Having emigrated from a region where a handful of radio collared wolves are blamed for eating hundreds of cows at a time, and eating all the trophy bull elk, I’m seeing a pattern here in my new surrounds. Notice the pointy, laid back ears, and the sinister narrowing eyes on this characterization of a harbor seal.

Notice here that seals don’t even have external ears.

They do have a good set of teeth. I woke this one up from a nap, it heard the camera shutter, and after gazing rather disinterestedly it went back to  snoozing.

So. We have an evil seal pasted to the back of a Toyota FJ Cruiser, which is to blame for the drivers inability to catch any salmon. And we have an actual harbor seal that eats enough to get by, consumes no fossil fuels, and sleeps a lot. It’s all a matter of perception. I’m guessing the FJ Cruiser will have a Romney bumper sticker before to long.

“Oh, wait, he’s a Mormon, and it’s their fault we defaulted on the condo in Arizona… never mind…”

5 thoughts on “context

  1. Thanks Jane and Ebb. I’m glad the visual water effects come through, there is always an amazing play of light and texture out on the water. The seals have become constant companions on my paddle trips, it’s eerie at times, sensing I’m being watched, and turning around to see one there.

  2. Just checking back in, sorry I am so slow these days…Love the shots, Raven…You are so good with the lighting & content in everything you do..Have you thought of selling your work.?

    Seems I missed, you moved..Thank you for the post…Blessings

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