The Watering Hole: October 11, 2011 — Stormy weather

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  1. You need to get a line in that water.
    There’s some good fishing right at your door.

    • The Amish are a mixed group. There are many Amish in my neighborhood that drive cars, black cars with the chrome bumpers painted black. Then there are the horse and buggies. I always feel sorry for the horses because it is usually one small horse pulling the buggy up hills. It’s especially brutal in the heat of the summer. The Amish need to have bigger horses pulling their buggies. Every once in a while, I will see a buggy with two horses. Some Amish are organic farmers whereas others spread sludge and dead animals parts over their fields.

      • The Amish can very cruel to their animals, all in the name of the lord.
        Something in the big book of fiction about animals serving man and all of that crap.
        Personally, I think they are a messed up bunch and I can say this with some degree of authority.
        I love my electricity and the comforts of indoor sanitation.
        I became quite familiar with the use of an outhouse when visiting the grandparents.

        • I was born in a house with an outhouse….. called ‘the netty’…. the outhouse that is.

      • Back in the seventies I worked with a fellow from PA for a few months at a company in AZ whose corporate offices were in Plumsteadville, PA. The AZ office was loaded with and basically run by Mormons. After he’d been there for a couple of months, the fellow from PA stated his observation on the difference(s) between Amish and Mormons. “The Amish are honest,” he said.

        • Bingo!

          When I worked for the family practice law firm, it was my observation that Mormon men were HUGE assholes to their soon-to-be ex-wives and children over the divorce process.

          Right up there with them in the HUGE asshole department were the fundygelical men (and these guys usually had a severe internet porn addiction).

  2. My baby she wrote me *another* letter. She’s hot for me…. huh?

    Our campaign to give working families a voice in Washington is just starting, but we are already gaining strong support from across Massachusetts and our nation. Today, I’ve got some great news to share, and I wanted you to be the first to know:
    In the first few weeks of our campaign, we raised $3.15 million, and the overwhelming majority of those contributions — 96 percent — were $100 or less. More than 11,000 people here in Massachusetts contributed.
    These are pretty amazing numbers for our first official finance report, raised in a very short period of time, so you can understand why I want to say thanks a million — and more! — for this remarkable support. I couldn’t do it without you.
    With the big banks and special interests lining up against us, we know it’s going to take a strong, grassroots campaign to win. In fact, did you see the headline in Politico a few weeks ago? Wall Street Readies Assault on Elizabeth Warren. The article says that the big banks and their legions of lobbyists are plotting “a strategy to hit hard,” and they are “getting ready to pounce.” We know they’ll pay any price to try to stop us.
    That’s why your support is more important than ever. I need you to help us build the strongest grassroots campaign we can by encouraging your friends and family to join us, too:
    Forward this email and invite everyone you know to sign up at
    Share with your friends on Facebook, or post an update on Twitter.
    However you do it, add to the momentum.
    We are in this together. We are fighting back for the middle class families who are getting hammered here in Massachusetts and across the country. We are fighting for the future of America.
    Thank you for being a part of this.
    Elizabeth Warren

    PS, I’ll be in town next week, we must do dinner”

    • Some should as [him] why [he] works in such strange and often delirious ways. And add that the creator of the universe should, really, show [him]self to be smarter that [he] commonly shows [him]self to be.

    • Questions you’ll never hear asked of Herman ‘Uncle Tom’ Cain:

      “So why did God ask Rick Perry, Batshit Bachmann and you to run and yet tell Sarah Palin to cash out?”

      “Did God tell Mitt Romney to run or do you not know anything about that God, because its obviously not the same God as yours?”

    • Clearly these people can’t tell the difference between God and the Devil whispering in their ears. They always think it’s God givign the advice. If I remember my “The Omen” stories correctly, wasn’t the anti-Christ supposed to rise up from the Sea of Politics, or something to that effect? And isn’t it more than just a little vain to be thinkking that God would choose someone to be Commander in Chief of the most powerful military force on the planet? My understanding was that God (or maybe Jesus, or both) thought humility was a good thing.

      I immediately dismiss anyone who says that God told them to run for elected office. They’re lying.

