The Watering Hole: Tuesday, November 15 – The Battle of Morgarten

In 1315 the Morgarten Battle took place close to the Aegeri Lake in Switzerland. Every year on the day of the Battle November 15th, a shooting competition takes place in the fields there. This is where I spent today’s morning. I scored 34 out of 50 shooting a rifle at 300 yds, 51 out of 60, shooting a Pistol at 50 yards. Currently I eat  Zuger Kirschtorte which is soaked full of Cherry schnapps. I’m fine. Or was. Now I read about the Occupy Wall Street raid and my mood sinks in a hurry.

This is our Open Thread. Ups and/or Downs? How is your day?

182 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday, November 15 – The Battle of Morgarten

  1. Good Morning Lady Ev & BnF..On my 2nd cup of coffee and ready for second puppy walks..Cool & wet in NH this morning..

    Good shooting Lady Ev..

    Read one report this morning that trees were cut down in the NY park to remove chained marchers..Clearly last night was a very bad night for all in every city…Was thinking of the song Peter, Paul & Mary did years ago ” where have all the soldiers gone” or something like that…Times they are a changing and in many cases not for the better, yet….Peace, Blessings & Joy to you all..

    • Hi witch! I hope things are good where you are. Isn’t it sad what they do to people who just want to take their future and their kids’ future back? I think it is time to fire all incumbents and get our people in.

      • Yup! and from the reports I read it got even worse, the press was locked out, all the books, kitchen, tents and all belongings were dumped in dumpsters as well as pepper spraying, beatings with batons and arrests were made..It must of been terrible..I remember the 60’s & 70’s and it must of been much the same…I hope things get better soon, we need our country back, if we ever had it that is..So much in secret leads one to believe we lost it long before I was born 70 years ago..

        All is well here, Thank you..I am reminded daily where I would be right now if it were not for my Dear buddy Kat..

        Happy Holidays to you and yours incase I forget…Peace

      • If you really want to be depressed, read the comments at USA Today on their story about the eviction.

        The consensus is that all the protestors are lazy, good-for-nothing DFH’s who deliberately choose not to take one of the bountiful array of available jobs and would rather rape and kill their betters. They smell bad and spent too much money on their college educations. Oh, and Bloomberg is a liberal.

    • An update from TP…

      BLOOMBERG: “We are now ready to re-open the park, but understand that there is a court order which we have not yet actually received enjoining us from enforcing Brookfield’s rules and so the park will remain closed until we can clarify that situation.”
      During the question and answer period, Bloomberg added, “It’s our considered judgement that the best course of action is to leave it closed” in the event that “the judge changes her mind.”

      Be interesting to hear how that one flies.

    • Googled and came up with nothing.
      He is in on the movement to have all charges dropped on those arrested at the Brooklyn Bridge last week or the week before.

  2. Forty-eight years plus one week ago today, the first shots in the American coup d’etat were fired in Dallas, TX, and within the hour the American President was declared dead. The downhill slide was set in motion and shortly thereafter the skids were regularly greased, and ever since, America’s slide toward the abyss continues, more rapidly year by year. The goal always remains the same: enrichment of the rich, empowerment of the powerful, and suppression of The People. Will they, the one percent, ultimately succeed? Time will tell, but if past is prelude, they probably won’t. What it might take to stop them is the pinnacle question.

    Gandhi, a man who was intimately familiar with the process, said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Is the #occupy movement the leading edge of victory? Gandhi’s other three platforms have surely been met or are being met ever more often, with the “fight you” premise gathering momentum on a daily basis.

    What’s next in the “fight” part — how far must we as a people sink before the paradigm shift comes — and then, when and how will we know when “win” is on the table as the main course?

    • I think we may be heading into a new millieu, a major paradigm shift, a whole new ball game. In the past man has been able to just shift over to new territory and plunder the resources. Problem today is, the resources are either getting finite or real damn expensive to go after, requiring educated people to figure things out. Brute strength and a hard hand are about done.

