The Watering Hole, Thursday, September 15th, 2011: THIS EARTH IS NOT FLAT

Published in the Pawling Press, Pawling, NY, Friday, September 9th, 2011, under the title “Not So Flat Earth”

Note: I wrote the following in response to an opinion piece by the Pawling Press‘s conservative columnist, Mr. Paul Keyishian. Mr. Keyishian’s piece was entitled “Achieving Ideological Balance at the Federal Level”; it should be available in full at next week.

I found it aptly ironic that both Frank Matheis [liberal columnist] and Paul Keyishian, in their opinion pieces of September 2nd, referred to the idea that no sane person these days believes that the world is flat. However, while Mr. Matheis went on to discuss the dismissal of science by climate change deniers, including many of today’s prominent Republicans and Tea Partiers, Mr. Keyishian took a different route. Mr. Keyishian’s column centered around the idea that, while “established scientific facts” are either right or wrong, opposing political philosophies are “not so cut and dried.” While this is true to a certain degree, some political philosophies are readily proven to be wrong, simply by looking at history.

I am compelled to dismiss Mr. Keyishian’s base premise where he “assume[s] that each side of the political spectrum has something meaningful to contribute…” or “that we all possess the sincere desire to ‘even things out’ politically.” Anyone who has paid attention to the political arena in the last few years since President Obama was elected has to realize that, even before the 2010 mid-terms, the majority of sitting Republicans became the party of Obstruction, the party of “No!” and even “Hell, NO!” Senior Republican Mitch McConnell outright stated that the party’s goal was to “make President Obama a one-term President”, which doesn’t exactly sound like meaningful contribution in my view. The only solution that the Republicans offered to mitigate the effects of the recession and the rampant, increasing unemployment rate were tax cuts, especially for the wealthy and big corporations.

Here’s where we go back to the ‘flat-earth/established science’ idea: Republicans, and I mean every single Republican Congressperson and Senator, still pronounce that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations actually create jobs and must be continued, some believe permanently. This flies completely in the face of established historical fact. Historical facts tell us that, when President Clinton raised taxes, including on the wealthy and corporations, the country gained millions of jobs (and provided his successor with a budget surplus); historical facts also tell us that, when George W. Bush reduced taxes on the wealthy and big corporations, the country LOST millions of jobs. Republicans paid no attention to the burgeoning deficit during the Bush years, but suddenly it became the number one priority when a Democrat, President Obama, took office. (Sorry, that one should be filed under “Hypocrisy”, not “Established Science”.)

Mr. Keyishian’s dream scenario that having a Republican President, a majority Democratic House, and a more-or-less evenly split Senate would help to make Congress, and therefore the country, work better together to accomplish ideologically central, moderate legislation, is just that: a dream scenario. First, this idea is totally dependent on the premise that the members of the House and Senate are all reality-based, competent and honest public servants. Unfortunately, there are very few of those to be found, in this age of big-money-influenced politics. Take the big money out of politics with real, effective campaign finance reform and lobbying reform, and this scenario may become slightly less dreamlike. Second, let’s turn Mr. Keyishian’s scenario on its head and look at the current makeup of the legislative and executive branches: we have a Democratic President, a majority Republican House, and a more-or-less evenly split Senate. If Mr. Keyishian’s hypothesis held true, wouldn’t one have to believe that there would be more cooperation, compromise, and resulting ideologically central, moderate legislation, instead of what is actually happening in today’s Congress?

Lastly, the scenario that Mr. Keyishian proposes has Michele Bachmann as his choice for the Presidency. Like most of the Republican candidates, Ms. Bachmann is a climate-science denier and doesn’t believe in evolution. She has also signed the Grover Norquist pledge (compulsory for Republicans, although one Congressman just recently disavowed the pledge) of no additional taxes, not for anyone, not ever. This past weekend, Ms. Bachman went as far as saying that she ‘would consider’ the idea of ZERO taxes on corporations. Ms. Bachmann has also signed a ‘no abortions for any reason’ pledge, and is anti-homosexual: she and her husband truly believe that one can “pray away the gay.” To sum up, Michele Bachmann is a “Flat-Earther”, and not someone who is qualified to lead the United States of America, especially not in this century.

