The Watering Hole: October 13, 2011 – The Seven Biggest Economic Lies

via Robert Reich:


The President’s Jobs Bill doesn’t have a chance in Congress — and the Occupiers on Wall Street and elsewhere can’t become a national movement for a more equitable society – unless more Americans know the truth about the economy.

Here’s a short (2 minute 30 second) effort to rebut the seven biggest whoppers now being told by those who want to take America backwards.

The major points:

  1. Tax cuts for the rich trickle down to everyone else.          Baloney. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both sliced taxes on the rich and what happened? Most Americans’ wages (measured by the real median wage) began flattening under Reagan and have dropped since George W. Bush. Trickle-down economics is a cruel joke.
  2. Higher taxes on the rich would hurt the economy and slow job growth. False. From the end of World War II until 1981, the richest Americans faced a top marginal tax rate of 70 percent or above. Under Dwight Eisenhower it was 91 percent. Even after all deductions and credits, the top taxes on the very rich were far higher than they’ve been since. Yet the economy grew faster during those years than it has since. (Don’t believe small businesses would be hurt by a higher marginal tax; fewer than 2 percent of small business owners are in the highest tax bracket.)
  3. Shrinking government generates more jobs.                         Wrong again. It means fewer government workers – everyone from teachers, fire fighters, police officers, and social workers at the state and local levels to safety inspectors and military personnel at the federal. And fewer government contractors, who would employ fewer private-sector workers. According to Moody’s economist Mark Zandi (a campaign advisor to John McCain), the $61 billion in spending cuts proposed by the House GOP will cost the economy 700,000 jobs this year and next.
  4. Cutting the budget deficit now is more important than boosting the economy. Untrue. With so many Americans out of work, budget cuts now will shrink the economy. They’ll increase unemployment and reduce tax revenues. That will worsen the ratio of the debt to the total economy. The first priority must be getting jobs and growth back by boosting the economy. Only then, when jobs and growth are returning vigorously, should we turn to cutting the deficit.
  5. Medicare and Medicaid are the major drivers of budget deficits. Wrong. Medicare and Medicaid spending is rising quickly, to be sure. But that’s because the nation’s health-care costs are rising so fast. One of the best ways of slowing these costs is to use Medicare and Medicaid’s bargaining power over drug companies and hospitals to reduce costs, and to move from a fee-for-service system to a fee-for-healthy outcomes system. And since Medicare has far lower administrative costs than private health insurers, we should make Medicare available to everyone.
  6. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.                                            Don’t believe it. Social Security is solvent for the next 26 years. It could be solvent for the next century if we raised the ceiling on income subject to the Social Security payroll tax. That ceiling is now $106,800.
  7. It’s unfair that lower-income Americans don’t pay income tax. Wrong. There’s nothing unfair about it. Lower-income Americans pay out a larger share of their paychecks in payroll taxes, sales taxes, user fees, and tolls than everyone else.

Demagogues through history have known that big lies, repeated often enough,  start being believed — unless they’re rebutted. These seven economic whoppers are just plain wrong. Make sure you know the truth – and spread it on.

This is our daily thread. Feel free to jump right in and share your thoughts!

207 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: October 13, 2011 – The Seven Biggest Economic Lies

  1. I respect Professor Reich a lot.
    He makes sense.
    When everyone else is looking to fix blame, he simply identifies the source of the problem.

  2. Ah, but the right will just dismiss Reich as a liberal, Communist, who – because he worked in the Clinton administration – probably also did it with Monica Lewinski but didn’t get caught. Naturally he hates America and just wants to destroy it.

  3. My addendum on Reich’s conclusions.

    1a. Tax cuts for the ‘Working Class’ result in more disposable income.
    Tracked over longer periods, lower taxes in the lower brackets allow employers to reduce raises, cut benefits and replace higher wage employees with cheaper hires, especially in tough economic conditions. They know how much take-home pay will be enough to keep a position filled. Better to raises taxes on everyone, such as letting the Bush tax cuts expire, and let the market for labor adjust upward once again. That’s where part of the loss of income in relation to productivity came from. The trick is getting this point across to the dullards who only see their taxes go up, and think they’re losing, so they vote Republican.
    This is a regular subject on Thom Hartmann, but I forget which economist he cites for this, Maybe Dr. Ravi Batra.

