The Watering Hole, Wednesday, November 9, 2011: CRASH AND BURN!

In the end, it wasn’t even close. As of this writing:

The people chose unions over Republicans: 61% to 39%, with 99% of the vote counted in Ohio.

And Zygotes lost their bid for personhood, 58% to 42%, with 91% of the votes counted in Mississippi.

Of course, the next natural disaster to strike the U.S. will be God’s revenge for these votes. (/snark)

This is, unmistakeably, a clear sign that the Republican Agenda is not being accepted by a vast majority. Which means, of course, that Fox Gnus will spin this as a ratification of all things Republican.



427 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, November 9, 2011: CRASH AND BURN!

  1. Counselor, answer me this: due to the passage of Issue Three in Ohio, and the D.C. Court of Appeals’ opinion to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, released yesterday, in the event the Supreme Court sides with the D.C. Circuit, does that mean the Ohio State Constitution amendment is invalid?

    “This signifies that state level resistance to federal power is not just an old idea relegated to history books,” Tenth Amendment Center executive director Michael Boldin said, “It’s something that’s alive and well right now.”
    Ohio became the tenth state to reject the insurance mandates in the PPACA.

    I’ve always felt that your rights shouldn’t vary from state to state, if this really is a country, and we are all citizens of the country first, and our state of residence second.

    This swinging back and forth of electoral momentum worries me, in that, if the Supreme Court upholds PPACA, the Tenthbaggers will get all motivated by next year, and be more trouble than otherwise.

    • Not being a lawyer, I’d offer my lay-answer… If the Supreme Court upholds it, then it would seem that the supremacy clause would override the attempts by some of the states to circumvent it.

      • Do States have the right to pick and choose which Federal Laws to follow?

        It depends.

        A few decades ago, Congress passed a 55 mph speed limit. States had a choice: implement a 55 mph speed limit in their state, or forego federal highway funds.

        I don’t know if the Affordable Health Care Act contains such a choice. It may well be that States can choose not to implement all or part of the Act.

        But, if States don’t have a choice, and Congress has, what the court say, “fully occupied the field”, then the federal courts will overturn the States’ laws blocking implementation.

        • I’m not legally trained, but I would argue that Congress did not have the constitutiional authority to impose speed limits on the states. They could, however, tell the states that if you want federal money for your roads, you have to lower your state speed limit to 55 MPH. There’s nothing unconstitutional about that.

    • Actually, your rights can and do vary from state to state. In New York, for example, we have a lot of consumer protection laws that give us rights that people in other states don’t have.

      Your rights as an American should not vary from state to state, but your rights as a citizen of a particular state can differ from those of others.

    • On the tenth amendment business, I’ve always thought that it was added to effectively calm the nerves of those whose loyalty was, back then, to the 1777 Articles of Confederation And Perpetual Union, replaced by the Constitution in 1789.

      The tenth simply says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Problem is, Congress has the authority to write and pass into law legislation almost anything save that which specifically attempts to override a given constitutional provision. Tenthers seem to take the tack that if a given piece of legislation is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution (Social Security?) that it’s then automatically unconstitutional and thereby becomes ‘reserved to the States’.

      Maybe under the old Articles of Confed. they’d have had a case, but under the Constitution, no. The States are “United” and NOT separate individual nations, no matter how much some folks in some states might choose to disagree, no matter what they might think they see between the lines of the tenth amendment.

    • How difficult is it to register with the state of Florida? I hope this law gets challenged in court.

      The good news is that the voters of Maine want to keep the privilege of same day registration. I believe that every American citizen 18 years and older should be allowed to vote. I spoke with someone yesterday that told me he doesn’t vote and he never wants to vote. My comment to him was that he would probably be angry if he lost the privilege to vote. I’ll keep working on him.

      • Tell your apathetic associate that there are other countries on this planet that would welcome his apathy.
        Living in a democracy has certain social responsibilties.

        About the teacher.
        Someone had to snitch her out because New Smyrna is about as much a political hotbed as Kayenta Arizona.
        It’s very easy to register as an individual.
        They were going after her as a “third party”

        Sen Bill Nelson is addressing it and I have written to him.

    • ” the Republican-led Legislature adopted the new rules, largely on party lines. Supporters said it was necessary to prevent voter fraud, though elections supervisors like McFall said they haven’t had a problem. ”

      This isn’t about election fraud. It’s about voter suppression, pure and simple.

      • Exactly!

