Tonight’s GOP Debate in Orlando, Florida

From ABC’s World News:

The GOP candidates will take the stage at the Fox News/Google debate in Orlando this evening for the second Florida debate in two weeks and the importance of the Sunshine State is roaring into focus. If the election remains the two-man race it has been since Texas Gov. Rick Perry entered last month, Florida could be a tiebreaker and cement either former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney or Perry as the nominee.

If Perry takes Iowa and South Carolina, states with large conservative and evangelical bases, while Romney wins New Hampshire, a state that has become his firewall and where he owns a home, and Nevada, a state he won in 2008 that has a large Mormon population, then it most likely will all come down to Florida, analysts say.

Joining tonight’s debate is GOP candidate Gary Johnson, who served as governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2002 . Missing from tonight’s debate, of course, is non-candidate, can’t-stand-not-being-the-center-of-attention, quitter and narcissistic blowhard Sarah Palin.

The debate is being televised on Fox Noise, and begins at 6:00 PST, 9:00 ET.Β For a run-down on all of tonight’s candidates, go here. You can also watch the live-stream here.

Join TheZoo as we join the fun and live-blog tonight’s debate.

420 thoughts on “Tonight’s GOP Debate in Orlando, Florida

    • My guess is because as ‘charming’ as she is or can be, when she opens her mouth there is no telling what will come out. She keeps making up way too much crap that she can’t back up with any factual information (lies), and she just keeps doing it. I know most politicians do it to a degree, but the way she does it is similar to “crazy-lying”. She lies even when she doesn’t need to, and her lies are bizarre.

      • A local commentator spoke with an anonymous former staffer who said that anyone who suggested she admit a mistake for damage control is summarily dismissed. Rollins is an expert at damage control and walking back factually incorrect statements so I figure he was on borrowed time from the moment he signed on.

        • What a prima donna. πŸ™„

          But she’s not a stupid prima donna, so I have a feeling she’ll be out of this race before it costs her the House seat. Sorry, pete.

          • This is a weird situation.. If she is telling her followers/supporters that God has told her to run, and she is following what God has told her, and her followers are all these ΓΌber religious people, how does she decide not to run and go against what God has told her..
            Just asking.

          • I’m afraid you’re right, Zooey. However, there’s some reason to hope that her constant gaffes will filter through to those who usually get their political ideas from campaign ads and preachers. There’s also a chance that she will find a better gig than sucking the public teat and give up her paltry pay as a Representative(spit!). As for her stupidity…

            There are three traits in play. Stupidity, dishonesty, and insanity. My take is that she probably has a normal IQ but she’ll lie about ANYTHING to further herself and she’s Batscat Crazy. So? The net result is that she is functionally stupid on a purely intellectual level despite her being able to cash in. Bible Spice provides an excellent comparison.

            Bible Spice is so damned stupid that she probably doesn’t realize when she’s lying while Batscat is so dishonest that she lies despite knowing better. They take different routes to arrive at the same place.

  1. I poached this from TP’s liveblog:

    8:50: Bill O’Reilly: β€œI think tonight some of the candidates are going to have be outrageous to get attention. That’s what I’m looking for.”

    So they’re all going to act relatively normal?

    • I’m using Comcast cable, so I can devote my entire monitor to what’s going on here. It only took three tries to get the channel to enter properly.

  2. Ron Paul’s camp is reporting that Fox News has stacked tonight’s GOP presidential debate in favor of Perry, with softball questions. They’ve also given Perry the best spots to hang banners, and blocked the non-favorites out. CNN was far, far more neutral in their GOP debate. “Fair & Balanced” does not often apply tonight.

  3. Michele wants people to to keep ALL their money, and yet says people have to pay some of their money to keep the government running. What the heck does she think taxes are??

  4. Gingrich thinks that every who’s on unemployment is some kind of fucking doofus. I guess he doesn’t mind paying 99 weeks of UI while they get training, but have no time to actually look for a job.