    4a. Short term stimulus ‘jump-starts’ an economy so it can then sustain itself and grow on its own.
    This tried-and-true axiom of Keynesian Economics may have been a useful method of ending a recession twenty years ago, but it fails almost as badly as Friedman Economics. We simply don’t produce enough domestically for this to work anymore. Plus we have to produce commonly used durable household goods, that become consumer priorities in the beginning stages of a recovery.

    If we want an economy to sustain three hundred million people, we have to invent a new economic theory, or else, return to an old one, perhaps a modified version of merchantilism. The key is creating a forced market for US labor, since our society will not be able to sustain itself long enough for every economy in the developing world to raise its wages high enough for US jobs to return on a free market basis. Lost decade? Think ‘Lost half a century’. By then our society will be educationally and technologically so far behind, we’ll never catch up.

    6a. Raising the cap on Social Security alone will greatly increase revenue.
    Many people think this is the solution to funding Social Security. The real way is to eliminate the types of income that are not subject to the deduction now. About the only income where Social Security deduction is required is W2 wages and salaries, and self employment income. If you get all your income from invested money, whether it is rent, dividends or capital gains, you don’t pay anything into Social Security. Warren Buffet disclosed on his tax return that he paid $15,300 in payroll taxes. That means he took a $100,000 salary, because the tax on that is 15.3 percent. Yet he earned $63 million IIRC. You could raise the cap to anywhere, and he still would pay the same. Anyone who doesn’t have an employer paying the matching half into Social Security and Medicare should be considered self-employed, for tax purposes. And they should pay on all income, up to the cap.

    • Good stuff, HoR… pity we’ll never see that kind of thought enter into the typical monkeyhouse shitfight that passes for critical thinking presented by today’s media.

  4. Eight killed in Salon shooting in Orange County. The suspect’s ex-wife worked at the Salon.

    While some of you may feel this is a horrible tragedy. It’s not. It’s a victory for the gun lobby, and we should all rejoice that this man was able to have a gun. And the real tragedy is that no one else in the salon was packing heat so we could have turned this into an even bigger blood bath.

    /snark off

    • Hey, guns don’t kill, people kill. From my cold dead hands blah, blah, blah. He could have done the same thing with a baseball bat if he was a professional ball player maybe.

    • If he threw a grenade in there, would the NRA say “Grenades don’t kill people, people do”? You can’t really use a grenade for “self-defense” unless you don’t care what destruction is wrought. If I suspect what I hear is a burglar downstairs, do I threatened to throw a grenade at him and blow up my living room in the process? If I’m mugged, do I take the grenade out of my pocket and pull the pin to scare off the mugger?

      The guy used a gun because it;s easier to kill with a gun than with one’s own bare hands. [And if he used a handgun, then he used a weapon which was invented for one and only one purpose – to kill people. When people shoot at targets, they often shoot at pictures of people.]

      We don’t want other countries to have nuclear missiles because they can kill us from far away without putting themselves in the way of direct harm. Guns should be viewed exactly the same way. A person who would kill with a gun is probably not likely to kill with any other weapon, because they might risk getting hurt themselves. THAT is why guns are too dangerous to allow just anyone (even with the restrictions we have now) to have one.

        • I would love to see that too.

          I’m afraid we’re stuck with it for a while, however. I don’t see any chance of it getting overturned in our lifetimes. 😦

      • Amen to both. But good luck — the billionaire and Wall Street financed free speech screamers which suddenly appear will make OWS and the Tea Potty look amateurish by comparison. Which they are, of course.

        I hate to believe it much less say it, but the America the founders dreamed of and tried to create has finally died, succumbed to greed, to lust for power. What remains is, in effect, a dictatorship which serves only the wealthy and the powerful. Money may not be a person, but in Amurka money is, to the ruling class, god.

