The Watering Hole, Thursday, October 27th: …and in other news…

After mulling over topics for today’s post, I decided to just present a mixed bag of ‘things that caught my eye on the internets during the past few days.’ The articles range from serious to tongue-in-cheek to outright ridiculous. The following are from Foreign Policy Magazine online and from Newsmax.

From FP: The title of Ryan Caldwell’s article, “An Islamist, a Liberal, and a Former Regime Loyalist Walk into a Cafe”, snagged my attention. The article gave an interesting presentation of the post-Gaddafi views of three Libyans of different stripes working together. Also, for some reason I found it just wondrous that the interview was done via Skype, from Caldwell’s home in California to a cafe in Benghazi. Plus I learned that ‘celebratory gunfire’ is called rasaas al-farah, which means, literally, “bullets of joy.”

From FP: In “Dumb Power: Republicans Introduce the “What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?” Foreign Policy”, David Rothkopf gives his reaction to the Republican debate on foreign policy.

From Newsmax: In the Newsmax “Breaking News” email, this article was billed as “Thomas Sowell: Herman Cain Is Real Black, Obama Not Typical“. The article includes such tidbits as:

“His prescription for fixing the economy: “I would love to have a constitutional amendment that says politicians are not allowed to intervene in the economy under any circumstances. I think there would be a boom following that.””

From Newsmax: The title of “Hensarling: Supercommittee Need Not Cut Entitlements” sounds hopeful, doesn’t it? Sure…read the whole article: Hensarling, the Republican co-chair of this “Supercommittee”, has some strange ideas. Here’s one:

“I would like to pick up the Internal Revenue Code by its roots and throw it into the nearest trash can. Having said that, realistically, that’s probably a bridge too far for this committee,”

From Newsmax
: And finally, Frank Gaffney being Frank Gaffney:

“Frank Gaffney warned in an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview: “I’m afraid there’s a war coming, a very serious, perhaps cataclysmic regional war,” he said. “It will be presumably over, at least in part, the future existence of the state of Israel. It may involve all of its neighbors, as they have in the past, attacking Israel to try, as they say, to drive the Jews into the sea.””


This is our Open Thread. I’m sure you can find something to say about any one of the above, so Speak Up!

122 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Thursday, October 27th: …and in other news…

  1. Wow!, Jane…Great, huge run down on things to post on..Please forgive, will post on the one thing not included…Snow in Wyoming and appears to be headed towards the East coast…LOL. Maybe, just maybe I will get lucky and all the little beggers will stay home on trickster night…Peace.

    • You were right, witch (of course!), tonight we already had several snow flurries, then snow mixed with rain, and very windy, so falling leaves are mixed in occasionally. It started right after we left work to go out to dinner with the ‘fambly’.

    • There’s a new variant of the “flat tax” floating about. Here’s the Texas version:

      Texas Ass. Bill 666-69-2011

      The Texas Legislature hereby finds that women’s breasts are a necessary element to procreation. Large breasts are a visual stimulant, increasing the likelihood of procreative activities, as well as providing ample supplies of mother’s milk, a vital and necessary source of nutrition for newborn babies. The State, having a legitimate interest in encouraging procreation, hereby encourages women to have large breasts. To further this legitimate State interest, females, upon reaching the age of majority, shall pay a tax based on their bra cup size as follows: A and smaller: $100.00 per annum. B: $75.00 per annum. C: $25.00 per annum. D: $0.00 per annum. Women whose bra cup size is greater than D will receive an annual rebate of $10.00 per bra cup increment greater than D.


  2. On last night’s Rachel Maddow show, she compares 1932’s Bonus Rebellion in DC with current events, including video footage from both events. Then she’s joined by Frank Rich for discussion. Well worth a watch for those who missed it.

    Another interesting sidelight: last night we ran across and watched via Netflix streaming the first three (of four) segments of a 1994 (I think that’s the year) PBS American Experience production titled FDR. It’s basically an extremely well-done biography of FDR and is historically interesting in that regard, but what struck me was the absolutely IMMENSE similarities between the days of Herbert Hoover till the beginning of the war in Europe with today’s events. It’s almost eerie to watch, to listen to dialogs and speeches, and to see events unfold … the overlay with today is truly uncanny.