      The Right has worked themselves into a corner. They know how to be greedy but that is about it. The majority of them are rich on making money off money and think this is somehow sustainable. With the continued damage to the environment, the increasing lack of all kinds of resources, it is going to take an educated and motivated populace to survive. Neither applies to the oligarchs.

  3. oozing with compassion/

    Columnist: ‘Registering The Poor To Vote Is Un-American’ Piece ‘Indelicately Worded’

    Conservative columnist Matthew Vadum explained to the Texas-based King Street Patriots on Monday night that his “Registering The Poor To Vote Is Un-American” article may have been “indelicately worded” but said his larger point stands.

  4. Light bulb moment. Back at the end of the last robber baron period America tied a great portion of it’s economic future to oil because of short sightedness. We had a bunch but not nearly enough and now other countries have something of a stranglehold on our economy.

    In this new era they have shipped the lion’s share of manufacturing capability to foreign countries. Our manufacturing capacity has atrophied to the point of almost nonexistence and we are dependent on the kindness of strangers. Where would we be if the Pacific Rim countries decided to go OPEC on our pathetic asses?

    • The weird part is that the oil industry is using the exact same tactics that the coal barons used against the upstart petroleum industry about a hundred years ago. Concurrently, the Reichwhiners are using identical language against the OWS movement as they used against the civil rights movement and the anti war movement about 40 years ago.

      The targets change but the methods are eternal.

  5. 1% Mayor Bloomberg declares “No right is absolute!” Well, I, for one, would like to thank you Mr. 1% mayor for shape shifting into a fascist pig before my eyes.

  6. Startled Deer Becomes New Republican Frontrunner
    Inability to Speak Considered a Plus

    CONCORD, NH (The Borowitz Report) � The race for the Republiican presidential nomination took an unexpected turn today as a new poll showed that a startled deer was the new GOP frontrunner.

    Bucky, the red deer who is the first choice of likely Republican voters is believed to be the first woodland creature ever to lead a major party’s presidential field.

    “Voters like what they see in Bucky,” said veteran political strategist Ed Rollins, who has signed on to helm the red deer’s primary campaign. “The fact that he is unable to speak is a major asset.”

    In his first appearance in Concord, New Hampshire, however, the antlered candidate garnered mixed reviews for what some observers said was an unsteady performance.

    Appearing frightened by the TV lights, Bucky kicked over the podium and then pranced down the hall before being subdued by a tranquilizer dart.

    “Clearly he’s a little rough around the edges,” said Mr. Rollins. “But he still did better than Herman Cain.”

    It was another rough day for Mr. Cain, who offered this response to a reporter’s question: “For the last time, I did not touch her down there. Oh wait, did you say ‘Libya?’”

    Gov. Rick Perry also stumbled badly in a campaign appearance in Iowa, telling supporters, “If I am elected, I will find out where Iran’s nuclear weapons are. Also, where Iran is.”

    Meanwhile, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted that his recent rise in the polls is not a fluke: “The American people want an adult, and no one has a stronger record of adultery than I do.”

  7. Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Admits 18 Cities Were Consulting on #Occupy Crackdowns

    Rumors have been swirling around various Occupy camps that a series of major crackdowns in recent days — spanning from New York to Denver to Oakland, with several others in between — were being done on the orders of Washington. That’s unlikely.

    But in an interview with BBC News, Oakland Mayor casually admitted that she had participated in a conference call with officials from 18 cities to discuss the OWS movement, tactics for managing its camps, etc.

    The interview is excerpted in this episode of The Takeaway — at about 5:30

    • “This morning’s action may not be what a police state looks like, but it’s certainly how one begins.”

      I dunno, blocking and arresting reporters, confiscating and destroying private property over violation of city ordinances, arresting peaceful protesters using batons and tear gas, ignoring court orders, I’m confused, just which part of that doesn’t add up to police state?

  8. This is What Revolution Looks Like

    Posted on Nov 15, 2011
    AP / Seth Wenig

    Occupy Wall Street protesters rally in a small park on Canal Street in New York on Tuesday.

