Music Night, October 7, 2011

More from Down Under. One of my favorite silly rock and roll movies is Garage Days, the title song of which introduced me to Katie Noonan. Noonan tours a lot, apparently, but never seems to make it to the States. The woman has a gorgeous voice.

Side note: a lot of Noonan’s videos begin with someone talking at length, or interviewing Katie or just blathering. Maybe it’s an Aussie thing.


87 thoughts on “Music Night, October 7, 2011

  1. In singing of Vegemite, they plundered a kookaburra.

    Australian rockers Men at Work lost their final court bid on Friday to prove they did not steal the distinctive flute riff of their 1980s hit “Down Under” from another of the country’s most famous songs, the children’s campfire staple “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree.”

    • That one is ridiculous. Kookabura is as they say a children’s song, not sure of where it came from. So should George M Cohan have been railed at for his musical? What about mares eating oats? Or the fact that the music for the American anthem is actually stolen from an old English pub song? And, of course, no popular song ever had a series of notes that duplicated a previous classical tune?

      I thought the Aussies were more laid back than this.

      • The guy who wrote the original is dead, although he was alive for a number of years after the song was a huge hit. No lawsuit from him, but now a publishing company owns the rights and they want their money!

  2. This is for the OWS folks.

    Donald Fagans voice has become noticibly weaker as the years have passed.
    This is an early studio recording

  3. American music is such a schmosh. Jazz, blues, rock, folk, country, disco, rap, western, techno..everything except maybe classical. Our roots are in country and folk and that includes jazz and blues. From those the rest have evolved. Some say Rock is essentially American yet many of the great rock bands aren’t American.

    Music is man’s gift to himself. I don’t think anyone owns music.

    • Somehow the most incongruous part of that video is Walter Becker singing backup and looking like he’s actually working at it! 😀

    • It was during this period with the Hot Band that I saw them perform at a supper club in SF. My chair was flush against the stage and I could have reached out and caressed her leg, I was that close. Got some decent photos, too, one of which was on her website (and may be still).

      And I’ve probably told that story before, but tough noogies. It was memorable.

      • I ran across her in Madison a few years ago. I am sure she still remembers the guy who babbled incoherently while shaking her hand.

  4. If there is a grey haired lady in existence who can make men drop to their knees from both their looks and their angelic voices, please do me a favor and don’t tell me about them. I’m afraid I would have to just curl up and die.

  5. Hmmm. I can pinpoint the first two songs that were the anchors of my love life. The ones that I can’t hear without being drawn back to where I started. And I can name lots of songs that mark given points in my life. Odd thing is, they sort of fade out around 1990. Maybe 95. Can’t help but wonder what that means.

  6. Rick Griffin was a high school buddy. Rick becomes a well known artist doing psychedelic music posters for Chet Helms and the Family Dog at the Avalon in San Francisco. Re-meet Rick on Grant st. Invites me to party at the Avalon. What should I bring I ask. Well Janis will be there bring some southern comfort. I do, she’s there, and I hand her the bottle. She slugs, hands it back, I slug and the party commences until she goes on stage. That’s how I met Pearl.

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