The Watering Hole, Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There Once was a Man who was Afraid of Heights

A Modern Parable
Briseadh na Faire

There once was a man who was greatly afraid of heights. When he climbed to the top of the temple, he shook and could not approach the railings. An elder tried to take his hand, to lead him, but he refused. And so they descended to the ground together.

Looking up, the elder said, “a thousand times I have climbed these steps. The first nine hundred and ninety nine, I felt fear. But today, with you, I felt no fear.”

The man looked at the elder incredulously.

“I knew,” the elder continued, “that each of the nine hundred and ninety nine, I had not fallen. I saw the fear in your eyes, and knew that I would not fall.”

“But,” said the man, “it is possible that we could fall?”

“Yes. It is possible.” replied the elder. “But why live in fear of the possible, when you can enjoy the magnificent view of the present?”

The elder and the man ascended the stairs once again. Together they climbed to the height of the temple and looked out over the railing. Their hearts beat in exhilaration. They looked upon the view from that magnificent height. Did the possibility exist that they could fall? Yes. But they refused to live in fear. Instead, they breathed the excitement of the moment: the joy that accompanies living life fully in each and every moment.

This is our Open Thread. Enjoy life!

215 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, October 26, 2011

  1. “But why live in fear of the possible, when you can enjoy the magnificent view of the present?”

    Ah, think of it and dream: a world without Republicans!

  2. Great post, BnF…Have my broom out today, swept both stair cases and the bottom floor of the out side of the house..Cob webs & maple leaves are now in a huge raked pile…Am told when all the leaves are down here the city comes by with a truck and sucks all the leaves up, as long as we rake them out to the street..Guess I forgot to mention to all here we have a nearly half acre lot and 10 huge maple trees on 2 sides..We would have 11 but had the power Co. cut a big one down for us last summer..It had the old tap hole in it 10 feet up..Was very old and dead with huge limbs over the power lines..We have a big compost bin but 2 many leaves for it to handle…So now I will fly off and rake some more piles of leaves….Peace, Blessings & Joy to you all.

    • Sounds like an absolutely lovely setting for you to have landed –
      Now I want to jump in that large pile of leaves (not making a mess, of course)!

      • Bring a rake and make as much mess as you want, Ebb..The pups do a pretty good job of messing up all my work every 3 hours..LOL.Little kids and pups love makeing a mess and diving in…I would to except it would all end up in the house if I did it…Blessings

  3. ‘Cry, the beloved country, for the unborn child that is the inheritor of our fear. Let him not love the earth too deeply. Let him not laugh too gladly when the water runs through his fingers, nor stand too silent when the setting sun makes red the veld with fire. Let him not be too moved when the birds of his land are singing, nor give too much of his heart to a mountain or a valley. For fear will rob him of all if he gives too much.’ Alan Paton

    Beautiful story BnF. May we all love fearlessly.

    Is there any new news in Oakland? It looked like people were being seriously hurt last night.

    • Last Updated 9:48 a.m. Riot police in Oakland dispersed hundreds of protesters with tear gas on Tuesday night as crowds tried to re-enter a plaza outside of City Hall that the authorities had cleared of an encampment earlier in the day.

      The forceful response by the police to protesters in Oakland came as the police in Atlanta moved in early Wednesday morning to clear an encampment from the city’s central Woodruff Park. At least 53 people connected to the protest group Occupy Atlanta were arrested, and the park was cleared by 2 a.m. Eastern time, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

      By Wednesday morning in downtown Oakland, a dim cloud of gas still hung in the air over Frank Ogawa Plaza, according to images broadcast on CNN. A small number of police in riot gear stood by barricades around the plaza and a handful of protesters held signs nearby.

  4. Wonderful Briseadh na Faire, thank you.
    I have a similar internal dialog these days, contemplation of new horizons and new waters to ply. Unknowns ahead, and no certainties, but, what else could I be doing?
    Sitting around in a familiar setting, feeling frustrated and stagnant? I don’t think so…

  5. I love that post, BnF. Thanks.
    Easier said than done — but something to try to keep in one’s perspective, because it’s so true.