  5. Newt: People shouldn’t be paid for doing nothing.
    Okay, do you think people chose to have their jobs taken away from them? Do you think people who have paid into unemployment insurance out of their paychecks should then have it taken away when they need it?

  6. Santorum wants to abolish all public sector unions. There’s a whole lot of abolishing going on tonight. And Gingrich wants to abolish unemployment compensation as well. Let’s abolish government.

  7. We aren’t THESE UNITED STATES, we are THE UNITED STATES. One country, united. It would be a serious error to turn this into a bunch of states who totally ran as separate entities.

    • I said that wrong.. Here is what I was looking for:

      “You see, ‘is’ is in singular, while ‘are’ is in plural. He is saying that before the civil war, each state believed themselves independent of the other states. Therefore, when referring to the United States, there were many inside, and therefore one would say “The United States are.”

      However, after the civil war, Americans began feeling united as one, and therefore, used the word for singular, as in a single country. They began to say “The United States is.”

      Therefore, the quote would be “People used to say ‘the United States are’, and now they say ‘the United States is’.”

    • But, but he wants to do away with all taxes save one; a “consumptive tax.” I’m afraid to ask what that means, and it begs the question “how broad is the definition of “consumptive’? I love me soft porn.

      • Sounds like a tax on the old TB wards. *cough cough*

        After the adoption of the “consumptive tax,” it will be found that only the bottom 98% actually consumes.

  8. Interesting to see the new guy who isn’t the new guy, just hadn’t been invited to attend up to this point. So, what changed that? Why did they finally decide to invite him?

  9. Ron Paul would veto every bill that he believes violates the Tenth Amendment, just as he votes against every single bill that violates that principle. Then a defense of a de facto abolition of the federal government. Criminy.

    • Again, my question is “Why do these fuckwits want the job of running a government they hate?”

      To just fucking run it into the ground, and then say “Done!”

  10. Perry’s answers seem confusing and addled. But Romney actually accused someone else of switching positions!! Perry looks like a grinning bobblehed up there: inarticulate and easily bested by the Mitt.

    Huntsman panders yet again to Lord God Reagan.

  11. OK, I get it. Johnson is a Libertarian..
    Abolish the Department of Education.
    They are blaming that department instead of blaming Bush for ALL Children left behind, and it’s being unfunded.

  12. If they get rid of the Dept. of Education, then it would be left up to the states to handle schools, and it would not be done uniformly. Some states would have better schools, and many states would have horrible schools. No standards or across the board uniformity. Not all the states are the same size, have the same populations, the same tax bases and level of wealth and jobs. It’s already pretty terrible now.

  13. Mitt says “class size” is meaningless in educating our children. It’s a Union thang to hire more teachers. Baby Jesus help us, Amen.

  14. Federal education involvement has always been about minimum acceptable standards, it didn’t become micromanagement until Bush got involved.

    • Perv is flustered – he’s saying the Fed Gov isn’t assisting enough with the border issue – – yet he states the Fed is too big…

      • Since Obama came in, enforcement is up, deportations are up, more border patrol. No talk of amnesty. Just the Dream Act, which is only useful to qualified high school graduates, the ones we need in college.

    • I forgot what he said already, but it was in response to Santorum trying to get Perry to answer his question. Wallace said they all sometimes get frustrated trying to get these guys to really answer their questions..

  15. Chris Wallace…” texas builds a border all along the fence.” Makes about the same sense as the merikan patriots on this stage.

  16. Only 8% would cut the Dept. of Labor, and 12% would cut EPA. 20% would cut none, even though the poll required cutting one.

    47% would cut Dept. of Education. I guess NCLB is the poison pill the GOp intended it to be.

