nuke fly. I wonder how many other grunts out there will feel the same?

  13. .
    Muse’s “Uprising

    Paranoia is in bloom,
    The PR, transmissions will resume
    They’ll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
    And hope that, we will never see the truth around
    (So come on)…

    Rise up and take the power back
    It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack
    You know that their time’s coming to an end
    We have to, unify and watch our flag ascend
    (So come on)

  14. .
    Muse’s “Uprising

    The PR, transmissions will resume
    They’ll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
    And hope that, we will never see the truth around

    Rise up and take the power back
    It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack
    You know that their time’s coming to an end
    We have to, unify and watch our flag ascend
    (So come on)

  15. .
    Gracious, apologies for the duplicate post (really no idea how that happened – only replied to my original and the whole damn thing reappeared! Such are the vagaries of on the interwebbingtubes.

  16. I had a fundy encounter on my walk to the local Aldi supermarket.

    Apparently the local fundies found out that Aldi hires gay people. There were three of them, middle class women who look a lot like Bachmann and Palin, in the parking lot with signs. One said “Leviticus XXX is the truth”. One said “Aldi is the enemy of God” and the last one said “Homosexuality is a sin”. Since I had to walk right past them anyway I just couldn’t resist asking them if it wouldn’t be easier to just wear a shirt that says “I’m a hate-filled idiot” rather than holding up big signs in the wind and one of them said that I should beg Jesus to save me. So? As I walked by I said that jesus has been dead for 2,000 years and can’t help me or them. I didn’t catch their reply, if any.

    • Any person who curseth his father or mother must be killed
      ~Leviticus 20:9

      If a man has sex with a woman on her period, they are both to be cut off from their people
      ~Leviticus 20:18

      People who have flat noses, or are blind or lame, cannot go to an altar of God
      ~Leviticus 21:17-18

      The eating of fat is prohibited forever
      ~Leviticus 3:17

      Shoulda asked them how much fat they ate this morning at Mickey D’s

      • If all Christians are supposed to live by the rules and guidelines of Leviticus, there has never existed a Christian on the planet. Ok, maybe 5 or 6 of them.

  17. I didn’t catch this bit until C&L pointed it out. Batscat Bachmann clearly said that she has three children. I’m sure that the “librul media” will be all over her for forgetting how many kids she has just like President Obama is continually raked over the coals for saying “57 states”.

  18. There are several stories around the web about the efforts to kill the USPS and it’s becoming pretty clear that the Reichwhiners are mostly concerned with destroying the unions that represent postal workers. Some of them have even taken to calling an increase in postage “tax increases” with Crazy Shelly leading the charge. The funny part is that they would be screeching even louder if the USPS was making a profit.

      • As I understand it, it is similar to the automotive industry. Having to support health insurance for retirees and the ever increasing demands from the health insurance industry.

        If we had national health care businesses could concentrate more on business.

        • DId you watch that video Hooda?

          While the media story line is that the Post Office is dealing with the problem of trying to remain profitable in a world of decreasing paper mail – the real cause is actually something much, much different. Consider that this year – like every year since 2006 – the Post Office is legally required to make a $5 billion annual contribution to a retirement account to pay for future retirees who aren’t even born yet.

          They don’t work at a profit, and they can’t survive doing that. The Right is trying to destroy the USPS so they can privatize it and kill the unions.

          • (In my best Terrant voice), Wellll, if we are required to pay retirement for people not born yet, every business should. Including Wall Street where employees should receive the same retirement benefit. At the same rate and in the same fashion. Let’s tell the CEO of Goldman Sachs his golden parachute is tied to his hourly wage. And any time he puts in over 40 hours in a week is subject to OT rules for taxation. Time to stop the old salary exemption for wages.

      • Yep, the USPS is prohibited from making a profit. The real tell, comming from the Reichwhiners, is that they never even mention fuel costs and that much of the damage was done in 2008 when fuel reached record highs. The fix is very simple, raise rates, but now they are branding increased postage as “tax hikes”. It’s truly disgusting.

