Watering Hole: October 3, 2011 – If I Had The Money

Several months ago, I did a search on “shoes made in USA”.  Here is what I found:

Work boots

Rubber shoes

Some sneakers for men and women by New Balance

And these industrial shoes made in Wisconsin.

With a few exceptions (some New Balance and some Converse), most sneakers are made in China.  It doesn’t matter that the Chinese person making those sneakers gets paid about $8.00/day, we will still have to pay a bundle to purchase those sneakers.  The same goes for shoes.  My favorite shoes are Merrells because they feel good on my feet and I like their styles.  I recently purchased some new shoes.  When I read the label inside, my Merrells were “Made in China”.     😦

I said all that to make this point.  If I had the money, I would start a shoe factory in the USA.  The building would be eco-friendly and whenever possible, the shoes would be made from renewable sources such as bamboo and hemp and the soles would be made from recycled rubber.  Some shoes would need to be made with waterproof materials.  The most important feature of the shoes would be this… the shoes would feel good on a person feet.

The shoe factory would not become a Wall Street corporation and the owner would be limited to 5 times the salary of the lowest paid employee and every employee would be paid a fair, living wage which is greater than the minimum wage.  There would be profit sharing for the employees where a percentage of the profit gets re-invested in the shoe factory and the employee then becomes a partial owner.

I would like to see MORE shoes made in the USA.  At the prices we pay for shoes that are made in China, it wouldn’t cost any more for shoes made in the USA.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the money.  This is just a pipe dream.

And this is our Open Thread.  If you had the money, what would you invest in?  Speak Up!

Happy 5th Birthday to my dear grandson.  Hugs and kisses.

171 thoughts on “Watering Hole: October 3, 2011 – If I Had The Money

  1. As a teenaged backpacker in the White Mts. of New Hampshire, I occasionally met more seasoned hikers who proudly wore their custom made Merrels, at that time (the early 70’s) made by hand somewhere in Vermont or New Hampshire. One made a foot tracing of both feet and went from there.
    In later years I wore the corporate versions and was happy, but since about 2000 have given up on them, they became progressively tattier and wore out quicker. It appears this would have been about the time Wolverine World Wide acquired the company.
    Here’s a history of the corporate success story, which is also a sad tale of the loss of quality and value.

  2. TEVA turned out to be a huge dissappointment.

    Owned by a large company that acts more like a holding company for brands that may sell and keep the stock prices high.


    On top of that, TEVAS make your feet stink in the most awful way.
    They use a rubber that reeks off stale ass and daily washing of the shoe will not cure it.
    There are entire websites dedicated to stinking TEVA’S

      • My TEVA sandals are my favorite shoes! I have the kind that feel like going barefoot, with no worries about dog poop.

        I’m a big fan of local shoe company, KEEN. Yes, the shoes are made in China, but the company has made a serious commitment to giving back on a number of issues. From Wiki:

        In reaction to the 2004 Asian Tsunami, KEEN took their marketing budget and donated it in total to relief efforts.[6] This gesture turned into their long-term Hybrid.Care program, where they partner with organizations whose vision they share, including The Conservation Alliance, 1 KG More, Leave No Trace, and Big City Mountaineers.

  3. If I had the capital I would start an appliance factory in the US. The dryer I purchased when I married lasted 20 years, though I did have to prop the door closed with a giant piece of wood for the last 2. I am now on my third chinese replacement, they seem to last about 4 years. The second one nearly burned my house down when its stupid preformed power plug shorted internally. Now I’m afraid to leave home with the dryer on. I’m afraid of the oven too after an undersized relay froze and caused the oven to get hotter and hotter. It could only be disabled by throwing the breaker. I am more likely to be killed by chinese appliances than some terror attack.

    • Soooo, you have discovered our little plot to take over the world… We will lend you money to buy up our cheaply made shit at very low price.
      Then we kill you with low qualtiy component. Now we have to kill you before you spread bad news around..

    • When I was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base (home of Air Force One), between 1983 and 1985, I bought a Sanyo electric 3-speed, oscillating fan. I used it now and then and still had it when I got out of the Air Force in 1988. At that time, Jane and I agreed that we liked the “white noise” of the fan running inthe bedroom, so we left it on 24 hours/day, every day of the year. (We would turn it down to low speed during the winter but still kept it on for the white noise.)