  5. I was walking the dog this morning and I learned that I can tell a persons political affiliation by whether or not they pick up after their dog.

    • Lucky Charms are unfair to Irish people? I wish folks would start tossing the nasty things at the little weasel every time he shows his face in public.

    • It appears that the video is heavily edited. What did O’Keefe leave out that might have shed a different light on things? Will Breitbart or O’Keefe ever release the unedited video?

      And wouldn’t it be great if any part of where O’Keefe walked was federal property? Because then he would, again, be guilty of entering federal property under false pretenses. I can dream, can’t I?

    • Even this shows that none of the protesters solicited him he solicited them but he claims otherwise. And the people he spoke to clearly were spokesmen for any movement.

  6. Quote of the Day:

    “You have to understand — when you think that you’re the intellectual leader of the Free World, and you find yourself struggling to pass Michelle Bachman in a poll in Iowa, it is unsettling. I understand that the poor man isn’t getting his due.” — Barney Frank on New Gingrich, after Newt called for Frank’s imprisonment in the last GOP debate.

    • a “staff level oversight” that resulted in the passage being “inadvertently transferred without being rewritten.”

      Gosh, if Joe Biden does that it’s plagiarizing.

    • “It’s perfectly acceptable to believe that the crucified, human son of an ill-conceived deity resurrects after a three-day dirt-nap, physically flies up to heaven, and Voltrons up with his dad and some ghosty fella to make a Holy Trinitron. But if you believe that the same human son takes a little North American detour after magically coming back to life, and hangs out with some Jewish native Americans, before heading to dad’s gated community in the clouds…that strains credulity. “

      – Ian Murphy on C&L

      This is my quote of the day…

  7. I think that this one is a keeper.

    The conclusion:

    Come to think of it: If the White House can manage it, they ought to sponsor the next GOP debate themselves.

    • Rick Perry’s camp is seriously considering not participating in any more debates. Really.

      They know he’s not good in that environment so they may just concentrate on TV and web ads. I wonder if that means if he’s the GOP nominee he’ll send a 2-minute TV ad to debate Obama. If Perry gets elected he can send billboards and video ads to meetings with foreign leaders.

    • I detest “Obamacare” almost as much as the “Democrat” Party. I think Dems need to start referring to the Mideast mess as the Bush Wars, the economy tank as the Bush Recession, and the unfunded Medicare part D as Bushmedicare.

      • This morning I stopped at our local PO to mail a book. The lady (whom I know because she’s there every morning) weighed it and said, “That’ll be $3.23” for Media Mail.

        I said (jokingly), “Hey, that’s up from $3.19 last time. What’s up with the four cent increase?”

        “That’s because of Obamacare,” she said in all seriousness.

        I didn’t get much of a response when I asked if that extra four cents would mean I didn’t have to any longer pay for doctor visits.

        So, “Obamacare” in other words mandates, somehow, increased postage on Media rates. Hard to figure, but hey, it must be true, no?

    • I guess that explains the dull-eyed confusion by the candidates. They were unable to rasp the fact that someone in a “friendly” crowd would see any reason to complain about their complete lack of support for said gay soldier.

  8. Re: That “Ponzi Scheme” called Social Security. Warren Buffet made $63 million last year. He paid $15,000 in payroll taxes.

  9. Gilded rube of the day award.

    A Kentucky GOoPer is ready to “go Taliban” on the OWS protesters saying that the Taliban is fighting an occupation. He forgets to mention that the Taliban is fighting foreign aggression while the OWS protesters are exercising their Constitutional right of free assembly in their home country.

  10. “Herb” Cain talks about who he would choose for his cabinet. Have mercy!

    Cain was not shy about naming names, mentioning Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) as individuals who fit that bill.

    “I’ll give you a name, like representative Paul Ryan. I’m not saying he would be a VP pick. He might be. But that’s the type of person that I would want in my cabinet. He is the type of person.”

