The Watering Hole: October 15 – Appearances

Lincoln in 1860

On October 15, an 11 year old young lady named Grace Bedell wrote a letter to Abe Lincoln saying that his appearance would improve if he sported a beard. He took time to reply to that letter. You can find the exchange here. I leave it to you as to whether she was correct:

Lincoln in 1863

On the way to his inauguration, Lincoln decided to rest a while in Westfield, NY where the young lady lived and called out for her. They met then, where he acknowledged her part in altering his image.

Two months after that, the Battle of Fort Sumpter marked the beginning of the Civil War.

This brings to mind is that we have entered a period of civil unrest that, while not as devisive as in those times when the issue was between states, defines a chasm between two spectra of society. This time, it is not a regional separation, but one of privilege. This is actually the same kind of grievance that led to the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War (Shades of Boston harbor.) I pray that we never approach that condition!

As I said a week ago, OWS brings to mind the events in Poland that brought forward the Solidarity movement. Today, the OWS movement is slated to become a world-wide statement. It is also at the same time that the rest of the world can experience doubt on the meaning of American freedoms. This places a damper on our ability to propagate the “American way” beyond our borders.

This is our Open Thread. What do you think?

133 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: October 15 – Appearances

  1. It finally occurred to me during the last GOP debate who Rick Perry is most closely like:

    Harriet Miers.

    Miers had a cushy gig as White House counsel, but she clearly had not spent a lifetime doing the legal thinking that prepares one for the Supremes. The White House assured doubters that Miers planned to study really, really hard in prep for her confirmation hearings.

    It doesn’t work that way. You can’t cram for the SCOTUS like it’s a high school year-end final exam. Perry didn’t spend any time preparing and learning issues to campaign for president. He just strutted out on to the national stage in a “how you like me now?” moment.

    • A guy who thinks we fought the Revolution in the 16t century obviously never did any of the work he should have. That being said with Scalia and Thomas I don’t respect the court the way I used to.


    Penn got more dramatic from there, outlining a problem for Obama far beyond anything economic: the Tea Party.

    “You have what I call the get the ‘N’ word out of the White House party, the Tea Party, this kind of sensibility, which is much more of a distraction,” he said. “At the end of the day, there’s a big bubble coming out of their head saying, you know, can we just lynch him?”

  3. 64 years ago today, American hero Chuck Yeager got inside Glamorous Glennis and beat the demon who lived in the air at Mach 1:

    • They’ll stop at nothing to belittle, besmirch the OWS.
      Running scared; grasping air the haters only increase the interest and numbers of people becoming involved with the movement that will not go away. It’s worldwide – how are they going to compete with that?!
      FuxSnooze, et al, (It’s quite amusing when they end up sputtering and drooling down their chin) are beside themselves not being able to gain traction on the vehement disdain for a true grassroots effort.

  4. In addition to fighting Wall Street, we’re up against this kind of insanity:

    During a Spiritual Warfare conference at Rick Joyner’s MorningStar Ministries, Pastor Ryan Wyatt of Abiding Glory Church preached on “Governmental Dominion.” Wyatt explained that Jesus is not going to come back until God sees that there is a “mature, overcoming bride” is “operating at the same level” as Jesus, at which point Christ will return and Christians “will work with Jesus to rule and reign.” Later, Wyatt said that “we are to rule, reign, govern, expand, advance and establish the government of God on the earth” since “this is about world domination.” He called on followers to “infiltrate” the seven mountains of influence, especially the government mountain, to attain “preparatory dominion.”

    Sorry, I’m not linking to that shit.

    • Why are these RWNJs So all fired in a hurry to have Jesus come back and whoop ass on everyone? If they are so much in a damned hurry to end their lives, why don’t they just go ahead an do it already?

      I plan to go kicking and screaming out of this world if I can. And I’m sure not interested in bring about the apocalypse…

      • They envision themselves driving out and punishing the wicked — everyone who isn’t a fundie Christian from their particular cult. It’s the flip side of their constant whining about being persecuted for their beliefs. They are the Special People. Any suggestion that they might be wrong on anything is therefore persecution. They can’t wait for the smiting.

        • What’s particularly ironic is how they claim that they are 80% of the population when they are taking away the rights of others but become a persecuted minority whenever someone tells them “no”. They are less reasonable than a toddler pitching a fit.

        • The good news is that this coming Friday, Oct. 21 (assuming the old guy that was wrong about May 21 is right about Oct. 21), they’ll all be raptured anyway. I fucking can’t wait. If only there was a god to pray to, I’d beg the s.o.b. to come get all a’dem nutcases. Every. Last. One. The sooner the better.

