The Watering Hole: November 18 — A day at the beach

I took a trip up the coast about a week ago, and found this nice couple having a nice lunch at Cape Lookout State Park.  It was a gorgeous day for a picnic, and I had earlier shared my lunch with a very handsome seagull.

Photos by Zooey

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79 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: November 18 — A day at the beach

  1. So how was the surf?
    Looks like the uber-committee won’t be able to agree on a balanced approach, and, of course, the Repubicons are trying to weasel out of the huge defense war budget cuts, so it’ll be a bloody knuckle battle to the finish line, the 6th of November, 2012.

    • NPR today:

      1. A good deal will emerge in 5 days
      2. A crap deal full of accounting tricks and flowery words
      3. No deal and it becomes an election issue because the ‘automatic cuts’ come in in 2013…. pussies

      If Obama had any stones…. these crap options would not be on the table at all. The NPR guy was betting on 3 – do nothing.

  2. Herb asks for Secret Service protection — from reporters and news cameras.

    If you can’t take the heat, ya damn delicate flower, get out of the kitchen.

        • Hermie, just call it “enhanced coverage technique” and it’ll be a lot easier to deal with.

      • Actually Terry, it appears from all accounts that they want the vicious cameraman to keep their distance.

        From Cain spokesman JD Gordon:

        “…it has been increasingly common for media to be physically putting themselves and others in danger by trying to follow him with a lot of heavy equipment and cameras in close quarters…”

  3. “If you don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose,” – Ann Coulter, February 12, 2011.

    “Instead of sitting on our thumbs, wishing Ronald Reagan were around, or chasing the latest mechanical rabbit flashed by the media, conservatives ought to start rallying around Romney as the only Republican who has a shot at beating Obama. We’ll attack him when he’s president,” – Ann Coulter, November 16th, 2011.

    • It sounds simple in principle, I’m not sure that it is. That 5% is very low for unemployment. I also think it misses the big picture, that consumer-spending is unilaterally the only thing that can save the economy. Still he’s right – the corporate welfare and defense welfare should be easy meat….

  4. Okay, scientists are now saying they’ve seen evidence of liquid water on Europa.

    In honor of that discovery… (okay the song isn’t about space, but it is called Europa, and I like it)

    • On this day in history, 33 years ago the residents of Jonestown, Guyana drank their cyanide flavored Kool-Ade.

      Also on this date, in 1883, American and Canadian railroads began using four time zones to facilitate scheduling. Prior to this move time was locally set to noon when the sun was directly overhead made scheduling difficult and printed schedules hard to understand. (Travelling west it was possible to arrive somewhere before you left where you were leaving from!) With rail being the major form of passenger transport between cities then, the public quickly accepted railroad time. Congress caught up with the corporate created change and made time zones official in 1918.

      • Jonestown’s impact still causes ripples/pain in the Bay Area.

        Jackie Speier, at that time, was the Congressional Aide to Leo Ryan. Ryan was killed and Jackie wounded.

        Jackie is now a Congressional representative the 12th district.

        • I hit ‘enter’ too soon…

          there are many families still in pain from Jim Jones egotistical ‘father figure’ talking vulnerable people into drinking the ‘kool aid’ that ended their lives.
          ‘Religion’ is an evil master.

      • I remember the day well. I was working in a shop in Jack London Square, and over the course of the day, listened to the horror unfold.

  5. Here’s a tidbit for the climate change deniers… From, of all places, the Arizona Republic
    Scientists predict rise in extreme weather
    Report: Changes may make areas unlivable
    For a world already weary of weather catastrophes, the latest warning from top climate scientists paints a grim future: more floods, more heat waves, more droughts and greater costs to deal with them.

    A draft summary of an international scientific report obtained recently by the Associated Press says the extremes caused by global warming could eventually grow so severe that some locations become “increasingly marginal as places to live.”