    “Senator Jim DeMint — people who are not afraid to challenge the system. People who are not afraid to put on the table what we should do and not just what we think we can get done.”

  11. NEWS FLASH: Bloomberg reportedly set to shut down OWS tomorrow morning at 7am according to Sorry no links provided, but I’m sure there will be more to come. This could get ugly.

    Anita Perry: “It’s been a rough month. We have been brutalized and beaten up and chewed up in the press to where I need this today,” she said. “We are being brutalized by our opponents, and our own party. So much of that is, I think they look at him, because of his faith. He is the only true conservative – well, there are some true conservatives. And they’re there for good reasons. And they may feel like God called them too. But I truly feel like we are here for that purpose.”

    • thanks for listening to that so i didn’t have, pete. did they preface the story with a statement of how much of Fox News is owned by Saudi Arabia?

      No? Well fancy that…

      • Actually, they prefaced it by saying that the Obama Administration has forgotten the work of previous administrations and “talked to our enemies” instead. If one really wants to examine the history of talking to “enemies” I would suggest they Google “Nixon China” and “Reagan Soviet Union”. Only then would they have a background to comment on “Bush Saudi Arabia” and “Obama Pakistan”.

        Of course, anyone who would suggest that it’s better to initiate a preemptive war then it is to talk to an “enemy”, that has no real capacity to harm us, is barking mad.

  13. I’d like everyone’s support for a project that is being tested right now. My head is on the line. Just think good thoughts about shopping cart servers for the next hour or so.

  14. Here’s a story that can be cited when some Reichwhiner claims that “Libruls” are trying to outlaw Christianity. It seems that the GOoPers of Alabama, who doubtless all claim to be good Christians, have effectively outlawed “Christian charity”. Under their new,draconian, immigration laws at least one Christian charity is turning away brown people who can’t prove their citizenship.

      • Well, I’ve never visited Alabama but I have always inferred that their interpretation of the parable of the Good Samaritan was never really meant to include people who might be “different”.

    • I hope the ACLU steps in and defends that Christian charity. If their religious beliefs tell them to help the poor regardless of race, creed, color or national origin, then the governmetn of Alabama cannot interfere with the free exercise of those religious beliefs. The First Amendment is quite clear about that.

      Besides, don’t all the right wingers who think government shouldn;t help the poor say that’s what churches and private charities are for?

      I’m saying all that and I’m an atheist who doesn’t believe Religion is all that necessary in the first place. But I do believe in allowing people their right to practice their religion if they want to.

      • I couldn’t agree more. However, it does sound like this charity is even going beyond the new laws. For instance, it sounds like their vetting process would deny aid to legal residents who are not citizens. They don’t seem to mention if a work or student visa would be enough to receive aid and, since it sounds like Hispanics are avoiding the charities, it might be a moot point. Still, I can’t quite imagine that Jesus actually had someone checking ID when he was passing out loaves, fishes, and wine. There’s nothing that I have seen in His teachings that would indicate ANYONE was excluded.

    • So it would be interesting to ask this “charity” to describe who would have been more likely to turn away people who couldn’t prove their citizenship: Jesus or the Romans?

  15. I bravely sat through 15 minutes of Victoria Jackson and I need to take a pill. Here’s the short version.

    Vikki get’s schooled by a Wall Street protester. Among the beliefs he deftly shot down: Obama is a Marxist, Obama is inciting a race war and a class war,Jesus was a capitalist, everybody wants to come to America because we are so great, the left wants to end capitalism, Obama supports the black panthers and a couple others that have been mercifully forgotten.

    I think those are the high points but the guy she interviewed didn’t respond to Vikki’s claim that Van Jones has been telling the protestors to engage in violence because he wasn’t aware of whatever tripe she was using to form that opinion. It really does sound like Glenn Beck crawled up Vikki’s butt and laid eggs in her brain.

