dapper ducks

Harlequin ducks have few rivals for a sense of style, both in plumage and activity. Inhabiting wild waters of surf and stream, they dive and squirt off the rocks with aplomb.

A combination of early morning low tide, a sunny day and wet feet got me close enough for these shots.

The Watering Hole: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Traveler and the Seed

a modern parable


Briseadh na Faire

“If you want to stay in power as long as possible, you must never give the people hope of anything better.”

Those were the father’s last words to his son. The son inherited more wealth than the rest of the people in his kingdom combined. But that still was not enough. He knew he had to keep his people oppressed, taxing what earnings they had to keep them barely above starvation. His soldiers he paid well enough, but they, too, labored under the yoke of knowing at any moment, the son could cast them out of his service, and into the streets to beg and be beaten for begging, just as they had beaten beggars.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Season after season the son ruled supreme. No one dared cry out against him, for fear of his wrath. His fortunes grew even as his people perished from want of food and ill health. But that did not matter to the son. All that mattered was ruling, and gaining more and more wealth. He was the giver of jobs, the taker of jobs; the giver of life, the taker of life. In his kingdom there was no hope.
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Picture of the Day: Castor II

The Castor transport has reached it’s destination.

The overwhelming majority of protesters remained peaceful, which in itself is surprising, given the official contempt for their cause. Since the first CASTOR rolled in 1995 all they got was more police in full riot gear, but noone listened to their just complaints. The Gorleben storage site is labeled temporary, that is a lie. As of yet there are not even serious attempts at finding a final storage place, I can’t blame the residents of the area for their wrath.

The State of Lower Saxony has another site, which is already in deep trouble.