    By Chris Hedges

    Welcome to the revolution. Our elites have exposed their hand. They have nothing to offer. They can destroy but they cannot build. They can repress but they cannot lead. They can steal but they cannot share. They can talk but they cannot speak. They are as dead and useless to us as the water-soaked books, tents, sleeping bags, suitcases, food boxes and clothes that were tossed by sanitation workers Tuesday morning into garbage trucks in New York City. They have no ideas, no plans and no vision for the future.

    Our decaying corporate regime has strutted in Portland, Oakland and New York with their baton-wielding cops into a fool’s paradise. They think they can clean up “the mess”—always employing the language of personal hygiene and public security—by making us disappear. They think we will all go home and accept their corporate nation, a nation where crime and government policy have become indistinguishable, where nothing in America, including the ordinary citizen, is deemed by those in power worth protecting or preserving, where corporate oligarchs awash in hundreds of millions of dollars are permitted to loot and pillage the last shreds of collective wealth, human capital and natural resources, a nation where the poor do not eat and workers do not work, a nation where the sick die and children go hungry, a nation where the consent of the governed and the voice of the people is a cruel joke.

    Get back into your cages, they are telling us. [ . . . ]

    • One of the funniest lines by the author of that item:

      Also, no word yet on whether Spiro Agnew will agree to be Cain’s running mate.

  9. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    • I recognize I have a particular soft spot for beagles, but talk about useless and unnecessary (not to mention cruel) “research.” “We keep stuffing the dogs with poison and bombarding their bodies with poison and the little fuckers keep dying!”

      Did they think they could eventually grow radiation-resistant beagles?

  10. One of these participants from the clown-fest must be able to handle criticism – otherwise how the hell are they going to govern the country?

    Navy Vet Says She Was Kicked Out Of Romney Rally Because She Was Silently Protesting (VIDEO)

  11. Ah, Rick, you’re such a shmuck.

    “They have the capability of doing it. They just haven’t done it yet. This is a very dangerous thing,” Santorum said, explaining that this was more dangerous than nuclear weapons in other countries, because Iran is a “radical Islamist theocracy.”

    As opposed to the radical Christian theocracy he’d love to establish here.

    “If you attack the king you had better kill the king otherwise you will be in big trouble,” he said, acknowledging a military attack on Iran’s nuclear development facilities would be difficult to accomplish.

    That sure sounds like great advice, Rick. Maybe you should supervise on the ground so the job gets down right.

  12. I’ve spent the day looking at apartments. I really want the first one I looked at, since it’s in a lovely neighborhood and in a nice little courtyard. There’s one application in front of mine. Boo. Wishing for bad news on their application wouldn’t be a good thing to do, so I remain neutral.

    The rest of the places I looked at were total hovels. I can’t believe they have the nerve to ask such high rent for such disgusting places. Ugh.

    • I hope you get the first one. And if not, there has to be more like it out there.

      My wife’s workmate is from China and she just got back from her yearly visit back home. Her brother bought a house in Beijing in 2003 for $150,000 (Canadian). The house is well out in the northeast between the fourth and fifth ring road which would be like buying a house in the Schneider’s neighbourhood and calling it in New York City! (Ok maybe an exaggeration). Now the house is worth $1,000,000 (Canadian)!!!!!! Needless to say, rents in Beijing are through the roof.

  13. Good news, everyone! (flourish of trumpets)

    I just learned that I have been accepted as the replacement for the liberal columnist in our local paper. He is stepping down, and his last column will be December 9th, I believe. After that, he’s turning over the reins to me, and the paper’s editor has agreed to the new arrangement. Now I have to have a professional photo taken of myself to head the column. Ack!

    It’s only been about half an hour since I got the news, and I’ve been alternating between “woo-hoo!” and “ack-what do I do?!” But on the whole I’m pleased and excited about it. Except the photo shit. Waahh!

    • Sooooo……when is the first column due?

      Great news, Jane! Tell ’em the truth and let ’em think it’s hell! 😀 (Oh, and quote Thom Hartmann whenever possible!)

      • Thanks, house and everyone. I appreciate your confidence in me!