    • I wish I had seen that (I can’t watch video on the internet much). The occupy movement has always reminded me of the BEF. The past really isn’t dead, it isn’t even past.

  3. I saw a woman on Democracy Now! this morning who interrupted a Congressional “Super Committee” meeting yesterday shouting that the budget deficit could be easily resolved by equitably taxing the rich and by ending our pointless wars.
    I will add another potential huge savings: Germany and Japan. Why is our military there 66 years after the end of World War Two? In countries that can easily afford to fund their own defense?
    Why are they looking to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid instead?
    Ho\w crazy is it to cut education? It’s like eating our seed corn.

    • The solution to the economic problems are plain to see. The will of the politicians are swayed by the 1%. Until the “We The People” change things that is. I see the process of altering the will of the politicians is beginning to take some shape. I like to be an optimist – but I admit the state of my life makes being an optimist much easier.

      As long as you are eating Monsanto seed corn, then it’s OK!!

    • We’ve been eating our seed corn for some time now. The move to kill public education is more akin to shoving our combine into the manure pit and then pointing at it and screaming “that won’t work and it smells bad too”.

  4. Quote of the Day:

    “I challenge anybody to say that I wouldn’t know how to approach foreign policy, because unlike some of the other people I at least have a foreign policy philosophy, which is an extension of the Reagan philosophy, peace through strength, and my philosophy is peace through strength and clarity… All of the details for each individual situation we got plenty of experts, but what a leader must do is be able to state some fundamental principles, fundamental philosophy, listen to the input, and make judgments,” – Herman Cain, who views the presidency as if it’s a CEO position.

    • The “Reagan Philisophy”?

      Invade small Caribbean Islands – watch out Jamaica, cut out the weed or herman’s coming

      Arm drug dealing terror groups

      Send weapons to your enemies to free citizens held against their will

      Cut-and-run from suicide bombers…

      Wait for your nearest rival to collapse from their own economic bankruptcy and declare victory….

      Time to get the popcorn out again.

    • The Reagan philosophy
      Duck combat duty in WWII by making progaganda films.
      Make a name for yourself as head of a labor union.
      Become governor based on B movie flops
      Become president by pretending to be folksy
      Sleep through most of your staff meetings and eventuall become senile.

      I see why this works for Herb.

      • Reagan also “forgot” that his combat experience from WWII was all make believe.

        We also tend to gloss over the massive damage he did to the state of California in two terms. Particularly egregious was his deliberate attempts to dismantle what had been the finest higher education system in the country. Tuition at state colleges and universities pre-Reagan: $0.

        • For a very long time after the senile ol’ fool instated the ‘FEES’ – mind you it was a pure Repub naming so as not to stir the cauldron — it was referred to as fees, never tuition because education was free to citizens of the state.
          Tuition is now bandied about and even written in the literature.

          I despise what Ronnie did to the state and country.

      • Please don’t forget: Get major union support from PATCO for election then fire them after elected.

        Betrayal is a key element in the crazy bread industry.

    • KochCain is definitely on (to) something. I mean, think of it. Since Reagan, peace has reigned! . . . save for US military actions in Central America (see Iran-Contra), Grenada, Panama, the Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Plus the ones we don’t know about, of course. But, still, in the process, the rich have gotten very much richer, corporations have been redefined as people, elections are for sale to the highest bidder, the middle class has been asked to enjoy their swim across the equivalent of a huge La Brea tarpit, fourteen anti-abortion bills have been introduced by House Republicans even as unemployment soars, and even shitty pizza continues to sell. So all is well then.

  5. Six inches of fresh snow here this morning thanks to yesterday’s storm. The view out the window is very calming–snow-covered mountains and trees and all–a good thing since late yesterday the IRS rifled my bank account for the second time in a week all thanks to apparently multiple errors, not to mention a travesty or two, none of which I’ve had a single fucking thing to do with other than as a patsy (I think I now might have begun to understand how Lee Harvey Oswald probably felt). Sometimes long stories are ok and interesting, but not when the craziness of others comes home to roost in one’s own nest! Still, the bank says one of the debits appears to have been returned and if so, probably will be credited to my account “sometime today” (generous of them, no?) . . . but if not I should call them tomorrow.