  19. Last night’s numbers for the debate (from TV Newser):

    CNN had 3.613 million viewers in the first hour, and 2.962 million in the second. Post debate for CNN was 1.599 miliion. O’Reilly was down somewhat, at 2.259 million for his first hour, with Hannity at 1.546 million. Greta van Susteren had post debate on Fox at 1.567 million. Lawrence O’Donnell had 583,000 in his hour, Rachel had 703,000, and Ed’s post debate had 667,000.
    As you would expect, ratings were down a bit more at Fox than at MSNBC, but both were down from a normal Monday with NFL football.

  20. Another scary thing about Bachmann. She’s married to an alleged mental health worker. She hosted many, the number seems to change every so often, teenage girls with eating disorders and their home was officially a “treatment home” for said girls. And yet? Her spat with pRick Prayery revealed that she doesn’t realize that autism and “mental retardation” are not the same thing. Admittedly, it’s a nuanced idea for a binary thinker like Batscat Shelly but still… One would hope that the Fabulous Marcus would have tweeted her “Honey, autism is not retardation. Get your conspiracy theories straight”.

  21. Christianity in China, where there are already “more Chinese at church on a Sunday than in the whole of Europe”:

    “The State fears the influence of zealous American evangelism and some of the House Church theology has those characteristics, but, in many other respects, it seems to be an indigenous Chinese movement – charismatic, energetic and young.”

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    Don’t need anything rescued from the bin – I just need to be released so I’ll be able to comment.

    [every comment seems to be going into the bin}

    Thank you – and thank you for the tidy-up!

    • Indeed. The main reason why Christianity is so popular is that it glorifies conquest. That’s actually in the Buybull whereas the claims about Muslim expansionism seem to be fabricated by Christians who got their asses kicked. The tribal cultures of Africa and America succumbed to Christian conquest while the Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims represented cultures with the strength to resist and the Dominionists will never forgive or forget that little fact.

    • On a personal note… Have you been smelling the Boundary Waters fire in your bit of Wisconsin? The Twin Cities has had a pall of smoke since last Thursday evening and we’ve had spectacular sunsets. It’s sad to think that there’s so much devastation but the Northern pine forests, ultimately, benefit from forest fires. The last time I was up there was three years after the last big burn and the areas that I visited were rejuvenated.

      • Hasn’t reached here yet. In fact, I hadn’t heard there were fires up there. Its so wet around here you would need napalm to start a serious fire.

        • Don’t feel too bad, hooda. It looks awful when it happens but fires aren’t really a bad thing in the big scheme of things. Much of the old growth is fire resistant and many species actually need fire to successfully reproduce. In a few years we can visit the burned areas and will be struck by how wonderfully diverse and healthy the foliage is.

          It’s not just Northern forests either. I was living in San Diego when virtually everything between the eastern counties and the dessert burnt to a crisp. We had inches of ash in the gutters. A few years later the whole burnt area was, despite a lack of really tall trees, fully recovered. Fire predates humans and nature depends on it to tidy up the place every so often.

          • pete, I’m a Wisconsin boy at heart. I have a short story I wrote about the Boundary Waters. I know that a fire isn’t the end of a forest and is actually a good thing. For the forest. Not for the people who have built in the forest..

            And we really don’t need more smoke, CO2, etc in the atmosphere right now.

  23. Ok, this is getting serious. We have burned off a big chunk of AZ and NM. Central Texas is burning as we read. And now the pine forests of northern MN, some 60k acres are burning. If anyone needs a mental picture on the MN part, think of your Xmas tree. Now think of your living room filled with them. I mean packed full. And your neighbors on both sides and around the block and over many blocks.

    Now imagine the idiot flicing his BIC.

    • Just to be clear, I have no merciful thoughts about idiots who start fires. Still, it’s a necessary part of a healthy forest. Fire is random and doesn’t get all the trees while it creates areas for new growth to get a foothold. It also returns needed nutrients to the soil. I’ve seen it before. The affected areas will be gorgeous in a few years.