        Of all states being ‘concerned’ about voter fraud. FL must have, a very, short memory,: Katherine Harris 2000!

  2. The Democrat won the special election for a State Senate seat in Iowa leaving them in control of that House. Had the Republican won, the Iowa State Senate would have been evenly divided and, under Iowa law, the Governor (a Republican) would get to cast the deciding vote in cases of a tie.

  3. 1.Ballot initiative to tax the upper 1% to 50% of their income. This is less than most overseas countries but way more than they are paying here.

    2.And while we are at it, a vote to close tax loopholes for corporations so that they actually pay taxes.

    3. Are corporations people?

  4. We still need a Constitutional Amendment to rid corporattions of their ‘personhood’.
    Not technically a ballot initiative, but unless/until we do it, we’re gonna get screwed-er.

  5. “The evil dark side that exists in this world is taking hold. And they’re saying, what we want you to be able to do is continue to extinguish innocent life. You see, if we could do that, Satan wins,” – Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant, on the fight over the state’s proposed personhood amendment, which failed last night.

    Get the hell out of government and go join a congregation of like-minded zombies.

  6. “The evil dark side that exists in this world is taking hold. ”

    Yes, and we need to make sure the Koch Brothers, and their ‘brotha fromanotha motha’ are thwarted in their evil ways.

  7. From TP:

    And finally: If this whole running for president thing doesn’t work out for Newt Gingrich, it’s cool because he’s go a backup plan: “zoo director.” Gingrich is famous for going out of his way at campaign stop to visit zoos, and he told CNN’s Piers Morgan last night that if he hadn’t gotten into politics, “I would have spent my life as either a vertebrate paleontologist or a zoo director.” “Would you really?” asked Morgan incredulously. Gingrich assured him he was serious.

    I can promise him this is one Zoo he will never be welcome to visit, let alone run.

  8. Big snowstorm working its way across Mn and Wi. Calling for 4-6″ of wet snowman snow. This thing spans from Lake Superior to the southern border of Ia and from central Wi to central Mn. Now where did I put my galoshes?

    • No war is lost as long as the US has a dollar left to spend. (The Right really does have a serious case of Black Knight Syndrome.)

        • Yes, it’s an allegorical comment in this case – those who would be kings over us – the original comes from Denis Diderot – revolutionary French progressive in the pre-revolution years of the 18th C.

          As ever, the church came after him even in death.

          “Of course it would not do for the church to allow a man to die in peace who had added to the intellectual wealth of the world. The moment Diderot was dead, Catholic priests began painting and recounting the horrors of his expiring moments. They described him as overcome with remorse, as insane with fear; and these falsehoods have been repeated by the Protestant world, and will probably be repeated by thousands of ministers after we are dead.
          The truth is, he had passed his threescore years and ten. He had lived for seventy-one years. He had eaten his supper. He had been conversing with his wife. He was reclining in his easy chair. His mind was at perfect rest. He had entered, without knowing it, the twilight of his last day. Above the horizon was the evening star, telling of sleep. The room grew still and the stillness was lulled by the murmur of the street. There were a few moments of perfect peace. The wife said, “He is asleep.” She enjoyed his repose, and breathed softly that he might not be disturbed. The moments wore on, and still he slept. Lovingly, softly, at last she touched him. Yes, he was asleep. He had become a part of the eternal silence. “

          • More Denis Diderot:

            “The most dangerous madmen are those created by religion, and … people whose aim is to disrupt society always know how to make good use of them on occasion.”

    • In the book they recommend “switching” a 7-month-old on the bare bottom or leg seven to eight times as a punishment for getting angry. If the baby is still angry, the urge parents to repeat the punishment until the child gives in to the pain. The “switch” they recommend for an under 1-year-old is from a willow tree and/or a 12-inch ruler.

      Right, because the baby won’t be angry if you beat him long enough. Dead, maybe, but not angry. It’s not as if he’s going to need decades of therapy to deal with emotional problems, right?

      This is about nothing but control, which is obvious from what they’ve written. The baby cries because it’s manipulating the parents, so the parents must exert whatever cruelty is needed to destroy the baby’s ego and reassert complete control. Like Zooey said: sick fucks.

    • As we all know Jayzus said, “He who doesn’t see my loving hand shall see my scourging hand and be beaten repeatedly until they see just how much God loves them. For the Lord says he made man unto an ass so that the only way to get his attention is with a 2×4.”