    Congratulations to all our Ostrichly inclined Teabagging, science hating dumfuks. I propose a stupid tax to reimburse the rest of us who wanted to solve this problem…:

    • The first comment was EXACTLY what I expected when I went there. AZ is at least hip deep in stupidity, and they come out in droves to comment on Bloody amazing!

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      Nov-01 @ 11:40 PM

      IDIOTS!! It has been proven that global warming is complete bull dung! The problem is with you liberal whack jobs and Obama sheeple, its disgusting how you all can sit there and do nothing but graze in this sheep poop. Pull your head out.
      Visit Global Warimng: SCIENCE vs NONSENSE and just maybe you will learn something and quit whining. Tree hugging lunatics.

      • The report is from the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
        The intergovernmental Panel is a liberal whack job Obama sheeple???

        • Why, yes it is. Odd you weren’t aware of that.///

          Let’s choose a very desolate, fairly flat island: BillyO (and his ‘unknowing how the tides work’); Bachmann (her insane religiosity of global warming denial), (the bum’s) Rush
          and ALL their audiences are invited to live in the state of denial on that island…

          • I’m all good with that scenario as long as said flat island has a maximum elevation of, say 1.5 feet.

    • I suspect that Arizona will become marginal as a place to live once the drought really takes hold…

    • How does it feel??
      To be on your own…
      Like a complete unknown…

      Sincere apologies to Mr. Zimmerman

    • Unfortunately these transgressions are not a hindrance for a Repugnant Party participant. (now, if he were a Democrat…completely different story)

  6. To clueless and beyond…

    Cain Defends Libya Stumble, Cuba Gaffe

    Herman Cain is attempting to justify his recent Libya stumble. During a news conference in Orlando, the candidate explained that the question was “too broad.” …
    “I was raised in this country, folks,” he told reporters. “I think I know that the language of the Cuban people is Spanish, but when you move up in the polls, every word, every pause gets fly specked.”

    But the scrutiny doesn’t seem to bother Cain. “Let me tell you about the American people,” he concluded. “They don’t care about that stuff!”

  7. I have grown to really, really, hate the bimbos at FAUX”News”. Another one of them, I refuse to honor her with a name or link to her bile, has proclaimed that OWS wants to “destroy our country”. Here’s a newsflash. People who want to destroy a country operate in the shadows. They do not stand unarmed in the public squares and allow themselves to be beaten, gassed, and arrested while filming the whole thing.

    • KochSuckers and everything they touch! (comes to mind)

      There are waaaaaay too many to name in this small space!

  8. My friend Chuck has always been apolitical. He served in the Navy during Vietnam then spent over 20 years as a mail carrier. Last spring he lost his leg to MRSA and finally, just last week, was given the green light to enter public pools and locker rooms. It’s been a Hell of a trip for him and hopefully he can now get around to the business of learning how to get around with a prosthetic leg.

    He’s also had waaaay too much time to sit around and follow current events. So, until the snow flies, he’s going to canvass his neighborhood, in his wheelchair and wearing his Navy uniform, collecting signatures for Walker’s recall. He started with collecting signatures at the local American Legion and he said that every one of the Vietnam generation and younger has signed on and several of them are active in the recall movement. The Korean War vets are split. The few remaining WW2 vets are pro-Walker. If Chuck’s post is typical I predict a defeat for walker. When a GOoPer loses the veterans? He/she has little chance of success.

    • Chuck’s progress is heartening to read. Is he using the prosthetic leg – or still getting used to it?

      Walker is toast – reading so many folk collecting signatures that even if the nefarious opposition attempt to destroy – it won’t happen. I do hope Walker is wetting his pants!

      • He was first fitted back in July but the infection flared back up, and they had to debreed the wound a few times, so he was set back to square one. He expects to get the refitted leg in the next week or two but what he’s really looking forward to is time in the pool and gym now that he’s no longer considered a “menace to public health”.

    • Good news about Chuck, pete. It’s wonderful that he’s working so hard on recalling Walker. That dude is toast, and deservedly so.

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