    • And the obvious follow-up:

      “Did you want to catch the anthrax killer or were you more focussed on getting the Patriot Act passed with his help scaring the shit out of the country?”

      • The answer is (b): scare the the shit out of everyone so the P.A. can be enacted a.s.a.p.

        (theDick knows who was behind the anthrax attacks – it wasn’t the guy pegged and hounded by the government)

    • Last I heard, word on the street predicts 51 Dems vote yes and every Republican votes no, then when the bill goes to the floor comes the filibuster and it fails.

      Not sure the electorate has enough sense to ‘see’ what’s wrong in all of that.

    • I hear there’s free pizza at the OWS protest spin-off? The police will even provide the pepper free of charge. Try no to be a liberal thug and keep from head-butting their night sticks though eh?

    • I would suggest checking out the DC Metro system. I suspect there are ample opportunities to eat, drink and do whatever at different suburban stations.

      Disclaimer: I like riding subways and adventuring around station neighborhoods.

      • I do like the Metro, at least when it’s not rush hour and I’m not hauling luggage. My hotel is crawling distance from two stations. Do not have oodles of time on this trip for traveling to the burbs, however.

        • The Silver Spring station on the Red Line is just across the Maryland line at the northern “point” of DC’s boundary, not far from downtown. Checkout the area with Google Maps’ street view. Discovery Channel is headquartered there too.

    • I can’t possibly watch that video.

      I have an uncontrollable urge to punch that smug bastard in the mouth — and I like my now laptop too much to risk it.

      • Actually, he spends almost the entire interview making and then confirming that he’s nothing other than an intellectual lowlife, a mean-spirited bigot, one who is unable to conceive the existence of any life form on a higher plane than himself. “Asshole” is another word that perfectly describes him.

        • Okay, I tried to watch it!

          I got as far as the Asshole’s little chuckle when Tweety said he was a “secular person.” In that Asshole’s little world, the only thing worse than a “good moral person” is a “secular person.”

    • “Do you want …a good moral person, or a born-again evangelical Christian”……

      Oh the irony…

        • Other questions you’ll never hear asked of the whack jobs:

          “So as president will you listen to the voice of the people who elected you, or the little voice in your head you say told you to run?”

      • That creep is so thoroughly invested in his fucked up ideology that he can’t conceive that anyone would think his statement is ironic.

      • I caught that when I heard him say it. In essence, he is saying that a born-again evangelical Christian is not a good moral person. He clearly presented it as an either/or choice.

  3. Q: Suppose by some strange means Herman Cain becomes the Republican nominee and the 2012 electoral ticket thus guarantees that the next POTUS will be black. Is there any device available that accurately records the rate and number of exploding heads all across this grand and blessed land? Just curious.

    • You know that Bolton and Cheney are chomping at the bit – ‘see we told you so’. “Bomb. Bomb. Bomb Iran”.

      My fervent wish is the current administration (Hilary I’m looking at you) doesn’t go off all cock-eyed gung-ho for war.

    • If this is true (and who knows these days), you can be sure it’s something they NEVER would have tried under the previous administration. After all, Prince Bandar was practically considered family by the Bushes. They used to call him “Bandar Bush.”

      • I’m with you there, Wayne. I just heard they’ve had one suspect in custody since 28 September and the other is still on the rum.
        It’s been two weeks – why choose today to ‘big alert’ it?

      • Apparently my wife tells me I was wrong. She wants to watch the debate. Luckily we get Bloomberg TV on our cable. Perhaps “luckily” is the wrong word. I tried top warn her that I don;t think the Bloomberg folks are going to be objective journalists and that they’re going to assume that only full-bore unregulated Capitalism is going to get us out of this economic mess (which, they won’t tell us, is defined by them as the rich people not yet owning everything.)

    • The subject just seems to be ‘news-feed fodder’ – it’ll be curious to see if the M word is even mentioned.

      Anyone know who the ‘interviewers’/moderators are for the circus?

      • Charlie Rose is the moderator, and Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty and Bloomberg TV White House correspondent Julianna Goldman will also question the candidates.