  17. Oh, I need to take a break. This discussion of backing Israel against the Palestinians makes me physically upset. These stand behind Israel without question because of the rockets going into Israel. Though no mention of the real numbers of how many lives lost in the battles between the two sides (on both sides). No mention of the conditions the Palestinians have to survive, at the mercy of the Israelis. The damage to both sides isn’t even close. The Palestinians want to have their own state rather than be imprisoned and walled in by the Israelis who are the “occupiers”. I understand this is complicated, but it is most definitely not an evenly fought conflict. Not even close.

    The Israelis apparently are the only ones with the right to defend themselves, to protect themselves.

    • My supervisor at work is Jewish and liberal, but the other day she asked me if she could forward me a petition about the Israel issue, and I told her that I was probably not on the same side as she naturally would be in the Israel/Palestinian debate. Luckily, she simply said ‘okay’ and did not question me further. I really dislike the U.S.’s official blindness regarding Israel.

  18. Perry seems to think that Obama has not engaged Pakistan or India. Really? Didn’t he go to India and Indonesia to check Chinese influence.

    • Hey, my sisters and I were conceived while my dad was in the Marines and Navy. Fuck you, pRick!

      The crowd is booing the gay soldier. Support the troops!

      Santorum is strangely excited…

  19. Ohhhh…. Santorum on Gays in the military.
    Oh, brother. Boos in the crowd.
    These young men and women have been EXCLUDED for unfair reasons. That has now been remedied. What is he talking about??

    • Does Cain not realize the public option was defeated? Does he not understand that the entire system remains private? Does he not know that someone as rich as he could under any Obamacare procedure be able to buy whatever medical care he wants?

  20. I don’t understand why they say this shit. He is talking about how he wouldn’t have gotten care in time if he had had to wait for beaurocrats (sp?).
    We already have beaurocrats that we have to deal with when we need care. They are called PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANIES!! I’ve dealt with this myself already this year.

  21. Huntsman misses the point on healthcare. The biggest problem for caregivers is multiple systems each office must deal with to get paid.

  22. Huntsman gives me hives – spewing ‘when I was Gov. of Utah we did everything correctly – we have no problems in Utah, when I was governor…

    (Utah has less than 3 million people)

  23. Perry can’t even remember what he wants to call Romney out on.

    Romney could manage baseball, the way he’s playing the percentages tonight. He’s in favor of what the polls say the country wants. Too bad he won’t get the nomination.

  24. Ugh, this is awful.

    Nothing really disgusting like the crowd cheering for death, but the monstrous level of stupidity is stunning.

    They’re treating this whole thing like they themselves are the only one who is affected if they win. It’s really scary.

  25. Romney defended the private sector as the basis for universal insurance! Just like Obamacare.

    Perry’s responses seem almost too bored or too tired or too lazy. Perry wallows in his incoherence.

    • Posters have begun appearing around town for the annual Holloman AFB open house, this years theme is “Legacy of Liberty”.
      Prominently featured in the center among vintage aircraft photos is a Predator Drone.
      War Pigs.
      Where’s my Sharpie…

  26. As I have said before, “I have officially run out of face to palm.” Never in my many moons on this earth have I witnessed such lying and…….oh never mind.

  27. I wonder how all these North Alabama government contractors, including some I’ve worked for, feel about these candidates saying ‘government can’t create jobs’? Without government contracts, we’d all still be picking cotton and working in the mills!

  28. Question: What would you do to turn this country’s economy around.

    Hunstman: fail (stop trying to be folksy and cute)
    Cain: “999”, leadership – fail
    Bachmann: reach for the brass ring of liberty, repeal Obamacare – fail
    Romney: We are patriots, blah, blah, blah… FAIL
    Perry: Get rid of Obamacare, get rid of regulations, lower tax rates, energy independent – FAIL
    Paul: Bubbles! Get rid of the Fed.Free Markets! FAIL!!
    Gingrich: a Jimmy Carter joke. NOT FUNNY! Fail!!!!
    Santorum: quote Reagan. God given rights, responsibility. Reagan again. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Johnson (oh, he’s still there?..): Another joke – dog potty. Balance the Fed budget NOW! Replace with consumption, fair tax.FAIL!!!!!!

