The Watering Hole: October 7, 2011 — Whale bones & surf

Photo by Zooey

Good morning, all.  Sorry I haven’t been around much.  I’ve had company this week.  🙂

This is our daily open thread AND it’s Friday — What’s up in your world!?

175 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: October 7, 2011 — Whale bones & surf

  1. Normal high for Minnesota today is 62. The current temp is 65. The radio mentioned that the record high for this day was set in 2003, and before that it had been set in 1997. We’re also under a red-flag warning today (fire danger: dry conditions, warm temperatures, high wind).

    But global warming is a hoax.

    • If our yesterday’s weather heads your way, it should cool off pretty soon and give all those global warming deniers the platform from which to shout, “See, it’s cold, there ain’t no global warming!” The front range even has a light dusting of snow above the timeberline which, of course, negates the unusually extreme HEAT we endured in June, July, and August. It was 38 an hour ago, climbing fast to 42 already. Probably will hit 65 or more if we stay cloudless. The visible pockets of golden aspen on the mountainside have largely vanished today, though, thanks to the chill and yesterday’s Chinook winds. Interesting that the aspen change was about two weeks later than what’s typical. Global warming? Nah, ain’t no such thing!

  2. Happy Friday, Z and all!
    Today I start a new job at our company. I have been asked to help start up our Data Governance team within I.S. I am our first data steward…no one seems to know what that means, so my first task is to write up my job description…How cool is that?
    I am also moving to another building today, even though my new computer hasn’t been delivered. So I’ll be out of touch for a while, but thinking of y’all.

    And, BTW, Once again, Sarah half term quits again, this time before she even starts to run for the presidency.
    Lucking Fooser…

    • I saw a headline from a UK paper (Guardian?) that read: S**** P**** drops out of presidential race.

      Yeah, so did I. I’ve dropped out of a number of marathons, too, sitting on the couch channel-surfing past the television coverage.

      • Palin poh-lice issues another citation – this time its for RUC, Gummitch gets off with a caution…

        *whistle blowing*

  3. I’ve been busy with company as well and now I’d better get ready for market tomorrow, so I’ve just stopped by to wish y’all well.

  4. Bachmann Introduces Bill To Require Ultrasounds For Women Seeking Abortions

    I’m sorry you had a miscarriage, Batshit. Get over it, and get your ignorant-assed big government out of my uterus.

    Eric Cantor: ‘Increasingly Concerned’ About Occupy Wall Street ‘Mobs’

    Eric Cantor (Teabagger-9th Level of Hell), pitting American against American since Barack Obama won the nomination for Prez. Ohhh, that still hurts, don’t it little Eric?

    House Republicans Want Obama’s Emails

    In the words of Dick “Dick” Cheney: Go fuck yourselves.

    Blackwater Video Game Trailer: You Too Can Shoot People From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

    Creating and encouraging murderers since Bush/Cheney invaded a country that never threatened us and had no ability to attack us.

    Fuck you. Fuck all of you fucking un-American losers.

        • Jon Stewart had a great segment on the Faux coverage. I hear the echoes everywhere: the protesters are scofflaw, dirty hippie, welfare malingerers, who are jealous of successful people. Since it’s not safe for the Establishment to challenge the protesters on the facts, those facts don’t even get mentioned and it’s all about park permits and “illegal” marches across a bridge.

          I wonder how many of the Civil Rights marches in the deep south had permits.

          • How many pepper spray assaults, how many mass arrests, were there during the tea party “movement” back in ’09? There were lots of misspelled signs, lots of racist signs, even dudes carrying AK-47s at rallies, but I don’t remember any pepper spray or any official police harassment of any kind.

            BTW, anyone that doesn’t think Cain is as “able” an idiot as is out there, watch Lawrence O’Donnell’s last night interview with him.