      • I don’t think that is what Jesus meant when he said, “suffer the little children…”

    • Good for him! Note to closeted Republicans – you too could be happy by embracing the inner YOU!

  9. These days a ‘huge’ oil discovery is a field of less than a billion barrels of oil which is about 50 days of US supply….

    Makes you wonder who writes these headlines – stupid people or the oil industry who have a vested interest in keeping the news of Peak Oil out of public consciousness

    I note that 3/4 of this stuff is the junk oil you get from oil shale.

    Contrast: the last ‘huge’ oil discovery in the US was in Alaska – the Prudhoe Bay field – *25 billion* barrels of oil that at least flowed out of the ground under pressure.

  10. G’day, gang. Well? Yesterday wasn’t a clean sweep but it looks like a lot of people have realized that the teabaggers are not good for the country. If the Dems can actually get on message, and the “librul media” can be forced to carry said message, we just might be able to undue the aberration of 2010. It’s a pity that we lost another 2 years to Reich-wing obstruction, idiocy, insanity, and sabotage but “better late than never”.

        • Lucky duck. I just ran to the store and the roads are somewhere between whale snot and owl shit slick. And we are only half way through the verdamnt thing.

          • I’m torn. i actually tend to find the first snow of the year invigorating but it does make it Hell to get around; especially since most people forget how to drive on slick roads over the summer.

          • ok…is there a viscosity chart somewhere on the intertubes that lists the relative viscosities of “whale snot” and “owl shit”?

  11. 2012 Primary Debate Schedule

    November 9, 2011

    8pm ET on CNBC – Live Stream

    Location: Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan

    Sponsor: CNBC, the Michigan Republican Party and Oakland University

    Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

    • Issues I want to hear discussed at this ‘debate’:

      Why should a woman presume to have a right to determination over her own body? Mr Cain?

      Why are you sucking up to Mr. Cain? Mr Gingrich?

      Why does the Republican party think that lowering the tax rate for the wealthiest Americans to 28% is part of deficit reduction and a tax increase? Mr. Paul?

      Why are you secretly rooting for the Penn St football coach? Mr. Santorum?

      • Ms. Bachmann, if people who don’t work don’t deserve to eat, how do you explain your lack of time in DC working as a Representative and your ability to have a wage that allows you to eat?

  12. One for House. Yesterday I was at a stop light when a low, sleek black car with twin hood scoops pulled up next to me. Brand new and looking like a cross between a Firebird and a Mustang. And what to my wondering ears should appear but the low throated lope of a high performance engine with a nicely tuned exhaust. Haven’t heard it since my hot road youth.

    Turns out it was a Pontiac GTO with a 6 liter engine. I was shamefully a twitter thinking a 6 liter was something of a big block engine until I checked. A whole whopping 366 CI. But, damn, it sounded sweet.

  13. Good ol’ FAUX”News” demonstrates their ethical standards (none) yet again. It appears that one of their contributors is also the ghost writer for Batscat Bachmann’s upcoming book but the FAUX viewers weren’t informed. not that it would make any difference. The only reason they watch FAUX”News” is to validate their preconceptions.

    • It appears that one of their contributors liars is also the ghost writer prevaricator for Batscat Bachmann’s upcoming book …

      Sorry, Pete, just couldn’t resist a bit of ‘touchup’…Hope you don’t mind…

  14. A nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System will occur on Wednesday, November 9 at
    2:00 PM EST via TV and radio stations.

    (11a PST; Noon MST; 1p CST)

  15. “”We have to find and develop two new Middle Easts, that’s a tall order,” said Mr Birol

    Because of declining oil production – the IEA calls for *2 NEW* Middle Easts to be discovered and developed!

    Think about that for a second.. a minute…. and then think that the oil industry has been looking for and have not found replacements for the *current* Middle East production and they’ve been looking since 1965, since the peak of oil discovery…..

    IEA calls it out. Oil shale and tar sands ain’t going to do it….

  16. GOP Rep. Explains Why He Yelled At A Constituent
    Rep. Joe Walsh — who recently freaked out at a constituent at an informal town hall gathering — explains that he was “working on an empty stomach and had a quicker fuse than normal.”

    If only there had been food at the event — which took place at a restaurant.

    • I wish someone would have asked him to name just one bank that was “forced” to loan to an unqualified person. Face it, the banks were greedy.

      In other news, Newt now thinks deregulating Wall Street in the 90’s wasn’t such a good idea. Ya think?

