sea view

Venturing out to sea for the first time in over a week due to a great white shark having attacked a surfer just last Thursday, I approached Three Rocks at the mouth of the Salmon River, and decided I didn’t want to soaked so early in the day.

Back in the estuary, a harbor seal snoozes, likely to have eaten more crab and salmon than I will…

This fisher-critter, a young osprey, seemed to be working at it the hardest.


9 thoughts on “sea view

    • Thanks, I’m being exceedingly cautious. I have a lot to learn about tides and such. Not to mention the various strange beasties beneath the waves.

  1. An adult Osprey has been hanging out in a dead Cottonwood Tree at our neighborhood NWR awaiting the striped bass to pass by.

    He’s quite the celeb – photographers calling each other – then the stream of cars come up the road.

    (the second year Golden Eagle had been the center of attention – now he sits in a power tower awaiting his next 15minutes/) Actually the Golden Eagle is still a ‘first time’ for many of the 400mm; 500mm; 800mm and one fellow has a 1,000mm lenses.
    When we point out a Peregrine that is hanging out – they rush over to the tower. They always want action shots – Peregrines like to preen – a great deal – and will sit for hours, especially after they’ve just finished prey.

      • I highly doubt the Raven is ‘inadequate’ at anything!

        The photographers spend more time wondering and worrying about the ‘fading light’ or the subject isn’t in the right light.
        I just laugh hold up my binoculars and relay — these never fail no matter the sun as it sets.
        Must confess – these photographers are rather good.

        • I’ve been fortunate, just to have them let me look through their viewfinders. Incredible the detail from such a distance. I’m struggling with trying to keep the focus as I bob about. Found this nice little feature in my photo program that at least lets me straighten the horizons!

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