      • When she was on SNL I always thought that she was playing a dumb blonde created by the writers. Now I realize that the writers fed her material that made her sound smarter. On another tack…

        Did you make it to the part where she proclaimed that “everyone isn’t created equal”? She really shows the true character of a teabagger with that one. They use the Declaration of Independence when it suits them but, deep in their hearts, they really think that they are the Chosen Few.

        • I went and watched in its entirety..

          She was schooled! The best part – when he said to her “that is such an inane question’.

          She is either drunk or on medication. –
          Definitely out of her element.

          (she certainly could have afforded College from the money made on SNL) She is full of the Glen Beck, you are correct on that, pete.

        • How does she justify the statement that “everyone isn’t created equal?”

          The only thing that makes me happy about Vikki is that her voice sounds just like my ex’s current wife’s voice. That’ really makes me smile. 😀

  16. Quote of the Day II:

    “I do not believe in the Divinity of Christ,” – US President William Howard Taft.

    From David Kopel, who notes:

    “Americans today tend to congratulate themselves for being more tolerant and open-minded than their ancestors of a century or two ago. Yet those earlier Americans elected the great Jefferson twice, and elected Taft once. … I find it disgusting that a Gallup Poll found 22% of Americans (18% of Republicans, 19% of Independents, and 27% of Democrats) say that they would not vote for a well-qualified candidate of their party who happened to be a Mormon. That’s actually an increase compared to 17% who gave the same answer in 1967.”

    • I think that most Believers are rather casual about it. They don’t really study their scriptures and don’t really internalize the full mythology. That being said, and considering that I have found every religious text I’ve read to be utterly ridiculous, I think that it requires a greater suspension of disbelief to accept the Book of Mormon than many other religious writings. Everything I’ve ever read about Joseph Smith indicates that he was an obvious and amateurish fraud.

      Then there’s the issue of provenance. The Bible has some corroboration from the Dead Sea Scrolls. We have copper and parchment that have survived where the alleged golden tablets disappeared. Any high school chemistry student can tell you that copper and parchment break down while gold is nigh indestructible. There’s also the fact that some of the places described in the Bible actually existed. The Book of Mormon? Not so much. There is no archaeological support for the places that Ol’ Joe made up.

      I understand that any American politician must profess a Belief even though I don’t like it. But, given the choice between a professed Belief in the Bible and a professed Belief in the Book of Mormon? I have to give the nod to the Christian Belief.

      • Both mittens and Huntsman have shown they can function pretty well in the secular world. Their religious beliefs appear to be more personal and not worn on their sleeve. Just look back at the same sort of crap that JFK faced as a Catholic.

        If we absolutely had to have a Repub prez, I’d rather have either of the Mormons over the demented fundies, the Rand disciple, the slimy one or the pizza guy.

        • I tend to agree. Neither Mittens nor Huntsman strike me as particularly fundamental in their Belief. It’s their failure to acknowledge the disastrous policies of the GOP that disqualifies them in my book. Newt’s an immoral freak. Bachmann, Prayerry, and Santorum are the ones whose religious Beliefs disqualify them. In those three, Faith becomes a mental illness.

      • I keep a copy of the Kumolipo, a Hawaiian Creation Chant, on my shelf. Even the translated language is beautiful, and far more “profound” than the bible even though the purpose was the usual one: to link (their) two gods to their cultural royalty.

        On Winged life, a major chant. A few lines:

        Hanua ka Unana ka makua
        Puka kana keiki he auku’u, lele
        O ka lele anei auna
        O kanaka’i a lalani
        O ho’onohonoho a pa’a ka pae
        Pa’a ka aina o Kanehunamoku
        Hanau manu ka ‘aina
        Hanau manu ke kai


        Born was the Unana bird, the parent
        Its offspring the Heron came out and flew
        Flew hither in flocks
        On the seashore in ranks
        Settled down and covered the beach
        Covered the land of Kane’s-hidden-island
        Land birds were born
        Sea birds were born

        Far more interesting than Genesis.