      • Let’s just say for a second that banks were “forced” to give loans. Now who forced the banks to then turn around and sell those loans as a triple A rated products?

    • I can just hear Dr. McCoy, “For God’s sake, Jim! Get this man some Cheetos before he kills us all!”

      • I was thinking along the same lines! If this guy had a finger on the nuclear trigger ever missed a meal… 😦

  17. Don’t work? Don’t eat! Got that, Gramps and Grandma? Fergit about retirin’. And ifn’ ya git sick, it don’t matter if it’s feed a cold, starve a fever or th’ other way around, we’re gonna starve ya til ya git back to work!

    Unlessn’ of course yer already wealthy offn’ yer Grandpappy’s inheritance who dun set ya up fer life. Then ya don’ts have ta work, and every meal can be an all-yew-kin-eat buffay!

  18. So for the fundagelical Right the main difference between a fertilized egg and a retired person is the egg doesn’t have an estate to pass on.

    • The main problem with a zygote or fetus is that you can’t scare ’em. Gotta wait till birth, then make proper use of the willow switch. Fear is necessary for control, for perpetuating idiocy.

  19. I think I am going to send an email suggestion to the Occupy movement suggesting a total walkout of all government employees, local, county, state and federal for 3 days. A total blackout of all government services across the US.

    It is time to remind America just what their taxes pay for and what they will lose if the Right sells America out to private interests.

  20. Makes me wonder what the markets would do if they happened to see their own shadow(s).

    Fear. Interesting tool. Great way to fool a fool.

    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wednesday, November 9, 2011 — 4:05 PM EST

    U.S. Stock Indexes Tumble by Over 3% on Fears About Italy’s Debt

    Stocks plummeted Wednesday and European bond yields rose to worrying levels on fears that Europe’s sovereign debt crisis was widening.

    As trading came to an end on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average was down nearly 390 points, or more than 3 percent. The broader Standard & Poor’s index was off about 3.7 percent, with bank stocks hit the hardest.

    European shares fared little better, and the euro tumbled. Bond yields in Italy, one of Europe’s largest economies, surpassed 7 percent, approaching the level that had sent other euro zone nations to seek bailouts. Spanish and French bond yields also rose, amid fears that the contagion could spread further.

    Read More:

    • And Occupy protesters eat small children, screw ducks, squirrels and evangelical women and carry really big swords, hammers and axes while wearing chain mail bikinis. Even the guys.

  21. Howard Dean’s political career pretty much was over when the wingnuts mocked his screaming, and general whooping it up FOR JOY after a primary victory.

    Joe Walsh was an angry, combative screaming maniac, with bulging neck veins berating his constituents. This is today’s bipartisan politics in action.

    • I’ve never committed a violent act against another human being in my entire adult life. That being said, if someone stuck their finger in my face and screamed at me like Mr. Walsh, he would not have gotten that finger back in an undamaged condition. The chances that i would break the offending digit or bite it off are about 50-50.

  22. A question for any prolifer who is outraged that our government doesn’t recognize personhood at fertilization and calls it evil yet is willing to ignore the removal of the minimal treatment for their grandparents by the same group, why is this?

    You scream and moan that fertilized cells that have less than a 50% chance of becoming an embryo which has about the same chances of becoming a living baby in the real world yet you feel it is right and just to provide health care for the elderly and infirm? Are the unborn more important than the elderly?

      • I knew what you meant.

        i think that the “personhood” bill getting shot down might be the most encouraging sign among all the most encouraging signs yesterday. If nothing else, I think it shows that a whole bunch of conservative, Southern, women want to be allowed to keep using birth control. I don’t know who got the word out in MS but I hope they keep up the good work.

        • The scariest part of the whole personhood bill is that if a woman miscarried, she could and would have to be investigated for murder. Miss a period, get in line for a murder charge

          • Yep. I guess that I’ve become so convinced that the American electorate, with the complicity of the “librul media”, is so dysfunctional that I no longer have faith that they will make intelligent decisions. Frankly, I’m pretty stoked that there are some signs that word is getting out and people are understanding the issues.

    • He is also the illegitimate son of Hitler and Hess. Well, actually their grandson since the test tube child mated with the daughter of Herman Goering and Albert Speers to produce the true Sonderkind, Sean Insannity. He obviously dyes his hair black and assumes the Celtic name he has to hide his true heritage.

      Either that or he is just an attention sucking whacko fathered by a tapeworm on a pile of slime mold.