    • I think we ought to implement CAT scans to verify if there is a brain before allowing somone to run for GOP nomination

  5. general says we’re only ‘half way there’ on tenth anniversary of invasion of Afghanistan

    Former U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal said, on the eve of today’s tenth anniversary of the invasion, that the forces had a ‘frighteningly simplistic’ understanding of the country back in 2001.

    And he said in remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations, reflecting on his period in charge of the coalition forces in 2009-10, that even after a decade they still lacked the knowledge required to bring the conflict to a successful end.

    • Well it did take 22 years to totally unravel the place from 1979 to 2001, why would anyone have thought it would be turned into Scottsdale in anything less than another 22?

      And the hubris of it all – there’s good-old American ‘can-do’ and there’s naiive, arrogant idiocy….

    • Also I think that McChrystal and his war mongering crowd haven’t quite perfected the spin that would make what it would take to ‘win’ in Afghanistan possible. They managed to get ‘enhanced interrogation’ to stick but it is a tad more difficult to do that with genocide. But they are working on it.

        • Things are getting pretty bad when our country’s three biggest profit centers are war (only for a small group), health insurance (for a different small group) and oil (for another small group that overlaps the first).

  6. TtT – relative of yours?

    Sea Turtle Found In Pacific Grove Rescued
    A chilly sea turtle beached itself in Pacific Grove on Wednesday and is now sitting in a hot tub at the Monterey Bay Aquarium until it can return to the ocean.

    • The bizarre thing is Aqua Buddha referring to the ‘Parisian mob’ as a bad thing. Guess he misses the correlation between how those mobs overthrew the aristocratic monarchy in favor of eventual democracy and what is happening today.

      • He doesn’t want democracy…. that’s his point…. he wants the plutocracy…. it’s very Randian,… Randy (?)… whatever…. you knnow the ‘I’ve-got-mine-fuck-you’ society

      • I suppose it’s possible he refers to different Paris mobs — probably not the events of 1968 but perhaps all the pissed-off, unemployed Muslims running loose a few years ago.

        Or he just likes the sounds of “paris mob” because it’s all French and shit.

  7. I see Stevie da King is claiming the Constitution was divinely inspired like the BuyBull. Well hell, if you have no proof for one you might as well double down. Maybe Shelly will smile and name him her VP choice.

      • All of my posts, including those on TP from 2004-2007, even the ones where I posed as Galileo, Einstein and especially Jesus H Christ were divinely inspired and therefore infallible….

        … amen.

      • Since man can’t do anything without God’s help, wouldn’t that make every written word divinely inspired? Except for the ebil stuff the Debil inspires which sort of begs the question, if the Debil can quote Scriptures, which are the WORD OF GOD and twist them to nasty purpose, just how holy are those words? One would think the Debil’s tongue would scorch and shrivel from even coming close to Scripture.

        • Well that’s the only way I can see Malachi 2:3 getting in … or perhaps God was having a bout of road rage and that was what he yelled out of his truck at the next stop light….?

          • Wasn’t familiar so looked it up (WTF)

            Malachi 2:2-3

            New International Version (NIV)

            Because of you I will rebuke your descendants[a]; I will smear on your faces the dung from your festival sacrifices, and you will be carried off with it.

  8. Is Steve King stupider than Batscat Bachmann? “Forgetting” the era of slavery is bad enough but he also reduces the Founding Fathers to mindless godbots. I’m pretty sure that they would strenuously disagree with a statement implying that they were mere chess pieces. If I were to change anything about this country I would take the 1st Amendment a bit further to include; “anyone who cites their personal religious beliefs as a foundation for public policy shall be considered ineligible for public office”.

  9. Lawrence O’Donnell did a masterful (no pun intended) job of twisting “Herb” Cain into knots. Of course, Cain can’t simply tell the truth and say that he was afraid of getting arrested, beaten, or killed and there’s nothing wrong with that. It took real courage for people to demonstrate for equal rights and Cain lacked that courage. I wouldn’t hold it against him given the very real risks. But? I really hate mealy mouthed liars who claim a level of courage that they lack.