    • My Sky Fairy has a bigger todger than your Sky Fairy….

      Time to microwave some popcorn….

  4. Oil disaster in New Zealand

    Rena oil spill: ship’s captain arrested.

    ..Hundreds of tonnes of oil leaked from the hull yesterday.

    Our reporter at the scene has described the beaches he’s seen this morning as “coated black”.

  5. Re: Police in Boston

    Whatever happens with this act, I wonder how it sits with Al Jazeera and the rest of the Middle East press

    • It is getting interesting. It seems Philadelphia has no real problem with the protesters but Des Moines, Seattle, Boston and NY are getting porky. As things increase, I wonder how the media is going to manage not covering things while the Internet gets swamped with news.

      • You can add Portland to the good guy list (surprise surprise!). It’s that kind of town. The Occupy group even moved out of their encampment for one day so they wouldn’t interfere with the Portland Marathon (which had a long-standing permit for the day) and then moved back when it was over.

        • Can’t imagine the tea baggers doing that. They’d most likely stand in the way, trip the runners, spit on them, and call them names, and then saying they had more of a right to be there than the runners.

          • Not all is well in Oregon.

            Breaking News: Court Stops Oregon Wolf Killing

            Though only 14 wolves remain in the state, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has ordered the killing of the alpha male and young male in the Imnaha pack. That’s half the pack. If they’re killed, the remaining female and her pup will be left to survive the winter on their own, with no pack to support them.

            With state agents already in the mountains, ready to kill the wolves, Center for Biological Diversity lawyers rushed to the Oregon Court of Appeals in Portland last week with an 11th-hour emergency request to stop the killing.

            We won! But it’s only a temporary reprieve. It will last just long enough for us to make our full case to end the killing. If we lose the wolves will be killed, and in all likelihood the female and her pup will die or disperse, forever destroying the pack.

            Crap like this makes me think it’s ok to ignore global warming, continue recklessly with burning of ever more fossil fuels, and eventually extinct the most worthless species to yet evolve on this planet in at least five billion years: Homo sapiens. People.

    • AIDS is a “gay disease”? Someone needs to tell all the straight people in Africa dying of AIDS they don’t really have it.

      Does this mean lesbians aren’t really gay? They don’t seem to have gotten the bulletin.

  6. I think I see the problem with these OWS protests. You see the Constitution says people have the right to peaceably assemble. It doesn’t say anything about being able to do anything else. Just sort of mill about quietly is obviously what the Founding Fathers had in mind so they didn’t disturb anyone.

    • They have to mill politely, though. Regular milling is unAmerican. Also they need to dress neatly in clothing that doesn’t offend Wall Street.

      • Of course the politeness rules only apply to liberals. Conservatives may be as obnoxious as they like. It’s their God-given right.

        • Conservatives are just exercising their First Amendment rights. Why do you want to censor them? Get right with Jesus, zxbe, and give up your dreams of a socialist state.

          • Good thing you’re not watching the “debate” tonight. You’d be cheering on Mr Uz-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan in the first hour!

            • Herman Cain will be on a roll tonight in the “debate.” I fully expect some massively ignorant statement to be uttered by him (worse than usual), that will start his slide back into bad pizza land.

      • Maybe they should go with the tea bags on their hats? Misspell a few signs? Sort of a chameleon look.

    • I’m still surprised that Geraldo didn’t show up on The Factor last night in a neck brace and a couple casts so that it would add weight to his claim that he was “viciously attacked” by the protesters. We all know the FAUX”News” worshipers would never question him.

  7. Hi, gang.

    I finished scanning and copying my weather records for Senator Franken but, during the process, I inadvertently saved all the data to my temp folder. So? Four hours of partitioning my hard drive, wiping files, reinstalling my operating system, and catching up on a year’s worth of software updates later; I finally have a computer again. I think I’ll start drinking early today.

    • Why is computer stuff always so complicated with you guys who understand how computers work?

      I must be doing something very wrong, cuz the only thing that ever takes much of my time is transferring pictures from my camera.