      The fan finally died out about 6 or 7 years ago. I couldn;t complain because 20 years of almost continuous use was pretty gopod for an appliance. But when I was finally able to contact the company about getting a replacement, I found that they no longer made those fans. Now we get cheap fans made almost entirely of plastic which we’re lucky to get two years’ use out of before they crap out and die.

      It’s an old saying, but it is still absolutely true: They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

  4. BFD Ladies In Racing Report!

    Sarah Fisher is on a roll, and she’s not even driving anymore! The Indycar team owner had her baby on September 13th, announced last week she had secured a sponsor deal to run a second car at the season ender at Las Vegas, and Sunday got a two days early birthday present from her driver Ed Carpenter, who put her #67 Dollar General car in victory lane at the Kentucky 300 in Sparta, Kentucky. Carpenter ran side by side with series points leader Dario Franchitti (aka Mr. Ashley Judd), for the last twenty or so laps, and won by a margin of .0098 seconds. This was both Carpenter’s first win in Indycar, and Sarah Fisher Racing’s first win as well! Although a small, underfinanced team beating a Chip Ganassi car is something of an upset, this particular track has been good for both Sarah Fisher and Carpenter as drivers. Fisher scored her first Indycar podium finish at Kentucky in 2000, then won her only pole start there in 2002. Carpenter has two second place finishes there, in 2009 with Vision Racing, and 2010 with Panther Racing, so he really was due to get this one.
    The deal for a second car came about when Angie’s List founder Angie Hicks put up the money to be primary sponsor for the car to be driven by Tomas Scheckter. Anyone who listens to Progressive Talk Radio will recall their commercials on Thom Hartmann’s show and others.
    Sarah’s baby daughter, by the way, is named Zoey Marie O’Gara. Daddy is Andy O’Gara, who has been part of Sarah’s pit crew from 2002 onward, proposed on her 25th birthday in 2005, and they were married on September 16th, 2007.

    Danica Patrick’s next to last Indycar race was a decent outing, starting 14th, and finishing 10th. She ran just about where she started all day, between 10th and 15th, but was involved in some close racing at times. Simona de Silvestro started 13th, next to Danica, but had handling issues and fell back from the start. Then, a badly mounted wheel came loose as she left her pit, causing damage to her left rear suspension, and she parked the car at 25th. Ana Beatriz started 20th, and also ran into trouble on pit road, when her team released her into then-leader Will Power’s car, as it entered its pit stall. Beatriz had to wait while her team rolled her car back to fit a new front wing, and later she was the only car to wreck on-track when she spun and hit the wall with 35 laps remaining. She wound up 24th.
    Pippa Mann started the race in the rear of the field after a tech infraction disqualified her time, but don’t feel too bad for her, Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon started back there too, because of a similar failed inspection. Pippa finished 22nd. Both were competing in Indycar for the first time since Indianapolis, although Pippa was injured in practice at Loudon, New Hampshire in August, and was unable to drive there.

  5. I don’t know if it was true or not, but back in the fifties there was a widespread rumor that sometimes the label MADE IN USA meant that the product was actually made in Japan, in a town called Usa. Wouldn’t have surprised me if true.

    The last pair of decent hiking boots I bought carried the label Columbia Crest. When I got them home and checked the small print on the label, it said MADE IN THE REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM, so see, we DID leave the best of Amurka there along with our 58,000 dead soldiers. That’s not meant to be snarky, but no matter how I say it, it sure does sound snarky.

    And now, virtually everything is made in China and nothing I’ve bought with that label is of the quality the same damn thing once was when it sported a legitimate Made in USA label. That fact, coupled with numerous other layers of underhanded capitalism has slowly worked to turn me against virtually everything the US right wing stands for. Capitalism used to work reasonably well back in the days when stuff was made here with honest labor and honest intent, honest quality; boy, have those days changed for the worse, what with today’s disdain for quality and interest only in maximizing profits at the expense of everyone and everything else. I admit it: I’m no longer the Loyal American I once was proud to be; otoh, the America to which I was once proud to be loyal doesn’t exist anymore except in various imaginations and political ads.