    Frankly, I’m about ready to join the revolution. I’ll have to walk to it though. No money left to buy gas and I don’t have a horse.

    Amurka. What a wonnerful country.

    • Grannies has balls. I remember a story, when in the 1980s Bavaria wanted to build a nuclear reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf they encountered unheard of resitance. While the youngsters were actively chucking coke cans on he policemen, grannies were behind he lines busily filling said cans wih sand and rubble for the activists to fling. Don’t mess with grannies!

    • “Warning, I’m a Bitter Christian and I’m clinging to my gun”

      It’s nice to see the teachings of Christ have really sunk in on you dipship.

    • “God n Guns
      Made America Great
      Ban Neither”

      Seems to me that this one’s just about the precise opposite of the reality. God n Guns, in the minds and hands of idiots, have long made this country a crappy place to be for far too many.

    • What is it about guns that so many seem to find so attractive? Is it strictly a woody thingee, or do they actually think a gun has some other use besides the “See me, I’m a REAL man” crap?

    • Amusing but it misses the point.

      The teabaggers, without realizing it because they are a very dim subset of the population, were rallying to preserve the status quo. The OWS is protesting against it. The first group has the hearty support of authority while the second is a threat.

    • Now, isn’t that little blonde girl in the red shirt with the pair of pearl handled revolvers reverse holstered just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

  6. I saw Bowling for Columbine a few weeks ago again and wa still intrigued by the comparison between Canadians (in Sarnia – know it well) and Americans. Numbers of guns is about the same, probably the number of Christians is maybe too.

    The difference – they are Canadians.

    Next year is 2012 – the two hundredth anniversayr of what Canadians think of as *their* War of Independence – from America. The battle of revisionist historians from Amurka and the Canadians is getting going. In Canada, I expect a lot of discussion and celebration of how their nation came to be different from the giant to the south…..

    • Yes, the war of 1812 was a huge step to being Canadian. Without that war, chances are Canada would not have existed. That war really put the border between the two countries on solid ground. Not sure what the kids are taught today, but I remember learning that bit of our history.

      As luck would have it, Canada’s natural resources were not discovered until after the border stretched to the west coast. At the time Canada became a nation (1867), water and trees weren’t an issue but if oil had been discovered in the west before 1987, then I imagine that American interest would have been very high and then who knows!

  7. The spin is in. The narrative from the “librul media” is that OWS protestors are “clashing with police all around the country”. This is, of course, a lie. The truth is that some police forces are engaging in unprovoked attacks against peaceful protestors exercising their 1st Amendment rights. FUX”News” is predictably worse.

    Last night one of their guttersnipes (Her name is Gullifoyle. I can’t decide whether her nickname should be “Gullyfoul” or “Gutterfolly”.) made what might be the most provocative comment yet. She proclaimed, without the benefit of any evidence, that the OWS protestors were “thieves and rapists” who are “attacking police”. That’s the kind of crap that can get innocent people killed. It’s happened before.

    Beckyboy told his worshipers that “Obama is going to take your guns” and three policemen were killed in an ambush. Bill0 told his worshipers that they would have “blood on their hands if Tiller the baby killer isn’t stopped”. George Tiller was gunned down in his church. It’s uncertain how much role FAUX”News” had in the 25-30 other “isolated incidents” of Reichwhiners taking their hate of liberals to the ultimate extreme over the last few years.

    • …OWS protestors are “clashing with police all around the country

      Check out any video on the OccupyOakland — barrier fences and the cop banging the baton close to the woman who dared touched the barrier.

      The Occupiers are taking care of their own: Medic tents; library tent; childcare tent.
      It’s a co-operative of sorts. Socialism – that’s for damn sure – no wonder the Fuxnews run scared!