    • When I was growing up I really didn’t think that theocracy was something we had to worry about too much. Before Reagan emptied the asylums and legitimized the religious right I think that many of these creeps would be committed and given the treatment they so obviously need.

    • Hmmmh. If god existed and was worth a shit, you’d think he could get all that crap done without having to fire a shot — creator of the universe and all that.

      Actually, humans are the best example I can come up with that strongly suggest there AIN’T no god. Especially nutcase humans as described above. Pitiful examples of the dregs of the animal kingdom.

      • Indeed. Whenever I hear someone say that they are “doing the Lord’s work” or “fighting in God’s name” I see it as an admission that they don’t really believe in said God. I realize that they are not logical but, logically, a Supreme Being wouldn’t need a bunch of mere mortals to do anything, much less slaughter other mere mortals, in His name.

  5. Anita Perry Blames Obama for Son Quitting His Job
    Rick Perry’s Wife Says Obama Administration’s Regulations Cost Son His Banking Job

    Did Anita Perry, obviously unaware of her gaffe, actually compare her son, who voluntarily resigned (that is, “quit” his job) his position as a well-paid banker to go to work for her husband’s campaign (which he is undoubtedly being paid with monies from the campaign), to a man who had lost his job due to economic conditions, a man who has been forced by the lack of jobs to work for far less than he has become accustomed to, a man who did not voluntarily walk away from a position to do something he apparently wanted to do? Did she actually compare her millionaire son to who chose to leave his job — and who did not “lose” anything — to a man forced to leave his job, which was most likely his and his family’s livelihood?


      Someone might want to explain to this guy the purpose of owning a gun.

  6. A thought occurred to me this morning. (Perhaps it has already occurred to many of you.)

    Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher (whatever) has filed to run for Congress in the same Ohio district where Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur will be fighting it out in a primary battle. The primary battle is necessary because Republicans got to redraw the districts after the 2000 2010 (my mistake) Census, and this was their sleazy little way of getting rid of at least one important Democrat.

    I call it “sleazy ” because while the Constitution does require that US Representatives be re-apportioned after each Census, it says nothing about it being done along partisan political lines. Republicans love to hypocritically tout what they claim the Founding Fathers intended, and usually when they do this, they are citing things as written in the Articles of Confederation, and not the US Constitution that replaced it. That’s one reason you have to pay close attention to whom they are referring – the Founding Fathers, who wrote the Articles of Confederation, or the Framers, who wrote the US Constitution. But in either case, Republicans are being hypocrites because neither the “Founding Fathers” nor the “Framers” supported political parties like the Republicans! (In fact, the way the Republicans behave is precisely why they disliked political parties.)

    So, the party that likes to claim they know what our country’s founders wanted uses their political party in a way that directly goes against what our country’s founders wanted. In fact, their actions prove why the country’s founders were right to dislike political parties in general.

  7. Between

    US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq. And watched it vanish


    $700m state-of-the-art complex will usher in a new era of relations with Iraq, which it invaded nearly six years ago.

    How much food, shelter and medical care would that have provided to the U.S. citizenry?

    We are an effed up nation to be damn sure.

    • That amount might have been sufficient to take full care of both Charles and David Koch AND their respective families. For up to what, six weeks?

      Actually, that may well be what happened, come to think of it.

  8. Just returned from our (Calgary) OWS protest. Lots of people and lots of signs and lots of complaints. I’d say about 300 people.

    Also, today was Zombie walk. People dress up as zombies and walk around. More zombies than protesters. Not sure what the zombie walk thing is about.

  9. Appearances. Today I appear to be a cranky, achy old duffer who is about 6″ shorter than he was when he got up this AM. Just finished replacing my sister’s hot water heater. Good news is it is a rental property and her landlord pays for the work. Her best estimate for doing the change was $300 plus materials. I did it for $250, including materials.

    Looks like I will be getting my Kindle before Xmas. 🙂

  10. From facebook:

    Thousands of occupiers and tourists are currently barricaded in Times Square!

    NYPD is now entering crowd of #OccupyWallStreet protesters in Times Sq. with orange netting and hundreds of riot cops and cops on horses.

    This could get ugly in a fast hurry…

  11. One of the things that may come out as the 99% Movement takes root where ever the ground is fertile is a resurgence of protest and folk music.

    Now that will make RWNB heads pop.

  12. As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe

    MADRID — Hundreds of thousands of disillusioned Indians cheer a rural activist on a hunger strike. Israel reels before the largest street demonstrations in its history. Enraged young people in Spain and Greece take over public squares across their countries.

