Picture of the Day – Bad Cop

Ht: John Aravosis via twitter @aravosis - UC Davis 2011


8 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – Bad Cop

  1. Big, brave sadistic effer!
    How could a group of sitting protesters get this a-hole so mad as to cause injury to them?

    • That’s an easy one. He does things on paycheck rather than principle.

      Second easy answer. The wiring in his head is fucked up.

      His sveldt shape is something I envy too.

  2. And where is that “bad element’ to incite the police to do this????????
    This picture makes me sick.

  3. He wasn’t half as cocksure of himself nor were the other cops when the students rounded in upon them chanting “shame on you”

    • The picture makes him look like he is just watering his garden or performing daily lawn care.

      Yep, get out the roundup and spray those pesky weeds

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