      Or he is a low intellect media whore.

      the first two sound much more exciting.

      • I think, mostly, he’s just a pathological liar. He’s not even as good at lying as Bill0 and some of the others but that doesn’t stop him from lying for a living.

        i still think that my favorite was when he had on an insurance executive. He played a clip where President Obama said “I’m not saying they’re bad people” and inSeannity said “he just said you were all bad people”. It takes a kind of insanity that I can’t comprehend to actually put any faith in what inSeanitty says.

  23. (priorities – women have to value yet a meat pizza has importance)

    American Mustache Institute Rescinds Cain Endorsement
    Herman Cain’s famous mustache is becoming a liability to his campaign.

    After it endorsed him on CNN back on Oct. 13, the American Mustache Institute has rescinded it’s support for Herman Cain. The reason for the AMI’s change of heart wasn’t the sex scandal surrounding Cain, but rather what the AMI called “both pizza and mustache fraud.”

  24. Ugggghhhhh!!!!

    It’s so hard to find a place to live that a) allows my old dog, and b) doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    • That made me ill to read. Allowing him to finish out the season.
      This is so reminiscent of the Catholic church and the cover up for decades before the seam broke!

    • College football means big bucks. Not as much as Catholic priests but almost the same. Winning is all.

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  26. Oh come on. So he is gorgeous and smart and sensitive and liberal and funny and straight. Big deal. He probably can’t play poker worth a shit and can’t hold his liquor.

  27. Oh crap. Went to take the dogs for a walk and found my left rear tire to be getting flat. Walked in the neighbourhood instead. Go back home and tried to get the spare out. I have a Hyundai Sante Fe and the spare is underneath the back. I have to turn a bolt to lower the spare tire. No go. What a stupid setup. The bolt sees all the weather and is just rusted enough to be immovable. There was enough air to get to the local gas station to put air in the tire. Tomorrow I’ll have to drive to my tire shop and hope I don’t loose all the air by the time I get there.

    I’m betting there is a nail in it. Four doors down in the back ally they just finished putting up a new garage. Arrgh!

  28. Bialek’s Witness:

    Herm is done.

    “Amy Jacobson of AM560 WIND in Chicago, first reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, corroborates Bialek’s version of the October meeting provided at Monday’s news conference…

    In a telephone interview, Jacobson said Wednesday that Bialek assertively made her way backstage at the October 1 event and encountered Cain. In a telephone interview, Jacobson said Wednesday that Bialek assertively made her way backstage at the October 1 event and encountered Cain. According to Jacobson, Bialek approached Cain and said hello, and he smiled and they briefly embraced, then stood talking together. “It was more like she put her arms around him. She didn’t corner him, but I can use the basketball term, boxed him out,” Jacobson said of the encounter.

    Jacobson said she was unable to hear the conversation, which continued until an event organizer interrupted them to hustle Cain on stage for his speech. “She talked to him for a few minutes, which made me kind of mad because I wanted to talk to him,” Jacobson said. While unwilling to characterize the encounter, Jacobson said that Cain looked “stone-faced” after his initial smile. “There was a smile, and then things got tense,” Jacobson said of the encounter.”

    Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed:

    “The bottom line. I believe Amy.

    You, Sir, need to get your act together and off the campaign trail.”

  29. CNBC is hosting, correct?
    I went to their site – has a button for live stream on the debate – it sends to their ‘live blog’. No I want the stream.
    Find the stream – nothing but eff’g ads.

  30. We haven’t had a debate yet. A debate includes a topic, the two sides present evidence and at the end the side that presents the most convincing argument wins.

    What we have had to date is various Republicans presenting various views on various topics. None have presented a solid presentation on any topic. None have won a debate because no one was judging anything they had to say. It was all political presentation of jargon and the supposed mediators smiled.

  31. There isn’t a single Republican candidate that could survive or win an average high school debate. But they do a good job of selling cod swill.

  32. Since it comes to a choice of listening to Republicans explain how fucking the general public is what will say America and reading ERB (into his 3rd book in a huge collection I downloaded) I would rather read about weird fantasy from the early 20th century. I’ve already heard the Republican fantasies about remaking America.

  33. I fail to see why this ‘assets compared to GDP’ is relevant. One is accumulated funds, the other is a year’s total output.

    • If Bernanke hadn’t been retained by Obama, he’d have been the one brilliant mind who could have saved us, if only he’d been allowed to do it.

  34. ‘Too big to fail’ is a Democratic position, even a Bernie Sanders Socialist position.