        Keep in mind that this is a tiny little paper, only published once a week. I sincerely doubt if more than a thousand or two people actually read it. Hell, I only started reading it less than a year ago!

        This only came about because, in last Friday’s paper, instead of the usual column by Frank Matheis, the liberal columnist, the paper printed an opinion piece by,(it turns out) some old codger, who accused Frank of making up ‘facts’ to support his “very far-left views”, blah blah blah. Frank emailed me and a few other people, asking for our support in standing up to the attack. I immediately wrote up a piece and submitted it to the paper. Meanwhile, Frank confided to me that he was going to be giving up the column anyway for other reasons, and asked if I’d be interested in taking over. Today he submitted his notice that he’d be doing his final column in mid-December, and recommended me to the editor as his replacement. So tonight when I got home I talked to Frank, and he told me that the editor was fine with the idea. So my first column will be published, I believe, on the second Friday in December. I think that for my opening column I’ll just introduce myself, and start dispelling some common myths about liberals in general. Oops, I was also asked to submit a short bio, along with the ‘head-shot’ photo. Again – ACK!! Well, “I guess I stepped in it” this time, so we’ll see how it goes!


            • They do publish their paper online, but it’s all in pdf format (which makes copying and pasting it difficult) and trails actual publication by 2-3 weeks. Their most recent edition online is from Oct 28.


              Thank you all for your support of Jane. I will do what I can to help her with the column, but it will be her work (primarily). I might write up one or two things and let her edit them so they fit “her voice”, but it will be her column. Besides, her writing is far superior to my own. Everybody knows that.


              We believe that a community without a local newspaper is like a two-legged stool. The third leg, a vibrant source of independent news, is a must for an effective, functioning democracy.

              With that in mind a panel of contributors has stepped forward who generously devote their time to generating material on a wide variety of subject matters to better reflect the breadth and diversity of the community. Our objective is to offer something for everyone. Through our staff writers we attempt to cover as fully as possible all relevant municipal board meetings as well as those of the School Board.

              This newspaper belongs to the community and aspires to be part of it. It will be as successful as you want it to be. News items, photographs, and reports of activities will be published in a timely way provided there is space available.

              Finally, a line or two on our philosophy. The principles underlying our approach can be encapsulated by three qualities: Independence, Integrity, and Service. Independence is no stranger to us – it is a defining American principle. Integrity is a vital quality; reportage must bear the hallmark of truth and reflect honesty and balance. Last but not least, Service. This is a much misunderstood term – service is not servitude. It involves the action of giving, of responding to the need of the moment.

              If you appreciate what we have on offer then please tell your friends. If not then tell us and we will do what we can to remediate matters. Call us at (845) 855 7014 or e-mail us here.

        • I think that for my opening column I’ll just introduce myself, and start dispelling some common myths about liberals in general.

          Good luck with that. I’m not sure how many people you will convince. Prejudice is a stubborn foe.

          I am so thrilled for you. Make sure to share your hate mail with us (bad spelling and all).

          • I don’t know how much hate mail I’ll be getting – the other pieces that I’ve had published brought nothing but silence, except for one man who must have looked me up in the phone book and left me a voicemail telling me that he was very impressed with my writing. And those pieces (I’ve posted them here) thoroughly refuted the conservative columnist’s opinion pieces, so I’m guessing that not too many people actually read the paper, or at least the Opinion page. (shrug)

  14. This may be what was all atwitter earlier,Zooey:

    Michael Moore’s huge home outs him as part of the 1 percent

    Though we most often see famed documentarian Michael Moore in the trenches, in the factories, among the tents at Occupy, he actually lives in a pretty sweet pad. And the media– particularly conservative media– is crying foul.

    The righties have their panties in a bunch.
    They just can’t figure it out: he may be part of the 1% yet willing to go with the 99% to improve peoples lots in life.

    • As Moore pointed out, he didn’t have very much income last year because he didn’t write any books or put out any films. He doesn’t think of himself as being part of the 1% because he doesn’t make millions of dollars every year like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates do. Also, Buffett supports the aims of the OWS movement.