By Jane E. Schneider

This is our Open Thread. Please feel free to present your thoughts on any topic that comes to mind.

248 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, September 15th, 2011: THIS EARTH IS NOT FLAT

  1. So. I just saw a headline about the upset in New York.

    “A referendum on Obama? GOP celebrates its NY win”

    One election, in one district doesn’t signal anything except the voters in that district wanted a change.

    If these single elections are truly the “signals” of something about to change, why not let political power shift with them? When Scott Brown one the Senate seat, then turn over our entire government to the Republican party. When the Democrats one that seat in upstate New York not long after, then turn complete control over our government to the Democrats.

    That’s really what must be done if these things are to be called referendums.

    • Buddy Roemer makes sense, but can’t get heard. Too rational for the current Republican party. I suppose… he’s more an Eisenhower Republican.

  2. Yay! UBS – rogue trader did some $2 bn damage!!

    Today the SVP (Swiss People’s Party) has gone to some length to shoot down a discussion in Parliament about the “too big to fail” problem. They are the Swiss version of the tea party and they were expecting to win big this fall, we will have elections in Switzerland in October, on a racist anti immigrant and small government platform.

    I need a big bowl of popcorn and a case of beer. This’ll be fun.

      • Ll, after reading Karl Marx, I tend to think his is just unrestrained capitalism at its best. It bodes ill, because the frequency is up. I am beginning to suspect it’s reaching its zenith, or rather has reached it and will go downhill fast.

  3. Somewhere a long time ago I ran across a comment by a flat earther who, when presented with a photo of the earth taken from the moon, said something like, “Yes, it does appear to be round. To the untrained eye.”

    One could also say, these days, that Republican presidential candidates do appear to be ‘real’ Americans. “To the untrained eye.”

  4. Republicans have demonstrated they are willing and able to destroy people so that the rich get richer. They are ruthless in their pursuit of more and more wealth and power for the ruling class.

    With an enemy like that, the more you compromise, the more the enemy demands. And make no bones about it, Republicans are the enemy of the non-wealthy. Note how quick they are to cry “class warfare!” Because it is indeed class warfare, and the rich are winning.

    Until the rest of us meet the Republicans with the same steely resolve and are determined to ride out the short-term consequences of their obstinance, we will contine the slow-bleed of watching jobs continue to be exported, cheaply manufactured goods continue to be imported, and the quality of life for 98% of this country continue to slide towards poverty and destitution.

    I still say the quickest way to end the ruling class’ grip on power would be for all progressives to register as Republicans, and change that party from within.

    • I’ve said it many many times: the most vicious enemy the country has ever faced is its own right wing, aka in general terms the Republican Party. It makes both the WWII Axis and the post-war communist bloc look like the (relatively speaking) easy pushovers each turned out to be.

    • Thanks, muse, and everyone. I wrote the LTE fairly quickly late at night so I had to focus on NOT going off on tangents. Obviously I could have written a lot more to prove my point, but a) I didn’t have time, and b) once it was published and I saw how long it was – nearly half of the newspaper page – I’m glad I kept it somewhat pithy. Actually, it was so long that my column and my fellow liberal columnist, Frank Matheis, squeezed the conservative guy’s column way down to the bottom of the page. 😀 And I got a ‘by-line’ on it – woo-hoo!

      Gotta go back to work, I’m on lunch right now. See you all later.

  5. The Reichwing hate-fest, against all odds, reaches a whole new level. In our first story the FAUXhounds and assorted Reichwhiners are all atwitter over something that no one heard based on non-experts reading Mrs. Obama’s lips in order to fabricate a controversy. We can’t make this stuff up but Reichwhiners can and do. I don’t like playing the what if game but, can you imagine the reaction if Ms. Schlussel’s bile were directed at a white Republican woman?