  10. One of pRick’s big supporters is calling Mormonism a cult. I had to post this in response…According to Merriam Webster a cult is defined as.

    1: formal religious veneration : worship.
    2: a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents.

    which says that essentially all religions are cults. Seems silly for one cult to call another cult a cult as a bad thing unless the cult of the caller is not a cult because it is a true religious belief in which case it is still a cult but because one belongs to said cult it is no longer a cult but a true religious belief.

    And if that makes you nod in agreement then you might belong to a cult.

    • I just saw that. It WILL be a problem.

      I belonged to a church for a period of time years ago that was a Christian, bible teaching church with evangelicals, that I didn’t consider radical at the time. They also believed strongly – and taught – that Mormonism was a cult. They talked of groups of evangelicals going into Mormon conferences/meetings (undercover sort of) and trying to ‘save’ Mormons by teaching the err of their beliefs. They believed that strongly, that it was their duty to try and save them. I always thought it was weird and judgmental. It wasn’t the only thing they taught that made me uncomfortable.

      No, I don’t think for a second that evangelicals will vote for a Mormon for president. Though, people once believed Catholicism was a cult and said a Catholic could never be president..

      • The odd part about Mormonism as a cult is it actually would supply the Fundy Right with a direct link between Jeebus and America. What with macaroni angels and gold tablets in New York and old patriarchal ideas of multiple young wives, how can the Fundies not go for that?

      • Mormonism is a cult. So is fundamentalist evangelical “christianity.” And so is the Roman Catholic Church, come to that.

        It would be sweet indeed if the Republic Party had a schism created by nominating a Mormon for President.

        • Right now the Reeps have two cultists, a man who has already been run out of government on a rail, a good ole boy bigot, two fundy weirdos and a psychotic token. Not sure just which one will wear the Lipton Crown.

        • I would agree with you. We tried out a LOT of different churches when I was growing up. It’s a long list (Catholic, Mennonite, Nazarene, Baptist, Church of Christ, Mormon, Evangelical, Methodist, etc..). One on that list was the Mormon church. They did a real sell job on us. We sat through the introductory indoctrination film. Wild.. They believe a lot of strange things. One of the things I remember from the film was that they believed that President J.F. Kennedy was now a Mormon in heaven after praying and converting his soul (there is an actual name for what it is called – sealed’, or something like that).
          There is a lot of secrecy involved the higher up you go. Lots of very strange rituals. You can’t just walk into a Mormon ‘temple’ without a pass, and you don’t get one of those unless you’ve been there a while and been pretty indoctrinated. My son had a good friend who was Mormon when he was growing up. The males believe they hare given special powers, and they are gods in training.
          Like I said.. Weird.

          • Sounds a bit like the Church of Sc (I’ll not spell it out as they constantly patrol the interwebbing tubes to see whom they can sue that moment in time.
            They have odd ‘rituals’ and are very secretive. One must have gobs and oodles of money to ‘join’.
            The money to join a church is very strange to me – why would one have to pay to speak with ‘god’? Well I know this particular ‘church’ isn’t really a ‘god’ church.

            • You know, I have a lot of friends who belong to some of those groups. What they believe is their business. For the most part, they keep their practices private. They are good people. It is deeply personal and I respect that. Everyone in this country is free to believe (or not believe) whatever they want. I have no problem with that. When I have a problem with it is when it comes to legislating what others believe or how they live their lives. What you believe can’t be the basis for the decisions you make as a leader of a country of hundreds of millions of people in all colors, cultures, and faiths. Obviously what you believe color who you are to an extent, but it should not be the basis for every decision you make and forced on the rest of the nation regardless of how everyone else in this country feels. There is no place for that, and the Constitution basically spells that out.