      It’s not the 1%-ers who can’t figure out why Moore supports OWS, it’s the right-wing 1%-ers who think that. You know, the ones with the “I got mine screw you”-mentality.

    • Wingnuts don’t understand the concept of empathy.

      I guess MM is supposed to live in a friggin’ hovel? I can give him a heads-up on a few out here. 😉

    • “a 10,000-square-foot mansion on Torch Lake on Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. It’s got a taxable value of nearly $1M and it may be worth twice that.”
      Maybe it was worth 2M about 5 years ago…
      This is chump change, compared to what Michael Moore has accomplished. And it’s a cottage compared to what a lot of the other summer homes in upper Michigan look like.

    • RightyTighties can’t understand why someone who makes a great deal of money may support getting the legalized bribery out of politics.

    • And I’m very happy to be going somewhere else on Thursday. DC is scheduled to be cool but sunny while I’m there (cold at night). On Sunday it’s supposed to be 65F, but I fly out at 0800. Bah.

      Still, looks to be better than here. We may well have snow in the lower elevations in Portland, which means transit may get a little crappy and I won’t have to worry about it at all.

    • That makes it all better – you piece of excrement.
      I’ve a feeling once the entire story is broken we’ll learn that McQ got his job for ‘keeping his mouth shut’ about the sexual assaults.

  15. The Occupy is everywhere: places where thousands gather or just one or two people. It won’t be quashed.

    Yirqa Kuik (Occupy the River)

    Yup’ik Elder Esther Green and I went out on the river at her request. She instructed me to post this photo of her “Occupying the River.” She also would like to include the sloughs, streams, brooks, and ocean. She wanted to be a part of the Occupy movement in her own way, while ice fishing for “lush fish.” She does not want Pebble Mine or Donlin Creek mine “bothering the fish” and is worried about the impact those mines will have on the fish. She specifically told me to post it so “The Occupy Wall Street people can see it.”

  16. Speaking of rulings against tents in the park, I hope Mother Nature and the coming storm doesn’t rule against my tent like that judge in NYC and the first RV park I tried.

  17. All right, can anyone name the 5 State Capitals that are NOT served by an interstate highway?

    I’ll check back after Rachael finishes.

  18. “The Interior Department is in charge of salmon while they’re in fresh water, but the Commerce Department handles them when they’re in saltwater.”
    “And I hear it gets even more complicated once they’re smoked.”
    President Barack Obama
    January, 2011

    • Listening to the “teacher’ and “teachers assistant” was most difficult.
      The lack of understanding and compassion by those two hurts me deeply. To tell a student they’ve already failed when the test had to be evaluated..
      Superintendent on down should be reprimanded. That district needs to be put on probation.
      The parents should have had an “ear” somewhere along that chain of ‘educators’.

  19. Apparently, in Mississippi you’re not allowed to get help feeding your kids if you’re a convicted felon.

    McLemore pleaded guilty in July to one count of submitting a false claim to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Temporary Assistance and Food Stamps program.

    That is, she lied about not being convicted of a felony.

    But Wingate said records show McLemore has at least four felony drug convictions and one misdemeanor conviction dating to 1996.

    She made false statements in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010, according to an indictment.

    McLemore, who has lived both in Rankin County and in Jackson, filed for food stamps at a Department of Human Services location in Rankin County.

    McLemore received $4,367 in benefits. She has paid the money back.

    But that wasn’t enough to keep her out of prison.

    Sorry, but I don’t have a problem with this woman trying to feed her kids. Over four years, she didn’t even receive enough money to cover food expenses for kids. She did what she could to make it right, but it still wasn’t enough.

    And yet, Not a single Wall Street asshole who tanked our entire economy, making it so even more kids and families are on food stamps, has been charged, let alone sentenced to prison.

    Fucking wankers.

    BTW, the comments on that story are just sad.

    • “…with liberty and JUSTICE for ALL.”

      Eff the system. The drug laws need to be overhauled.
      Drug treatment programs need to be enhanced, monetarily and increased number of councilors.

      Prior convictions/records should not have played a part in the lenient sentencing of those Mortgage rip-off artist.

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