Music Night, November 18, 2011

This past Wednesday NPR presented a delightful interview with Michael Stipe and Mike Mills, who recently ended 31 years as R.E.M. The musical clips that were played reminded me of how much I love their music and have, apparently, for three decades. They seem like a natural choice to kick off Music Night — and this particular life performance has a killer bonus. Great live show.

Thanks to the time machine, this will post just as I’m sitting down to dinner at Bourbon Steak in Washington, DC, fortified with a cocktail or two and ready to dig into a serious dinner and wine. Urp.

66 thoughts on “Music Night, November 18, 2011

  1. Sorry, it’s a drive by from Turtle this week …. ‘Here’s something I had prepared earlier’ (h/t/ John Noakes)

    Song for Mitt this week (and perhaps every week) is ’You’ve found someone new…’

    Here’s one for Rick Perry: The Boys from the Dwarf do ‘Tongue Tied’

    Johnette does Jonestown 33 years ago today (h/t pachy)

    And finally for those on the front lines of the OWS: The Clash Know Your Rights (but don’t expect to be allowed to exercise them)

    • The Red Dwarf clip reminds me of some of the elaborate choreographed numbers from Are You Being Served, usually led by the talented Mr Humphries!

  2. Okay, I like weird.
    Okay I love weird but this one of those things that falls into the “Eraserhead” category of my brain.
    Meaning: I doubt that I will ever make rational sense of it but it is still cool to watch over and over.
    Sort of like a Fellini Film.

      • Glad to be home Ebb!
        I got my 4.5 days in again this week. Next week is still not settled. We may work Friday and we may not. Several people like me are new hires who won’t get holiday pay for Thursday, so if we don’t work we’ll have 30 hour paychecks.

  3. I know I’ve posted this before, and in the not too distant past.

    But this one resonates with me. Quite aside from the hysterical send-up of Falling Down, there are the lyrics: “Learnin’ to walk again” … yeah, I hear ya …
    (And check out the band member reaction at 5:38):

    • Some people’s machines bog down when there are too many “naked” URL’s as you so aptly named them.

      The nakedness is ok for a few picks!

      Glad to be reading and listening to your choices this evening!

      • Well, Ebb, by “naked” I mean you … uncomfortable pause … r post above about Adele. My Foo was embarassingly wrapped in video. I like the vid’s myself, but what should I do to strip away all that unnecessary stuff so that other’s might appreciate the pure nakedness?

        I may need some “me” time …

        • Thanks for making me laugh!
          A few “full blown” videos is ok.

          To “strip away” use use zxbe’s handy
          zoo toolbox.

          One caveat: be sure to paste over the “http” (that automatically pops up) when entering your own url.

  4. Iowa State has beaten number two Oklahoma State in the second overtime, 37-31! Number three Alabama has just resumed the number two spot in the BCS rankings!

  5. Somebody mentioned “Europa” earlier, and it got me reminicing, in a daydream way, of when I first heard Carlos Santana. It was 1966 at the student union of UC Berkeley. I was waiting for a friend who was in class, and decided to go to the student union for refreshment. A band was set up in one corner, and curious, I approached the band to find out who they were, and what kind of music they played. The bassist, Dave Brown said “rockin blues”. Their 19 year old guitarist said something in spanish I didn’t understand. Pfft, show me what ya got I said to myself. Jeebus, 45 years later I’m still a fan.

    • Thanks for sharing your memories.
      Grateful Santana keeps morphing to keep music and life interesting!

      Reading your reminiscing brought forth another great tune:

      Santana ” Mirage

    • Santana, yes heard hm for the first time when Channel 4 went live in the UK – they played all of Woodstock on the first night… 🙂

  6. My battery is dying sport fans….. here’s the kid who sold his soul to the devil…… I think we got the better deal…

    Robert Johnson …. nighty night all 🙂

  7. Actually this is my sign off

    November 17th 1997, Alan Hull died of heart disease. A wholly underrated songwriter…. loved his stuff… saw him countless times….. miss his humanity…

    Here’s a song that was banned from the BBC …. those of you who will go and watch Meryl Streep play Margaret Thatcher…. here’s a song from Alan about her ‘Finest Hour’

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