      • pete, as I understand it this fire was started by a lightning strike. The idea that 60k acres of pine forest are gone and the fire is still burning is sad. The fact that the media hasn’t really noticed is also sad.

        I wonder how much of America has to be on fire or burned out before our media thinks something is wrong.

        • Indeed. They’ve covered the fires in the Southwest but have utterly failed to make the connection to the historic droughts and heatwaves and climate change. The BW fire is a more normal occurrence and, living in “flyover land” I guess that I just expect to be bumped to the back page. On a related note…

          One of the interesting things about this year’s unprecedented weather disasters is that many areas that have seen record flooding are actually suffering record droughts. The snow and rain have fallen upstream and inundated places that have had virtually no rain all summer long. Combined with the weather disasters affecting other, and to “Real Americans”, unimportant foreign lands it makes a very compelling case for climate change. And the “librul media” all but refuses to make the connection. The weather we’ve seen around the world in the last year or two is exactly what climate scientists have predicted over the last 30 years. I’m starting to think that the reason so many right-leaning Americans refuse to see it is that they are unwilling to accept the possibility that we humans might be causing the damage. And then they have the gall to claim that we “leftists” are the ones unwilling to take responsibility for our actions because we think that we should have safety nets in our society.

          Looking at the world today is like looking in a “fun house” mirror. I try to take at least one day a week and laugh at the distorted images but it grows harder all the time.

          • The godlings refused to accept responsibility even while they proclaim how God gave them dominion. The part they ignore is that dominion can mean control, doesn’t say a damn thing about it being what is needed.

            A more accurate definition of dominion is stewardship. In the black/white world of Republicans and Dominonists man’s control supersedes God’s design. Considering what is happening, this is a fallacious position.

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    hmm, I was able to comment and have it show up on the cute kitten pics – so
    I’m checking to see if I’m truly out of the spam bin.

  25. A couple of things..

    Rick Perry last night said “he errs on the side of life” which drew great applause. Yet, he also drew great applause at the last debate when it was pointed out that he has executed 234 death row inmates in his stretch as governor of Texas. He had the chance to stop the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham when evidence of his innocence came up, and he didn’t.
    Read this. Really.
    Coming up soon (via Randi Rhodes radio show) there is another case where a young man is being executed that never killed anyone. He was just in the car with a guy who did commit two murders, but that guy got life in prison for confessing to the crime. The guy who was in the car is being executed. Because it’s Texas.

    Errs on the side of life my ass…

    Here’s some more:

    Another thing I am reminded of today after the hooting after Ron Paul said the guy in the question was free to die rather than have the government step in and take care of him. Her name was Terri Schiavo. Enough said.

    Perry likes killing people, Ron Paul wants them to have the freedom to just die, and all the GOP will do whatever it takes to save a fetus.. That is, until they enter this world. Then They’re on their own…
    These people are such flaming hypocrites..

      • America has spent the past 30 years promoting sociopaths. Money (an abstract concept) over people. Honor, decency, compassion have been denigrated in favor of profit. In today’s society, Audy Murphy would be a chump. Anyone who does something with no thought of return is a fool.

        • Indeed. But? Don’t forget science. I grew up believing, with good reason, that science would be the true salvation of humanity. I was raised and educated by scientists and wanted nothing more than to attend an elite school. I did so and have never regretted a moment of it, with the possible exception of a certain Hungarian calculus professor who couldn’t speak English well enough to get his points across. Now? “Elite schools” are a punchline for the likes of Bill0 and inSeannity not to mention an entire generation of Republican lawmakers and the dull creeps they pander to.

          • Sorry but science will not be the salvation of humanity. It will be the opposite of religion in the pendulum of humanity. Science is not the answer to all of humanities problems anymore than religion is. Both provide various possibilities and neither recognize that they can’t exist without the other.

            • Yes, and no. Perhaps I should have said “the scientific method”? The ability to see things as they are and test reality through experimentation up to, and including, discarding one’s beliefs when proven wrong. Anyway, we’re arguing semantics. This modern contempt for science, and it’s methods, is new in my life and deeply disturbing.

            • Science is something other people have researched and presented conclusions. Whether you agree with them or not.

