64 thoughts on “Rocking Music Night, November 4, 2012

    • There were no standardized systems of writing music until the last few centuries, so the music that existed in earlier ages was simply learned and played. That said, there are some sripts of troubador songs and the like, which have been decoded by music historians of both a theoretical and practical sort. The latter will often go around playing at Ren Faires on instruments constructed upon traditional patterns.

  1. I had a brand new experience today: I stood on a picket line.

    The SIU Faculty Association has gone on strike. For the past year the administration has made no effort to negotiate, and has insisted that they be granted the right to terminate ANY faculty member regardless of tenure w/o any shred of transparency or evidence as to reason or financial necessity. The non-tenure track people like myself are covered by a different union that (along with two others) the admin suddernly remembered and made last-minute concessions in order to avoid multiple unions on strike. Their reasoning is obvious: if they can break the FA, then the other agreements will be meaningless and the admin will unilaterally disregard those agreements as they have already done with the FA on several occassions. So while we are legally obligated to teach our classes, many of us are still going out on the picket lines in solidarity with the FA.

  2. Why is it that music has become recordable in the last 500 years but hasn’t been recorded until the lat 110 years? And just what does Gawd have against music?

  3. Gummitch says: “This band was never meant to play concert halls, they should have been onstage at dances!”

    No kidding. I had the fortune of seeing them back in the early 80’s at an Engineering bash. What a great night. I’m no dancer – I do (or should I say DID) freestyle, which is to say never the same thing on the same song for more than 30 seconds. Probably the best workout I’ve ever had. I actually created quite a stir with my flailing around.

    Good choice Gummitch.

    • dycker, God Only Knows is one of my favorite songs, I love to sing along with it (but I only do it in the car.) I remember when Pet Sounds came out, the radio stations wouldn’t play God Only Knows because it had “God” in it. That album has some haunting music on it.

  4. Remember the Partridge Family? It was based on the Cowsill family. This is Billy, he lived in Calgary since 1995 or so after being saved from drug addiction and died in 2006 from various ailments. His brother Barry died in Hurricane Katrina.

    He had found a good musical community in Calgary. Including Jane Arden and the Co-Dependents (Billy Cowsill, Tim Leacock, Steve Pineo (can’t find any good Steve Pineo on youtube – but he is outstanding!) and Ross Watson).

    • That’s the first time I’ve seen the video. Have heard the song, on the radio, several times.

      I really like the Decemberists “Mariners Revenge”

  5. The frontman of the Cologne Band BAP has been hospitalised with a stroke. Bap has brought the Cologne dialect to Rock. I loved them and I had this huge crush on Wolfgang Niedecken. Get well Wolfgang.

  6. Going back to bed. Thanks for the post gummitch. I still love looking at all the clips of music night, even if I have to get up early to get in a clip myself.

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