    The second story might be worse. I posted this rather late last night but I think it deserves a repeat. Last night I couldn’t even think of a comment and I’m still left with nothing but an observation that, if Mr. Plante’s assertions had any truth to them, he would have been disappeared overnight.

    • Mr. Plante is on AM radio here. On the rare occasion that I’ve heard fragments of his broadcasts I have noticed that his drivel is even more hateful and fact-free that of the addled drug addict Limbaugh. I would not have thought that possible.

    • Aaawwwww. Little ” Dolores Umbridge ” Plante is all ascared of Dumledore’s Army wahwahwahwah. The name was “Erich Honecker” by he way, not “Helmut Honecker”. And I have nothing to say about he lip reading crap.

    • They may falsely be accusing the First Lady of uttering something ‘disrespectful’ to an object yet the writer calls her:

      Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Hussein Obama Idi Amin Dada…

      … the First Ms. Thang.

      Sophomoric of a ‘writer’ who wants to be taken seriously.
      Gossip-mongers – isn’t there something in that there ‘holy book’ about such nonsense – like don’t engage in it?

  6. Nicely done Jane.
    The application (in paragraph 4) of Keyishian’s ‘theory’ of political power distribution and it’s results to reality (rather than mere rhetorical contrariness) immediately invalidates his claims and thus renders his opinion worthless.

  7. A cool cat story for Jane (and everyone else).

    Willow, Cat Lost in Colorado 5 Years Ago, Was Found on East 20th Street

    ​Five years ago, a calico cat named Willow went missing from her Rocky Mountain home. She was found yesterday, in New York City, on East 20th Street — more than 1,600 miles from where she escaped on a day in 2006 or 2007 when contractors left a door to the house she lived in open. It’s definitely her, because she was microchipped as a kitten. The Squire family — “in which two of the three kids (17, 10, and 3) and one of the two dogs (a yellow Lab named Roscoe) may remember her” — is floored.

    As someone who has lost a few cats over the years, it’s wonderful to hear of one that was found safe and sound, but 1600 miles away? That’s incredible. One of our outside cats, Ferdinand, was found by a lady at her health club, several miles from our house, and she found us because he had his tags to identify him. She tried to feed him, but she found all he would eat were potato chips!

    • She tried to feed him, but she found all he would eat were potato chips!

      Was that because the woman was a stranger or
      was that part of his diet?

      • It was because she rustled a bag of chips and he came straight to her in her apartment. If he was in the house, and you picked up potato chips or Doritos, he’d come running. Wherever he was before we got him, I guess he picked up liking chips. Klaus won’t leave me alone if I have chips out either.

    • Are they kicking the can down the road, or will this actually turn things around?

      Central Banks to Lend US Dollars to Euro Zone Banks

      Major central banks around the world will cooperate to offer three-month U.S. dollar loans to commercial banks in order to prevent money markets from freezing up because of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis.

      “The European Central Bank has decided, in coordination with the (U.S.) Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank, to conduct three U.S. dollar liquidity-providing operations with a maturity of approximately three months covering the end of the year,” the ECB said.

  8. Did ya catch Elmer Gantry’s appearance at Liberty U. yesterday? Perry, apparently deciding to make ads for the Obama campaign, came out with a series of “See how dumb I am?” one-liners. He xommented that he needed to pull out a dictionary to see what “convocation” meant. And then the real howler: He was in the top 10 in a high school class … of 13. Guffaw, guffaw.

    What Perry is doing telling moderate Republicans and those voters really concerned about his electability to buzz off. He doesn’t need them, and he doesn’t intend to make it easy for them to vote for him. He’s blissfully impervious to mainstream sensibilities. It’s the sort of thing that a Texas politiicain, not a presidential candidate, would do. Does Perry really think his “Dumb Dubya” schtick will get him elected?