    Greed has destroyed us … only the facade painted on the shell of what this nation once was remains. And it is completely hollow.

    • It occurs to me that paying $500 every four years for the dangerous chinese dryer would allow me to pay $2500 for a quality made US product every 20 years. My $2500 would stay in the country and the portion that went to the workers in wages would filter back to me, or someone like me, when the workers shopped at the farmers’ market.
      I remember when “buy American” was the cry of the conservative patriotic good ol’ boy. Corporate front groups and cheap crap at Walmart sure co-opted that demographic quickly.

      • So if a major appliance should last 20 years, how about we pay $125 a year for the use of the appliance. If it lasts four years, the manufacturer gets $500.00.
        Unless, of course, the cheaply made appliance kills us.

  6. If we were willing to pay the extra 15 – 20 $ for a pair of made in America with Renewable Resources Shoes, I’m pretty sure they’d be a success. Got venture capitalist?
    Naming contest?

    American Made Eco-Revolution In Cosmic Alternative Shoes.

    • Son, girlfriend and their out-of-wedlock children were living with Mom becase they had nowhere else to go. Mom thought girlfriend was stealing her jewlery so she laid the Holy Word of God on her, literally.

      The article does not say whether girlfriend turned the other cheek, but does say she video-recorded the incident on her cellphone.

      Calls to God for His response have not been returned as of this writing.

      • God is still trying to save Shelly’s flagging presidential bid after Ed Rollins quit. He’ll have some free time again soon.

  7. You can only have “Free Trade Agreements” or you can have a minimum wage. You can’t have both.

    You can only have “Free Trade Agreements” or you can have environmental protections. You can’t have both.

    You can only have “Free Trade Agreements” or you can have workplace safety regulations. You can’t have both.

    You can only have “Free Trade Agreements” or you can have child labor laws. You can’t have both.

    You can only have “Free Trade Agreements” or you can have Jobs for American Workers. You can’t have both.

    • Well spake, BnF.
      I love Thom Hartmann’s idea of restoring protective tarrifs to raise the price of importing cheap shit.

      • Protective tarrifs act like a dam, behind which is stored the wealth of a nation, through which the flow of that wealth is carefully regulated.

        Free trade agreements blow away the dam.

        • China has massive tarrifs on U.S. imports because tarrifs work
          Hence the parallel knock-off products of Chinas black market..
          I remember being in Beijing and seeing ads for “Iron Horse Motorcycle”
          A copy of a Harley Davidson made in China.

          I seem to recall the NAFTA agreement was supposed to open trade between U.S. and Canada, and Mexico
          Canada has the same standard, no strike that.
          Canada has a higher standard of living than we do, they treat people better.
          Canada didn’t get the sweetheart deals that business’s gave to Mexico.
          Much cheaper to go to Mexico or China

          • Free Trade agreements, import cheap shit that breaks so you need to buy more exports pollution, jobs and unhealthy and immoral labour practices…..

            • And is predicated on the continued promise of cheap energy….. ‘The World is Flat’ eh, Mr ‘Six months’ Friedman?

              The Age of Cheap Oil is over….. the world will become round, remote and knarly again…

  8. Just when you thought Rick Perry might be wising up…

    Over the weekend, the Guv said that Mexican drug violence “may require our military in Mexico.” *Head hits the table.* You have to wonder if Perry understands what he said.

    Based on reading the whole article, it appears to me less that Perry is really thinking about sending troops into Mexico, but rather that he hadn’t really thought anything through at all, and that’s the first thing that popped up in his head at the time of the question.

    It sounds “tough”, doesn’t it? Perry really is Bush without the restraint.


