where’s Cuervo?

At least one of you critters knows where this is…


7 thoughts on “where’s Cuervo?

  1. My first reaction was La Push, but then I looked harder at the configuration of the three islands and don’t recall the driftwood seawall.

    • Ah, first instincts are right… across the estuary at Rialto Beach.
      Wild coast, I spent a couple of days there. Did some beach hiking, as there was no way I could paddle out into the pounding surf.
      The wonders of modern communications can have their scary moments, somehow picked up a weird tower this morning that had Global data roaming charges of $20.00 a megabyte. This was after uploading 50 MB of pictures last night. A call to the server this morning implies it was a fluke, and I won’t owe $800.00 next month. I’ll put up a post in a couple of days with the good pictures, after I calm down. 🙂

    • A lot has changed since 1984.
      There is fresh snow on the mountains, I was going to visit the Hoh Rain Forest, but it was raining too hard… Still some other hardy campers about, mostly surfers. I’ll go out on the water, but I’m not going to get in it!

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