            • Ebb, one doesn’t pay to speak with God. One pays so God can have comfy surroundings for the people who will help you speak with God. God’s chosen are really wussies who have to have earthly comfort and fancy digs so they can better hear how God wants them to minister to the poor, sick and disenfranchised.

              I mean, everyone knows how Jesus collected mega bucks so he could build cathedrals and mega churches, this is the way and the word of Christ.

            • I would guess that even Jesus of Nazareth wouldn’t be so welcome in many of these churches these days. He’s a foreigner, his skin is the wrong color, they would have feared he was a Muslim with him coming from the Middle East and all.., he likely wouldn’t speak any English, he had no money, he believed in caring for the sick and the poor (for free, too close to Obamacare), feeding the poor (isn’t that welfare?), he felt you should give up all you had to follow him, he believed in turning the other cheek and forgiving your enemies, etc.. etc.. etc.. (Why do photos of Jesus always look so Caucasian..?)
              Here’s what Bill Maher had to say about it (1:54):

              And they sure wouldn’t vote for him for president. (Where’s the birth certificate..?)

  11. It looks like the Koch-fiends have their marching orders re; the Occupy Minnesota protest. I’ll be stopping by tomorrow and will be sure to honestly report if the protestors smell bad or all seem to be drooling, pot smoking, morons (Considering the police presence; is it really possible that they are all smoking pot?).

    In the meantime, I think I’ll try taking a few jabs at the trolls if the Star Tribune even posts my remarks. I seem to get through about half the time. They still won’t let me make comments where I call Crazy Shelly “Crazy” or use the word “Bible” but I’ll try to find clever ways to express my contempt for the freaks who are busily changing screen names to flood the comments.

    WARNING: Troll comments may cause brain damage.

    • Give them what for, pete.

      The interesting thing about the OWS movement is this isn’t an election year. Unlike the manufactured Tea Party movement in the run up to the last election, bought and paid for to influence the election, this is a true grass roots movement. No political party or group is supplying backing or funding. And it is scaring the living crap out of the media and the Republicans and the Establishment in general.

      Last February and the Wi protests set the stage. OWS is bringing the anger of the average American into the public arena and the media is fighting to denigrate it. I imagine things will quite down a tad as winter sets in but I don’t see it going away. And I see next spring being something pretty awesome. Especially if Wi leads the way with getting rid of the Wanker Canker.

      • I read it was being financed and supported by the Nazi-communist-Islamofascist-Marxist-socialists under the command of their Nazi-communist-Islamofascist-Marxist-socialist leader named Obama.

          • Pete, I looked at the pix on the strib site you posted above. Mpls. has changed since I was a kid. Is the Foshay Tower still there? In the fifties it was the tallest building in the state, visible from Burnsville on US 65(?) now I-35w inbound.

            • The Foshay Tower, I can’t recall it’s new name, is still here but it’s surrounded by taller buildings now. I don’t even think it makes the top ten for tallest building. Now, when one drives up from the South, Minneapolis looks a bit like the opening shot from “Dallas” with fields in the foreground and buildings rising above the distant horizon. Actually, if one appreciates such things, we have some pretty cool skyscrapers. I prefer mountains or forests but that’s just a matter of taste.

        • I heard that too but I am beginning to think that the Right’s conglomeration of every evil word into one aspect is slowly going to back fire on them. Granted there will be some true believers but I think many Americans with an IQ over room temperature are beginning to ask if Islamofascist-Marxist-commie-socialist isn’t just a wee bit impossible.

          • I’m not so sure, hooda. When the teabaggers first burst on the scene I thought “they can’t be that stupid”. Now? I think we can’t overstate their stupidity. They are brutally stupid and intellectually dishonest so they are easily manipulated by the unscrupulous. The only good part is that, though it’s hard to keep in mind at times, they are still less than a quarter of the electorate.