  8. Next On The Wisconsin Agenda: Concealed Guns In The Capitol

    The Wisconsin legislature is divided once again, on a new hot-button topic: Whether citizens should be able to carry guns in the state Capitol, into legislators’ offices, and into the Assembly and Senate chambers themselves.
    The Wisconsin State Journal reports the legislature appears to be splitting on the idea of concealed-carry in the Capitol. The overwhelmingly Republican Assembly is in favor, but the only narrowly Republican (after the recent recalls) state Senate is coming down against it.

    The resolution of this impasse is not yet final. But as of now, it appears the state could be headed for a split result on this question — guns would be permitted in the Capitol, but not in the Senate.

    I can almost see and hear the comic strip-type arguments that Republicans have gotten so adept at making. In the Assembly, “Heck, we Repubs got us such a huge majority they could shoot a couple dozen of us’ns and we’d still own the place!” And in the Senate, panic: “Damn, we’ve only got a one seat majority. If only two of us gits blowed away, we lose control to them damn Democrats! No way, man!”

  9. Sometimes Thom Hartmann pisses me off. Every so often he complains about “evangelical atheists” and proclaims that atheism is a “belief system”.

    I would submit that an atheist who evangelizes is doing it wrong. Then we get to the difference between a belief and a belief system. One believes that 2+2=4 because, no matter how many times one adds 2 and 2, one will come up with 4 every time. Mathematics is, in this context, a belief system because one can extrapolate other “beliefs” like 4+4=8 using the same logic.

    I don’t believe in supernatural entities because, no matter what test one applies, one will come up with no gods every single time. However, one can not extrapolate any other “belief” based on the logic. The absence of a god doesn’t prove anything else any more than not knowing what causes something serves as evidence for the existence of a god.

    • don’t believe in supernatural entities because, no matter what test one applies, one will come up with no gods every single time. …
      You are of course referring to sane folk.
      The Batshites and Prickys of the world come up with gods all the time, with almost every test they fail.

  10. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Thursday, October 27, 2011 — 4:10 PM EDT

    In Broad Rally, S.&P. 500 Up Over 3%

    Stocks rallied around the world on Thursday, pushing the broader market in the United States back onto positive ground for the year, after European leaders reached a deal to spread the pain of restructuring Greece’s debt.

    The Dow Jones industrial average soared 340 points to close up 2.87 percent at 12,209, while the broader Standard & Poor’s 500 index was up even more, 3.43 percent, at 1,284.56 and the Nasdaq composite index up 3.32 percent at 2,738.63.

    Read More:

    I have a grand idea, a means for American ‘leaders’ to come up with “a deal to spread the pain of restructuring” our own debt. TAX THE RICH (50% or more, whatever it takes) AND BREAK UP and SELL OFF THE BIG BANKS! Make the buggers who caused the problem pay to fix it!

    • I was hoping, expecting to hear at least one legislator recommend removing the cap on SS CONTRIBUTIONS. Not a tax increase….A removal of a contribution cap is a fairness measure, not a tax increase.
      And what of Means Testing,for those over say $200,000 a year of INCOME in retirement?

    • Now wait until more news from Italy hits the airwaves and another round of profit taking by chosen few sends the markets down 5%.

      Interesting that the Dow Jones is over 12000 again and that the only time it has been over 12000 was a two year period from July 2006 to June 2008 and for the first half of this year. If it weren’t for the Euro troubles, Obama would have seen a steady gain during his term.

    • Not only a minor but a student, too. And she was a teacher then. Nice. “ex- gay” Republican candidate, now taking advantage again of the defenseless.

    • I have done some fairly in depth research on the subject and can safely say that pot doesn’t make people homosexual. It doesn’t make people commit statutory rape against their students either. And, while I have no direct evidence, I bet Ms. Wall drinks like a fish too.

      Now, if she had actually taken personal responsibility for her crime, paid a price for said crime, and lived an exemplary life since then? I would say she should run for office and be judged by her ideals and abilities. Since she pulls the same old crap of blaming her criminal behavior on outside influences I think she should be barred from public office.

      • Once she said she’d found Jesus, all that was moot. I did notice that nowhere in the article was the term “statutory rape” used, and I think it would have been automatic if she’d been a man having sex with an underage female.