  17. To John McCain, even the environmental majesty of his own state is expendable. From the Center for Biodiversity:

    McCain Bill Would Open 1 Million Grand Canyon Acres to Uranium Mining – Take Action

    The world-famous Grand Canyon is under attack again — this time from politicians in Arizona. Republican lawmakers led by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) proposed legislation Wednesday to open 1 million acres of public lands around Grand Canyon to new uranium mining. The bill would overturn a temporary ban on new uranium mining — a ban the Center for Biological Diversity’s been fighting to extend — and block Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s recent proposal to keep the ban in place for the next 20 years.

    Despite widespread public support for the ban and more than 100,000 comments from Center supporters this summer, McCain and his friends in the mining industry want to allow the damaging plunder of the iconic Grand Canyon landscape for uranium. Sadly, the region still suffers the pollution legacy of past mining. The Havasupai, Hualapai, Kaibab-Paiute, Navajo and Hopi have all banned uranium mining on their lands, and for good reason: Groundwater below old mines north of the Canyon has measured dissolved uranium more than 1,000 times what’s allowable for drinking-water standards. We’re gearing up to fight McCain and his cronies to make sure the Grand Canyon’s future is focused on pristine landscapes, not polluted ones.

    Read more about our work to protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining and take action to tell your senators to oppose all provisions blocking a drilling ban.

    • Shayne, I would have thought I was too old to actually type this in a message to someone, but all I can think is OMG.

    • Interesting how the Bush family fortune came into being during that same period when W’s grandpa Prescott, a major player in Brown Brothers Harriman investment bank in New York, worked tirelessly to deliver hard cash to Germany, cash the enabled the funding of Hitler’s German rearmament efforts. Seems to me that portion of BBH was closed in 1942 via the Trading With the Enemy Act. Of course, no charges were ever filed.

  18. Batshit Bachmann is morphing into Quitter Palin — the hair is getting lighter, and she’s taken to wearing that horrible beige lipstick.

    When will we see the rectangular glasses and new boobs?

    • I don’t believe the Quitter seriously contemplated running for President; it was a handy way to get a lot of attention and to make lots of cash. Batscat seems to honestly believe she’d make a great President (or Autarch). IOW, she’s nucking futs.

    • Lumpy’s right, though. Mittens isn’t really a conservative. As far as I can tell, he’s not much of anything other than a narcissist. Of course, Lumpy isn’t a real conservative either. He’s a greedy, juvenile jerk.

  19. I just watched the link from somewhere above where Victoria Jackson went to Wall Street. I had no idea who she was; it appears I’d forgotten how blissful ignorance can sometimes be until she provided the most graphic demo I think I’ve ever seen.

    Jesus H. Christ. What was that, really?!

      • She said “Van Jones is a communist” almost as if it would be a problem if he was, even though he isn’t and it wouldn’t matter a whit if he was. What’s up with these nuts? Has thinking been banned on the Amurkan political right?

        • I also can’t seem to find a source for her belief that Mr. Jones has ever advocated violence.

          I’m no fan of the right-wing but even I wouldn’t say that Vikki is a fair representative of most of them. I really think she’s a literal moron, with an IQ around room temperature, and quite probably has a serious mental illness. There was an earlier clip of her and she was looking around the room looking like she was trying to figure out where the voices were comming from. It’s kinda sad.

  20. Current TV Launches ‘The War Room with Jennifer Granholm’ in Primetime!

    Launching January 2012, ’The War Room With Jennifer Granholm’ will cap off a nightly roster of thought-provoking content at 9:00 pm ET/PT, that will begin at 7:00 pm ET/PT with Cenk Uygur’s The Young Turks (launching November 2011) to be followed at 8:00 pm ET/PT by Countdown With Keith Olbermann.

    Terry can have Elizabeth Warren, this is my tv girlfriend!

  21. McCain: Sure, we’ll nullify debt deal law if Super Congress fails

    “If there is a failure on the part of the super committee, we will be amongst the first on the floor to nulify that provision. Congress is not bound by this. It’s something we passed, we can reverse it.”