  6. And Rick Perry signs on to the corporate agenda with his lunatic tax plan
    “I don’t care if it helps the wealthy” Maybe you should care if it blows up the deficit and gives it all to the 1%! – But we know you don’t

    Marginal tax rates replaced by 20 per cent tax bracket Massive tax cut for the rich from 35 down to 20
    But it’s optional so those on less than $34,500 can keep their 10 or 15 per cent rate
    Estate, capital gains and dividend taxes will all be scrapped Report on this honestly medai! This guarantees a return to a pre-1215 income distribution – welcome back to a feudal society, Amurka
    Popular tax deductions remain for families earning less than $500,000
    Tax on Social Security benefits eliminated
    Standard deduction for taxpayers who don’t itemise returns goes up to $12,500

    Top bracket lowered to 20 per cent from top rate of 35
    Firms can repatriate offshore profits to U.S. at 5.25 per cent
    Let the tax crooks in coroprate Amurka get away with it. Koch brothers get a big woody for this one

      • But the media and the teabaggers take him seriously…. there was a discussion on NPR though where several people said words to the effect of – “Compared to Reagan who thought tax on capital gains should be *equal* to income tax” (what a f***in’ commie he was), any tax reduction on captial gains etc is simply a gift to the rich and that the poor and middle class will support it is nothing should of amazing/remarkable/unbeleivable”.

        You can see the waves of corporate robots being unleashed to talk this pre-1215 proposal up and the media will just go and let them, because most of the media celebrities themselves are the 1% who owe their positions to corporations who stand to gain tremendously from the slow rape of the Amrukan tax payer.

    • Hugs to your babies, RUCerious..Good to read you here today..Taking a much needed break from my mountain of chores. Blessings

      • Thanks WitchyOne! Kids are doing fine, both Beatles crazy right now…
        I’m not getting much time to post these days as my new Data Steward position here at work is consuming.

  7. Qaddafi Wrote Song For Rice: ‘Black Flower in the White House’

    In what may well be the most awkward personal moment in U.S. diplomatic history, in her new memoir Condoleezza Rice recalls a creepy 2008 meeting with then-Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi that ended with Qaddafi showing her photos of herself he had collected and a serenade of a song he had a famous Libyan composer write for her.

    Rice’s reaction? Run away, run away!!

    • Strange, I don’t feel any safer now than I did ten years ago.
      Actually, I’m a whole lot worse off because of it.
      The Banner towing outfit I was working for folded.
      General aviation and hundreds of supporting industries belied up.

      • That’s rough – and sucks all at the same time.

        That destructive legislation didn’t even take a week to be rammed through. All the ‘frightening’ things danced in their heads – the results: spying on citizens with impunity – usurping many protections given to us by the Founding Fathers.
        Knee-jerk reaction stripped us of true security.

        • It passed in a week, but it took a LOT longer than that to write (it probably took a week just to think up the name, the words that fit the very clever and ‘relaxing’ acronym). Who wrote it? I’ve never seen an attrib, but would be willing to bet that most of it came from an “off campus” source of some sort, a source that had a genuine purpose in getting something like that passed.

            • I’m sure you’re right, that it was authored and awaiting the moment where it could be rammed through without significant opposition. But again, I’ve never seen a specific attribution. Sure would like to. Wonder why no media have ever done the necessary digging?

    • Funny that an appropriate tool includes wiretapping and intercepting your phone, email, texting and all other electronic communications.

  8. I am becoming more and more concerned that the escalating actions to suppress the Occupy movement are deliberate attempts by the power structure to force retaliation. The use of tear gas and flash bangs in Oakland were waaaaaay beyond the pale. I just hope the protesters remain nonviolent and make any violent action come from the control freaks.

    • Keen observation, hooda! That is the prevailing thought. The police are way short-fused on the matter.
      Police don’t see themselves as the ‘disturbers’ – – obviously if you ‘dress for success’ (sporting riot gear) you’ll follow through with billyclubs/nightsticks; tear gas, etc.
      Then blame those you’ve just injured.

        • The Googles are our friends. The police will come back with: it doesn’t show the whole story (interpretation of that: don’t believe what you see – believe us. There’s very little, if any, credibility left for the OPD).
          Oakland’s budget is in the deep – certainly they could have used fewer police with negotiation skills.

    • I saw a report somewhere (obviously from a reporting agency that was NOT there but had probably talked to the Oakland PD) that the violence was a response to violence by the occupiers.

      It’s the easiest thing in the world to do these days: foment a lie and see it reported in the morning as absolute truth.

      Beer Hall Putsch, anyone?

      • Or as Zimzones said, Grant Park, 1968. The major problem with the official lies are all the unofficial videos contradicting them.

        • I’m waiting breathlessly for Fux News to show a video of Occupier “violence” in Oakland — complete with piles of snow in the background. Remember when Madison had palm trees?