    Their complaints range from corruption to lack of affordable housing and joblessness, common grievances the world over. But from South Asia to the heartland of Europe and now even to Wall Street, these protesters share something else: wariness, even contempt, toward traditional politicians and the democratic political process they preside over.

    They are taking to the streets, in part, because they have little faith in the ballot box.

    • I hear that the rank and file NYPD are secretly in sympathy with the OWS protesters.

      Then they do shit like this that they have to know is getting them negative publicity and emboldening the protests in NYC and across the country.

      I have to wonder if the two are deliberate and connected. Are they doing this because they know that, overall, as long as know one is killed, it helps the protesters? Or at they NOT trying to intentionally help the protesters and are just oblivious to the effects of their actions?

      • It’s probably a mix of the two, Wayne.

        The cops have to follow orders, or risk losing their jobs, so just try to do the job in a decent way, but I’m sure some of them just enjoy bashing heads, and use “orders” as cover.

  13. Because of Twitter rules, I can’t follow more than 2,000 people until I get 2,000 followers (from what I hear). Currently I am following 1,595 accounts (other #ConnectTheLeft folks and my favorite actors/comedians/media personalities. I have 997 followers. Three more and I’m half-way to my next important goal. Thanks to anyone who washes wishes (washing is optional; I can’t smell you over the Twitter) to help me reach that goal. (The trick is to not block anybody, even accts you don’t want following you.) Apologies to anyone who is sick and tired of me talking about Twitter.

    • I’d follow you, Wayne, but I just don’t understand the Tweeter.

      I was trying to follow the Tweets on the Occupy Wall Street site, and I just had to give up.

      • Following me and then not logging onto Twitter again would not discount you as a follower. IOW, it doesn’t hurt to follow someone.

        One way to follow something with a theme name (usually a hashtag – “#” – followed by some phrase) is to click. on the hashtag phrase. Your timeline will be replaced with all tweets (even from ppl you don;t follow) that tweeted something with that hashtag in it. The various “Occupy”-s use different hashtags. A shortcut for the #OccupyWallStreet hashtag is #OWS. Then just read through the tweets and understand that they’re in the order they were tweeted, not necessarily the order in which the events mentioned happened. Sometimes you read tweets about stuff that happened yesterday or a couple of days ago. Sometimes it;s happening now. Just take in the totality of it, not the specifics of every tweet. (Except mine, of course. 🙂 )

          • You can;t tweet without opening an account. You can use any name you want. Doesn’t have to have the word “Zoo” in it. You don;t have to tell us who you tweets as if you don;t want to. Where it says to enter your name “so people know who you are”, either leave it blank or just put your first name. You don;t have to use your full name.

            • If you clicked on my hashtag for ConnectTheLeft, you are looking at all recent tweets that contained that hashtag. usually they provide links to stories, the same as we do at TheZoo, that they think might be of interest to like-minded people. If you wish to join the group (which, in and of itself, does nothing, but it might garner you more followers), contact the group’s founder @EileenLeft. Just “tweet” qa message like

              @EileenLeft I’d like to join #ConnectTheLeft. Please add my name to the list

              She’ll add you Twitter Id (@Zooey6536) to the list on a page she maintains. Then, newcomers to the group can see all the names, click on them, and go to their profiles where they can follow them.

              You can also click on someone’s name and see other tweets by them, see their profile, and click on the Follow button to follow their tweets. Right now on your home page (where you see your “timeline”) are just your tweets and the tweets of the people who you’re following.

            • You’re learning. Just watch adn observe. Comment when you feel like it, or don;t comment at all.

              When you click “Reply”, it will put in all Twitter names (things that begin with a “@”) from that tweet to which you are replaying (not all of the people you follow) and those ppl will see you reply. That’s how I get into Twitter fights with right-wingers. It’s fun! 🙂

              If the first thing on a tweet is a Twitter name, then only that Twitter name should see your tweet. If the tweet starts with anything else (like a period “.”) then everyone who follows you can see it.

            • Usually someone that I follow will retweet what they said and add something snarky to it.

              To just retyweet soemthing without comment, hit the retweet button.