  12. Oh it’s on now. The pastor, Robert Jeffress, who introduced Rick Perry at the Values Voters Summit, has just opened a can of evangelical whup-ass on Mitt Romney. Here’s the money quote:

    “Jeffress described Romney’s Mormon faith as a “cult,” and said evangelicals had only one real option in the 2012 primaries. Continue Reading “That is a mainstream view, that Mormonism is a cult,” Jeffress told reporters here. “Every true, born again follower of Christ ought to embrace a Christian over a non-Christian.” Asked by POLITICO if he believed Romney is a Christian, Jeffress answered: “No.” ”

    And I just heard Tony Perkins on CNN refuse to deny that Mormonism is a cult. If you wonder why Romney can’t quite seal the deal, Pastor Jeffress has part of the answer. If you turn a political party into a church, as the GOP essentially now is, religious extremism will eventually emerge in all its ugly, bigoted, negative manifestations. Perry is showing he can play a card from the bottom of the deck when he’s up against it. Which is not a good sign for next year.

    • Good evening, dbadass.

      I’ve been enjoying summer weather during fall and eagerly awaiting the late migration of waterfowl. Not so long ago the leaves would have mostly dropped and the teal would be gone by this time of year but they are still here in all their glory. I also have a heavily pregnant “Scooter Blenny” in my tank that should spawn any minute now. I have all my trays and tubes and pumps and stuff set up so that I can make an attempt at saving the eggs. The last batch made it two weeks, at which time I could detect some movement in the embryos, before they grew fungus.

    • Actually, I think farmers are confused. Their subsidies came from the left, not the right. Their belief systems came from the right, not the left. Now they are faced with the idea that the right wants to abandon their subsidies.

      • Many of my favorite people are farmers. That being said, they tend to be unsophisticated. They aren’t stupid or evil; they just don’t have a lot of the experiences that would make them comfortable with the modern world. Some of them are proud, lifelong, Democrats but they are deeply troubled that there’s a black guy in the White House. I wouldn’t even go so far as to call them racists but, in the rural Midwest, they are not likely to have ever met a black person and the only Latinos they might have met just pass through without much social interaction. They are also likely to get their political views from church and campaign commercials. They are the people who end up electing people like Crazy Shelly and Steve King but, since they don’t seek out news, they don’t even realize what they’ve done.

        • I hear that, pete. Salt of the earth types who really don’t care about politics who want to run their farms believing that what they do is for the benefit of America. And the politicians are more than happy to use their innocence to manufacture a political reality none of them would agree with.

      • Sucks to be a bigot on so many levels. I just love the idea that white bread America thinks it can make this country function on their purity and God’s love.

      • One week ago you made that very statement – that come Monday they’d be kicking themselves in the as* –
        of course that’s not an exact quote – you don’t swear!

  13. Has anyone else noticed CNN has a new talking Barbie doll? She has her own show. Erin Burnett. She is just awful. The only thing going for her is her looks. (Probably the point..)

  14. Cenk has a little fun with the “debate” between Richard Dawkins and Bill0. I have a thought. When Bill0 makes his absurd claim that “religion is a constraint”; why don’t his guests hit back with “the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland butchered each other for 400 years because their preachers told them to”? Or, “didn’t the IRA invent car bombs”? I suppose that mics would be cut and edits would be made but I would love to see the look on his face.

  15. To the many that ask about what the Occupy Wall Street protesters are against? Did y’all ever think to read the signs they are carrying? Or is that too obvious?

      • I noticed in the local coverage of “Occupy Minnesota” that there is legal aid on scene. Even a relatively dumb cop would hesitate to go over the edge when there’s a group of civil lawyers with cameras in the crowd.

        • Kinda interesting. Last year with the ‘grass roots’ Tea Party movement the media knew exactly what was going to happen when. It was all planned and maneuvered. All of it was aimed at undermining the election.