  35. Romney got around a question about his political shape-shifting by citing his long-term attachment to institutions, like his Church, his wife and his company. A non-sequitur. And a weak questioner. Great.

  36. These guys may or may not know — and the audience sure doesn’t — that repealing the ACA will cost hundreds of billions of dollars.

  37. Romney says that Obama doesn’t like business. Because he bailed out the auto companies. Successfully.


  38. By golly I think I might vote for one of these incredibly insightful powerhouses. Then again I may marry the easter bunny.

  39. It’s been a rough day at the Cat’s home today. This morning, I learned that my dear, sweet mother-in-law passed away. She lived with my father-in-law in Naples, FL so my husband will be traveling tomorrow to meet with his father. I’m staying home because there is no need for me to be there. Since almost all the family lives in the greater Philadelphia area, we will be holding a memorial for her in December in PA. She was the best. I loved her dearly and I’m glad that my last memory of her is of the two of us drinking Margaritas together. That was the last time that I saw her laugh.

    • The audience doesn’t like that! They’re enamored with the marionettes on stage and don’t like anyone challenging the spewing idiocy.

  40. These people put the entire blame of the recession on Obama. All of it. Nothing existed before 2009. Not even the recession.

  41. Something just clunked into place about Batshit.

    She always looks right into the camera and her hair and makeup are just so (and refreshed every commercial break), and every move is very choreographed beforehand.

    She’s trying to win by playing beauty queen/popular girl. If she’s pretty enough, she’ll win!

    Well, she ain’t.

    • The lies are coming so fast. Jesus have I told you lately how much I hate these people (in Malloys voice)

  42. Many of these issues are complex and difficult and these candidates, even if they were capable of grappling them, respond with cliches and slogans.

  43. Aw crap! i couldn’t stay away. Why don’t any of the “moderators” point out that “Obamacare” and Dodd-Frank are the ONLY two bills the obstructionist GOoPers allowed to pass and that only happened after they gutted them?

    • He’s the “real” black man. It wouldn’t go over well with the teabaggers if he didn’t sound like a character from Sanford and Son.

  44. Shouldn’t this audience love Obama since corporate profits are at an all-time high now.?


  45. “Get Government out of the way.” “Do away with regulations.’

    That’ll work out real well Herb!

  46. It seems to have slipped by everyone that Freddie Mac paid Gingrich $300,000 for his advice.


  47. It’s kinda sad to see that Huntsman is backing away from his previous semblance of sanity to try and pander to people who have already rejected him.

  48. Ron Paul — opt out of everything!

    Yeah, and after all these bozos have opted out of everything, spent all their money, and then get sick — they’ll kick and scream and piss and moan that the taxpayers should have to take care of them.

    Ron Paul followers are freeloaders.

  49. Cain is a fucker!

    “Princess Nancy”

    yeah we believe you never harassed women in the work place –
    Herb if Gloria doesn’t divorce you…

  50. “Princess Nancy” passed around 230 pieces of legislation that might have helped but the GOoPers in the Senate killed them all.

  51. Romney (and prolly the rest of them) would do away with the only recourse people have when they’re harmed by doctors or medicine.

  52. LOLOLOL……Newt….LOLOLOLOL……..Gassbag………lardass……..puss bucket….LOLOLOLOL

  53. Don’t you think that someone with so many allegations of sexual harassment and assault against him might not belittle a former speaker of the House as “Princess Nancy”?

  54. I don’t expect humanity or sense from any of these eight ignoramuses.

    My vote for the most hated goes to the audience.

  55. in Rochester, Mich., where the debate is actually taking place:

    — Population is 11,017.

    — There are 298 unemployed residents.

    — The median household income is $74,959, up from $65,179 in 2000 (adjusted for inflation).

    — The median home value is $288,200, up from $260,700 in 2000.

    — 4.2 percent of the families fall below the poverty level; this increased from 0.6 percent in 2000.

  56. My stress goes to my neck and shoulders, and after the day I’ve had and this clusterfuck tonight, my shoulders are up around my ears.

    Heating pad!!! Ibuprofen!!! Ow!

  57. Best moment in the date so far: Cain responds to accusations. For every woman who says I harassed her, there are “thousands” who say I didn’t.

  58. Best moment in the debate so far: Cain responds to accusations. For every woman who says I harassed her, there are “thousands” who say I didn’t.