      • Well, in my case, it stems from using a scanner/copier that’s designed for Windows when I use a Linux operating system. I tried to be clever and tried to save the data instead of just copying my calendars so it was like saving a whole bunch of REALLY big pictures in too small a space on my hard drive. The fact that my computer is about six years old doesn’t help either. On the bright side, this experience has made me move up my planned date for a new computer.

    • Facts? Facts have no place in a GOP “debate”. For some reason I get the feeling that the interplay between pRick Prayerry and Mittens will be a bit like Hamilton vs. Burr. Alas, they’ll probably disappoint us.

    • I suspect Newter may be going into shove-me-to-the-back-of-the-plane, I’ll show them just what kind of a hissy fit I can throw mode tonight.

      And the most entertaining question of the night that won’t be asked would be…”So just which one of you did God really tell to run?”

      • Judging by his horrible speech at the Values Voters bullshit convention, he’s got absolutely nothing to lose by throwing that hissy fit.

      • Or; “if you lose will you admit that you don’t love Jesus enough to succeed”?

        Which leads me to the annoying habit of athletes to claim they win because they say their prayers and love Jesus. Just once I would love to hear one of them say, after a loss, “I guess we just don’t love Jesus enough.”

    • I can mock the repiggies without torturing myself by watching the “debate.”

      The focus of the “debate” is to be economics, so the only entertainment value would be watching them dance around anything concrete. I’m reasonably confident that there will not be any questions allowed that require a true understanding of the subject.

      Perry, incidentally, refuses to refudiate the bigoted man of the cloth. With his supporters consisting almost entirely of fundies, he can’t afford to alienate even one of them.

  8. Quote of the Day

    “The president of Uzbekistan is Islam Karimov. Maybe Cain doesn’t know. Fine. It’s a trivia question. But say, I dunno, something about American foreign policy in Central Asia. Try to demonstrate some command of the issues. But Cain is transparently running for talk radio host or something. If it wouldn’t make a good subject for a 10-minute drive time segment, he doesn’t want to talk about it.” — Matt Yglesias

  9. “This is not about giving anybody a win. It’s not about giving Democrats or Republicans a win. It’s about giving the American people who are hurting out there a win; about giving small businesses, entrepreneurs, and construction workers a win. It’s about giving the American people—all of us, together—a win.”
    ~President Obama speaking in Pittsburgh, PA today about the American Jobs Act

    • Dawkins is willing to walk right into their camp and say his piece.

      Bildo? He’s willing to spout off on his own show, and grace “The View” with his presence now and then.

      My respect for Dawkins just ticked up a notch or two.

      • I’m the first to admit that Dawkins can be a bit of a dick but refusing to let others hear his spiel, considering that to the best of my knowledge he’s never wished any harm on anyone, is pure cowardice. If the Word of God is so strong why would anyone be afraid of hearing a dissenting view?

        • I would guess lightning. Everyone knows God can’t hit the broadside of a barn from inside the barn.

  10. I read an article today that said the President is just campaigning with all this Jobs Bill stuff. Never mentioned that the election is over a year away. Nor that the Republicans and Baggers actually did campaign just a year ago on the same issue, promising to turn the country’s economy around if elected. And lots of stuff on the failure of the last stimulus which brought us back from the brink while the last 9 months of no jobs legislation has brought us right back to said brink. And it was an AP story.

    • I get more disgusted by the AP with each passing day. They aren’t anywhere near FAUX”News” but they try way to hard to convince people that they aren’t “librul”. The maddening bit is that they will never convince the Reichwhiners of that while they do a disservice to all their readers.

      • AP has been skewing Right for quite some time now. If hooda is referencing the piece I think he is, it was clearly not an article, it was an opinion column — but it didn’t say that. It was masquerading as straight news.

    • I think this has been the plan all along on behalf of the Republicans and their wall Street and banker friends, and their corporate friends. Sit on the money. Don’t hire. Obstruct EVERYTHING. Demonize the healthcare law. Force the economy to tank and make things worse for Americans. Then point the finger at Obama, call him an utter failure, and get a Republican into the White House. After they’ve broken the country, there is no where to go but up. They can take the credit for bringing the economy back and hold on to the WH for years to come. Especially if their corporate and banker friends were holding out until the next presidential election, and then start hiring and loaning again once a Republican is sitting in the WH again. Fat city for all of them.