              To add your comment, copy and paste the original msg in your tweet box (the characters count against your 140-character limit) and add “RT” to the beginning (meaning retweet). If you have to shorten what they day, you copy it and put “MT” in front of it, but make sure their name is visible

              If you did that, I could see what you tweet (because I follow you), and then I could click on the guy’s name, find that tweet, and reply to it.. I find the worst ones resort to name-calling immediately. So say what you feel is wrong with what they say. Let them get rude first. 🙂

            • If you want, I could recommend a few fun things to follow. One is @common_squirrel (just copy and paste that into your search bar and you;’ll see some of its tweets.). Another is @TweetOfGod. Sunny snarky things that a God with a sense of humor might say. If you look at this account’s profile and see how many people follow him and how many he follows. you;’ll see that he follows only one person – Justin Beiber – which is in character with the tweeter. That God would only follow Justin Beiber amuses me. So I follow him.

          • I just retweeted someone who had a link to a a video of protesters in Times Square. Since you follow me, you should be able to see that tweet and click on her short URL and see the video.

            If you choose, you can click “Reply” (hover the cursor below the tweet) and we’ll both see what you say about it (unless you edit one of our name out of your tweet).

            • You may have to click on my name and on my profile to see all my tweets. It should be there. The original tweeter was Rachel Wells. About every five or ten seconds, (after a refresh) your timeline will shift to show how many new tweets are waiting to be seen. If you navigate away from that page and come back to your timeline, it will refresh with new tweets.

              You can also right-click “Mentions” to see a separate tab with tweets mentioning you. You can also click on Retweets drop down menu, and right-click on “Your tweets retweeted” and see a list of your tweets that others retweeted. That’s how I found out 39 people retweeted one of my tweets.

            • So if I want to tweet about a great Rachel Maddow segment, I’d do #RachelMaddow, the link, and whatever I have to say?

            • Oh, and the spam and direct messages. You can only send direct messages (DMs) to people who are following you.

              Sometimes people hack into accounts and send fake messages. if you ever get a message or tweet saying that some site said something really horrible about you or really funny about you, don’t click on the link. It;s a virus. just delete teh message. This happens a lot. Don;t click on any links that sound suspicious or too mysterious. If you have no idea what you;re clicking into, you;re clicking into trouble. if it;s somethign you really might want to see, you;ll see others tell you about it.

            • You can do that, or you can just add her name @maddow and she’ll be able to see the tweet. You can make up any hashtags you want, but unless someone is looking for that particular hashtag, it won;t help them find it in a search. Sometimes hashtags are used to identiofy Twitter games (like #makemovietitlesbetterbyaddinginmypants, as in

              “Cowboys and Aliens In My Pants” #makemovietitlesbetterbyaddinginmypants

              Sometimes people just say something and add a hashtag like “#embarrassing”. Then, anytime something searches that hashtag, they’ll see that tweet in the list (unless there are thousands).

              But you Can use #rachelmaddow or #TRMS or just #rachel. If you use the person;s Twitter name, they might see it and reply. Keith replied to one of my tweets directly.

            • BTW, “Tweeps” is the name you call your followers. I just tweeted,

              Good night, Tweeps. Sleep tight. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.

              Those who know the reference will understand. 🙂

  14. – jiminy cricket … Wayne I found and followed you.

    I can’t find you Zooey

    it gives me: No people results for @Zooey6536.
    No people results for @Zooey6536.

    I signed up but can’t find myself Ebb (@Ebb234).

    My mission, to give Wayne one additional ‘follow’, is accomplished – my returning to actually tweet/twitter: nil. (unless someone else needs the follower count to increase).

          • Ebb, Wayne will explain it to you if you need help. Personally, I’m simply not interested in tweeting. Hell, half the time, I’m not interested in even talking to people. I still wonder how I ended up working in customer service, where I have to talk to – and be NICE to – people all the time, including a lot of dumber-than-a-bag-of-rocks idiots.

            • Thanks Jane – I only went on to add a ‘follow’ for Wayne – with mission accomplished. I’m with you about the tweets.

              I use to pay claims and work the phones for a medical insurance company – rocks are smarter than some policy holders! “Why wouldn’t a round of golf be covered? My doctor told me to exercise more to lower my blood pressure.”

  15. It’s going to be in the 80’s again tomorrow. I’m beginning to think we’ve skipped autumn and winter to move directly into spring.
    The leaves are starting to turn and the wintering birds are arriving so that’s a clear indication of autumn!

  16. “It’s easier if you’re getting paid for talking to people”

    Not a whole hell of a lot, but it might be a little easier if I got paid a bit more – I’d like to see the president of the company talk to customers all day and not go crazy!

    Although I have to say that Dennis, the company president, at least does real work besides just being the titular president: he’s also our IT geek, so he’s indispensable when there are problems with our computer system.

    • Customer service people really ought to be paid like CEOs, IMHO.

      People really feel free to either act like utter assholes, or expose their empty brain cases quite freely.

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