  59. It’s hard to answer a question that’s a lie. Bush never had any intention of working across party lines and Obama has to his detriment.

  60. Cain is the flavor of the moment: He makes the base feel good about not knowing what the hell is going on and still be empowered to affect changes in the outcome. He doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, but he can articulate just enough reassurances that he’ll “feel” his way through the situation to put the pearl-clutching mind at ease.

  61. For something completely different,

    there’s a new thread above:

    News Flash – Zygote Files Lawsuit Against In Vitro Fertilization Clinic


  62. Pervy scores. “My addled brain just kicked in. I need my MEDS!” I can’t answer the question I proposed. BWWWWWWWWWWWWWaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  63. Bachmann sit down.

    There are no jobs – where are the jobs? We’d be paying into SS if we had jobs…

  64. @DanaPerino: Ay yi yi, former Speaker Pelosi called a princess in the debate? Not fair. We may disagree on policy, but she earned the Speaker title.

  65. Huntsman is once again the only one making any sense in this debate. And will get the least amount of notice (except of course for Santorum..) [Woof!]

    • But he’s making less sense than he used to. He’s pandering to the crazies but just isn’t quite insane enough to pull it off.

  66. Why the hell does Paul want to be President if he’s so against the Government?

    Paying for education is a bit more complicated than buying a fucking electronic device….

    I detest Paul!

  67. If Jon Huntsman believes the WSJ editorial page is the most respected economic authority in the world, then we have a problem.

  68. Final question when they return! Huzzah it’s nearly over.

    (why must we ‘know the enemy’? It’s so damn painful)

  69. Rick Perry. There is seriously something wrong with that guy. Someone needs to tell him to just go home and hold on to what he already has going for him. I can’t figure out why he even has that..

    I’ve watched all these debates, interviews and speeches. The fluctuations [and stupidity] are amazing.. Politics aside, there IS something off with this guy. I am guessing alcohol or chemical, but something is seriously off. I do have some experience in recognizing this stuff..

  70. What Romney is describing about China could apply to Walmart’s business practices towards mom and pop stores.

  71. What tonight confirms (aside they’re azzholes, and stupid) is that Pervy is definitely bubye. GO HERM!

  72. Cain actually says that the tax code is why American companies outsource. The notion that under any tax code, American workers can compete with Indians and Chinese earning one tenth of the salaries is bizarre. Cain jumped his own shark here.

  73. Buisnesses are suffering … yet corporate profits are at an all time high.

    Uh oh….Perry brain fart again….

  74. Moment of Zen…

    From this distant vantage point, the Earth might not seem of any particular interest. But for us, it’s different. Look again at that dot. That’s here, that’s home, that’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there – on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

    —Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

      • (For some reason I went to the spam bin)

        They each want to be President of a country that has NO government.

        How that trick is played is beyond me.

        Anarchy will ensue.

        • They won’t actually do away with the government. They’ll just talk a lot, and then make government bigger and more cumbersome, as well as spending more money than Reagan and Bush II combined.

          And blame it on the Democrats.

          • And then a Democrat will be elected because things are so bad and be blamed when he can’t fix it in 2 years.

  75. Against all odds; I’m actually more against every single one of them. I find myself wishing that someone had flown a plane into the building.

  76. Cain is so out of his league on the economy it’s painful. But he can remember three things and a punchline. But no ability to address the abuses on Wall Street. Then Perry actually criticizes crony capitalism. Perry.

  77. There are only two faintly plausible, credible presidents up there, both Mormons. The rest is beyond an embarrassment, and at this moment in history, the sheer dearth of talent is alarming. Did anyone up there give you confidence he or she could actually lead the world countering this growing debt and unemployment crisis?

    The losers of this debate: Perry and Cain. The winners? Gingrich and Obama.

    • In that case it will be Obama the winner.
      Gingrich becoming president would cause me to seek a cave in which to live out my remaining days.

    • Neither of the Mormons will get the nomination. It just ain’t happening.

      It seem Newt’s strategy is to stay in the background selling books or something, and then pretending to be the knowledgeable elder statesman during debates. We see through it, but repiggie followers certainly won’t.

    • He looks just like a marionette – he’s had a GWB brain implant; that’s the kiss of death right there!

  78. Received this e-mail earlier this evening:

    Hello, I’m Mindy Myers, Elizabeth Warren’s campaign manager — and I’m writing you with an urgent update tonight.