              Not science is something people who have no idea or training in think sounds interesting or cool and will get them media time.

  26. Hmmmh. I google Minnesota wildfire and I get a bunch of shit about an apparent hockey team intermingled with a handful of serious articles. Good grief.

    I see the fire started near Ely and that Isabella may be evacuated. I have family in Ely, friends in Isabella, and a sister in Grand Rapids. So far I’ve not located a current fire map amongst the hockey team crapola.

    When I was a kid, I spent SO much time up there in those woods, on those gorgeous lakes. Later I moved to Arizona and spent similar amounts of time exploring the woods and canyons in the high country. Now 850 square miles of AZ is burned off in just one fire just this year, and Minn. is suffering what may well be a similar fate.

    Good thing there’s no global warming. If there was, these wildfires could easily get out of hand.

    • When I received my electric bills that were run up during our own record heat wave I wondered if Reichwiners sent in partial payment and said; “since global warming is a hoax I refuse to believe that I ran the air-conditioner that much”.

      I too have spent many of the best days of my life in the Boundary Waters. The fires bother me much less than the implications. Climate change, invasive species, pollution, and other human activities are a much graver risk than the fires.

      The last time I was up there was three years after a major fire and the small area I covered was more beautiful than ever. We also had to be a bit more cautious around bears and moose because most of them were drunk from eating the vast bounty of fermented berries!

  27. Ebb, perhaps the problem lies with you putting a period in the first line, and then writing your comment or response in the second line. That is all I can come up with. I can’t believe how many of your comments were in the spam bin today..

    • Even after being released from the spam bin – my new comments aren’t showing up. With or without the period.

      Thanks for attempting to rescue.

  28. Regarding the GOP circus…what is quite amazing to me is that most of the lineup are clearly no different from Sarah Palin on ‘the issues’ , yet Palin’s national popularity ratings are in the shitter amongst REPUBLICANS BUT this lot are all being taken seriously?

    AND it is from this group that likely Republican voters and conservative ‘Independents’ will be obliged to choose. Amazing.

      • Hey ‘muse!. hey hooda!

        Staying with my buddy Tom in Palisades Park (near-ish to the George Washington Bridge)—thankfully his apartment is way roomy!

        Still have stuff at my old apartment—to be retrieved next week, but I got my computer out of there and all set up here at Tom’s. I have a great, free WIFI connection and I don;t have to hang the WIFI NIC out of the window, which is great.

        But wait, there’s more!…..

        • I have found some employment—its part time but pays well by the hour. The nutty thing is it would have been perfect whilst I was in Jersey City, but as I only started AFTER being evicted, it’s basically a two-hour commute.

            • No I am not kidding!

              Also encouraging is that the company that I worked for doing the Christmas decorations at Macy’s etc last year is gearing up for the season again, only starting in October instead of November—they e-mailed me asking if I’d be available.

              So… at least I can see some income there too, and it could fit well with the current part time job.

          • Hi, 5th. I’m glad to hear that things are not quite so desperate. In this mad world it’s easy to forget that good things DO happen to good people though it does sound like it would have better if this particular good thing had happened a bit sooner.

          • Congratulations, 5th. Glad to hear things are not quite as desperate as they were when we last heard from you. (Well, me, anyway.) Glad to hear you got some work, too, and prospects for more in the near future.

    • Marion “Pat” Robertson is a master at picking and choosing his Buybull verses. I could swear that disrespecting one’s parents, such as rejecting the name they gave one at birth because it’s not masculine enough, is one of the really big, bad, unforgivable sins.

      (Note: Why he chose “Pat” instead of Hank or Butch or Fred could probably fill several volumes on aberrant human behavior but I wouldn’t want to read it.)

    • Wait. Is this the family values crowd?

      Who is supposed to care for the wife with Alzheimer’s if the man divorces her and she has no other family? Will The Pat Robertson 500 club pay for it? I mean according to Ron Paul after all, she will have to rely on the church for health care and not the government.