  9. But the private sector is always more efficient than government, isn’t it?
    “Nearly half of the $321 million in GI Bill benefits paid out on behalf of Virginia veterans last year went to for-profit schools.” and
    “Strayer University, the No. 1 recipient of Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits in Virginia last year, devotes 52 percent of its revenue to marketing and profit, according to a staff analysis last month from the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.”
    more here

    • Sounds like the University of Phoenix. When I lived in Phx, seems to me the “university” thereof was in a low rise building in an office area off the I-10 freeway not too far from the Salt river. When the Cardinal’s new taxpayer-funded stadium in Glendale was completed, they put the naming of it up for bid. My favorite of the early bidders was “Pink Taco Stadium” but alas, the UofP outbid and it became University of Phoenix stadium. Sounds cool, save for the fact the the UoP is basically an online “university” that has no campus whatsoever, nothing but a leased office near the Salt River. Highly profitable, though, therefore AMERICAN in all the best ways.

  10. Quote of the Day:

    “We take literally what the Bible says. We believe that Israel composes the people of God and that they have fallen away at the moment, but that God has grafted the gentiles into the same roots. So that’s why we’re very strong support of Israel because we feel that Israel is the root of our faith. And so we support Israel strongly. We know that there is a – there’s not really good religious freedom in Israel. We’re very sorry about that. But the Bible says, that someday, and don’t ask me how this is gonna happen because it seems impossible, that all of Israel will be saved. That they’ll all believe in Jesus. And so we just take that by faith and none of our activities are geared toward that or anything else, but we just believe that that’s gonna happen. So before Jesus returns, Israel, as a social group, will acknowledge Jesus Christ as their messiah,” – the New Apostolic Reformation’s C. Peter Wagner, whose group was instrumental in setting up Rick Perry’s campaign launch, The Response.

    • Wow. Far out. Too bad there’s not a god out there somewhere instead of just that brain dead mythology. Fascinating what the human Id (“…the source of instinctive impulses that seek satisfaction in accordance with the pleasure principle and are modified by the ego and the superego before they are given overt expression”) can concoct and then lay on the table as reality. Id. God. Deus. See. Id-Deus-See. C. Peter Wagner seems to reside atop that ‘idiocy’ pinnacle, based on just that one statement. Far out. I already said that. Oops.

    • Why don’t comments like this ever get a published response from the Jews in Israel? Regardless of their “support” for the State of Israel, Christian fundies consider them heretics and will do so until they convert. Hmmm, something vaguely familiar about that. Oh, yeah, the Inquisition.

      Other than the few oddball Jews for Jesus types, I’ve never observed any desire or willingness for Jews to convert. Quite the contrary, in fact.

    • OMFG! So, ,,,,,if Israel is the root of our faith,,,then their faith didn’t exist prior to 1948?
      Jesus is gonna be so pissed when somebody drops the dime on these apostates.

    • So before Jesus returns, Israel, as a social group, will acknowledge Jesus Christ as their messiah,”

      So Jesus isn’t returning until AFTER Hell freezes over?

  11. It’s not just shoes and appliances, but every little thing that Americans use that seems to be poorer quality…down to clothes pins. Has anyone seen a decent clothespin lately? I have some very old ones that my mom used to use and the wood profile was bigger and the steel spring was stronger. They are all either made of plastic, or if they are made of wood at all, the spring is so tiny that any sort of wind can knock your clothes off the line in no time. And speaking of clothes, go into a “vintage” clothing store someday, the weight and the heft of the cloth is so much better than the crap that they put out today it is just laughable. And yet, we keep sending stuff overseas to be made.

    Planned obsolescence taken to the extreme.

    • I’m well aware of clothes pin shabbiness (believe it or not), and you’re exactly right. Same goes for almost anything. At the hardware store, try finding something ‘made in USA’ — garden tools, hand tools, pipe and pipe fittings — a few years ago I bought a fair amount of galvanized 3/4″ pipe and assorted fittings, all of which carried the “made in China” sticker. Fortunately though, in Iran they can get quality petrochemical equipment thanks to the Koch bros. and their intentional flouting of government and regulation.

      The ‘conservative revolution’ in the US has, truly, been just about the most destructive force ever visited upon us. And from all appearances it’s simply going to get worse. I wonder which one of the Koch Brothers will, after our very own “Reichstag Fire”, is pre-destined to become our new Chancellor? Will it be Charles? Or David?