  9. Quote of the Day:

    “To sum up, Perry’s rules of rhetorical engagement boil down to 1) constantly impugn your opponents’ motives by insinuation; 2) shamelessly misrepresent their policies; 3) tag existing federal programs and functions with inflammatory and manifestly inaccurate labels; 4) eschew presenting any specific reform programs for “broken” programs; and 5) when you do offer policy prescriptions, ignore any likely obstacles to their success. A democracy that allows such a candidate to get anywhere near consideration for its highest office is in danger of not remaining a democracy for long,” – Andrew Sprung, analyzing Perry’s latest interview with TIME magazine.

  10. I came across this tidbit when reading Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”:

    Act 1 – Scene 3
    Antonio is speaking to Bassanio –

    Mark you this, Bassanio,
    The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
    An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
    A goodly apple rotten at the heart:
    O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!

    This aptly describes any Republican who evokes God in his or her arguments.

    • Shakespeare also perfectly described all the AFP (American Fascist Party, formerly the GOP) male candidates (and male voters, come to think of it) when he succinctly noted, “God made him, and therefore let him pass as a man.” (The Merchant of Venice; I, ii, 59). And then there was this little snapper obviously aimed at Rick Perry: “With the help of a surgeon, he might yet recover, and prove an ass.” (A Midsummer-Night’s Dream; V, i, 318)

      One could almost imagine that there were assholes running around loose way back in Shakespeare’s time just like today. Hard to imagine I know, but then too, as we’re all aware, “The devil can cite scripture for his purpose.” (The Merchant of Venice; I, iii, 99) 😀

  11. Great job, Jane. And a question for all flat earthers…if the earth truly is flat, how come no one has ever found the edge? You know that silly irrational concept of no matter where you are on the planet, there is earth surface all around you?

    • On old European maps, the mapmakers sometimes wrote on the edge the was beyond where anyone had ever gone, “Beyond here there be dragons.”

      Plus, even a flat earth can be round. Think of a clock face. And if you caint git no futher out than the tip of the minute hand, why, you ain’t gonna neither find or fall offa no edge! (Trying to sound like pRick — not easy)

    • You know I had time for Ron Paul – at least he was ideologically consistent and unflinching….. you can almost hear him now:

      “Kent, I’m sorry, I can’t help you, now that you’ve persuaded me to run for president, I can’t afford to display a mote of human compassion about your death-causing illness. You see one day I’ll be up there on TV under the blaze of TV lights and I’m afraid my path is that of the pure heartless bastard instead of the lying hypocrite sacks of shit in the rest of my party – so for freedom’s sake and the sake of your country, I have to let you die. Now kiss my Ayn Rand signet ring and cough your last. Oh and I won’t pay your bills either, that would be charity – don’t you know any chruch people who can cough up $400k for you? Cough up – that was funny wasn’t it?”

  12. Need more proof that Ron Paul is a heartless creep? Here it is. I almost wonder if Blitzer knew about this case but didn’t have the integrity to challenge Paul with an actual case that hit close to home instead of a hypothetical. I will also add that people, like myself, who have never belonged to a church would still be SOL in the GOP’s vision of a brave new world.

    • Thanks for the Minneopa photos, zxbe. When I was a lad the family went there frequently for summer picnics, and I’m sure I explored every sqaure foot of the place. Last time I was there was in late spring, 1960, when five classmates (about to graduate from HS) and I ditched school for a day and did a picnic at Minneopa instead. Looks about the same as it did fifty-plus years ago! Wish I could say the same. 😉

      • You’re welcome. Since I first went to that park last year, I’ve really fallen in love with it. Been back several times since.

        And I always muse that it was built as a park as part of the WPA. If the ‘thugs had their way it would have never been built as a park, and there’s probably be a factory leaking toxic stuff into the creek.