      • Pete, obviously you qualify to run for Republicans only if you have proven that you are capable of he most outrageous hypocrisy possible. Look at Perry the pro life candidate and record holder in executions.

  11. From the “opposite of true” file.

    So, this freak is whipping out the lies ala FAUX”News”. His contention that the most profitable companies should be recipients of tax giveaways is laughable but the claim that a government loan guarantee means “they print the money and give it to you” is a damnable lie. Alas, it’s the same damnable lie being fed to FAUX”News” worshipers so a sizable minority believe that the government is printing money to give to risky ventures.

    • None of these “scandals” ever amount to much. So they broke a law here and a law there and the Repubs are all about election fraud but . . . no one really cares!

      Which is why Ann Coulter isn’t in the pokey for voter fraud.

      • Correction: no one really cares unless it is a Democrat… or Acorn… or anyone who wants more voters rather than less.

  12. Another night of good ratings for the new lineup on MSNBC: Ed at 1,029k, Rachel at 1,025k, and Lawrence at 970k. That’s two nights in a row with Ed and Rachel over a million together, and a million-plus average during prime time.

      • Crooks and Liars had a thread on ‘Uncle Pat’ this afternoon.

        I’m just reasonably happy that the numbers are up in the primetime shows. They were slowly sinking there for a while. The Occupy reporting may be increasing interest.
        Fridays are always down a little, and Mondays drop some during Monday Night Football season. I still watch Keith live, and Hartmann online before I check on MSNBC a little delayed. Those numbers are listed as ‘live and same day viewers’, so if they can poll my cable tuners remotely, they can see that I watch as a ‘same day’ viewer.

      • I don’t ever remember seeing Buchanan on with Ed, Rachel, or Lawrence, nor with Sharpton or Hayes. Those are the shows I watch (always delayed) online so Buchanan remains out of sight out of mind. I’d like to read that he got run over by a train or something, or got canned, whatever, but I don’t let my dislike of him keep me away from what are some very quality and informative shows.

  13. Good news from the Center for Biological Diversity

    Obama Plan Will Ban New Uranium Mining in Grand Canyon

    The spectacular Grand Canyon landscape got great news yesterday with the announcement of an Interior Department plan to ban new uranium mines on 1 million acres surrounding the national treasure for the next 20 years. The proposal came after years of hard advocacy by the Center for Biological Diversity and its allies to protect the lands and waters of the Grand Canyon from the toxic legacy of uranium mining. Thank you for the thousands of emails, phone calls and letters you sent the Interior pushing for this ban.

    The decision will protect some of the most biologically rich lands in the Southwest, home to springs, creeks and more than 1,000 species, including imperiled animals like the humpback chub. Banning new uranium mining on 1 million acres will save these iconic landscapes from roads, mining waste and industrial pollution. An official decision making the rule final is expected in about 30 days.

    Read an AP story on the ban here.

    • Great news, and, not to be a wet blanket; this will soon be forwarded to the Supreme Court by the Person formerly known as The Corporation, well within the next twenty years. Say one year, maybe two…

      • No doubt. That’s why we ASAP need a strong Dem majority in the Senate and a Dem in the White House at least until the SCOTUS majority can be reversed. Add to that a strong Dem majority in the House as well to enable the (justifiable) impeachment of Clarence Thomas and we’re off to a good start.

  14. Toronto Mayor acts up.

    Marg Delahunty is character on a news satire program here in Canada called “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”. Think of The Daily Show with a few more skits and no guest and four hosts – ok it’s different. Anywho… Marg ambushes lots of people including the last few Prime Ministers and they all seem to know who Marg is and have fun with it. Harper has been ambushed and is actually pretty funny.

    Rob Ford is a conservative and Toronto has generally voted in more liberal people. Looks like he can’t take a joke and then plays a “Don’t you know who I am” card on a call to 911! What an ass.

  15. MSNBC is saying that the Cain operation is nothing more than a Joke. This brings to mind a bumper sticker: “Is Cain Abel?”. That would throw the Tea Party Bible thumpers into a hussy fit.

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