            • WTF? They are the ones behind the death of ACORN. – Is Faux now claiming “Zombie Action” by the defunct group?

            • Former ACORN operatives.

              And of course they’re going there as their viewers respond to ACORN like the Pavlov’s dog responding to the bell.

              Since they’ve already conditioned their viewers that ACORN is bad, then they’re trying to bring down the Occupy movement with guilt by association.

            • They are grasping at ghosts and straws.

              If there be a ‘higher power’ please do something about relegating FuxNews to the rubbish bin! Please!

            • Of course they are grasping. But their agenda is to discredit the movement by any means possible. And they have permission from SCOTUS to lie.

  9. “Gotta get down to it
    Cops are gunning us down
    Should have been done long ago.
    What if you knew him
    And found him down on the ground
    How can you run when you know?”

    I think Neil would understand the changes.

    • Neil does reside in the Bay Area! He was busy over the weekend with the Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert

      …mission is to ensure that individuals with severe speech and physical impairments achieve full participation in their communities through the use of augmentative & alternative means of communication

  10. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    These actions against protesters are totally illegal, completely unconstitutional and the dying gasps of the Right and their dreams of greed.

    • That’s not just pre-Obama thinking. It’s pre-911 thinking. All of our rights go out the window if the richest among us are afraid they may actually lose a percent or two of their fortunes. What good is a ten foot wall and satin sheets if one actually has to pay the police to keep the rampaging hordes on their side of the wall?

  11. Funny. None of the hundreds, if not thousands, of cameras in the crowds seem to be capable of imaging the alleged violence of the protestors. If video of such violence existed? The “librul media”, not to mention FAUX”News” would be playing it in a continuous loop.

  12. 1968. I didn’t have gray hair then, no midriff bulge. My dad had all of that, and he was a year younger than I am now.

    But the headlines spoke of riots in the streets. Remember the Chicago Dem. Convention? All those dirty rotten fucking hippies were trying to destroy America.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Perhaps the scariest part is that we no longer have a Walter Cronkite to calmly, and truthfully, report what’s happening. Instead we have a bunch of freaks lying to stupid people in order to make them even more afraid.

      • There are literally hours of video footage of Occupy protests across the nation. If there was any that showed protester violence they would be plastered across the MSM like MJ’s death and OJ’s ride. Seems the only violence is from police arresting people exercising their 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble because they are violating local laws and ordinances that usually involve a ticket.

          • Well there was the photo of a guy having a shit on a cop car. I saw it on The Daily Show so I’m sure all the cops are pissed about it.

      • I would hate to be young and presume to have fifty or sixty years of this shit to look forward to. I’m glad I’m old; the memories are bad enough. I remember riding in a cab through bombed out Detroit in spring of ’68, less than a year after the Detroit Riots of 1967 and maybe six weeks after the unrest that followed the assassination of MLK; made me think I was in E. Berlin based on photos I’d seen. But nope, I was in Detroit MI, USA, land of the free and home of the … whatever it was. Whatever it IS, make that.


      • The very fact that what has happened in Oakland is not occupying serious media time and footage tells me that the MSM is brokedick, gerflunken, titsup and otherwise dysfunctional beyond all recovery or recognition. It is Right Wing propaganda on all channels.

    • “Abby Martin of Media Roots captured the extremely tense moments of the Oakland PD’s standoff with the Occupy Wall Street protestors before the brutal crackdown occurred.”

  13. Just watched the video of the cops throwing a flash-bang grenade at people trying to help the veteran after he was either knocked down by another grenade or hit in the head with a rubber bullet. Real fucking brave and brilliant move. As frugal said, disgusting. I’m sure the cop felt threatened throwing the grenade from well behind the front line of cops. I hope like hell someone has footage of the cop that did that.

    • Watching the footage I’m guessing Scott was hit by a tear gas canister. Being three feet away from a flashbang probably didn’t help much. And I can understand how the cops on the other side of the barrier no one was paying any attention to felt his life was threatened by a bunch of people trying to help an injured person.

      • There’s another little detail that’s making me think. The firearms industry doesn’t call rubber bullets and beanbags “non-lethal”. In order to avoid litigation they use the term “less lethal”. The reason is that ANY projectile weapon can cause fatal injury.

        The “news”, on the other hand, seems to be using “non-lethal” almost exclusively. This would seem to be a concerted effort to paint the cops in a favorable light. They are contending that any injuries sustained are accidental instead of the result of an intentional assault with a deadly weapon. For the life of me I can’t imagine anything that would force me to point a gun, no matter what it shoots, at unarmed people who clearly have no wish or desire to cause harm.