    That means if the Super Congress fails because the Republicans refuse to consider tax increases, Republicans will nullify the whole debt ceiling deal in order to avoid the defense cuts in the automatic triggers.

  22. There was a caller to Thom Hartmann’s show today who read off a list of things that had been accomplished during the Nixon Administration and it occurred to me that Thom missed an opportunity to make a point.

    At least since the Johnson Administration, Democratic lawmakers have worked with Republican presidents for the common good while the Republicans have devoted themselves to thwarting Democratic presidents. I think it’s safe to say that this problem is now worse than ever but there’s a clear pattern that today’s Dems really need to point out at every opportunity. If they shout, loud and often, there’s even a chance that the “librul media” will air the charges.

  23. Brad Drake, State Rep from Florida (aka ‘Asshole’), has responded to ‘the blowback’ from wanting to reinstate the electric chair and add firing squads to the options for capital punishment.

    “As Humphrey Bogart said: ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.'”

  24. A NYT sub-headline tonight:

    At Oral Roberts University, Michele Bachmann was part of the first class in an educational experiment: a law school rooted in charismatic Christian belief.

    That explains a lot.

      • Well worth reading the whole article….

        “We hope to guide our students to a deeper understanding of their spiritual gifts and of their place in God’s kingdom,” the school’s dean, Charles Kothe, wrote in the first edition of its law review, The Journal of Christian Jurisprudence. The aim, he said, was to train the next generation of legal minds to “integrate their Christian faith into their chosen profession,” and to “restore law to its historic roots in the Bible.”

        ORU: “Petri dish of conservatism and Judeo-Christian thought.”

        • Oh wow… “{Oral Roberts University started as} The O. W. Coburn School of Law, financed largely by an Oklahoma businessman by that name (the father of Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma.)”

        • On the campaign trail, she bills herself as a “constitutional conservative,” and holds that judges must limit themselves to the text and original understanding of the Constitution, rather than regard it as a living document whose meaning can evolve.

          Then she better get herself back home, so she can take care of her damned woman’s work. Who the hell does she think she is? A full person with rights?

          • Then there’s this nugget: Michele met her husband-to-be Marcus while working on the election campaign for…….wait for it……..Jimmy Carter.

    • Michele: “Your honor may I approach the bench?
      Judge: Yes what is it councilor?
      Michele: May I lay my hands on the defendent to judge his truthfulness, and deliver him from Satan?
      Judge: Yes, but keep it above the waist as I’ve warned you before.

  25. To Kill a Mockingbird
    Atticus Finch:

    There’s a lot of ugly things in this world, son. I wish I could keep ’em all away from you. That’s never possible.

  26. I’m late back to the party so I’ll post my comments on Crazy Shelly’s education here.

    I went to school with a gal who was dumb as a post but had a photographic memory. While being assigned to a group project with her I discovered that she could recall anything she read, up to and including writing her answer in the same font, including italics, of whatever source she used. It was spooky. What was even more spooky was that she believed any damn thing she was told by anyone in authority. That may account for Batscat’s “academic accomplishments” although it could just be that her schools’ favored religious conformity over intellect.

    The bar exam issue is more cloudy. I haven’t found out whether one actually has to pas the bar to work for the IRS as an “attorney”. The bar comes in when one actually appears before the bench in a given jurisdiction and becomes an officer of the court. Since no one seems to recall that she ever tried a case? It’s possible that she never passed a bar exam.

    So? It could be that she has a photographic memory or she’s simply lying about her status as a “tax attorney”. Given some of her more easily debunked statements, like her asinine claim that she spent her entire life in the private sector and that she’s still a tax attorney, I don’t think it would be much of a stretch for her to claim a level of accomplishment that she has not attained. Possibly the most interesting thing about her passing the bar, or not, is that, given her fervent belief in dominionism, she would have had to lie on issues of constitutionality and the ultimate source of our laws. It’s just so very hard to tell when one is talking about a pathological liar and religious fundamentalist like Crazy Shelly. Nothing that comes oput of her mouth can be trusted.

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