    Only Johnson and Ron Paul answered the actual question. Unbelievable.

  29. What I’ve noticed about the crowd is their strongest responses come not when a policy is backed or explained. It’s when someone is attacking Obama or predicting his losing the next election.
    It’s a team sport.

  30. If you had to choose the running mate, who would it be?

    Johnson: Ron Paul (another Libertarian)
    Santorum: no name, just a concept
    Newt: no idea. Funny..
    Paul: no choice (points out he IS NUMBER 3)
    Perry: cross between Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich..
    Romney: ditto on Newt (actually, only smart answer so far)

    uh oh.. followup pitting Romney and Perry. Ouch. Perry is puffing up again..

    Bachmann: “a strong Constitutional Conservative”. Not a real answer.
    Cain: Romney if he accepts “999”, or Gingrich.
    Huntsman: Hermann Cain (kiss up)

    • Yes, whoever said ‘know the enemy’ was into S&M – that was sheer torture listening to the babble, spit and spew of these ‘candidates’.
      The moderators were just as bad.

      bdmm summed it up quite well: sophomoric and pathetic.

  31. I do think Romney came across best in this “debate,” but the people’s favorite was Pervy, no matter how ignorant and incoherent he is.

    The rest of them are background noise.

  32. Wayne you refused to watch this mess. Sorry, for myself, that I missed the memo. This was, unargueably, the worst two hours I’ve spent in my life. I need remedial help.

  33. Oh wait.. I’m just thinking about this. I don’t remember them bringing up global climate change… Were there any questions about that? If not I’m surprised. I thought sure they’d use that to go after Jon Huntsman to finally knock him out of the race.

  34. TP has ‘highlights of tonight’s debate’: a two second clip of Romney, saying “There are a lot of reasons not to elect me.”

  35. There was a “debate”? Oh, gosh, I missed it. Dang.

    Been watching season 2 of Treme when I could have been listening to this pack of morons?

    Y’all crack me up. How the hell can you sit through these events?

  36. Can someone tell me why they still keep calling the Newt “Mr. Speaker”??? he hasn’t been speaker since 1996? 1999?, and wasn’t he drummed out of office for ethics violations??? WTF.. is there a time limit before you are no longer a slime ball?

    And why do they continue to call Mitt Romney “Governor Romney”? He hasn’t been governor since… when? 2007?

    I don’t get it..

    • What a charming lot they are. Honestly they remind me of “Quo Vadis” or “Ben Hur” when the plebs lustily cheered the outrages happening to the poor sods in the Circus.

      Or, to come back to walt’s post about witchcraft, the medieval crowds cheering an autodafe.

      Republicans have come a long way back from being civilized once. If you start to think Reagan was comparatively sane and decent..

  37. The Daily Show tonight was weird. They opened with making fun of the Palestinian application to the UN, and actually played the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for humor in a way I found in bad taste. Then Lewis Black did a Back in Black about arsenic in apple juice, that was funnier.
    Jennifer Granholm was on to promote her book. She has had cosmetic surgery to remove her facial bumps and smooth her complexion, and she looks great! Too bad she can’t run for President.

    • Too bad they saw fit to make fun of the Palestinian’s plight. It’s difficult to believe the the oppressed (Israel) has now become the oppressor. There’s nothing humorous about that – well for me any way.

      The arsenic in apple juice was that quirky Dr. Oz fomenting fear – and getting it all wrong!

  38. I started getting really angry and frustrated with those “repeal obamacare” morons, so I switched to C-SPAN. OMG those fucking idiots now want to fund FEMA by taking funds from the EPA and “green” programs. WHEN WILL THIS INSANITY END????????? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?????? guess I am a bit pissed off………………………….. maybe I need some of those Schweddy Balls

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