        • I do occasionally post pics on my Facebook page. Some of my right-wing friends happen to like them. I should tell them they’re not allowed to like them because FDR and the New Deal built the park that made the picture possible.

          • When we lived in Arizona we camped a LOT, every chance we could manage winter or summer (which is doable there with no problem). We found several old CCC campgrounds that were first put up during the FDR years. They were still in excellent repair; old picnic tables made of stone and concrete, water spigots that tapped nearby springs with faucets embedded in columns made of stones mortared together; stone retaining walls, etc. etc. Little works of art, still functional after 70 years, and unappreciated by most who have no idea the value of FDR’s “Make Work” projects.

            He saved this nation from itself, and now, today, “itself” has turned against us once again, this time in the form of the newly emerged AFP, the American Fascist Party, once known as the GOP. And how sad is that.

  13. A geeeky news bit:

    Scientists have discovered a planet 200 light years away from us with 2 suns. They are calling it Kepler 10b … but are holding a contest to rename it….

    In a weird life imitates art suggestion, someone suggested that it be called Tatooine (h/t Star Wars)

  14. Living in earthquake country – we use (or should) Quake Hold! Museum Putty.
    There were a few knick-knacks that needed to be secured – was reading the packaging – company is called (and it appears this way)
    Ready America
    In God We Trust

    smaller, fainter letters:
    Made In Malayasia

      • I was thinking of having some of those sticker magnets made that said (instead of “support our troops”) “Support American workers.” Think of the irony.

    • Thanks Badmoodman! I just got done with Torchwood on Friday nights. Before Real Time went on hiatus, I was having to try to see both of them, back to back.

  15. Sometimes you gotta laugh at ’em. Jim Hightower was on Thom Hartmann today and had some hilarious observations about, the very unfunny, pRick Prayery. These two stuck out.

    “He put the Goober in Gubernatorial”.
    “He thinks irony is a country between Iran and Iraq”.

    Meanwhile; Ed Rollins, former campaign manager for Crazy Shelly, came out and said that she made a mistake with her claim that the HPV vaccine caused “mental retardation” and “should admit it and move on”. I guess we now know that he didn’t resign but was fired because he’s an idiot. Anyone who has followed her career would realize that she never, ever, admits to a mistake.

      • I think we could live with that. Is there any way we can get a job creation federal grant to pay for the construction and the land? I know I’d work real cheap and suspect others here would do the same?

        I should pour me another glass of sangria, I’m thinking. 😉

        • Pour me one, frugal. You know I’ve been thinking along those lines. 🙂

          I’ve achieved my dreams of going to college and living on the Oregon coast, so it’s time to start on the next dream. Why not make it the Zoo commune?

  16. Zooey, I’ll make it simple. Here’s how I summarized the night in my last post:

    I’m throwing up in my mouth right now. As to the White House, we’re getting more beds, fewer tsars, the collected works of Hayek, a babe-wife, a bust of Churchill, sacred constitutional documents, flava, and a Harley. Fuck you, Wolf.

      • I think that most incredible part is that she doesn’t even have the courage to take credit for her own BS but always has to create an invisible friend to take the fall. It’s something that has colored her whole career. I’ve lost count of all the crazy things she has attributed to “someone who came up to me”. It’s especially ridiculous now that she has security guards who are there specifically to keep people from walking up to her. One of the local radio hosts mentioned that, since she declared her candidacy, no one who hasn’t been screened can get within 50 feet of her much less close enough to hold a conversation that no one else heard in a crowded venue.

    • The part that’s, almost, funny is that she can’t keep her conspiracies straight. I find it really telling that the wife of an alleged mental health worker, who ran a “treatment home” for troubled teenaged girls, doesn’t realize that autism is not the same as “mental retardation”. Both claims are equally fallacious but one would hope that her dear hubby would have whispered in her ear; “honey, I think you meant autism”. Of course, that would require her to admit to an error and that’s something that hasn’t ever occurred.

