Republicans try to suppress the minority vote

From the Rachel Maddow Show:

Again from the Rachel Maddow Show:

This second video is powerful and should have every single American screaming in outrage.

This last video from last night’s show isn’t up on YouTube yet, so you will have to watch it here. It is the interview with 94 year old Dorothy Cooper of Georgia, who later moved to Tennessee, and who has voted in almost every election since the 1930’s. The only election she missed was once in the 1960’s, and she is now being prevented from voting. Why? She doesn’t have a photo ID because she has never driven a car. She has a lifetime of documents, but not good enough. Don’t miss this interview.

Here’s the link to the story of Dorothy Cooper.


2 thoughts on “Republicans try to suppress the minority vote

  1. What can be done? The repubs are evil to the core – one step ahead with suppression – how do we push back to ensure all qualified voters have easy access to the ballot box?
    There must be Fed laws that would supersede these dastardly deeds of robbing the vote.

  2. For all the holding up and waving around of the Constitution that the Republicans constantly do, for all the declaring that we are all free and equal, they are full of crap. They are meaning all who are just like them.

    The underhandedness and total hypocrisy here is absolutely astounding.
    I said it before. You can’t have it both ways. It is either “We The People” or it is not. Every American citizen is entitled to their vote and their voice being heard, or we no longer have a functioning democracy. Can’t have it both ways. I can accept the results of either side winning in a full and fair (and open and verifiable) elections. I cannot stomach this monumental manipulating and rigging of the results that has been taking place that only benefits one side. I thought that was criminal, and yet nobody is paying for it..

    And who gave the Republicans the right to define just WHO is a “qualified” voter.. Are they disenfranchising any Republican voters?

    The part in that 2nd video concerning not sending ballots to the service men and women overseas so that they could vote really fried me.

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