          This OWS movement is outside their game. It is a year away from the election and it is coming from the heart of America. They are slipping and sliding, trying to make it look like something that is paid for but the fact is, it is coming from the very place they claimed last year and it has nothing to do with elections. They are scrambling and crapping and whining because they didn’t buy it and they can’t control it.

          • Exactly! I hate to play the Marie Antoinette card but the “librul media” is so divorced from the common clay of this country that they can’t comprehend the issues. I abhor violence and still hope that it won’t, ultimately, be necessary but they would go to the gallows without ever understanding why.

            They also have their legion of pet freaks all riled up. Earlier tonight I tried to post this comment: “I see that the Koch-fiends have received their marching orders” at the local paper and it didn’t make it past the censors. This comment, however, was recently put up.

            Unwashed, lazy, spoiled, dependent brats. Here’s a tip from someone who grew up in the Glendale projects of SE Mpls. My father left when I was 5. My Mother Died when I was 15. I was on my own at 17. I worked, I married, I brought up children (who are successful today). I didn’t cry about it. I didn’t blame anyone else. I lived the American Dream. It is called Freedom and Opportunity. So, go home, take a bath, pull up your pants, go see the wizard for a brain, a heart and some courage. You’ll find that it “ain’t” so bad out there IF YOU WORK!

            What’s more? I would bet a sawbuck that this creep would claim that he never watches FAUX “News” or listens to Lushbo despite the fact that he quotes them word for word.

            • I would bet it isn’t a creep, pete. It is someone who thinks that after 230 some years that everyone has to go through the same process. And has no idea that the process is one that the privileged never see or deal with. And that the process is enforced so that a few people are lucky enough to make it through. It is the competition thing, if you are tough enough you can make it.

              And none of them see that after 230+ years America should be beyond the idea that only the tough survive and make it. That the American Dream is not just for the tough, it is for all.

            • hooda,

              I’ve run across this creep before under about a dozen different names. He always quotes FAUX and/or Lushbo and always claims that he doesn’t even pay attention to them. Then he throws in bits of his personal “success story”. He’s also very careful to throw in a few local landmarks to “prove” that he’s a local but I just have a gut feeling that he’s not from around here.

      • I mean, on the one hand it’s nice that it’s been so warm out. But this just isn’t normal.

        As I was flipping on the TV to catch some news, I was then also shocked to find thunderstorm warnings for parts of the state.


        But you’re right. It’s no global warming. It’s clearly a plot by that guy in the White House.

        • If we hit 80 tomorrow it will be the 6th consecutive day that we hit 80. Looking over the old records I find that we have never had more than 2 consecutive 80 degree days in October and that’s only happened 3 times. I’m actually kinda glad that the local trolls are busy whining about the protests instead of whining that “a few warm days doesn’t mean anything” and “we’ve always had warm days in October”. Both are true, so far as they go, but…

          This particular heatwave is unprecedented. Then we have the dry conditions, the fact that birds have not started their migrations yet, those leaves that change based on temp are still green, ground flowers are blooming, and I heard from a friend of mine who is going water skiing on the Mississippi tomorrow instead of duck hunting! There’s also some concern that the warm water temps will delay the formation of eggs for the Mississippi’s Walleyes and, if so, won’t be ready to spawn when the water heats up again next spring.

          Nope. No evidence of climate change here unless we also add in all the unprecedented weather throughout the country and the world all summer long. Record droughts, record floods, record heatwaves, record tornadoes. Gee! It sure would have been nice if some scientist had been able to predict this. Oh wait. A huge majority of climate scientists have been predicting this year for more than 30 years. Why didn’t anyone tell us?

  16. It’s being reported, on local news, Jobs has been laid to rest in a private ceremony. No public service/memorial is planned.

    This from a blogger:

    There was also a planned protest led by the controversial Westboro Baptist Church. The protest was announced on Twitter by someone who was ironically using an iPhone. However, due to the private nature of the service, the church’s protesters have no idea where to meet.

    You win again Steve. Rest in peace.

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