    A few minutes ago, we learned that Crossroads GPS, the group of right-wing billionaires fronted by Karl Rove, is about to launch a wave of attack ads in Massachusetts as soon as tomorrow. They just bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of TV time, and you know they’ll have the money to stay on the air.

    We will not — and cannot — allow attacks from Scott Brown and his allies to go unanswered.


    Still very tentative, but a bit more solid than a simple rumor. It is worth considering that, since the Faculty Association stood to lose *everything*, there was/is absolutely no point in making any kind of agreement that does not achieve the minimal assurances of financial transparency that guarantees tenure, and protection from the arbitrary license to retaliate against union members that the administration was demanding.

    So here’s hoping.

  80. Update

    After the debate, Cain backed down from the “Princess Nancy” line his campaign’s Twitter feed liked so much.

    “Well, that was a statement that I probably should not have made, but I was trying to make a point” he said.

    And so we add Princess Nancy to the pantheon of Herman Cain misspeaks.

    • The rule about “but”: Disregard everything I said before the word “but.” What comes afterward is closer to the truth.

      “I love you, but (insert truth here).”
      “I meant to do my homework, but (insert truth here).”

      You get the idea.

  81. I can’t imagine anyone but Romney getting the nomination, although I don’t think he can beat Obama.

    Although You and I know, that Palin has delusions of sweeping into convention and rescuing the Party. And secretly, I am hoping for just that thing. It would be fantastic theatre!

      • I don’t understand the people on the street partying and taking joy in the conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray for Michael Jackson’s death.

        I don’t understand taking any joy in knowing that an iconic 84-year old man who gave most of his life to one educational institution has been summarily dismissed.

        Both instances are filled with tragedy for many parties and it’s no more appropriate to celebrate these than it is to cheer after a state execution.

        • Paterno knew his coach was sexually abusing young boys and did nothing.

          If he’d done what he was supposed to do when he found out about it, several young boys wouldn’t have been sexually abused and their lives ruined. There’s a penalty to pay for that, and Paterno got off easy.

          • Paterno’s failing was a moral one, not a legal one. He did what he was legally required to do — he reported what he saw to the university. That’s why the university president was axed tonight too. Both firings were the proper thing to do.

            My point, is that lives and legacies have been forever damaged, possibly irreparably. How is that a reason to be joyful? It’s just sad on so many levels for all involved.

            • I agree, the whole situation is sad. I value the lives of those young boys more than I value Paterno’s legacy.

              He’s the one who put his legacy at risk, and people suffered for it.

              “Yahoo!” was not a proper response to the situation.

        • I think that the whole thing is so sad for everyone concerned. Especially the children. It brings to mind the institutional covering up of wrongdoing in many walks of life…

          From the Catholic Church, to Penn State, to Mark Foley’s Congressional Pages to Herb Cain’s sexual harassment… it’s all connected.

      • It’s not a ‘jump for joy’ excellent.
        The preferential treatment gave me pause – that he was allowed to call when he could retire.
        The university should have suspended him while it thought longer and harder on how to proceed.
        Instead they gave the nod to his being ‘rewarded’ giving him until the end of the season.

  82. Quote of the Night:

    “I learned three things in Zurich during the war. I wrote them down. Firstly, you’re either a revolutionary or you’re not, and if you’re not you might as well be an artist as anything else. Secondly, if you can’t be an artist, you might as well be a revolutionary. . . . I forget the third thing,” – Henry Carr, in Tom Stoppard’s play, so appropriately called “Travesties.”

  83. My mind keeps wandering back to the corporal punishment of a 7 month old child – in the name of a f’g religious belief.
    I hear the screaming in pain and want soooo much to scoop up, hug and kiss.
    Then have the ‘parents’ sent to prison.

    • Damaged children lead to damaged adults lead to damaged children until the cycle is broken.

    • When my three year old son plugged two keys, connected by a key chain into an electrical outlet, almost burning the house down, my first instinct was to beat the kid into oblivion, then reason set in. The better path was to explain to the child that he could have really hurt himself and that he could have hurt his brothers if he had otherwise survived.

      He now crafts furniture worthy of an Amati violin and provides his folks with same.

  84. Legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno and school President Graham Spanier have lost their jobs effective immediately, university trustees announced. – CNN

  85. Why is it open season and ok to demean? There are more choice statements.
    Wonder how he’d feel if anyone spoke of his Mom/sister/grandmother/wife with such words.

    Ex-SC GOP Official Calls Pelosi C-Word On Twitter, Tells TPM It Was A Joke

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