    • A man before his time:

      Vance Packard– started the ball rolling on a few subjects:

      “The Waste Makers” (about built in obsolescence)

      “The Hidden Persuaders” (subliminal ads)

      ” People Shapers” “…on the use of psychological & biological testing and experimentation to manipulate human behavior..”

  12. A protest of today:

    Ry Cooder No Banker Left Behind

    Then we have politicians NOT afraid –

    American Folklife Center

    On October 3, 1902, Theodore Roosevelt became the 1st president to personally intervene in a labor dispute when he met with miners and management from the anthracite coalfields in PA in an attempt to settle the 4 month old strike. AFC’s “Songs and Ballads of the Anthracite Miners” contains some songs (collected by George Korson) related to this strike. For notes and lyrics, see http://go.usa.gov/8Hu.

    William E Keating – Down, Down, Down

    Devo – Working in the Coalmine

    • The Mollies used sabotage, violence and intimidation against the owners, overseers and their property. The mine and railroad owners hired the Pinkerton Detective Agency to infiltrate the Molly Maguires, which they did, amassing enough spurious “evidence” to bring some fifty Mollies to trial, twnety of whom were sentenced to death by hanging.

      The Sons of Molly Maguire, by The Irish Balladeers

      • There was a movie with Sean Connery that was titled “the Molly Maguires” — very good movie. Made before 1985. Check it out if you can.

  13. Good afternoon, good people.

    I’ve been out enjoying as much lovely fall weather as possible. We’re expected to have high temps around 80 degrees for the rest of the week and, while the leaves that change color based on sunlight are at their peak, those that change depending on temperature are still a vibrant green. So, of course, our local climate change deniers are busy claiming that there’s “no evidence for global warming”.

    Never mind the fact that “leaf season” is a week or two later than it was 30 years ago. Never mind the fact that the migration of ducks/geese is a week or two later. Never mind more record warm temps. Never mind the fact that most areas that aren’t flooded are suffering drought conditions (In some areas they are suffering floods, from rain upstream, while suffering said drought conditions everywhere above flood stage.). It really pisses me off.

    The national deniers at least have the excuse of getting paid to lie but the local small fry are eager to deny the evidence of their own eyes rather than admit that a “librul” could ever be right about anything.

      • The guy who pisses me off the most actually has the gall to demand that duck season be extended so that hunters can take advantage of the later migration while, in the same article, calling the idea that humans can influence the climate “ridiculous”. Then he compounds it by calling for new agricultural policies to aid duck nesting. How the Hell can he accept the idea that we can do stuff to help ducks while rejecting the notion that pollution is causing climate change? I find the irony to be maddening.

        • The longer you keep them around – the more you can shoot and drive down the population. .
          (common sense doesn’t enter into the world of such people, obviously)


          Locally – the Canada Goose no longer migrates – it stays! No matter how damn cute and entertaining to watch those goslings are they really should be parading elsewhere in the Spring.

          The deniers will never see the entire picture that duck hunter needs to remove the blinders, come out of the blind and take it All in – there is climate change happening before his very eyes.

          • Depletion by hunting really isn’t much of an issue in this part of the Mississippi flyway. The Canada Geese and mallards have become year long residents while the main migration now follows the Missouri where Asian millfoil hasn’t taken over the feeding grounds. While it’s true that the ducks and geese that do migrate through tend to be later in the year it wouldn’t have much impact on numbers because they just fly through rather than stopping to rest and feed along the way. The local birds, meanwhile, are concentrated on smaller ponds and streams and farmland rather than inhabiting the big swamps open to public hunting.

            The birds simply don’t visit the places where I used to hunt. That, and age and finances, are the reasons I gave up hunting. I just can’t justify the expenditure if I’m not going to even have a opportunity to fill my larder.

    • oh, whoa! – off to read the whys and wherefores. Really thought the Italians were going for the long, long sentence!

      Thanks, Walt!

    • I don’t have a dog in that hunt, frankly – too much ‘case-du-jour’ sesnationalism detracting from what *should* be the news around here.

      I found the general drumbeat of ‘Hey Italians, we have no respect for your justice system – know nothing about it, but it’s not Amurkan so it must be crap’ undercurrent pissing me off.

