The true measure of a so-called conservative so-called man.

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Paul Jamiol
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One thought on “The true measure of a so-called conservative so-called man.

  1. Excerpts from a (Mike Lux) C&L column today —

    …… In case folks had not realized it, our President is a politician. And personally, I stopped caring about most politicians’ inner motivations and beliefs and psychology quite a while ago. I think too many progressives have spent far too much time and energy debating with each other whether Obama is a good guy or not, whether he is doing his best or is a sellout, etc., etc., ad nauseam. What matters is what he does, and how he reacts to the political dynamics swirling around him. Whatever his personal opinions and values are, he will react to the situation in the way he thinks will most benefit him politically, and the country in general. Obama is moving the progressive direction because he understands it to be in his, and the country’s, self-interest- and I welcome him to the dance…..
    What all the establishment conventional wisdom groupies in D.C. keep forgetting is that on most economic issues, Democrats don’t have to choose between their base and swing voters (who are mostly working class folks). Swing voters and base voters are in agreement about not cutting Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits; they oppose raising the retirement age; they support more taxes on millionaires and billionaires, and want to close tax loopholes for big business; they think the big banks should have higher taxes and tougher regulations; they support spending more for public education, student loans, Head Start, and rebuilding our infrastructure; they want to invest in green jobs and rebuilding our manufacturing sector. In all these areas and more, progressives and swing voters are strongly in agreement……
    Progressives have created a new vitality in our organizing and messaging, and it is drawing Obama our way.

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