  17. The two justice systems in this country.

    23 days ago a young man named Anousone Phanthavong, victim of a hit and run, is found dead. The next day the owners of the car step forward. The next day a story that has since disappeared stated that “Mike’s Hard Lemonade caps were found in the car”.13 days ago, the lady of the house admits to driving the car on the night of the accident. Today, 23 days later, she was finally charged with felony vehicular homicide and fleeing the scene. She posted bail and went home after a couple hours in jail where, I would guess, she was never even locked in a cell. Anousone Phanthavong is still dead and the perpetrator is at her posh home surrounded by her family. The perpetrator in this case is wealthy and white. Her husband is a local sports hero, radio personality, and bar owner. Anousone Phanthavong was neither wealthy nor white and he is still dead.

    Here’s my prediction. The perpetrator will never see the inside of a jail, much less a prison. Now, imagine the roles were reversed. What if Anousone Phanthavong hit and killed Amy Senser and fled the scene only to turn himself in the next day. He would be sitting in jail since the moment he came forward and would be facing years in prison. It would have been better than him being taken from his family for good but his life would never be the same.

    These stories really, really, make me sick but here’s the real kicker. This murderess is being protected from the consequences of her crime. How much protection? The local paper won’t even allow comments on ANY of the stories about this crime. Part of that is because they know that a lot of juveniles would use the opportunity to say really nasty things about both parties but I fear that’s not the main reason. The main reason is that she’s a white, wealthy, “pillar of the community” and it wouldn’t be “Minnesota nice” if anonymous people were able to voice their contempt. But? There’s another possible angle.

    The Senser’s have three teenaged daughters. It is possible that the media is sidestepping the story because Amy is taking the fall for one of her daughters and the well laid plans might go awry if the public were able to speculate about the real identity of the driver.

      • They’re already doing so. He was putting gas in his car on an exit ramp and one of the local Reichwhiners was saying that it’s “stupid that he didn’t call AAA”. Did I mention that these stories make me sick?

        • That is disgusting. If he had called AAA, assuming he was even a member, they would find some reason why that was the wrong thing to do.

          The fact is, this woman mowed that man down and DROVE AWAY. If she’d stopped and called for help, I can see why they might go a little easier on her. But she didn’t; she just let him lay there and die.

    • pete, that is truly despicable. I found this – it should have been on the Front Page. What is wrong with MN values? Really?

      The other side of the Senser story

      Article by: ANNA PRASOMPHOL FIESER Updated: September 15, 2011 – 7:29 PM

      ‘Ped’ Phanthavong — the actual victim, mind you — will be sorely missed.

      Well, I am talking. And I will keep talking. The media can feel sorry for Amy Senser all they like, but some day the Phanthavongs will have their day in court, and I will be there to see that they receive the justice they deserve.

        • Yes. Food, car repairs, gardening tools, gas, new shoes (well, maybe), sangria, definitely sangria, and … oh, and no yacht.

          Point is, THAT sort of spending enriches the village and the country, but pissing away 700 billion on war doesn’t do anything but go poof. So what’s up with this here country? Are we now to be satisfied with dumb and stupid and to hell with educated and creative?

          I have an obscene wish: that one of those Kentucky bridges collapses when Mitch McConnell is right there in the middle of the damn thing. And I hope there’s an appropriate bottomless pit waiting for him. I might give up half my S.S. hike to help make that happen.

          • Heck! I would be delighted to get a cost of living adjustment of a few percent. I haven’t looked far into it but I think I heard a mention that food prices have gone up around 30% over the last year. I know that eggs, at the cheapest local store, just jumped from $1.29 to $1.59. Personally, I’ll hit the end of my Medicare drug plan “doughnut hole” just in time for the cheaper local produce to come to an end for the year. If I don’t run my lights or TV for a few days I might be able to afford some fresh veggies around Christmas.