      • I believe that defense is called TOGDI.

        The American media-fed public always knows what the correct verdict should have been because the networks have determined that for them. It makes for a lot more media fodder when the verdict goes the wrong way.

      • I was interested in the Italian way of investigation of the crime then see how their Justice system goes about the court –
        not the ‘sensationalism’/emotional tug-o-war.

  14. Colorado secretary of state bars overseas soldiers from voting

    In a very determined effort by Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State, Scott Gessler, to make sure as few people as possible actually get to vote in Colorado, U.S. troops serving overseas won’t get to vote.

    I didn’t vote for that bastard, but I’m still ashamed to admit that I live in a state that has fecal matter such as him inhabiting in its upper government echelon. The fact that my (Pueblo) county’s County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz has said that he “will comply with Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s order not to send ballots to soldiers out of state who are legally registered Pueblo County voters is all the more disappointing (and embarrassing).

    So now, in Colorado at least, our servicemen who are fighting wars on the other side of the world have the same voting “rights” as illegal immigrants. Yippee Yo Ki Yay.

    This country is going down the fucking tubes even as we watch, and fast. We are on the edge of the abyss.

    • Interesting. Traditionally, our men and women in the fighting forces have reliably voted Republican.

      I doubt this move will survive a constitutional challenge.

      • Very strange move, isn’t it? It’s also the sort of thing Republics tend to do immediately before an election, so that any complaints are ignored or become moot afterward.

      • Article XV.

        Section 1.

        The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

        I know it doesn’t specifically continue with clause that says “but it’s ok to abridge the right to vote of military personnel serving overseas,” so I don’t think I understand the the doubt that the notion will ‘survive a constitutional challenge’ argument. If they can do that, why not say that no one can vote who can’t offer proof that they’ve seen a dentist within four weeks prior to any election?

        We’re talking here about a concerted effort on the part of the GOP, state by state, to deny select groups of people the right to vote, and we know what the ultimate goal of that attempted denial is. I can’t imagine any reasonable judge ever agreeing to any level of such travesty.

    • Soo…. according to Gessler…. it’s A-OK to die for your country….. voting…. not so OK..

      Ship his ass to Kandahar – next C-130 please.

    • This is the kind of thing, that if the media really runs with it, would (and should) result in his resignation.

      Let’s hope the media runs with it.

  15. Was interested to see what RudePundit has to say about Awlaki’s assassination:

    “And if you believe that the president, any president, should have that power (to kill Americans without charge or due process anywhere, anytime for what they say – added by TtT) over Americans, then you have no right to call yourself “liberal.”

    There, Rude and I agree…. IMO the impeachable offence has just been committed by a man who swore to ‘defend the Constitution’. The Constitution applies to all of you – including Americans like Awlaki – or it’s ‘just a goddamn piece of paper’….

    • Awlaki denounced his citizenship so IMHO, he was no longer a citizen. What if Awlaki was developing another 9/11 or Mubai terror attack and taking him out disrupted this act of terror. Would you feel differently? We don’t know what intelligence information Obama had. I wish that Bush had acted on the intelligence information that he received in August of 2001. If he did, maybe planes wouldn’t have flown into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We didn’t know about the August 2001 intelligence report until AFTER the damage was done. I don’t question the jury in these “tv trials” because I didn’t hear all the evidence presented in the trial. Until proven otherwise, I won’t question the CIA and Obama’s decision to take-out a known Al Queda leader.

      • Cats, no, I wouldn’t feel differently.

        I considered writing a point-by-point, but we are obviuously going to disagree. Jack Bauer is just a fictional character….

        I find it disappointing that the Constitution *is* just a ‘goddamn piece of paper’ now.

          • Bills of attainder were used through the 18th century in England, and were applied to British colonies as well. One of the motivations for the American Revolution was anger at the injustice of attainder—though the Americans themselves used bills of attainder to confiscate the property of British loyalists (called Tories) during the revolution. American dissatisfaction with attainder laws motivated their prohibition in the Constitution (see the case of Parker Wickham).

