where’s Cuervo?

Hard to tell from this photo, but the conveyance is intriguing…Oil rig? Left over military hardware? Imperial Star Cruiser?

In between Vegas and Reno, even the cattle warnings have this floor show strut…

Found enough water to float the kayak, and had a companion this afternoon… any guesses? (It’s not a Labrador retriever…)

11 thoughts on “where’s Cuervo?

    • You’ve nailed it, HofR.
      Nevada… land of gravel and rusty human remains.
      All that steel for a billbord.
      Lots of Ron Paul bumper stickers too.
      Go figure.

      • Was going to be my guess…..

        In times hence when memories have faded and the last hope of a Kevin Costner near-future uplifting movie coming true have gone, people will look up at that monstrosity and say:

        “Children, that was how the Elder Ones called the faithful to prayer at the temples they called ‘The Mall'”

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