      • You know, that’s not a bad platform to run on… “I’ll double your SSI payments. We’ll raise the cap on the contributions and have the rich fund it to full solvency.”

        Think that might garner some votes for Democrats?

  18. I’m always deeply disturbed when Bill0 is the voice of reason but, in this case, he’s up against Liz Cheney in full defense of her daddy. Speaking of which… this is rather old but I was reminded of it.

    Dick Cheney has a creepy daughter who people shouldn’t trust around their children. The other one is gay.

  19. It rained off and on most of today here, but coming home tonight, the sun finally caught a break and managed to create one of those ‘after the storm’ sunsets. Gradually, as the rain clouds cleared the horizon, a narrow strip of sky appeared, with the sunset glow tinting the contours of the underside of the slate-colored rolling mass, and highlighting the little wisps of clouds below the main storm clouds. It was enough for me after all of the gloom..

      • Unfortunately, Zooey, I was driving on the back roads,with no place to readily pull over so I just kept glancing to the west as I drove. I was coming home later than I had planned, and still had to stop at the store (I don’t know why those darn cats can’t rustle up their own food!) So I didn’t get home until 7:45pm anyway.

        If it’s decent out this weekend (temps went from 80+ yesterday down to about 50 this evening) I’ll try to go out and look for good shots.

        BTW, welcome back, our beloved Zookeeper!

  20. We knew it couldn’t last. Ol’ Bill0 went off the rails trying to claim that every green job “cost the taxpayers $5,000,000.00”. What he’s talking about are loan guarantees and grants to set up new companies. Wait 20 years for the taxes to roll in, loans to be repaid, and people are employed by profitable companies before you try to scare the sheeple with tales of “$5,000,000.00 jobs”.

      • My dad would say, “You want to punish him for his investments?”

        My response would be, “The market is a gambling ring, if he can’t handle it, he better cut his losses and get the fuck out.”

      • I’m not sure that profit is the main motive. I think he’s just a petulant child who throws a tantrum when someone desires him to follow other peoples’ rules or even justify his own words and deeds in any little way.

        • He just seems so totally random in his soapbox choices. Going off on green jobs is pretty ridiculous, unless he thinks it’s affecting his bottom line.

          Or his wife has a restraining order against him. 😀

          • He’s odious enough since his wife ran off with a cop (OMG! He belongs to a union!!!); I bet he would do something that would land him in prison if she had chosen an Ivy League professor and/or environmental activist.

        • And we mustn’t forget that Bill0 is deeply, some would say pathologically, bigoted. The fact that others may not look, think, or live as he does makes him rave on and on and on and…

          • I can’t watch him – don’t need an emetic.
            Did he happen to mention:

            Solyndra was one of the original applicants for the loan support program, which Congress created in 2005 during the George W. Bush Administration. At the time, DOE ranked the firm near the top of all applicants, Silver said. However, DOE officials in the Bush Administration were regularly skewered at congressional hearings because they never issued the loan guarantees. Members were particularly vexed by DOE’s failure to back loans for new nuclear power plants.

            • I assume that Solyndra was the spark but it wasn’t actually included in the clip. Of course, Bill0 wouldn’t dare to mention any culpability by “conservatives”.

  21. For anybody who uses The Twitter, I have joined a progressive group of Tweeters on FB who are trying to help find a coordinated message to combat the right wing. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you into the group. It’s easy to do and I can do it without asking, but I thought you might want me to ask first.) It;s called Tweeten 4 44 (something like that. 🙂 )

    • Everyone knows that the way to stick up for the “rights of the unborn” is to murder abortion providers, right Billy?

      Has the blood washed off your hands yet, Billy?

      • I saw the headline and just can’t – can’t watch the racist, misogynist piece of crap.

        We’ve not heard much else about his dissolving marriage – isn’t/shouldn’t that be open season for media? He doesn’t respect anyone’s privacy – he should be afforded the same consideration.

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