  16. I think Emily Dickinson wrote about drones some 150 years ago:

    My Life had stood — a Loaded Gun —
    In Corners — till a Day
    The Owner passed — identified —
    And carried Me away —

    And now We roam in Sovereign Woods —
    And now We hunt the Doe —
    And every time I speak for Him —
    The Mountains straight reply —

    And do I smile, such cordial light
    Upon the Valley glow —
    It is as a Vesuvian face
    Had let its pleasure through —

    And when at Night — Our good Day done —
    I guard My Master’s Head —
    ‘Tis better than the Eider-Duck’s
    Deep Pillow — to have shared —

    To foe of His — I’m deadly foe —
    None stir the second time —
    On whom I lay a Yellow Eye —
    Or an emphatic Thumb —

    Though I than He — may longer live
    He longer must — than I —
    For I have but the power to kill,
    Without — the power to die —

  17. “While Hank Williams, Jr. is not an ESPN employee, we recognize that he is closely linked to our company through the open to Monday Night Football. We are extremely disappointed with his comments, and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight’s telecast.”

  18. Wow! For the fun of it I went over to the conspiracy part of the intertubes and visited wacko Alex Jones infowars web site. For those of you who’ve never heard of this guy, he is someone who can make out of a conspiracy out of a conspiracy out of a conspiracy…although once in awhile he is right about corporations (excluding the Koch brothers)….But he is posting articles claiming that the Wall Street protest has been hijacked by Wall Street, Soros, Obama, socialists, communists, etc, etc…One article actually had the following headline: Don’t blame Wall Street.

    Yep…the overlords are getting nervous about the protest so they are directing their foot soldiers, those who own blogs and claim to be patriots, to discredit the Wall Street protests, Jones is just a bought and paid for fear merchant and also a Tea Party supporter who seems to support the corporate fascists and Wall Street…I just wonder if his faithful followers will ever figure it out as they are a dumb bunch over there.

    • Apparently, some creep on SaudiFAUX “News” thought he was being funny when he said “that all one could smell at the NYC protest was pot, B.O., and urine”. The very same people who helped create and sought to deify the teabaggers, who marched because they are afraid of the black guy in the White House, are now expressing utter contempt for those who dare to protest about a very real issue.

      • BTW. I’ve only visited NYC twice but BO and urine were familiar smells. If any of the Occupy Wall Street protestors dared to fire up a joint or a bowl the cops would probably beat him/her to death on the spot.

      • They have become so bloody obvious. They actively support preferred groups and come prepared with a legion of cameras and a polished, if distasteful, narrative. When something they don’t support comes up they only cover it days late and seem utterly unprepared.

  19. I just heard the weakest excuse I think I’ve ever heard. A local radio host was discussing the “ni99erhead” controversy that seems poised to land on pRick Prayerry’s head and some idiot tried this defense.

    “This is a really remote area and it’s not trivial to paint over something out in the wild”.

    Now, obviously, this guy is not terribly evolved but I would have enjoyed hearing the host counter with “would it be harder to haul a can of paint out to the wild than it was for the asshole who painted the damn rock in the first place”?

    • I grew up in Texas. In fact, dragging paint cans out to remote places is kind of a routine thing to do in some places. Of course, THIS PLACE was a little more remote back when I lived there, it’s still out in the boonies and people drag paint cans out there ALL the time.

      • Paint is one of the first imports to any area where people want to make things out of wood. I suppose that the “cabin” could be made of stone but, unless the Prayerry’s had someone rebuild the wood parts every couple years, there’s probably a shed full of half-full paint cans on the property.

    • Ahhhhh! The General Store.

      When I lived in rural southern Minnesota we had a general store that had a sign that boasted; “If we don’t got it? You don’t need it”.

      The proprietor weighed about 400 pounds and hand selected his stock based on how much he liked a particular food. The best meats from area butchers, the best cheeses from area dairies, produce was all fresh and in season. He kept a few cans on the shelf during the winter but that was about it.

      True, one paid a few pennies more for the convenience of not driving 10 miles to the nearest supermarket but it was well worth it. He actually preferred running a tab and collecting once a month and, if one timed one’s visits close to a meal time? There was always a sample of cheese, salami, or fresh fruit to enjoy while catching up on the local gossip.