  14. I’m sorry but this Oakland crap is just ringing my chimes. Back in the 60’s America became progressively more outraged as they watched the body bags come home and the police and NG opposing protesters. None of this is being shown to America. People think cops using materials reserved for violent insurrection and criminals against peaceful protesters is SOP. I’m sorry but tear gas, pepper spray and flashbangs are not to be used against unarmed, peaceful citizens. This is not fricking Cairo or Mombasa or Lima.

    And people peacefully gathered to protest do not deserve cops in riot gear.

    • It’s bugging me a lot as well Hooda. The pictures of the young man who was injured leave me not knowing whether I’m more upset by the brutality of the police or by the fact that we sent that child (he looks so young) to Iraq. In the name of the war on nouns (drugs and terror) we’ve militarized our police and trained them to respond as though in a constant state of war. At the same time we’ve piled so many burdens on the lower and middle class that a number of our citizens are desperate, and desperate people do desperate things. This is a recipe for disaster.

      • It is hitting me on so many levels. He is from Wi. He is a veteran with a conscience. He is a young man who survived two trips through hell and got nailed by almost the exact same crap he was dealing (probably) in Iraq. We really need to bring the troops home. They have been there, done that and most probably don’t want to do the same here.

        • Not exactly the street defecating, shower dodging, drug abusing slacker that is being described by Faux and their fellow travelers, is he? The real silent majority is pissed off this time. Where I live the local paper can post a poll and have 80% of the populace agree that Cantor is doing a super duper bang up job up there in DC. The most recent poll showed 50-50 support for OWS. Lot of people know they’ve been had.

          • It seems to be coming down to, and thank goodness the election is a year away, do you want to give up things like police and fire protection? Do you want to have to educate your kids at home so they are no better educated than you? Do you want to plow and repair your own roads? Do you want to drill your own well and filter your water? Do you want to dig an outhouse out on the deck of your 5th floor condo?

            The Republican austerity is just starting to hit America. First snowfall, things will heat up, especially if local governments have any savvy.

      • Very true. Shades of 1968.

        “We were told that these were our enemies, and there was a war on.” Words by an anonymous SS operative at Auschwitz, according to the six-part TV series “Auschwitz”.

  15. This, just in from Captain Obvious….

    Chance of a straight unbiased report of the facts from the corporate owned and 1% belonging celebrity media…….. not even Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper will tell it straight …

    1. In the last 30 years *they* have tripled their income and we have watched our jobs go overseas.
    2. The OWS folks know it and know how it happened and they want the president they elected to do something about it (he won’t)
    3. Both parties are owned by the corporations and one in particular is brazenly trying to deliver the coup de grace for the post-1215 society

    • “Why man creates.” How did they get away with that one? Only Gawd can create, man just makes new things that weren’t there before.

    • That would be very interesting to view – having been through it as a a late teenager! Reading contemporary materials brings to the fore many memories – mostly a world in turmoil.

      • Haven’t a clue. My guess: with all the artificial ingredients it would go up in flames instantaneously thus rendering it useful as ‘food’.

      • Reminds me of my fishing days. What’s the best bait for rednecks?

        Answer: Deep fry a Twinky then stick a Slim Jim longways through it. Wrap it in a page from a motel Gideon and you have a serious chance of hooking a serious idiot.

          • A few years ago I used to love to go musky fishing. Always involved a fisherman willing to toss large baits for hours on end or sit and watch until the musky decided the big sucker might be tasty.

            After several years of doing this I asked myself, why? Musky doesn’t even taste good.

            • Could be the name, I mean Musky? Although I’ve had some incredibly delicious cat fish. Must have been the Cajun cooking!

            • dycker, a muskellenge is the supreme predator in fresh water in the US. It is the big brother of the Northern Pike. The record is around 60″.

              It ain’t a catfish which no one knows how big they grow.

            • Oh yeah. I remember the name muskellenge. I think they have them in Northern Ontario as well.

  16. I wouldn’t mind watching Hardball if they would get somebody else to host it! I just can’t stand Tweety, but his numbers have gotten better lately.

    It’s very early in MSNBC’s primetime lineup switch, but last night’s results were encouraging

    Tweety led in with 926k total viewers at 7pm (edt), then Ed got 1,057k, Rachel did 1,087k, and Lawrence had a respectable 986k. That’s the first time the 8pm and 9pm slots both exceeded a million on the same night since July.