      I commented this back in April:

      I watched The Ed Show last night on MSNBC. There was a clip called “Americans Feel Gas Price Blues” where about midway, Speaker John Boehner gave away the Republican game plan for this election, and how they plan to defeat the president in his re-election bid..
      1: “If the economy doesn’t get better, then I don’t think he’ll win.” (So, they’ll do all they can to wreck the economy – and they’re giving it their best shot. I’m sure Wall Street wants a Republican in charge, and they’ll do their part..)
      2. “If people don’t feel better about government run health care, I don’t think he’ll win.” (So, they’ll first demonize it, and then lie their asses off about it, and before people have a chance to understand and appreciate what it does for them and their families, they’ll turn the country against The Affordable Health Care Act, oh, I mean ‘ObamaCare’, and defund as much of it as we can so it won’t work. Then they’ll point their fingers at it and say “SEE!”).
      3. “If gas prices are at $5 to $6 dollars, he certainly isn’t going to win.” (So, this explains the big jump in gas prices and where prices are headed as the 2012 election cycle starts to heat up. Big oil wants a Republican in charge. Gas has already risen 53 cents a gallon in the last 3 months and it is rising daily. This is political.)

      They aren’t going to let President Obama do another thing before election. They don’t care about the effects to the average American or about the crisis they are all thrusting this country into. They just don’t care. They just want to win.

      • The good thing is, the repiggie fuckers are not doing this crap in a vacuum.

        A demonstrated by the OccupyEverywhere protests, the slumbering masses are waking up. Hopefully this has happened far enough in advance of the 2012 election to blow up in the wingnut’s faces.

  11. Better go with Pachy’s link for Bloomberg. The RTV link isn’t live. The debate preview is on right now on Bloomberg.

  12. From the local paper’s pre-debate coverage.

    brainerdguyOct 11, 115:43 pm

    Preview of tonight’s republican’t debateModerator: What is your plan to create jobs in America?republican’t: I’m against gay marriage!Moderator: But, what is your jobs plan?republican’t: I’m against abortion!Moderator: But, do you have a JOBS PLAN???republican’t: I’m against felons voting!Moderator: What is your plan to create jobs in America?republican’t: I’m against anyone who doesn’t wear a flag lapel pin!Moderator: But, what is your jobs plan?republican’t: I’m against wearing your flag lapel pin on the wrong side!Moderator: But, do you have a JOBS PLAN???republican’t: I’m against Soros, whomever he is! Moderator: But, what is your jobs plan?republican’t: I’m against socialism, whatever that is!Moderator: But, don’t you have a JOBS PLAN??? republican’t: I’m against the librul, lame-stream media

  13. I am getting so tired of Republican dorks telling America that the reason we are in serious debt is because of money spent on and benefiting US citizens. Portman smarmily saying, We can’t support the expenditures on America when we have to fund a military. How Soviet.

      • The Soviets learned that if you don’t have a viable domestic economy, you have no military. This is not rocket science. But it is totally beyond the Right.

  14. Any one have an alternate, to Bloomberg, live broadcast for the debate?
    The audio is way too low and I can’t adjust enough to listen.

  15. Are y’all sure we don’t need a separate thread? We’re pushing 200 comments already…

  16. Earlier today, Romney said, while criticizing Perry and Jeffress, ““I don’t believe that . . . divisiveness based on religion has a place in this country.”

    Where else in the civilized world is there more “divisiveness based on religion” than there is here in this “one nation under god”? Anyone?

  17. Just so y’all know, I have no intention of being serious at any point during this dog & pony show tonight. I’ll leave that to the professionals.


  18. Bloomberg has forty fact-checkers ready to go. Do you think that’s enough? 😀

  19. Dog & Pony show….??? Oh the Teapublicorps must be having another debate tonight?

    I wonder if any of them will mention or be asked about the Occupy Wall Street protest?

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