      • In 1969 we had a similar general store in Half Moon Bay, 30 miles south of San Francisco. Last evening I carmelized onions in a cast iron skillet I purchased from there. Actually I didn’t purchase it, I bartered for it with some organic veges I was growing on a small truck farm.

          • It’s been a slog filled with wonderful memories, and ventures that were less than satisfying. Overwhelmingly, my time in the Bay Area dictated who I am more than anywhere else. Portland is my honing place.

            • We lived on the Peninsula for 30 years – ventured over the hill several hundred times. The coast was always calling and invigorating. Driving Hwy. 1 — few things more beautiful.

            • John Steinbeck wrote ” the smart listless language of the roadsides.” My time along the California coast affirms his observation.

  20. ‘Norma Rae’ Dead at 68 After Struggle With Her Insurance Company to Get Chemo

    It’s the death of an American icon, a working-class woman who stood up for her rights and unionized her workplace. And wouldn’t you know it? She fought the mills, but she couldn’t make her insurance company do the decent thing until it was too late:

  21. Sometimes these fucking freaks really, really, piss me off.

    Most of you know about the community BBQ i helped create for the sake of the poor children in my complex. Despite some setbacks due to the property management we have figured out how to keep the event going next year and we have a network, we created on our own, that can help struggling parents feed their kids. Some of us on fixed incomes have even applied for food support so we have a couple extra bucks at the end of the month so we can help hungry neighbors.

    Last year, while my friend Chuck was in and out of the VA hospital, I encountered another form of poverty. U.S. Veterans have been reduced to begging in the parking lot of said VA hospital. They might be trying to support their drug habits but that’s not at the top of my mind when a guy with missing limbs asks if I can spare some change. In fact, I invited a few of them in to the cafeteria for lunch and, since I was never turned down on that offer, I’m left to conclude that they really needed a hot meal more than a bottle or a fix. Even a confirmed atheist like me can’t help but be moved by a tearful “God bless you”.

    I’ve been poor. I’ve been hungry. I had to lose everything but my friends before I was old and sick enough to start collecting from Social Security and Medicare. I have a very strong understanding of poverty and a pretty good BS detector.

    Then we have the Reichwhiners. These freaks have no understanding of the human condition but that doesn’t forgive their contempt for those who, for whatever reason, have been excluded from the “American dream”. This perfumed shitbag from SaudiFAUX “News”, like the overwhelming majority of his coworkers, is lower than scum.


    • Do you have a way for me to contribute, in small way, to your efforts in your community? I know you weren’t asking, but I want to.

      • I really appreciate that but we’re very much “under the radar” and don’t have a pay-pal account or anything like that. This may change when we start up again next spring because the property managers are making some noise about permits and liability. They seem to be afraid that they might face liability if someone gets sick and/or burns their eyebrows off.

        If/when we become more official we might solicit outside donations but, for now, I think that you would best honor our efforts by donating to your local food-shelf or other charity of your choice.

        • Thank you for your reply, but my small offer stills stands. I can respond directly to you, and you decide how best to redirect. Let me know when it is appropriate.

    • petelng, it is most disheartening and distressing listening to that soulless, heartless ‘human being’.
      I do not understand his attitude. How can anyone be so callous?

  22. Exploration (not exploitation) of space and sea is utterly fascinating.

    In Chile desert, huge telescope begins galaxy probe

    A powerful telescope affording a view of the universe unmatched by most ground-based observatories gazed onto distant galaxies for the first time Monday from deep in Chile’s Atacama desert.

  23. Why is dickhead Chris Matthews browbeating every liberal guest over whether Obama should stay centrist or campaign as a liberal? First he did it to Bernie Sanders and Ed Rendell, and then he did the exact same thing to Joan Walsh and Clarence Page. The answer is obvious. Clinton could campaign as a centrist and cut welfare because the economy was booming and very few people were hurting. Obama has an economy that is contracting, except for Wall Street, and needs to help people who used to have jobs until the countryless corporations took them away. Clarence Page keeps trying to answer him, and he keeps restating the question over and over, interrupting every time Clarence tries to talk.

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