    • Thanks for the heads-up, House. I just looked at the video of that poor kid shot in the head with a rubber bullet. Apparently he’s in critical condition with a skull fracture.

      • He’s from Wisconsin! Keith is interviewing his roommate and fellow Iraq vet now. They are young guys!

          • Not surprised, I just thought it deserved mentioning. He’s a long way from home, and his family is trying to get out there where he is.

            That Special Comment was succinct. That mayor should either roll heads or resign herself.

      • More likely a tear gas canister. In the video there is an arc of smoke and some ten seconds later he is down. I hope so very much he recovers and can talk.

  17. Note to American citizens who think the Occupy movement is something you need to get physically involved in. It has become apparent that peacefully assembling is only on your side of things. Please wear head protection at a minimum. They do so it isn’t a social faux paux.

  18. Much more positive First Amendment news:

    Last Friday night, members of the group Occupy Cleveland, which have been demonstrating on Public Square in downtown Cleveland since early October, were told that they must vacate the premises as the permit they had been granted by the city expired at 10pm. Without a permit, city law prohibits camping out between the hours of 10pm and 5am. Several arrests were made, all while the demonstrators peacefully explained that they were expressing their 1st amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. On Wednesday, the group scored huge victory when a federal judge issued an injunction that would allow them to occupy the Tom Johnson quadrant of Public Square at all hours of the day for an indefinite period of time.

    Which seems like a no-brainer to me. The people’s right to assemble, especially in a public space, is one of our most precious and fundamental. This is not something that can be tampered with, especially at the local or state level — this is a core American value.

    • “the right to peaceably assemble.” No qualifiers, no explanations, no exemptions or definitions. No state, county, local law or ordinance can override, take precedence or supersede. 1st Amendment, number one in the Constitution, really basic American right.

    • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      45 words That’s the First Amendment. So few words. So many rights. So little understanding of those rights.

  19. This is something America needs to come to grips with. What means more? Local ordinances and laws dealing trash, jay walking, tents or the HUGE 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble?

  20. Ya know there are times I wish I had followed my initial path. Politics. I had a chance back in the mid80’s. Late 80’s to early 90’s for the doctorate. Could have got in on the ground floor with the Clinton administration.

  21. Take this to the bank. The President does not have a single individual he can trust to supply him with information that would help America.

    Also, the President doesn’t have a single person he can trust that will supply him him with accurate and relevant data in relation to the true needs of the American working public.

    And finally, the President has not found the courage to tell America about it.

  22. One of the local radio jackasses said that the Oakland police said they weren’t using flash-bang grenades and that the explosions heard in the video were from “big firecrackers thrown at police”. Well, to his credit and despite the fact that he’s still a jackass, he actually watched the video and came to the conclusion that they were indeed using flash-bang grenades. Police using force on peaceful protestors is even starting to stick in the craw of jackasses.

  23. The President employs wussies. Not sure why but he does. If I worked for the President and someone brought anything to me as some sort of thing to be considered, I am sure it would end up as detritus.

    • You know… some wines come with screw caps now… no shame… very environmentally sound. 😉

      • I’m not proud. I’d have bought screw top wine, had I known the boy’s kitchen gadget collection was lacking… 😦

    • You can always stick a screwdriver into the cork and then hammer it down into the bottle. 🙂

  24. Ok, time to go home. Twenty five years ago I had a chance. Coulda. But I chose dad. And now, I can still see the game. Can’t afford the college to make it believable but ain’t no one writing me a check.

    I called the end of the USSR in 88. Took an other couple years for the big collapse.

    I’m calling the end of the US as 2014. Ironically, for the exact same reasons. I am also calling for serious warfare, people in the streets by 2012.

      • Actually, Raven, I think it is the beach and the farm and the factory that have a chance of saving us. The Main Street in the small town. I feel sorry for the poor bastards living in high rises. Sort of like chickens dumping in a nest that some giant can reach.

        • I just heard that farm subsidy programs are being revisited. They are primarily being paid to the large corporate farms. This has got to change.

          • This is one of the reasons that the little guy has a hard time competing with big ag.

            • Tell him that big Ag sux. On so many levels.

              And the remind him on a personal level how local ag is the heart of America.

  25. On a less serious note…one of my son’s teachers gave him a Twinkie a few weeks ago as a reward. He brought it home and asked me “What is this thing?”. I realized that he had never ever eaten a Twinkie. I am a terrible parent.

      • I guess he really hadn’t and I realized we’re both sort of living in our own little world.