  29. I’ve had enough for one night and my neck still hurts from the weekend (Nothing too interesting. I just spent a sleepless night on a couch that’s a bit too short for me.) I really am glad that things are looking up, 5th. And please, good people, don’t mourn for the North Woods. They can survive fires but people are still a risk. Here’s hoping that no one is killed and few lose their homes.


  30. Oops! I almost forgot. I stumbled across this at MMfA.

    Michele, the cave just called.

    It knows you really like the aroma there and what the fumes do to your brain, but you’re scaring the bats, especially the babies, and both the cave and all of the bats want you out.


  31. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Senate Republicans blocked FEMA disaster relief funds!!!

    How in the heck do they think they are ever going to win another election??? They really don’t give a crap about anyone..

    Geez, makes this quote from Nazi Germany seem even more timely:

    They had no intention of cooperating with the democratic government, knowing it was to their advantage to let things get worse in Germany, thus increasing the appeal of Hitler to an ever more miserable people.

      • Saying they aren’t going to do anything to help all these people in all these states floundering after all these disasters is one thing, actually standing in the way of getting them the desperate help they need is quite another. Or, given it is Republicans, maybe it isn’t.
        They really DO want to break this country to pieces so they can rebuild it in their own image..

        • Disgust comes at many levels; mine is now near total. When one of two major US political parties drops to the subversive level of the German Nazi Party in the 1930’s, one can only wonder how much further we can fall before we hit the bottom of what was once a bottomless pit.

      • See there are the 2% of rich people and the 98% of less than rich people. Congress is funded by the 2%. If you think that Congress will do anything that doesn’t directly funnel money to the 2% sort of means you believe in unicorns. Or some other bit of fantasy.

        Congress is for sale, They listen to the highest bidder. The voting public will never be the highest bidder. Congress will never do anything that benefits the American voter.

        • I understand all that. But that 2% of Americans that ‘fund’ Congress still only have 2% of the votes (being voters themselves, they may be rich but they still only get to cast one vote each). Yes, they spend a hell of a lot of money to influence the other 98% of the voters, and buy politicians to boot, but at least that gives me some hope. Not ALL politicians are bought and paid for (Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders come to mind). Maybe that is naive, because ALL of them have to run for reelection.. I can only hope that more principled people will get involved in politics that aren’t for sale – like Elizabeth Warren?. If I didn’t have any hope I wouldn’t participate in any shape or form.

  32. The Republicans have succeeded. Any American who thinks that their government is going to anything to help them is finally going to be successful if they believe it isn’t going to happen. After over 200 years of America believing in their country, they are going to be disappointed.

    Their government can’t do shit for them. Everything they have invested in their country is now null and void. Suck it up folks.

  33. America needs a hero. Back in 08, Obama claimed the Presidency because he said he was that hero. He isn’t. I don’t know for sure what he is doing but it it isn’t what the majority of the people who voted for him expected. I won’t say Obama is the best/worst/whatever President but I will say he is the biggest disappointment.

    America elected Obama on a wave of expectation. Obama ain’t a surfer. The wave has passed him by. About all he has left is he talks nice and if he is real lucky he will get to live in the big house until 2016. If he keeps going the way he is, he will have to be real lucky.

    • Fair comment.

      Also, America needs less insane bastards/idiots (though Obama ought to have had a clue as to how insane and bastardy the opposition was likely to be—and it seems he still doesn’t get how bad it is). .

  34. I hate to say it but the only chance America has is if Obama wins a second term and the Dems win a majority in the House and a clean 61 seats in the Senate. If we don’t get all three, we get another two years of the same obstructionist crap.

    America, as we know it, cannot survive another 4 years of Republicanism. If the Dems don’t win solid majorities, kiss America good bye.

  35. Well gang, I must to bed. have to be up at 5.30 am.
    It’s been too brief a visit with you all this evening ( I had to help my personal savior, Tom, with some computer stuff).
    Don;t know if I’ll be working Thurs or Friday or not at this point, but I’ll definitely catch up with you all on Saturday.

    Thanks so much for all your good vibes…. see you all again very soon.

    goodnight all,

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