Music Night, Fall Equinox Version

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I discovered Big Star very late in the game. In a very brief period at the beginning of the 70s, Big Star and its founder, Alex Chilton, laid the groundwork for what was eventually labeled Alternative Music. A lot of musicians have acknowledged being inspired and influenced by the band–musicians obviously being tapped into a different network than Gummitch. And a lot of musicians have done covers of Big Star tunes, including a particular favorite of mine, Thirteen. Since our corporate masters have prevented me from properly offering the band itself, here is one damn good version (musicians who were to play with Chilton 20 years after the band broke up) and one, um, interesting version.

86 thoughts on “Music Night, Fall Equinox Version

  1. After a long day making a machine designed to cube bleu cheese do it’s thang to the accompaniment of C&W my brain is having a difficult time settling on a new tack. I did peruse the commentary on last night’s debate and this song came to mind.

    • How do you make a machine cube bleu cheese to the accompaniment of C&W? Does the tempo of the music have to match the pace of the machine? How many different songs can the machine work to?

    • This is from the movie ‘Love Actually’ (scenes in the vid are from the movie). If you haven’t seen it, get it in your Netflix queue and watch it about a week before Christmas.

  2. Hello, Hello…

    Just a pop in…and then a pop out.

    I got sucked into watching “V for Vendetta”…again. I used to think that it was DicKKKless Cheney hiding in the bunker but now could see any of the crazy Baggers hiding there.

    Hello Ebb πŸ™‚

      • I shouldn’t…and I feel “guilt”! hehe

        Seems like it’s always something else…and the time spent at the desk should (but it most certainly doesn’t always happen) be taking care of mountains of paperwork…but I need time to get focused on that…so, instead of doing the important, I’m reading about crazy shit that the Baggers are up to…then I walk away disgusted.

        So now, off to bed…gonna go to a small street fair tomorrow…few minutes up one street, then down another…get a big fat disgusting hot dog…eat…then back home.

        Nighty night!

  3. The latest NASA report says that splat down time has passed but is being calculated. If you are reading this comment, you may not have to worry a lot.

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