9 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Double Standards Anyone?

  1. but, but, but EV, that isn’t violence. It is the poor police trying to protect themselves. And we have this great police force over here. It only takes 3 or 4 cops to detain 1 peaceful protester. Real efficiency.

  2. These are the best police force that Wall Street, corporations, and big banks can buy. This is why we need to take money out of politics AND why local elections are important. The teabaggers don’t miss elections but too many progressives and independents only vote every 4 years.

  3. Rachel Maddow had an excellent piece on the rise of police use of none deadly force which due to pepper spray, tazers and other new non lethal weapons is the new norm. Would the police have shot any of these protesters, did things escalate to the point where had it not been for pepper spray, would the police have used deadly force?

    Wait until they bring in the heat machine that heats up your skin. We are such a humane society, when you get out of line or dare to assemble in protest against our overlords, we will only get burned, zapped or deafened by loud ear piercing noise….but we won’t be shot and killed, cuz we are civilized here in America. *spit*

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