    • Somehow I don’t think that telling your son that the little reward he received is bad. Twinkies aren’t evil. Unless one decides to make them their staple diet. As a comparison, set him up with a Twinky and a piece of shortcake with strawberries.

      • I never had to tell him anything. He was just suspicious of this odd food and I realized he really had never eaten one, or apparently seen one up close.

  26. Then there’s the screeching bimbo on FAUX”News” who made a completely unsubstantiated claim that there are “rapists” and “thieves” among the protestors. That’s the kind of talk that could cause some dumb cracker with a gun to open fire on a crowd. I guess, judging by troll comments, that FAUX”News” is also claiming that the protestors are “attacking police”. Once again, if there was video of said “attacks” it would be running 24/7 on every newscast in the country.

    On a purely superficial note: Can Bimbo Number One even walk in those ridiculous heels? I haven’t even seen strippers or hookers who wear spikes like that.

  27. Ahh, the truth is so fricking obvious it is no wonder the Right has managed to hide it. Not about war or difference, the truth is we are all the same. This has been coming more and more over the years and the Right are finding it harder and harder to call wrong.

  28. Hmpfh, what is the claim? Large argumentative words that end up in the dumpster or smaller persuasive words that end up in the dumpster. Anger or no? Tough choice but it all really comes down to empty clam shells. Hard to argue with that.

  29. I don’t subscribe to cable so I’ve only seen brief clips of Olbermann’s new show. Has he had any comment about Pat Buchanan’s recent embrace of eugenics to go along with the racism he’s always displayed? I find it utterly disgusting that the MSM is still treating him like an honored elder statesman. Ol’ Patsy has always been nasty but his book tour is indefensible.

    • I’m not certain the ol’ confederate even has any children of his own. Perhaps his book on the lack of more white babies is a reflection of his personal fears.

  30. My son closed his Bank of America account and opened a credit union account. Yeah! Told them it was the new $5 / month debit card fee.

    • He’ll be a lot happier with the service I’m sure. I wish I had money in a major bank so I could do the same. He must be a wise young man.

    • G’night pete. I’m off to bed too. Tomorrow is a busy day (the new barn is fabulous).

  31. Alan Grayson on Ed: The choice, essentially, is between class warfare and class surrender, and I’ve never been in favor of surrender.

    • Oh, Keith your finger is on the pulse. Quan has done a 180,

      Even the prior police chief (Batts) quit on her (in)actions.

      He just quit – on the 11 October!

      Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts quits

      Batts’ announcement came in the final year of his contract with Oakland, a week after the City Council and Mayor Jean Quan tabled three anti-crime proposals Batts had once spoken in favor of, and roughly a year after he was turned down as a candidate for chief of police in San Jose.

      “No chief wants to be in a position where he or she is being held accountable but does not have the power to make a dramatic impact,” Batts said at an afternoon press conference at City Hall. While Batts cited an excess of bureaucracy in Oakland government as a hindrance to letting “a chief be a chief” in the police department, he attributed his decision to leave as a result of several factors and repeatedly refused to point fingers at colleagues in city government.

    • It may be overwhelmed – I’ve tried to access the video for that show and it tells me to check back later – which I will.

      I read this earlier today – it made me ill – knowing so many people have hate and bigotry that take over their lives – just to make other lives miserable as can be…

      Library card requires proof of citizenship at North Shelby (Alabama)

      Since Sept. 1, anyone wishing to get a library card from that repository must show proof that they are legally present in the county.

      • EV it has literally turned into a Police State.
        Simply on their ‘say so’ our 1st amendment Rights are to be wiped away.
        That isn’t going to work – the crowd has re-gathered and the cops are still there. It’s calm, at the moment.

      • They are frightened of the change — even if the change will benefit their lives and the lives of their families.

        Fear is such a very strong emotion, until it turns to anger, which can be a very motivating emotion.

        • I never quite understood why change was supposed to be a bad thing. Some people seem to prefer their own misery to any uncertainty. Beats me.

          • I think it’s the phenomenon of “the enemy you know” vs “the enemy you don’t know.”

            Because of the fear of the unknown, they are willing to accept the tyranny of the known.

    • Quan won’t do anything about the cops.
      If she mouths ‘investigation’ it will have already been determined the police did nothing out of their realm.

      It is so disgusting – vile – they are bullies in the full sense of the word.
      Fewer cops and some that could actually communicate this whole blight would have been avoided.

      • She has become the thing she fought against.

        We know this kind of thing happens, but this is such a clearly documented example of the phenomenon.

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